My Cold Gentle Husband

By Yao Ruoshan

Chapter 607 Interrupting your legs

Chapter 607 Interrupting your legs

"If I didn't worry about Ming to come up and see, I don't know the ghost tricks of both of you! You are like this! Do you know how sad Ming Ming is?" Water also screamed for Hua Ming.

White lightly glared at him: "Then you know that every time Hua Ming is swinging between An An and Xie Qi, how sad is An An? This is the lesson we gave to Hua Ming!"

The water was also caught.

For this matter, Hua Ming is doing too much, and the water is also speechless.

He said that he was only white and light, so he had to look at the Anzhen, looking up and down: "How do you change your hair?"

Short hair is pretty good.

The long hair amphibious looks very literary, very gentle, cut short hair, a little more clean and fluent, like the whole person's temperament has changed.

"It was burned." An Zhendao.

Water also asked: "What happened on that day?"

An Zhen looked at the white face, and the white light did not speak, and the ampoule and the water were also smashed out.

Water also breathed a sigh of relief: "Great! You are still alive, I am going to tell Ming Hao! You are too kind. Ming knows that you are still alive, you will be happy."

"You dare, if you dare to go, I will interrupt your leg!!" White is light and evil.

Shui Shui just stood up and suddenly heard the white light, his calf trembling.

White light and eyebrows: "The water is also awkward, you don't mess, we have our own plans, this is done for the future of Anan and Ming Hao!"

Water is also speechless: "For them to be good? But Ming Hao must be tortured to death!"

White is light and indifferent: "That is what he deserves! Even people who love it the most can't figure out what to do!"

Water also said: "..." He was speechless again.

After a while, the water also asked: "What are you planning for?"

White lightly and coldly glanced at him: "Close your mouth, tomorrow afternoon, you push the flower to go to the back garden, naturally you will know."


"Hurry and go to sleep!" Bai Yanyan yawned. "It's so sleepy! I have to go back to sleep."

Said, waved to An Zhen, turned and left.

The rest of the room is filled with water and ampoule.

Water also looked at An Zhen, said: "Miss An An, you are really worried, Ming Zhen is really a life is not as good as death, I looked distressed to die."

"I..." An Zhen lowered his eyes.

The water also waved his hand: "Well, okay, it is indeed a punishment for him. I have to say that this time your practice is very effective. It is estimated that you will be excited to see you tomorrow."

After that, the water also left.

Anzhen was on the bed, turned over and over, and still slept.


White lightly returned to the room, Gu Yuzhi was lying on the European-style bed, and the black nightgown reflected his handsome face as white as jade.

He quietly looked at the direction of the door, his eyes were very deep.

Seeing the white light coming in, he immediately turned to get out of bed and picked her up.

"Hey, are you awake?" White was astonished and reached out and hooked his neck.

She thinks she is already light enough.Gu Yuzhi just hugged her, put it on a soft bed, covered the quilt, and held her tightly in her arms without talking.

White light face was tightly held by him, his small face was attached to the man's chest, and his strong heartbeat was on his ear.

She tentatively asked: "Hey, are you angry?"

Gu Yuzhi held her hand tightly, and this opened: "No."

His voice is very low, almost whispering.

White light beauty has heard heavy.

"What's wrong?" Bai Yanyan raised his face and looked seriously at the closed eyes of Gu Yuzhi. He couldn't help but reach out and smooth his brow.

The wrist is suddenly held by a man.

His palm is very warm.

Gu Yuzhi opened his eyes and his eyes were deep and said: "Don't worry about me, sleep."

White is a light smile.

What? What do you care about?

"Hey, are you angry? Do you think that I have been concerned about Anan in the past few days, have you been left out?" Bai Qingyan asked softly.

Gu Yuzhi held her hand and tightened. "No. It’s four o'clock, sleep."

"No!" Bai Yanyan grabbed his nightgown and said, "You must make it clear that you are obviously unhappy."

Gu Yuzhi had to open his eyes again, and turned over, pressing the white light under his body: "Mrs. Gu."

"Well, say." White looked at his eyes seriously.

Gu Yuzhi buried her face in her dark hair and sniffed the scent of her hair. His hands were on both sides of her, holding up the weight of the body, so as not to press the white light.

"I dreamed of you." Gu Yuzhi.

He was buried in her hair, and the sound that came out was somewhat unreal.

"Ah? You dreamed of me?" White was light and confused.

Gu Yuzhi did not speak again.

His heart was blocked by a mass of cotton, and it was hard to accept, but in some words, he could not talk with Bai Yanyan.

He dreamed of sitting in a wheelchair in the office with a clear window. He was covered in blood. He asked her if she had ever loved herself. She couldn’t tell.

He also dreamed that Gu Hang took a gun and blew his white face, and she died in his arms.


He woke up from his dream, and subconsciously reached out to hug the person around him and called her name: "Yan Yan..."

However, his hand was empty and there was no one around him.

He jumped out of bed in a crazy way, looking for white light in the room, then slammed his foot.

He remembered that Bai Yanyan must have taken the ampoule to tease Huaming.

So he was half lying on the bed, thinking in flight, waiting for her to come back.

He doesn't want to say anything, he doesn't want to mention a word.

Just suddenly felt very sad.

This kind of emotion is inexplicable.

Gu Yuzhi feels that he is a big man, and there is such an emotion. It is really an emotion.

So Bai Qingyan asked, he did not say.

"Hey?" White lightly pushed his shoulder and let him face himself. She reached out and hooked his neck and kissed him. "What did you dream of?"

Gu Yuzhi’s silence.

"Gu Yuzhi, can you say nothing?" Bai Yanyan reached out and grabbed him.Gu Yuzhi just looked at her, her eyes moved up in her facial features, and this face was already carved into his bones, but he still felt that he was not looking enough.

He couldn't help but hang his head, and his thin lips fell on his white, light and clean forehead, then his eyes and nose, and then blocked her blushing lips.

" told me..." Bai Yanyan insisted on asking questions, but there was a bit of confusion in his eyes.

"Dream you are hurt, wake up you are not here, I am very scared..." Kiss her gap, Gu Yuzhi whispered.

"Just a dream...oh..."

"Yan Yan, say yes, we want a child." Gu Yuzhi's kiss slowly moved down...

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