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105 Chapter chaotic night

105 Chapter chaotic night

"Royal Highness, careful steps," lead the way eunuchs bowed his head, Qiu Jin Yan carefully to lead to the hall, Yan Jin Qiumai Rudian in feet meal, and then looked at the eunuch said, "without the NCC, Chendeng how could the emperor's palace trespassing. "

The eunuch took a step sideways, explained:. "Intrinsic former Royal Highness, His Majesty is already decreed that slaves eviction, if your Royal Highness to be straight into the sanctuary, without having to pass through."

"So," Qiu Jin Yan glanced Dianwai Imperial guards stood solemn, hand Lile skirts: "That would please lead the way." Clan to see the emperor, surrounded by servants with no qualifications entered into the temple, several Jin Qiu Yan never complained brought silence pushed aside stood still, watched Yan Jin Qiu went into the sanctuary.

Yan Jin Qiu went into the doors of the house to be, they watched Zhu Hongming gold nail shut the doors of the house slowly, issued a dull sound.

Closest to the doors of the house to hold a knife guards moved his hand slightly, a small margin moved his leg, this seems dull sound some discomfort.

Nghe waiting Fuchu, Hua Sheng three brothers and the whole of the inner court, and even the old lady also tap into the Houfu, like Hua Long Bao so the younger generation, but also face a solemn sitting together.

"Palace situation do not know how, then tired in recent days two brothers and brother squeeze," said Hua Sheng and conceal his eyes Youse, but the two younger brothers and younger to him, or try to stabilize the overall situation. " presumably ...... soon have news. "

Hua Zhiming with China and China's late knew that their own brother in fear of China Xi Wan, but now the situation is complicated, not many people can use their Shoudexia, is determined to help the two, was powerless.

"Duke, Hongying asked to see the girl." Houfu housekeeper walked hurriedly walked behind him also followed a civilian dressed HY.

"Hongying, how Palace situation?" See Hua Chen Hongying given piece of dress, my heart thumped, also refused to take a moment in the presence of other elders, ranging salute Hongying asked out, "Sister worth around may have trust people? "

Hongying towards the presence of people blessed Fook, he said:. "Please sir Lady Master also assured that everything is going smoothly Princess, Royal Highness had just been declared the palace, the palace is now up and down, people have the final say rests with a Princess"

Wen Yan Hua Chen set at ease a little, but the thought of the palace chaotic situation, Yan Jin Qiu was again calling of the palace, he could not help but frown. He looked back at his father and brothers looked solemn, no longer dare to freely open, afraid to interrupt his thoughts of his father and brothers.

Hua Sheng and listen from Hongying's words out of some unusual, he lowered his voice: "The princes of the palace?"

Hongying nodded his head: "Princess Houfu do not trust, so send servants to come to visit them before I left, the princess said, I invite you not to panic, not to see foreign visitors.."

"Outside the off ......"

"All non-Chinese people's home, are all foreign visitors." HY glanced at the house, eyes fell upon Hua Zhiming, "two classic, the second wife can not know?"

Hua Zhiming replied: "She is at the moment, including the hospital."

"Very chaotic outside, said the princess, the second wife also please do not go out as well." HY crisp sound, but to say the words, but let Hua Zhiming face some fever that stood about Huaqing Mao faint What about feel,But can only head down pretending I do not know.

"Second wife she was ill, bedridden, can not go anywhere," Hua Zhiming looked a little dark, "I will send good to wait on her."

"That second wife should get some rest and recuperation for the job," HY go beyond that, do not want to let Hua Zhiming continue embarrassed, she finished them, they lead to the wing by a servant Houfu the rest.

HY to be gone, and Hua Sheng will be open:. "Today, afraid to weather changes, Houfu we are weak, we honestly waiting for fine weather it."

Three brothers, the most worried about than China and Sheng, he waved to two brothers:. "You first go to rest it."

N With that, a servant came out, holding a letter.

"Sir, someone sent you a letter."

Hua Sheng and took the letter, looked at the words on the envelope in the pattern, and looked slightly changed.

"? Father" Hua Long Bao Sheng perceive China and look slightly wrong, could not help but open asked: "What's wrong with this letter?"

Hua Sheng silent and shook his head, "go on."

Hua Long Bao glanced at the unopened letter in his hand, determined to ask, but to see her father look so had to silent out the door together with other people.

The aristocratic family of the capital today are restless, want to inquire about the messages significant palace, the palace actually the result of significantly closed the door, refusing to see visitors, and even the princess of her family, is the same pies, askew as if who eat them the whole thing.

Although everyone can not be reconciled, and no one can face falling, but in just a few words heart cursed. Who can guarantee today to offend a significant princess and her family, the future will not be subject to retaliation.

"Princess, visiting people who have all been sent the steward," white summer into the house, see Wan Hua Xi replaced gorgeous Gongzhuang, put on a gorgeous dress jacket, could not resist, "Princess, you do not worry, given there will be nothing of. "

Directions Hua Xi Wan looked toward the palace, shallow smiles:. "I understand."

White moved his lips summer, do not say comfort, then had to give Wan Wah evening for a cup of hot tea: "just a cup of black-bone chicken stew people slaves pearl soup, do not you want to try?"

Hua Xi Wan this no appetite, but see Hongying purple shirt with the face looked worried simply shot the lights themselves, had nodded and said:. "I will try it."

"That slaves'm coming with you to the end." Bai Xiasong a deep breath and walked back down.

To be white summer retreat, Hua Xi Wan went to the window, looking out yellowed trees flowers, sighed softly, today

Xuanzhi to the little eunuch something was amiss, she could see, Yan Jin Qiu must also be able to see, but he still homeopathy into the house, only prove Yan Jin Qiu heart has long intended.

But this world is not what the calculation is one hundred percent no loopholes, how can she not worried?

If it fails, the entire display up and down the palace to no good end, but even her own family have been implicated.

Black pearls with a bowl of chicken soup, the palace is still no news of Wan Hua Xi look more dignified, until the day fully dark, she faintly heard outside came the brawl.

She looked slightly changed, removed up the wall of the sword, the body of the necklace bracelet necklace aside things off,Then a few personal maid around the track: "Get out and see."

White took the lead, led by Xia dagger clenched hands, with strode out behind China Xi Wan.

Out in the courtyard, Hua Xi Wan see the palace servant, although nervous, but do not panic, nodded with satisfaction, she glanced at Bangui in the palace bodyguard in front of him: "? How about the situation outside"

"Back to the Princess, Jun Wang Sheng lot of people surrounded the mansion of the aristocratic family," bodyguard serious tone, "We are outside the palace, as well as a group of soldiers in rejecting his nomination."

Hua Xi Wan and listened, heard the Fu Wai those soldiers unbearable laugh condemning.

"This little bitch can not hide inside out."

"I heard it was the obvious Princess looks Empress Dowager, I do not know Ge Jige we can not ......"

Public soldiers suddenly laughed, kinky / dirty laughter pass into the palace, the palace and down the entire complexion flushed with anger, some fierce temper of wait for them to immediately rush out to fight it out with the soldiers.

Hua Xi Wan sneer, then said: "! Come, good people to find a voice."

Significantly outside the gate of the palace soldier yelled happy, but the door suddenly heard a loud sound.

"What beast when I bark at the door, turned out to be a group of traitors faction, if some gentleman comes in fills, but so vulgar words when people have the nerve to rebel, rebel Haier to Japan if successful, the entire capital of how can people have a better life? "

Being laughed soldiers inexplicable meal, looked at each other for a time did not react What does this mean.

Led by generals face was somewhat ugly, he thought significant Princess is just a remarkable king care of the weak woman, the soldiers were laughing at him, he will be embarrassed in his early, who knows she does not only fear, but also to incite people.

No other rebels were open, the walls of the big voice spoke again:. "A mob, there was also delusional to shake the emperor Throne, the heart can punish our family princess said, we have significantly palace loyal to the emperor, loyal to the entire dynasty, O make haste to leave the rebels to refrain from dirty to me remarkable palace. "

"Fuck this bitch mouth can be really toxic, and so I knifed her a palace door, to see what she put spectrum." Rebels in a Han heard these words are not pleasing to the ear, like saying go forward .

"Stop," general snapped, "not frivolous."

He had originally thought only a remarkable palace princess, to win is very simple things, but now see each other without fear of attitude, he was hesitant, do the other side deliberately provoke them, want them to fall into the trap.

"Wait," he looked toward the direction of the palace, "first significant palace surrounded, as long as there's things were done, that this small palace will be significant to fear."

Those who still secure some for good, anyway, with the king has been trapped in the palace, which was the Princess had all the answers now, even if the means to be county princes to the throne, it would be of no use.

Wan Hua Xi listen to honest rebels outside a lot, his eyes swept around the servant, then Chen Sheng said: "Today it is my palace remarkable moment of life and death, any unauthorized people can not act alone, if a suspicious person, all stick to death. "she pulled the hands of the sword, deep □□ flower garden next to,"Tonight, I will keep here."

Bai Xia et al., Standing silent behind the Hua Xi Wan, Shining eyes looked out the fire sky.

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