Eight Treasures Trousseau

By Butterfly's Shadow Beneath the Moon

Chapter 104 revival

Chapter 104 revival

Sun off the wagon, quickly followed behind in Romer, the virtual hand hold Romer: "Grandma carefully in front of the stairs."

"Guests to" Akebia personally welcome at the door, to see the princess to her family, busy on his face, he stepped forward, bowed toward the crowd: "little old lady saw, Duke, his wife, and seen less of you son Lady, Come quickly. "

"Polite father," Hua Sheng recognize and Yan Jin Mu Tong is a mound around the most of starting a eunuch, for his polite nod, before entering the palace gate palace under the leadership of a public servant.

Way line, under the words and deeds of people are respectful, did not pick the wrong place on etiquette, showing remarkable palace rules very well. Everyone Further away, less than two, to see Yan Jin Qiu one personally meet up with costumes, "Ziling seen the father, mother, grandmother."

The old lady laughed his face kind of virtual Fu Yan Jin Qiu hand, she is the grandmother on the eve of Wan Hua birthright, where they could be affected by this ritual? Not to mention her, and Hua Sheng and Romer is the couple, it can not be directly affected by this ceremony. Any person in front of the royal person, that is on the lower half points.

World Kimichika division, the former king, pro-after, with the king for their courtesy, adding that people will behave, but they can not really Chinese home down to take the attitude of ordinary people to be him.

Sheng Hua and Yan Jin Qiu avoid this ritual, and also back to a ceremony, Yan Jin Qiu was hand hold, two mutually polite about it, only one into two.

Guests are generally two door is not easy to enter, but now there is only noticeable Palace Hua Wan this evening a hostess, Chinese home crowd is Xi Hua Wan her family, so welcome them into two, but also more intimate and respect.

Chinese home crowd entered the gate, I saw standing in the doorway of Hua Xi Wan, Romer and Sun et al ceremony did not go on the line, it was a hold on Hua Xi Wan: "We are one family, why the line these virtual ceremony. "

"Li is indispensable," Romer I do not know why the idea of ​​her daughter, but the daughter married into the royal, royal people, and how without any royal rule.

As Romer understand Hua Xi Wan, Wan Hua Xi will know Romer's concerns, she hands tightly grabbed Romer: "Mother, if you are so bent so that her daughter feel then."

To see her this way, Romer gently Yi Tan, hand patted her back, sighing loudly, and no longer insist salute: "a mother knew."

Yan Jin Qiu noted that the movement between the mother and daughter, looked back at Hua Xi Wan, in the eyes with a little smile.

"Palace really good scenery," Hua Sheng opening and interrupting staring Yan Jin Wan Qiudui Hua Xi, the smiling road, "Houfu palace views and a ratio, as soon break up hut, before some wonder when the day of small Wan back home, said good views of the palace. "

"Taiai mother, but was able to live in it," he glanced at a few young men and Hua Sheng followed behind, Hua Long Bao, Huaqing Mao, China was given his understanding of Chen, a remaining maturity not that special .

"This is my third brother, child, called Cong Hua Pu, princes you met briefly a few days ago and wanted to not very familiar with," Hua Sheng and how smart people, to see Yan Qiu Jin Hua Cong focus Po body, then for themselves nephew said a few good words, "Cong Po young, still in College reading,Weekdays most are hard, but hard, so normally there are very few leisure play. "

Yan Jin Qiu nodded, meaning words with praise and said:. "The Church Jiuxiong have his father's style."

Chinese home youngest but very talented, just do not love official, it is not North Korea, the Beijing people love to read "China lifts" call him, his talent was visible in Beijing scholars in the affirmative, said Qiu Jin Yan Cong Hua Pu has his father's style, indeed regarded as a compliment.

He not only gave it a Chinese family face, is to let the old lady and Hua Sanye bright surface, a time we all feel very good, laugh went into the inner court.

Tea, flowers, taste the crab, really it is the host and guests thoroughly enjoyed themselves, and jolly.

When seated, Hua Xi Wan could not help but drink a glass of light wine, though sane, but some on the face, she touched his glowing red cheeks, smiled Chu Yu Hua Road has been on the side of married women : "you can not multi-use crab meat, I deliberately let the kitchen to do some warm and nourish the meal, you try not fit together appetite."

Float a trace of rain shy smile Huachuca face: "There you are, how can there not delicious."

Now the entire capital who do not know quite significant Princess good food, with the king for her, but please have a lot of skill to cook palace. Other women of the capital privately about the matter, who does not envy?

"I want to eat what they eat, unlike some people," Chu Yu Hua Xi Wan Morning Glory looked belly, exposing the mischievous smile face, "No taboos have to die."

After marrying Hua Chu Yu Lin certificates Germany, Germany Lin certificates to be very good to her, there is no concubines pass around the room, so the couple world of band, touches the envy of others, Hua Chu Yu now has more than a month pregnancy thing. Just because the Crown Princess, will the Lin family up and down lately very low-key, do not go out easily participate in the feast.

Romer hear the laughter of the two sisters softly, could not help but Zhaohua evening Wan looked at the abdomen, own daughter married king was also more than a year, but no stomach cent movement. Coupled now ......

She squeezed his forehead, blessing children and grandchildren their own children, she now want to get too far away.

Yao since entering the palace, no matter it is not easy to open, see Hua Xi Wan and his daughter close, and my heart relieved. Huayi Liu think in the end, she would rejoice case, fortunately, unlike Huayi Liu own daughter is so confused, or she did not cry cry.

Think of it, she glanced at the Huaqing Mao Hua Zhiming, two-bedroom came the two men, Zhang did not come, indicating that China has been very wait to see Wan Xi Zhang, I do not want to see her.

Think of those rumors in Beijing, Yao do not live in my heart

He remembered three Dao number, if three nieces really become queen, her son and daughter also followed dipping, then why bother to talk to her Romer make life difficult, that's stupid.

Flowers feast ended, Yan Jin Qiu will look for opportunities to make thoughtful Hua Xi Wan and Romer mother and daughter were alone, he and other guests to the yard flowers.

Sheng in China, and it seems, Yan Jin Qiu this law is very appropriateness, if they do not consider those means and ambition behind the other, so as Yan Jin Qiu this law, already the lantern are hard to find.

"Royal Highness, Chiang family heard some points sinners to the palace?"Hua Sheng and enjoy a pot of chrysanthemum finished, seemed like no intention of opening, "Chiang Kai-shek in the past and I have a sort of friendship, princes if too much trouble, can take care of twelve?"

"Father of the Bride Rest assured, the only son of Chiang Kai-shek I will make people pay more to look after them," Qiu Jin Yan laughed, "but is assigned to rustic house of the girl two thick, a former maid hour because there do not understand the rules before I was fined flogging the punishment. "

Hua Sheng and chuckled: "That will have labor princes, and how the child can be considered only child of Chiang Kai-shek, he can keep a life, it can be considered the year that divided the whole feeling of the students."

He did not mention that punished her maid, and Hua Sheng Jiang is no longer mentioned person, as if it was only classmate feeling is not so strong face love it.

Zhexiang Wengxu two had a good talk, that car Hua Xi Wan and Romer, the topic is the home chores.

"If you temporarily do not want children now, they do it," Romer proved Hua Xi Wan's mind, somewhat reluctantly said, "but now the situation unstable, if ......" She pointed to the sky, "You have to ensure princes the first child is yours. "

Wan Hua Xi Romer know what fear is, she nodded:. "Mother, I understand your thoughts, but now really is not the right time" this time to have children, would be tantamount to giving someone a start of target she could not bear, but also can not afford to gamble. What's more, she did not want to own too young to have children.

Now think of infighting, Romer sigh: "If ......" if not married into the royal, her daughter then why to consider these, even a baby, but also not arbitrary.

Romer did not finish, Hua Xi Wan was very clear, so it just smiled:. "Mother, not to mention those, like this now, think of what else he meant not to mention very good to me ...... You do not worry about me. "

Romer barely smiled, she could not tell her daughter, people are fickle, not all men and women in the world can be like her and like Duke spend a lifetime. What's more remarkable king in the future if there is a greater blessing, then with his daughter in the future, what should look like?

History is not only not marry a person of the emperor Queen, but only rare, but it is more of emperor harem three thousand, harem woman is not old roots Well first off, how willing she went to her daughter that step.

"You do not worry," Hua Xi Wan gently took her hand, "Believe me, I would surely fight."

Romer firm looked at her daughter's eyes, faint heart Duoliaoyifen stability.

Yao, Sun, Chu Yu Hua and the old lady to sit outside for a while, see Hua Xi Wan and Romer from the inner chamber, Romer some slight redness of the eyes, are not seen as, in a few words, then fork topic open, no one mention the disappointing thing.

Afternoon when his family left China, the Hua Xi Wan sent them to the front door until the carriage disappeared in China home after corner, it turned into the palace gates.

Yan Jin Qiu accompany her, seeing that she looked a little sparse, he squeezed her hand palm, not yet open to say anything, just to see some wear costumes in the palace eunuch on horseback gallop.

"Significant princes," led by the eunuch Yan Jin Qiu know, this is the people around the emperor."Royal Highness, the emperor was seriously ill, decreed Please enter the palace." Eunuch led to a decree over their heads, come before Yan Jin Qiu.

Qiu Jin Yan looked at the eunuch, and he looked at the hands of the decree, slowly opening:. "Let's go"

He straightened body robes, glanced behind himself a few humble never complained, Morning Glory Wan Xi smiled:. "You first to recover back to the house, I soon came back."

Wan Hua Xi brow wrinkled, he opened his mouth, and finally just gently nodded:. "Well, come back earlier."

She looked at Yan Jin Qiu ride high maroon head of Ma Chaohuang Palace direction to go, and turned to whisper a few words in white summer after summer continues to be white, it snapped: "From now on, closed palace doors, without me permit, no person shall freely access, if to breach ...... "

Her eyes swept the presence of all, with the slightest chill: "punished!"

This is the first time I saw the princess palace servant looks so sharp is the first time that the original lazy princess, there are so cold side.

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