Eight Treasures Trousseau

By Butterfly's Shadow Beneath the Moon

107 Chapter Eight makeup

107 Chapter Eight makeup

Dark room, the Yanbo Yi blankly at the table, sit and watch sitting on the other side of Qiu Jin Yan: "His Majesty the Emperor came to power for the first time today, I did not forget to look at my jokes?" His forehead at the moment is burning like pain, a hour before, this place is more than a "prisoners" character.

"I got a Enzhi, you had a concubine who no child can leave voluntarily," Qiu Jin Yan slowly, "Now they have to pack their salute, do you want to talk to them farewell?"

"But a group of unscrupulous stuff, there's nothing else?" Yanbo Yi sneered, "a woman this kind of thing, in addition to children, what is the use?"

Yan Jin Qiu Wei Zhou brow, remembered that he and Xi Wan has not been met for two days, they inadvertently look Yanbo Yi painting looks like:. "You come to end today, really Yuanbuderen" He got up and walked out, never Yanbo Yi did not want to see one.

"You're stronger than me where to go, even his brother can start with the parent who has qualified to say to others," Yan Boyi sneer, "And you that Princess, I'm afraid you are gentle affectionate fans have moved, completely I wonder if you under this bladder, is a how disgusting countenance. "

Yan Jin Qiu heard this look back at him, noncommittal smile, then left without looking back.

Watching the door in his eyes a little bit off, although some dark room suddenly plunged into darkness. Yanbo Yi looked up and lightly touched his forehead, smashed a bitterly Cuci tea table.

Significantly the palace door wide open, door guards to clear the way, water poured Street, Yu Jia travel, irrespective of who mused to avoid.

Making so much fuss, because the new emperor to be pro-greet Queen's palace, this original veteran opposition, the new emperor turned out in front of all the officials and said: "Fahrenheit is the I's first wife, Now that knot hair, self two are separated. folk still loving husband and wife, mutual support, although I was the emperor, but it is no different from ordinary people, but for the first phase from the white couple. "

Zhong Chen stunned, what they say, the emperor himself willing people, they do courtiers Do let the emperor does not respect the Queen, satisfied to take concubines? This speaking, it is not decent. Not to mention the new emperor had just succeeded to the throne, who wants nothing to touch the mold head?

Well, you are willing to dignified emperors fold-man waist to pick up a woman myself, why they Guannameduo big deal, honestly go watch.

"The empress, the emperor himself to the palace to meet you." Summer has always been sober white face showing a trace of surprise this time, she went into the house, watching costumed Hua Xi Wan, carefully adjusted her temples between her Phoenix Chai, "presumably at the moment the two fast-forward."

Hua Xi Yan Jin Wan did not expect mound will personally come after slightly surprised grin slowly, holding the hand white summer slowly stood up:. "Let's go"

In ninety-nine others have gone further, she would not even step into the lazy do not want to go. People in my entire life, to have scruples, but also have enough courage.

"The emperor?" Akebia looked puzzled emperor, do not understand why he entered the two, will be under the dragon chariot, but when his outburst, he realized that some slip of the tongue, shut your mouth busy, bowed and stepped back. Others see the wood for many years to follow the emperor Explorer are afraid to say one more thing,Are all breathless, followed silently behind the emperor, she keeps looking at him in the hospital and walked.

At first under the Pacers, the pace of Yan Jin Qiu yet not be slow, but when he was about to enter the inner door, he stepped up big arc. Maybe others do not perceive, but Akebia confused emperor demeanor clearly visible.

He suddenly looked up and saw the Queen standing in the door, and suddenly they come to understand, what is the reason for the emperor lifted a grace weekdays, contracted a little impatient.

Woman standing in the door of China, but double nine years, although looks Prodigy photo soul, but the most attractive, but it is her mouth gentle smile, this smile, is enough to make her fall into the eyes of a man lost his heart and soul.

Yan Jin Qiu Xi Wan did not think China willing to wait for him at the door, looking at her lips lightly smile, his mind somewhat suddenly, then the unspeakable joy moment in my heart.

Three-step and two steps forward and grabbed Hua Xi Wan's hand, prevents the action she wanted to salute, Qiu Jin Yan eyes staring at her and said:. "I'll pick you up at the palace."

Hua Xi Wan looked up, met his eyes a faint smile.

Both eyes met, obviously did not say anything, but what goes without saying.

"let's go."

Wan Hua Xi looked he was caught in the palm of the hand Yan Qiu Jin, let him holding himself all the way to the palace gates.

Door to door in the Palace of distance is not near, but Yan Qiu Jin Hua Xi Wan holding hands and did not do Pacers, they leisurely through the arch lotus pool, carved with delicate patterns through nine Qu corridor, through a door, just like ordinary lovers idle outing, rather than the emperor and Empress.

They leave the palace door closer, Yan Jin Qiu looked at the palace door wide open, stopped and said: "I have said, will not let you wronged by others, later today, you no longer need to any person who bow down. "

Wan Hua Xi can see her holding hands, one hand gently catch Yan Jin Qiu back of the hand:. "You say, I remember."

Looked at her delicate facial features, Qiu Jin Yan suddenly smiled and said: "Do you remember not matter, I will firmly remember it for you." Then, Hua Xi Wan ranging from opening, he took her hand and out the door then in full view, with Hua Xi Wan on his own driving them.

Accompanied by ritualists who eyelids shook, but did not have anyone to stand up and say, they are not the same drive.

Yesterday three people in the house of the provincial and Industry Ministry of Rites worked overnight to make this car dragon and phoenix chariot, because the emperor said, but the couple yin and yang, when travel together, not to divide hierarchy,

But should not divide you and me. For the dragon emperor, Empress Feng is, traveling with his future queen, with a chariot ride is sufficient.

The emperor and empress to take the same driving them, emperor no opinion, they do not the courtiers to say, but the queen sat somewhat against the rules dragon chariot, the emperor and empress and insisted on the same ride, they can only think of other ways.

Since the emperor said this is one of the Empress, they simply working towards a dragon and phoenix imperial chariot, both full of mutual affection emperor and empress, not chaos rules, the total no problem right.

Wife Empress, Empress Windsor is born, her parents and family are all Waizu generations of loyal, they do not worry about Vamp evil country,Happy the matter is, the only fly in the ointment is that the emperor and empress are still young, also married less than two years, not a child below the knee and half female.

But both young and presumably the child is not a big problem.

Five days later, Yan Jin Qiu formal accession to the throne, nianhao Sheng-kun. He filial expires after 27 heat, in addition to award some of the usual rewarded's will, but also in court under a shocking oral instructions.

"I palace after, only one person only Fahrenheit."

Although many ministers praised the emperor Emotion thick mouth of the righteous, but my mind was secretly sigh, the emperor still too young, I'm afraid in the future because of this crossing encyclical, his face swollen.

China after the United States, there will be aged beauty of the day, and a wonderful thing, how many men do not greedy good sex? When young affectionate couple more, but others too middle-aged, former Wife becomes tedious relatively silent, who will become affectionate ignorance, also vowed to become a spur of the moment, how should from time to at?

Three months later, Sheng Kundi held a grand ceremony to win the title back to China, not only to China after receiving a hundred officials and the public Mingfu bow, also on behalf of the Queen identity own hands the gold medal after gold seal gold album to Chinese hands .

"Starting today, you and I together live in this palace, I will live you." Qiu Jin Yan Yu-chieh, standing high above, looking down bow down to his court, on the side of China Ceshou Xi Wan said, "I knew you do not like the royal life, but this life but you could not easily leave this place, I'm sorry you."

"You do not have said, we are together, is the day set happy match?" Wan Hua Xi Dan Xiao, "did not you usurpations me, nor crying I want to marry you. You can not give me free lazy life, but it has not let me worry about too much effort, you do have enough. "

She looked up and glanced at the cloudless sky, relieved smile: "Maybe God is our fate, I met you, so you met me, this is fate."

She does not believe the promise, do not believe oath, but they believe in themselves.

Rugged road again, there will be an end, until the last moment, no one would know what good and unfortunate life experience.

She may not be the man you believe oath, but it will not completely denied this suspicion on the other side a cavity sincere.

But a lifetime, she'll bet you also can afford to gamble.

"Ex-daughter is married, her parents will personally send her mother a makeup box, which stood eight hairpin loop thing, so the woman called Lou Eight makeup."

Hua Xi Wan took out a fine ebony box from the tray, put Qiu Jin Yan palm.

"Eight gold and silver, four men and women, which means blending hand in hand with the wind and rain, not loving way off."

Yan Jin Qiu open ebony box, which stood between a concentric jade, a word blessing pull refers to a Bob clouds, a fine jade crown.

He looked up and shoved Wan Wah evening, I saw her wavefront flow, smile blossoming.

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