Eight Treasures Trousseau

By Butterfly's Shadow Beneath the Moon

Chapter 108 Chapter Extra

Chapter 108 Chapter Extra

Shengkun three years in spring, it is a good time to bloom year after China hosted the women of the royal clan in the Imperial Garden and a product Patent life, invitees who did not have to rejoice, to be careful.

After the new emperor ascended the throne, before suddenly swept away gentle personality, to North Korea to rectify the earth-shaking. If the new emperor ascended the throne after the foundation of instability, but also take into account the three points, but happens behind newly crowned emperor by many, firmly adheres to the entire court, so less than two years, it gave the pack to pack, and attracted Manchao down even more in awe of the new emperor.

Sheng Kundi in addition to the conduct of public affairs by the people support, but his love life is also very interested in all the things you say why

Because the new emperor ascended the throne more than three years, in addition to the palace after China, has indeed no one other woman, even the female officer Shi Qin did not, this man is really rare.

Many men in the world had potential, always a bit greedy woman fresh, after the United States and China, but also look for a long bored, can hold their own half of the emperor / body?

Everyone guess no results, after China will entertain the harem, the capital of China for people who do not know the lazy, do not love big deal to worry about, it also allows courtier very satisfied, after so loved the Emperor of China, after China if politics were to intervene, that is a big calamity.

The result is a lazy Zhu Er, so also happy. After China favored, her maiden status has continued to rise, Nghe An has been called designate national companies, National Public House is Dairo Seiko, Kenjiro also sealed a Marquis. But the Lord is a national public TIPS, to be the new emperor to help clean up the affairs of state is good, he resigned from the post DPRK, Ren Xindi how to retain not changed his tune, finally wore national companies were the first to go home and Taizitaishi had a leisurely day went.

As for his two sons, and now are still young, the DPRK position is not high not low, but also a strong faction loyal emperor, normally courteous man, who can not say that the Queen bullying her family. This is a maiden after the first Emperor of waste than simply to throw eighteen street after the late emperor waste.

Such a thought, it is no wonder the emperor so loved her, things in the world is always justified.

Imperial Garden clothing coming this time, eunuchs ladies shuttle which hold bottles holding lights, bustling.

"Princess, we have to."

Hear gently reminded Nvbi close, the end and the princess was suddenly back to God, see the Imperial Garden has a lot of the women in her silent pick a place to sit, I do not want to talk to anyone.

Last winter barbarian invasion, have put forward courtiers and pro-policy, meaning let her marry the princess barbarians already nearly seven-year-old king, she hid terrified Princess House. But then she was a high-profile act, and not many close to the people, are now no longer father and brother, mother's maiden demoted to the common people, and even a willingness to stand up for him to speak of people can not find.

She is good young men, but for a bunch of children is very loved, if married and living overseas pro, leaving her two children in the capital, there is nothing better life in the future?

Just when she was desperate fear, but heard Yan Jin Qiu face in front of lower-ranking civil and military, and pro rejected this proposal.

"I accommodating towards the big, bloody man would rather die, they can not be bent spine. Barbarians sinister, do not sacrifice an innocent woman half,I was able to return towards peace? ! "

She always felt Yan Jin Qiu their hypocrisy, he said, but after hearing these words, actually some disconsolate, can not help but think, if not the death of her brother, ascended the throne as emperor, this time he will not say these words ?

Maybe ...... In order to secure his, her older sister, and perhaps will soon embark on the road to a pro.

She lived wantonly insolent ridiculous small rest of my life, after the rest of my life was a result of their own care, calculating man down.

Really unexpected, Suanlaisuanqu, but is also inviting a joke. Later, listening to the praise of the capital where people Qiu Jin Yan, there have been suppressed instill obedience Yan Jin Qiu aristocratic families, she gradually relieved, Yan Jin Qiu really is the most suitable for this throne person.

Her brother Ye Hao, Jun Wang Sheng worth mentioning, not in his mind virtuous vision. Now, she is still a long princess, a nice quiet day, the son of Prince also been closed, be good enough.

Everyone knows Dangjinshengshang there was a sister, but never talked about his sister St., Queens has never been summoned to the Guzi, but is the end and still wore the title Princess Princess, which is simply shining tell the world today not wait to see his sister.

The emperor not wait to see people who do not play gooseberry nature will not mention, so when there is no elder sister of the holy figure on the banquet, and no one expressed curiosity or accident.

Princess Duanqichabei end and just sip, I heard standing in the corner of the eunuchs not light not heavy blow applause, she put down the cup busy, Lile embroidered swing, then with the surrounding other people to stand up together.

Hua Xi Wan and though two-decade China, but in the end and it seems the princess, the Queen already had a prince of the year when not much difference with just married Yan Jin Qiu, then ornate clothing on her body will let people feel just right, people will not ignore her own.

Walk through the gift bowed down, end and Princess sat down in his place, looked around in silence the women carefully to please the Queen, she raised his mouth, eyes one indifferent.

The atmosphere is very lively feast, served in the eating is also very elegant, color, flavor and taste. It should be said that since Shengkun Di ascended the throne, the palace chef skills to the increasingly superb, style and taste more and more, really is an assembly of a variety of cuisines in the palace.

Queen's favorite cuisine this little habit is aware of the upper nobility, they all know Shengkun Di willing to follow the Queen this hobby, this man would like to make one willing to endure, no one can say bad, just do not let ...... behind the good girl child the envy of some good fortune after China.

Xi Wan Wah in wait on the ladies mouthwash, facial,

After wash their hands of you just smiled at the women's seat shallow smiles: "? Satiated, today just scenery, gentlemen, if you do not mind, to accompany the palace garden to walk these days."

Everyone Minaguchi call honor, followed with great interest the Queen, tongue blossoming lotus flowers in the Imperial Garden praised up from the inside out, I can not wait even crevices of the stone also boast a somewhat different weed out.

Everyone knew that the Queen is not necessarily true compliment these in mind, but they can not boast, can not compliment. Everyone knows the status of the queen in the hearts of the emperor, who dares to let the queen have the slightest dissatisfaction?Heard yesterday bold ladies want to win the grace, the result angered the emperor was furious, and finally what end no one knows, but it puts some of the thoughts of other people died down, did not dare to think about anything else.

Suddenly the women entertained the Queen, and Princess somewhat unexpected end to temper after China, has always been do not like to hold these parties, now suddenly get this feast of flowers, there is no purpose to say, how she did not believe it.

"These flowers are planted here in this house a few days ago the people," Xi Hua Wan's voice is always soft, "the Palace is the most beautiful things like these." Then she suddenly saw a clump extends to roadside flowers, can not help but frowned. "it is how to open here, come, cut it go."

Then you see a few of you harem eunuch holding a flower cut the whole branch flowers picked to go, they looked at the flowers dropped to the ground, and looked pensive.

"Unfortunately," Hua Xi Wan glanced at the floor of the flowers, then looked back at the Men of the women, "we continue and see."

End and the princess looked at the crowd stampede have been not see the original face of flowers, slowly exhaled breath.

Again like pretty good stuff, if it can not listen, you do not need to keep up.

Like the new emperor ascended the throne, the Queen Mother who Zhang small, even after China put in front of her mother spectrum, the results of time less than a hundred days, he passed away.

Sometimes people greedy enough to swallow his own.

While the Queen did not say anything, but smart people should also understand that patience is not soft and the Queen, just too lazy to steward it, if she hit the bottom line, so she means enough to keep in mind for a lifetime.

In this way, also quite good.

When the tour was almost spent, and the princess heard the front end came suddenly clapping her slightly raising his hand to see the imperial chariot toward this line, the gentlemen Seeing the women, have to bow to the back, do not look directly at the dragon chariot.

But when the imperial chariot from them more than a dozen paces and then stopped, apparently there is a lot to take into account the emperor is the presence of the women, did not intend approached.

Soon after came a eunuch salute with China, it is the emperor in front of a lot of people have wood-thirds Sincerely Explorer.

I do not know what to say wood mains Queen, the Queen laughed and came closer imperial chariot.

When the Queen had just stepped on a footstool, he stretched out his arm in the imperial chariot wearing a dark golden dragons, the queen handed the other hand, he is only in hand into the imperial chariot.

Seeing the end and princess-like situation, suddenly suddenly smile, turned and looked around prepare to send their eviction female officer, a little lower down, without looking left this luxurious palace.

Some people are destined to become legendary enough to envy of men and women, even if she can not become a legendary hero, at least have the opportunity to read a legend about the love of men and women.

Health and wealth, Yu Shengfu foot, sons and daughters, she did not even regret.

After thousands of years, countless TV shows or novels about Sheng Kundi and Queen of holiness are creative people out, but it was focused Sheng Kundi is extraordinary one, it was focused on how the queen absolute beauty of holiness, dumped countless men, attracted Sheng Quintiq life is not satisfied concubines, and the life she was the only woman.

It is said that Queen holiness is a successful woman,Some say Shengkun Di was a great success of the emperor, but only one can not deny that the two of them really spend a lifetime history has as usual loving Empress.

Historical records God Sheng Kundi was implicit in public, not to the Queen's loving way off, the fact is that he did.

Sheng Kundi reign of forty-five years, at the age of eight sixty to abdicate the throne after Prince made a leisurely overlord. His loving holiness and Queen lifetime, a total knee three sons and a daughter, recruit more capable, put down the barbarians, agricultural reform, and develop the marine military, attracted four weeks did not dare awe countries, called by historians through the ages rare Mingjun when the college entrance examination at least annually, the brush will come out Shengkun Di sense of presence, attracted candidates year after year for his tough battle.

Some even come forum, chances are crossing the Sheng Kundi who, or how so much, there is this idea of ​​monogamy.

However, no one put this statement seriously, bursts of post people are just holding the meaning of a joke.

Through? Who believe it!

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