Martial God Space

By Fu Xiao Chen

Even if compared with the fist, you are not opponent

Even if compared with the fist, you are not opponent

Ye Xiwen opened the eye, in both eyes was gathering true essence, instantaneous one bright, has seen immediately through in that stream of light, unexpectedly was a young pivot shaft prolonging the life grass.

Ye Xiwen does not have any hesitation immediately, melts one to gasify the big hand, catches directly this young pivot shaft prolonging the life grass.

The ear hears disturbance.

„Pursues, must overtake, deserves death!”

This sound is familiar, is that Poisonous Noble Son, really among the moments, breathless Poisonous Noble Son pursued, did not have the consistent grace, only then breathless god.

In the ditch capsizes, boiled duck flew, the attack that this successive flees, making him breathless, the root could not give a thought to any demeanor.

„Anyone, dares to snatch my Young Life Extending Grass!” At this time sonic boom drank from distant place transmits, passed through Vast Sky, the sound changes to the voice, instantaneous crush.

The voice that Ye Xiwen coldly snorted, that bang kills, was melted in invisible instantaneously.

At this time followed , etc. to enter behind various clan martial artist in Poisonous Noble Son immediately stunned, who has eaten the great ambition leopard balls, unexpectedly dares to snatch the Poisonous Noble Son thing, really exactly chatty.

If were a moment ago, audiences enter also regarding these young one generations young arrogant, is only impression in legend, however before getting rid, thoroughly has overturned their - impression, these young Expert only feared already strongly to the inconceivable situation.

At this time, even if Transcendent Realm nine heavy annoys these to enter young, in his opinion, that is the dead end.

Now competes however to have into to dare to snatch Young Life Extending Grass, that does not bring about own destruction, enters including their these, with, was only has watched the fun merely, had not planned that in recaptured Young Life Extending Grass from the Poisonous Noble Son hand.

During young generation of peak is young arrogant, Poisonous Noble Son most did not fear that the group war, the casual toxin attacks, to besiege him, that may be true courting death.

When they rush looked that actually sees Poisonous Noble Son and a clothes youth is confronting.

Actually sees the status that Poisonous Noble Son called to break to come into.

„Ye Xiwen, has not thought that unexpectedly is you!”

Ye Xiwen!

The audiences enter immediately one startled, where there are many enters resounds this Ye Xiwen immediately is sacred!

These days, Ye Xiwen this name has spread over in entire seventh martial artist all of a sudden, the reason does not have him, because of handing down him Crocodile Crown Prince butchering!

Crocodile Crown Prince is anything enters, that is young generation of one of the knowing how things stand peak Expert, which young Expert without dares to say one can win Crocodile Crown Prince steadily.

However now he dies unexpectedly, in this in hand that called Ye Xiwen's to enter.

Many sixth martial artist in arriving at seventh, the expression that vows solemnly, oneself truly saw Crocodile Crown Prince dies in the Ye Xiwen's hand.

This is also not most terrifying, most terrifying is not the Ye Xiwen's strength, but is his young big courage, Crocodile Crown Prince certainly Poisonous Shadow Crocodile Race next Clan Head, is almost all into the recognition.

Certainly strength of Poisonous Shadow Crocodile Race in Yun Xing Ocean Region, simply is immeasurably deep, this kind of colossus, even if enters with Crocodile Crown Prince is very discontented, does not dare to get rid to him casually, otherwise, by Crocodile Crown Prince rampant domineering, early had the entering thing of older generation to get rid to him.

Also because of the asylum under certainly the Poisonous Shadow Crocodile Race shade, so is unscrupulous, generally enters is not his opponent, kills he, had worry, therefore he can grow to present this situation.

Not is only certainly Poisonous Shadow Crocodile Race, these of several big overlords young arrogant, which does not grow like this, only has that Jian Wushuang is different races, because of his origin Mysterious, has not entered to know that his origin, only knows him young Expert from territory.

However now, such different races were also many, moreover compares Jian Wushuang, Ye Xiwen brave Bao Yao, unscrupulous, opposes certainly with Poisonous Shadow Crocodile Race now, regardless of Poisonous Shadow Crocodile Race sends out many Expert certainly, cannot give to remove him, this strength strong scaring to death enters simply.

However lets entire seventh reacted truly, that Crocodile Crown Prince was cut to kill, Poisonous Shadow Crocodile Race these young Expert were cut the matter that kills certainly, this news classics and commentaries leave, immediately shocks a side.

But the audiences entered also finally saw from the body of Poisonous Noble Son a moment ago the present young generation has powerful how, Transcendent Realm nine heavy young Expert of commonplace, was not their - opponent.

However Crocodile Crown Prince actually died in the Ye Xiwen's hand, that this Ye Xiwen had how formidable, let into be hard to imagine simply.

„Poisonous Noble Son, does not see for a long time, elegant demeanor according to 1......” Ye Xiwen with a smile Young Life Extending Grass receiving in Heavenly Origin Mirror.

„Few idle talk, hand over Young Life Extending Grass, otherwise, now young is your time of death!” Poisonous Noble Son saying gratefully, saw Ye Xiwen unexpectedly receiving in Heavenly Origin Mirror Young Life Extending Grass, immediately somewhat worried, interrupted the Ye Xiwen's words to say hastily.

„So-called Treasure has mystical powers, being predestined friends results in it, this truth, Poisonous Noble Son not!” Ye Xiwen smiles saying that thing that making him eating spitting? That is the impossible matter!

„Few idle talk, Young Master only knows that fist big is predestined friends!” Poisonous Noble Son coldly said, the vision is cold, glittering of poisonous glow in his eye pupil.

In young one generation, he is that is not always able not young entering thing, the reason does not have him, because of fearing his toxin, even if Crocodile Crown Prince , etc. entered, does not think that Taihe he opposes.

Because he is in Poisonous Flame Dragon Race, the young fresh poisonous body, including the blood pore in thoroughly the toxic gas, was not careful possibly poisonously is turned by him, when the time comes was calls young should not be so distressed.

For this reason, has fostered his unscrupulous standard, before was Crocodile Crown Prince, he dares to block casually, did not care completely.

„Is bigger than the fist, you not necessarily are also older than me!” Ye Xiwen grins to smile saying that struck to kill Crocodile Crown Prince afterwards, he started to close up practice own false Domain, but now, finally has become, he were also many a powerful card in a hand, had existence of this false Domain, during he nine heavy was young in Transcendent Realm, can able to move unhindered, truly be tyrannical incomparable.

„That tries, having a look at you to keep off cannot block the Young Master toxin!” Saw Ye Xiwen saying that Poisonous Noble Son was angry immediately, perhaps he can not care about Young Life Extending Grass, but absolutely is actually not able by Ye Xiwen to be said one were inferior to him.

Immediately coldly smiles, in the hand toxic gas grasped in the hand just likes is sharp arrow has stirred up suddenly generally, directly soared the Ye Xiwen's surface gate to go.

This Poisonous Noble Son speed is extremely fast, audiences enter almost even saw among sharp arrow glittering that the deep green toxic gas composes, in an instant, has rushed ahead the Ye Xiwen's surface gate.

„Broken!” Ye Xiwen shouted, immediately the innumerable air condensed in the flash, kept off in front of Ye Xiwen's.

„Dang!” that sharp arrow punctures Vast Sky instantaneously, rumbled that air/Qi wall front, immediately a startled young bang, the shock-wave one after another has attacked instantaneously.

Just fought, Poisonous Noble Son showed the formidable strength, but Ye Xiwen actually also in an instant, displayed was not inferior the Poisonous Noble Son powerful strength.

„Took Young Master also comes back to me!” Poisonous Noble Son sonic boom drinks, has assaulted in front of Ye Xiwen's, above big hand, deep green poisonous glow in glittering.

He is also very clear regarding the Ye Xiwen's strength, although possibly has the situation that anything incorrectly relayed an erroneous message, but initially Ye Xiwen can with Crocodile Crown Prince outside Devil Suppression Pagoda that fought him to see.

Although both sides soon will open because of Devil Suppression Pagoda, but has not exhausted fully, but both sides at that time were also the equal division falls, this made him many for several points to dread to Ye Xiwen, in any event, most at least was also and his similar Expert.

Although he arrogant, is arrogant, but is actually not the fool, naturally understands that at this time cannot have a low opinion of the enemy, otherwise possibly dies was he.

„Bang!” A Poisonous Noble Son fist bang collapsed the trim air, the instantaneous fist penetration air, the flash bang killed in front of Ye Xiwen's, that poisonous wind headed on, on the Ye Xiwen's body, crawled instantaneously completely the gods of innumerable gold/metal, that toxin blocking.

In that innumerable god, just likes has Venerable the god innumerably only chanted scripture, each god was only Golden Light sparkles, these poisonous aerial roots are unable to penetrate these god, let alone seeped enters in the Ye Xiwen's body.

But at this time, Ye Xiwen moved, but all enters had not seen when he moves, only saw sudden, the Ye Xiwen's fist appeared before. the gate, blocks Poisonous Noble Son this must kill one palm that


The collision of both sides terrifying ruptured in midair instantaneously, the explosion of terrifying is blending gold/metal and deep green divine light scatters in all directions to expand, a periphery piece of jungle will give the crew cut instantaneously.

„I have said that even if compared with the fist, you are not my opponent, do not compel me to begin, otherwise, you can only bring contempt upon oneself!” Ye Xiwen sneers, a fist rumbles directly once again, the air fierce shake, the strength of innumerable stars twined in his hand, the surroundings turned into a piece of universe Void environment, he was in the universe the only true God.

The fist in his hand turns into a big star to pound to fall toward Poisonous Noble Son suddenly.

All these said to be long, but is actually in an instant time that's all, Ye Xiwen's fist instantaneous bang.

The terrifying fist pressure, pressed on the face of Poisonous Noble Son, does not bring up the rear to turn directly, the meat that on his face his sending silk blew also started to twist unceasingly.

In his eyes has flashed through a panic-stricken god finally, if he has not shunted, at present this fellow, will kill him absolutely at the scene, will not have any opportunity of resolution to him.

He the personal appearance retreats toward behind immediately suddenly, avoids in range that the Ye Xiwen fist has pressed hastily.


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