Eight Treasures Trousseau

By Butterfly's Shadow Beneath the Moon

106 Chapter dust given

106 Chapter dust given

When four more, who could have been the most tired, but no one dared to sleep significantly palace, both male and female, all hand-held razor sticks things, looked nervous closed palace doors, lest they accidentally outside faction rushed in.

"Princess, there is a maid trying to escape from the back door, we were caught." Clutching a two maidservants Old Woman dressed woman came over, his face full of resentment. Critical moment, actually thinking about run out, if the faction Chengluan broke into the palace, how should I do?

White Summer glanced at the Old Woman who marched in, whispered China Xi Wan said: "Princess, it is Yuanshu Yi."

"Drag," Hua Xi Wan a little bored, no matter Yuan Shuyi she have any plans now, but at this time no mood Hao Zhao told her, "as people looked good, do not let her take the chaos."

She glanced at the sky bright moon, perceived around the outside of the palace faction seems to have some running out of patience, and my heart slightly tight, Yan Jin Qiu palace before she was not sure, but what kind of arrangement, but the hope to build on someone else's body, his mind is better prepared.

"Archers ready!" She bayan, "pitcher in place."

Outside the palace rebels were already running out of patience, if it is led by a guide hesitant, where they will wait for so long, now finally stand it no longer, the captain of a small forward and said: "command, willing weekend to lead the people. "

Rebel leader looked for a long time not seen significant movement of the palace, and finally nodded his head.

After his nod, piercing sound projection, kneeling in front of his horse's captain suddenly fell arrow stuck into the chest of a silvery.

He did not react, he found numerous bows with a spark from a significant injection inside the palace, the most terrible and some with a spark of pottery, these pottery as long as a floor, then sprang to the fire, also flutter flutter immortal ?

These combustion is to alcohol?

At this time, the rebels did not command the mind to think about what kind of wine to discharge out of this fire, he looked at his men because the fire had become panicked, chaotic formation, the hearts of a thump.

Inside the palace remarkable how many archers?

Prince House press law, although there can have a number of weapons, but also a regulation, but significantly within the palace, it really is, according to law work?

Although only think of their own lord Prince, but privately hidden a lot of good things, he touched more hearts will not in the end, I'm afraid this remarkable palace some bad bite down.

Inter he was hesitant, suddenly see both sides of the alley next to a team suddenly sprang Guards, they stabbed directed at them, his mouth could not kill roared faction, to protect the emperor and the like, although the number of small , but also to the already messed men he was beginning to become more panic flawless.

this is……

It turned out to be rather pro-palace guards? Ning this person is not always what cunning villain, how at this time dare to stand out?

This is something he has not figured out what they were, you see the other side sprang a team of people, this time to the palace is the end of the Guards.

Immediately behind them are also sprang a group of people dressed servant, turned out to be the leading candidate Nghe House scheduled the second son Hua Chen.

"Usurper, and so I will not let you threaten the emperor, under dry this and other heinous crimes, not to lay down their arms,Haste was arrested! "Chen Hua fixed stand below, a Wanshou in □□, power and prestige hehe," lay down their arms if Haier head, I would like in front of the emperor, and so intercede for you, let the emperor spared. "

This rebel leader hearts taken aback and lay end of the palace, rather palace, Ngee Ann designate the government, these people actually run the risk of significant care in the palace, the Ngee Ann designate government and the palace is remarkable affinity aside, but Duan and ning is noticeable when standing on the side of the king?

There are other forces in the capital princes arrange it? How these people do not stop, do not ......

His great sense of mind is not good, princes for today, already planning for a long time, but how things developed into this?

Inside the palace, Wan Wah evening listening to the Guards captain reported the happening outside, some of the Yaran: "You say my brother have come?" He sent Hongying before she Houfu explain how dangerous the situation to father's character, should not let brother lightly hazard the fishes, the matter is it has changed?

I heard Duan Ning have been called to the palace, now the two pro-palace guard was there, it really is already arranged?

Unknown, Hua Xi Wan did not think about, she muses:. "Look at"

Duan and ning, though seemingly obvious Palace in help, but who knows really help or put on a show? This time, we can not not care about rude rude question.

The rebels guilty of this will now see one's own besieged up, think of their own loved ones, and my heart momentum suddenly drop a half, how much can the rest of the glass slide determination?

Emotions are contagious, a rebel heart hesitation, be able to influence another person. The besieged palace and Houfu Chikae less than a moment, they lost the war, just to save their lives, not to hurt the family.

They are not stupid, a look at this situation, you know who these people are crowned. These lords who dare to speak out at this time, can only mean one thing, and that is good to get early help significantly palace.

Are princes, royal significantly help bring them much benefit?

The implication is self-evident, I'm afraid their lord, the defeat something important.


Dull sound the death knell came from the direction of the palace, the crowd surprised a moment, then knelt down. Even after those rebels, also paused for a moment, have followed the knees. The knees, on behalf of their compromise.

Continuous sound the death knell rang nine, the entire capital were solemn down.

"Princess ......" Bai Hua Xia Xi Wan looked hesitant, heart,

Some worry.

Old emperor died, then who the new emperor that?

Hua Xi Wan looked in the direction of a palace, took a deep breath: "open the palace doors, hanging white banner, replaced all the things Chromic."

"But outside ......"

"Open it." Hua Xi Wan shook his head, dare knock the palace since the death knell, it shows that has been settled, now significantly palace not open the door, have no differences.

Within the imperial palace temple, Yan Boyi Guards are fiercely charge on the ground, but his eyes are staring bitterly Yan Jin Qiu, like she wanted to bite him a piece of meat, drink his blood.

Other people seem hall did not see his eyes like the direction Qichao Yan Jin Qi Qiu kneeling down, line three thanks to nine call gift: "Long live the save the Queen,Long live, long live. "

"The emperor, the country not get along without the king, please immediately emperor throne." Duan kneeling reported, "Beijing in trouble because the rebels, and many people frightened, only you instantly to the throne, in order to pacify the people."

Yan Jin Qiu face with a sad color and said:. "Now the emperor has just passed away, I have no Peace and Prosperity of energy, but also the hearts of sad, really unbearable so heavy."

"The emperor how could sell ourselves short, striking literary grace of your childhood, raised in the palace, by the late emperor very seriously, and now more late emperor's funerary unspoken by your throne, you can throne, but welcomed," Ning words sincerely Road, "Wei Chen thought, as the emperor your first place, then choose an auspicious day fill a throne ceremony, so tilapia, so that you see these days?"

Others could not help but glanced ning, what good things have let him finish, and what they said? Although my heart despised ning duplicitous, but the presence of people, have said ning right, the emperor ascended the throne You will be welcomed, the common people need you, gentlemen ministers trust you, the future of the country's more need, and your right to the throne.

So repeated exhortations, Yan Jin Qiu repeatedly turned down, finally coming dawn, Yan Jin Qiu red eyes finally agreed, the ministers have a sigh of relief, the play finally rested.

Yan Boyi cold look at these people put on a show, Yan Jin Qiu was like this, but also had benefits accounted for fame, seems to still others cried and begged him to like this piece of bumbling face, really disgusting.

And so the play is done, all the talent liquidation Yan Boyi the Rebels. But whatever the outcome is Yanbo Yi royal family myself, so ordinary minister is not good opening, but the imperial clan and people will not dare to open, have had to observe the new emperor's face, in order to speculate emperor heart.

Yan Jin Qiu mind clear ideas of these people, but the surface does not reveal a half hours, he looked at the kneeling Yanbo Yi, heavy tone, said:. "Cousin, I did not think you would come this far."

Yanbo Yi heard, suddenly laugh loudly: "? What you can not think, you can not count the"

He was so provocative, Yan Qiu Jin is not angry, but looked at him and looked calm, like watching a naive child: "The matter has now, cousin no contrition in the late emperor do you seriously ill? when, troops emperor to abdicate, the first emperor died vomiting blood rage, so a felony, you have no regrets? "

"I only regret will be calculated without you, come prisoner's fate," Yan Boyi knew that he had no way out, so did not intend to humble yourself to linger alive, "Would you like calculating although hands, I am tired of watching you play Zhefan sent to do. "

Yan Jin Qiu hearing this, fretting brow, he walked in front of Yan Boyi, condescending look at him, slowly opening: "cousin, how I could be so misunderstood." Then, not to be re-Yan Boyi opening speaker said "servant deceived by Jun Wang Sheng, committed a great sin, it is unforgivable, but he worked on the idea of ​​the name of profit mutual affection, it spares him to death, claiming he surnamed Yan, lines punishment, life in view of the fast-cultivation, you can not take a step. "

Yang Zhai body is held guilty of the former staff of the local clan tion, it has been uninhabited for years, and now Yan Jin Qiu Yanbo Yi ordered detained in that, in the eyes of many,Considered lenient.

"We hear a cousin Fuchu concubine was pregnant, cousin, you had better look after yourself, watching the children grow up in peace to do." Yan Jin Qiu Yanbo Yi said softly, directed at after such a sentence, let Yan Boyi with the people down.

Ning Yan Boyi honestly looked to be drag on, could not help but sigh in my heart, the new emperor seems generous, but in reality it is subtle and underhanded ruthless benefit of the people. He obviously Henji Yanbo Yi, but happens not to kill him, but let him live rather die than live, but also willing alive.

Word sentence is engraved in the forehead of the word prison, and deprive the other's surname, a man locked up in a hundred years abandoned house, which is this kind, which is simply a blunt instrument weary, die, live well .

The new emperor and Yan Boyi just exactly when to have such a monstrous version of contradiction?

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