The Nine Cauldrons

By I Eat Tomatoes

CH 14

CH 14

Ninth Qingshan returns Chapter 14 to burst in

Teng Qingshan has not escaped into heaven and earth energy to hurry along, but is the technique of use Earth Element, hurries along while to sense ‚the [say / way] of Earth Element’, sees only Teng Qingshan one step to step up to the mountain, one step treads on the water surface such, with nearly the route of straight line, rushed to Qing Prefecture from south star county sulfur Shicheng!

In Qing Prefecture, outside Tielong City, in a barren hill, Teng Qingshan is shouldering a handle long sword and spear sheath, is sitting cross-legged to sit on some mountain top, last night he arrived outside Tielong City long time ago, but he has waited till the present on this mountain top especially.

„Shouted ~~ shouted ~~”

The cold wind is blowing, Teng Qingshan opens eyes to look up the day, can only see the Sun Star outline by the cloud layer reluctantly.

„Early, almost should not go to the military compound.” Teng Qingshan sets out, launches Qing Gong, hurries to the military compound direction.


Tielong City, is one of the Qing Prefecture 18 counties ‚Jiao Yejun’ the small town of within the boundaries. In Qing Prefecture, Xiao Yao Palace altogether has controlled 15 counties, another three counties were being controlled this Jiao Yejun by various types of factions and sects, is one of the chaotic three counties.

„Big military compound.”

Teng Qingshan is feeling in the domain in front military compound the dense and numerous life aura, shows a faint smile, „Little Jun in that!” He already sought for the Little Jun aura, the Little Jun aura ‚the lightning condor’ by aura is not far in Emptiness Realm Demonic Beast.

Whiz! Whiz!

Teng Qingshan has submerged in the middle of military compound just like the ghosts and demons, hurries to toward the Li Jun dwelling.

„Does Cult Master such anxiously summon us to do?” Three completely all put on black-clothed to embroider the man of Phnom Penh long gown to walk in the middle of the military compound. In these three people two hair were white, although third is younger, but the double temple also had several silver threads.

„Look. Two saintesses also arrived.” The middle-aged black robe person points at the front with a smile.

„Scarlet flame flag main also arrived.”

„This scarlet flame flag main also really somewhat ability, frequently sees him and two saintesses in the same place.”

These three black robe people were chatting at the same time, after two saintesses and scarlet flame flags main, entered the Xuelian Cult Master dwelling.

The Xuelian Cult Master dwelling, in the hall, sits the seat of honor high Xuelian Cult Master, nearby the throne is lying a giant condor. Three black robe people are very clear this lightning condor the status.

„Pays a visit Cult Master!” Three black robe people salute continually respectfully.

„Three elders, please sit down.” Xuelian Cult Master sits the seat of honor high. With a smile a finger of right platoon seat.

Three black robe people see in the hall several people, was startled: „Goddess!” The Xuelian Cult Master left has sat down unexpectedly four people, from high downward, separately is the mystical youth and goddess ‚Li Jun’, two saintesses ‚the Murong swallow’, scarlet flame flag host ‚Lu Lilong’. Saw that goddess ‚Li Jun’ they are startled. What is but more surprised is

What person, has the qualifications to sit above the goddess?

Who is the mystical youth?

In three black robe person hearts shocks, well-mannered sits down in the right platoon seat in turn.

„I said that this” Xuelian Cult Master aimed at Teng Qingshan, said with a smile, „was of Hu He Guest Official my Divinity Palace three big Guest Official.”

„Guest Official?”

Presents three elders, two saintesses and scarlet flame flags doubts main and the others to be surprised, is Divinity Palace one, they are clear Divinity Palace what equipotential line to be big, they by are Divinity Palace one, but proud. Divinity Palace so strong presence. Can by its invitation be Guest Official, non- average person.

High of Guest Official status, is next to ‚deity’.

„Originally is Hu He Guest Official. I early hear the Hu He Guest Official given name.” Two saintesses ‚the Murong swallow’ immediately said with a smile, „in the past prairie, a Hu He Guest Official person fought the facts of 100,000 armies, early spread. I have wanted to see Hu He Guest Official, has not thought that today can gain favor sees.”

Teng Qingshan nods pale with a smile, is observing also wife's two Martial Sister.

This Murong swallow. Although Teng Qingshan knows that the opposite party has eighty years old, may seem the beautiful woman by the appearance. Attracts the strength to be astonishing, in makings quite close Xuelian Cult Master: „This Murong swallow, after achieving Innate, definitely will practice one to plant and other Secret Technique. It is estimated that is Xuelian Cult Master practice same Secret Technique, the makings so will resemble.”

„Has seen Sir Hu He.”

„Hu He Guest Official.”

Presents other people also to cup one hand in the other across the chest also to introduce oneself.

Teng Qingshan nods with a smile.

„Hu He Guest Official, solely is not Guest Official . Moreover, some time ago was also getting married with Little Jun.” The Xuelian Cult Master smile said.

„Gets married?”

But two saintesses and scarlet flame flags main and the others do not know this point obviously, each and every(one) is surprised. „My this Junior Martial Sister, but did the taming master, how and Hu He Guest Official get married?” Not only two saintess doubts, present other people also to have doubts.

„Today I ask you to come, tells a matter.” The Xuelian Cult Master serious [say / way], „my Divinity Palace will soon dispatch troops into battle, but south this, the scarlet flame flag and black dragon flag 200,000 armies starting today, are managed by my person Li Jun, is the command! But Hu He Guest Official, temporarily is the deputy command.”

This orders, two saintess and scarlet flame flag hosts are the facial color change.

„Cult Master.” The scarlet flame flag main respectful [say / way], „goddess your highness is young, feared that is being hard obedience”


Xuelian Cult Master cold snort, making the scarlet flame flag host frighten jumps.

The Xuelian Cult Master vision has swept the scarlet flame flag host coldly, looked at other person of one: „What is being hard obedience? Audiences? It is not your several, I order already, I want your several to assist Li Jun fully! If you destroys disturbs, left any basket you to know, my Divinity Palace custom.”

Several people on the scene do not dare to revolt.

„Was good, draws back.” Xuelian Cult Master sets out, „here matter, gave Little Jun, I also had the important matter.”

Xuelian Cult Master rode the lightning condor to leave the military compound on the same day, has given Li Jun and Teng Qingshan this military compound is responsible. In military compound present, only then scarlet flame flag 100,000 armies, as for black dragon flag 100,000 armies still in catching up on the way.

In room, Teng Qingshan and Li Jun two people.

„Qingshan, the master leaves, I was worried that does not blow them.” Li Jun is worried saying that „some of my two Martial Sister very methods, but this military compound, I do not have any trusted subordinate, must control the scarlet flame flag and black dragon flag”

„Relax, gives me.”

Teng Qingshan says with a smile.

The ear moves, as the Emptiness Realm powerhouse, in domain range , not only can send greetings, can hear in the domain the sound.

„Little Jun, your two Martial Sister, indeed had the movement.” Teng Qingshan smiles, „you in this, I exit.”


Two saintesses ‚Murong swallow’ in the middle of mansion, although is daytime, but the hall front door is actually closed, only then the window shines indistinctly luminously, making the hall appear is very dim.

At this moment, two saintesses ‚Murong swallow’ and scarlet flame flag host, as well as three elders in this.

„Snort, are Li Jun that young doll many greatly?” The scarlet flame flag main discontented anger snort said that „20, Cult Master unexpectedly also lets her Commander 200,000 armies! I look, perhaps in this female baby hand, our two flag 200,000 armies, must dying many people.”

„Lu Qizhu.” Slightly fat white hair elder said with a smile, „, although was so, but Cult Master had the command, we listened are being.”

„Master, favors small Junior Martial Sister.” The Murong swallow heaves a deep sigh, „actually loves to turn over to the love, but this time is the important matter . Moreover, how could to take the destinies of 200,000 armies to work as the child's play?” Saying, the Murong swallow looked at three elders, but three elders have not made noise as before.

A Murong swallow brow wrinkle, access road: „Three elders”

„Two saintesses.” That slightly young middle-aged person elder said with a smile pale, „we only know that a commander was goddess your highness, other we do not manage. Three of us, do not have power control army, being disinclined manages.”

As soon as two saintesses listened to smile.

Who does the army manage? Is the flag manager!

She asked three elders to come, was makes three elders not mind others'business, now listens to the meaning three elders also to turn a blind eye, ‚being disinclined control’ these three characters, indicated their meaning completely.

„My Murong swallow in this, thanked three.” The Murong swallow sets out with a smile.

„Two saintesses, we also had dozens years of friendship.” The thin white hair elder old voice resounds, „truth said that the big saintess is too old, waits for Cult Master to abdicate, properly speaking, should two saintesses you succeed to the throne. However looked that this Cult Master strength holds the goddess. You may result in have been careful, do not plant in the small girl hand.”

Five people on the scene, youngest also on the Murong swallow, eighty years old.

Said that Li Jun is a small girl, is very normal.

„What elder, I understands.” The Murong swallow smiles, „my this small Junior Martial Sister is only 17 -year-old, she never brings the army, what does she understand? When the time comes makes her have some clowns, making everybody know that my this small Junior Martial Sister, is only a vase, to leading the big military control person knows nothing. At the appointed time my master strength holds, feared that in cannot violate teaches the wishes of hundreds of thousands of over a million disciples.”

Nearby scarlet flame flag main also said with a smile: „Um, only needs slightly the moving point method, she must make a boner. Does not have him, presents Yang Wei cloudy.”

Several people on the scene smiled.

200,000 armies, do not have a trusted subordinate, a female baby wants to manage well, so is can it be that easy?


„Shouted ~~”

The hall main entrance changed into the powder to flow suddenly.

„Who?” In the hall five people are the complexion big changes.

Their five people are Xuelian teach high level, is Innate Expert, was broken the front door not to have a detection unexpectedly beforehand.

„Presents Yang Wei cloudy?” Sneers, a deep green long gown youth walked.

„Hu He Guest Official?”

Five people on the scene are startled.

They know that Hu He and Li Jun are husbands and wives, they cope with Li Jun in this discussion, now, the opposite party husband actually walks.

„Hu He Guest Official, are you?” The Murong swallow moves forward to meet somebody with a smile.

„Your five listened.” The Teng Qingshan cold vision has swept five people, „your ghost thoughts, I early looked. A moment ago, I also heard clear!” Such remarks, Murong swallow and other people of complexions cold, how heard? Does the Cult Master meeting believe the Hu He words?

„Naturally, Xuelian Cult Master not necessarily believes my words.”

Teng Qingshan gives a calm smile, „, but, my also being disinclined manages her to believe.”

„I must say one, does not want dead, is clever!”

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