The Nine Cauldrons

By I Eat Tomatoes

CH 36

CH 36

Shot the date mountain range, in flame state south, occupied a land area of dozens li (0.5km) rollingly, but this shot the mountain that in date mountain range many mountain tops had one to tower palatially, reached as high as several thousand zhang (3.33 m), making this mountain fame spread over the world the reason was this is one of the Eight Supreme Sects ‚Shooting Sun God Mountain’ the foundation to be.

This mountain, called ‚Shooting Sun God Mountain’.

Boundless sky, together black time flying nine days, fleeing line in fog, then directly broke by fog encirclement Shooting Sun God Mountain in the middle.


The summit of Shooting Sun God Mountain, above cloud layer, that resplendent in gold and jade green palace was already constructing in the Godly Mountain roof, the sunlight shines, shines upon the palace to reflect ten thousand zhang (3.33 m) ray.

But after the palace, in a lonesome and quiet wooded mountain, two log cabins approaches to construct.

„Big brother, that iron blind person came.”

„Few days ago just had come, how to come?”

Two wear the animal skin clothes, two men who hunter dresses up is sitting cross-legged to sit on the ground, sits facing each other, in front of them in the table is putting two altar liquor. But at the liquor table, is having the bonfire to burn, on the bonfire is sending out the fragrance barbecue. What is strangest is

These two hunter men, a person of hair pitch-black, a person of hair completely all silver white.

„Two actually merry, the leisurely and carefree mood drinks to eat the meat.” The sound reverberation resounds together, the black-clothed blind person on appeared in the one side towering.

„How to have the leisure?”

Silver-haired hunter man hand puts in the vigor, works is roasting the meat, has eaten one, „iron blind person, said that comes our, does?”

„Naturally has the matter.” Blind Swordmaster stands in the one side. „Comes this, is you borrows the day wolf.”

„Um?” These two hunter men, stop to eat the meat to drink immediately. Simultaneously turns the head to look to Blind Swordmaster. And that black hair hunter man knits the brows: „Iron blind person, whom do you want to cope with? Can borrow me the Shooting Sun God Mountain day wolf?” Must regain Emptiness Realm Demonic Beast, is extremely difficultly extremely difficult.

Emptiness Realm Demonic Beast, is generally very proud, looks down upon humanity, how to submit to?

On the Nine Prefectures earth, Eight Supreme Sects is some sects has Emptiness Realm Demonic Beast. But this Emptiness Realm Demonic Beast, mostly is when Innate Golden Dan was subdued. Then after the long-time years, accidentally some Innate Golden Dan Demonic Beast breaks through, became Emptiness Realm Demonic Beast. If this Emptiness Realm Demonic Beast keeps old friendships in mind, possibly stays in this sect.

So. A sect had Emptiness Realm Demonic Beast!

Like Divinity Palace, has Demonic Beast of non- discount Innate Golden Dan level, is broadly casts a net, hopes that can make a breakthrough.

May no matter how have the Emptiness Realm Demonic Beast sect, regards the treasure Emptiness Realm Demonic Beast. Cannot easily the external loan.

„Iron blind person, do you want to cope with that Jing Yi?” Moreover silver-haired hunter man said.

„Naturally is not.”

Blind Swordmaster shakes the head, „my this time must cope with Gui Yuan Sect that Emptiness Realm powerhouse.”

„.” The black hair hunter cracks into a smile, „your did Qing Hu Island, prepare to extinguish Gui Yuan Sect? Also right. Now Nine Prefectures turmoil. That Divinity Palace is sudden appearance, nobody knows that this Divinity Palace is strong, we must accept a challenge. Most at least gives the domain completely unified.”

„Said that taking advantage of doesn't borrow?” Blind Swordmaster said very much directly.

„Your this iron blind person, I likes your this temperament.” The black hair hunter cracks into a smile.

„Big brother?” The silver-haired hunter looks at the black hair hunter.

„Must borrow also line of your Qing Hu Island and my Shooting Sun God Mountain, now is also the ally. I also give you this iron blind person to select the face. However you know the custom.” The black hair hunter smiles to look at Blind Swordmaster, in Eight Supreme Sects may have many sects not to have Emptiness Realm Demonic Beast.

Asked Emptiness Realm Demonic Beast to go into action, this price was not low.

Blind Swordmaster is not silly. Immediately and black hair hunter two brothers bargained back and forth, finally discussed decides. That black hair hunter summoned day wolf.

„Not ~~” black hair hunter raises head a wolf to be howling.

Almost a breath time


The silver light jumped out from the wooded mountain together, falls by two hunter men not far away, was enough 34 zhang (3.33 m) god steed monster wolves, this monster wolf all over the body hair was the silver, was suitable extremely slides, but the pupil of this monster wolf actually sets upright the pupil, was the dark golden color, an acute angle of pointed knife grew from its forehead.

The Shooting Sun God Mountain monster wolf, Shooting Sun God Mountain politely called for ‚day wolf’, ‚shoots date day wolf’.

„Now is afternoon.” The black hair hunter raises head to look at the day, said that „iron blind person, according to us said a moment ago, at this time, the day wolf must certainly return to my Shooting Sun God Mountain tomorrow.”

„Time sufficed.” Blind Swordmaster nods.

The black hair hunter looked to shooting the date day wolf, and sent out wolves to call, this shot the date day wolf also to respond is calling, a moment later.

„I told a day of wolf, lets it and you hunts and kills that Gui Yuan Sect Emptiness Realm powerhouse. When arrives in Jiangning County Gui Yuan Sect, you discovered when the domain has that Emptiness Realm powerhouse said directly ‚killing’, the day wolf understood.” The black hair hunter entrusts saying that „I have also entrusted him, so long as that Emptiness Realm powerhouse dies, the day wolf directly hurried back to my Shooting Sun God Mountain.”

„Snort, ok.” Blind Swordmaster all grant as requested.

„.” The black hair hunter turned the head to look to shooting the date day wolf, sent out a wolf to call, „not ~~”

This shot the date day wolf, a pair of dark golden pupil also looked to Blind Swordmaster, obviously and other Blind Swordmaster first.


Blind Swordmaster changed into the black time to dive to go toward under together directly, shoots the date day wolf also to change into the silver light, the speed must plan speed even so compared with it Blind Swordmaster together quickly, did not shoot the limiting velocity of date day wolf.


In three months the day of 22, at dusk.

Together silver light and together black light by almost same speed advance on boundless land, they hurry along at all not along the major road, but along a straight line.

„Jiangning County city!” black-clothed Blind Swordmaster remote looks at distant place that palatial ancient city, in grayish white pupil black severe light twinkle, „Gui Yuan Sect, should vanish.”

That shot the date day wolf to follow silent in the body side, the dark golden pupil was also staring at the Jiangning County city of distant place.


Two rays almost simultaneously shoot at the Jiangning County city of distant place.

In Jiangning County city, in the middle of Gui Yuan Sect martial depository.

Lonesome and quiet martial depository, guards elder that Elder Wu, Elder Wu is sitting on the chair, on his front table is covering an unofficial history novel but actually, but Elder Wu I actually frown, right hand Cheng Jianzhi is gesticulating unceasingly, some finger surrounding space distortions shake faintly.


Elder Wu stops fiercely, looks up to the southeast, he feels clearly that two formidable aura suddenly appear in his domain. These two aura, one is the unapproachable dark aura, the formidable letting will of the people trembles. But other rest is silver-white severe light gathers all at once.

„Two Emptiness Realm powerhouses!” Elder Wu stands up fiercely.

While Elder Wu discovered Blind Swordmaster, shot the date day wolf, Blind Swordmaster and shot the date day wolf, has discovered in the Jiangning County city only Emptiness Realm powerhouse.

„Kills!” Blind Swordmaster drinks lowly, issues the instruction.

„Bang!” Shot the date day wolf speed to erupt suddenly, Blind Swordmaster also erupted the quickest speed, followed after shooting the date day wolf, a monster wolf person, tandem rapid flushed away in the Elder Wu direction.

„It is not good.” When discovered that two formidable aura, catch up suddenly in their direction at the astonishing speed, especially all at once the rest speed, makes the Elder Wu instantaneous complexion blanch, not slightly hesitant, Elder Wu changes to together the time immediately, vanishes in the middle of martial depository.

„Speed is so fast, the front silver-white aura, definitely is Demonic Beast. Moreover is beast class Emptiness Realm Demonic Beast!” Elder Wu instantaneous judgment, „following, is human Emptiness Realm.”

„Human Emptiness Realm, collaborates with beast class Emptiness Realm, decides must kill me.”

The Elder Wu speed early rises dramatically the limit.

Meanwhile, Elder Wu passes message continually in Gui Yuan Sect, does not know ‚Zhuge Yuanhong’.

„Yuan Hong, quick, runs away quickly! Human Emptiness Realm, simultaneously is chasing down me with Emptiness Realm Demonic Beast, you quickly run away. Now does not run away, a while you could not escape.” The Elder Wu sound, resounds through near the Zhuge Yuanhong ear that calmly is repairing in the study room.


The Zhuge Yuanhong complexion is instantaneous, the body in a flash, in the eye full is panic-stricken.

„It is not good.” Zhuge Yuanhong does not dare to hesitate, even does not have the time to entrust other Gui Yuan Sect people, works on own weapon directly, immediately launches Qing Gong, at the maximum speed jumps out the study room.


Blind Swordmaster, shot the date day wolf, chased down Elder Wu at the same time, Zhuge Yuanhong also quickly fled.

„Emptiness Realm powerhouse speed is astonishing, but their domains have 34 li (0.5km)! That human Emptiness Realm and Emptiness Realm Demonic Beast, when chases down Master Zu, does not dare to have one to relax absolutely. Once is not careful, will make Master Zu escape from 34 li (0.5km) range.” Zhuge Yuanhong very clear this point.

He knows

That two chase down Elder Wu Emptiness Realm, does not kill Elder Wu, will not waste the time to kill his.

Therefore, before Elder Wu dies, Zhuge Yuanhong has enough time to escape.

Dashes in the farmland, the Zhuge Yuanhong as if together wind has blown, several moved sideways to arrive at the remote place.

„How can like this? Two big Emptiness Realm, chases down Master Zu?”

„Yes, is Qing Hu Island!” Zhuge Yuanhong judges instantaneously, already ran away Zhuge Yuanhong of Jiangning County city, the moral nature lacks self-confidence, anxious very much, „can master ancestor escape” was supposing and that human Emptiness Realm and Emptiness Realm Demonic Beast distance exceeds 34 li (0.5km), Zhuge Yuanhong immediately changes the escaping direction.

If to Gui Yuan Sect enough time, all becomes very well.

But, the appearance of Divinity Palace, indeed is makes entire Nine Prefectures chaotic many.

„Quite quick.” Elder Wu is inducing chasing down the speeds of two big Emptiness Realm, the heart mentioned the throat, he was running at this moment at the maximum speed.



Across the woods, across the farmland, crosses the rivers, it may be said that with lightning speed. He is but quick, that shot the speed of date day wolf to be quicker!

„It is not good.” Elder Wu turned head to shoot a look at one.

Saw only that all over the body silver white shooting date day wolf, already from out of the blue fled.

34 li (0.5km) were away from, shoot the date day wolf already completely to overtake. But Blind Swordmaster at this moment, but also inside and outside 30.

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