Eight Treasures Trousseau

By Butterfly's Shadow Beneath the Moon

Chapter 103 without firing a shot

Chapter 103 without firing a shot

Xi Wan Wah Yan Jin Qiu to have such a reaction is not unexpected, a few touches of her personal maidservants therefore relieved, since princes have this attitude, that he did not put the slightest Yuanshu Yi looked down.

Some men and women of this world is most Zaoxin, for example cousin cousin, stepbrother or stepsister confidant and the like, who knows one day this pure male-female relationships become less pure it?

That night, the couple spent a wonderful night, so the next day towards Yan Jin Qiu went after Hua Xi Wan on the streets servants to report, Yuan Shuyi want to ask to see her.

"Yuan Shuyi wanted to see me?" Hua Xi Wan Fu Fu Binbian bronze mirror in front of Feng Chai, after a good description between the amount of yellow flowers, it said, "to make her a rough fatigues, what can be asked to see me?"

After the messenger Mother carefully chin slightly raised, to see the pattern on the eve of Hua Wan luxury skirt, and quickly hung his head, the tone of some apprehension: "She said it was important to tell your secrets, and related to the palace, so slaves did not dare to delay, then report it to your matter. "

"Oh?" Hua Xi Wan raised an eyebrow, leaning white hand slowly stood up summer:. "Told her to wait outside."

"Yes." Princess did not see their own anger, Mother secretly relax, after the salute will back down. Waiting for her out in the courtyard, glanced become coarse even the servants also Miaomei lip Yuan Shuyi, ugly face and said:. "Waiting for the Princess told you, and so will call you free people go" Then, no matter Yuan Shuyi listen Sorry, curse bad luck in a hurry to leave.

Yuan Shuyi face some ugly, but she looked at the luxurious interior courtyard through the moon gate, his dissatisfaction she abruptly suppressed and became obedient law-abiding.

She stood out about two Zhancha time, the Celtics finally had to take her maid go. Now her identity, is not qualified to see the princess in the main hall, so the servant girl took her side of the hall, back down.

She had also been to the palace of the obvious, but then she felt considerably although the palace scenery is good, but not a road remarkable degree. But she now found inside the desk and one chair are valuable wood, just a chair, went out can be worth a good few years spent in ordinary people.

Heard footsteps behind him came, she looked back and saw Zhongxinggongyue Hua Xi Wan was like coming towards us, the body of the fabric bright colors, looks extremely luxurious, but at the embroidered skirt lifelike, enough to make many women envy, phoenix with beads fin step among shake is priceless temples, matched goes Empress Dowager looks, I do not know how many women can not wait to replace her?

See Wan Hua Xi closer and closer, she could not help but put his rough hand to shrink the shrink sleeves, neatly Fook salute:. "Slaves met Princess"

Xi Wan Hua Yuan Shuyi stopped and looked at, then sit down and leaning on hands in white summer attendance.

I thought she would pretend not to salute the Yuan Shuyi mouth close unnatural tension, but Hua Xi Wan did not speak, she can not bend the knee up.

Early this set used to seeing a show, Xi Wan Wah will not wronged their own equipment installed gentle, generous, she took Hongying delivery to drink with a warm stomach, before the opening: "free gift, I heard you something Find me?"

Is it significant dignified princess speak so tactful understand it?

Yuan Shuyi stunned for a moment, then glanced around and face with a mystery: "Please also let people Princess irrelevant to step down."

Hua Xi Wan raised his rise within the Office of the servant back down, but with summer white Hongying still standing behind her did not move.

Yuan Shuyi summer and saw the white Hongying a meek face disappeared, opening: "This is unusual, I say you may not believe it, but I say all this is true."

Hua Xi Wan did not speak at her, waiting for her to say terrible secret.

"Last year, Zhang master corpse was found in the countryside, lifeless miserable, you know who the murderer is behind it?"

Wan Hua Xi hand holds the gills, still not opening.

See Hua Xi Wan look of calm, Yuan Shuyi gritted his teeth:. "Your husband is behind the instigation king was"

"Why should I believe you?" Wan Hua Xi faint smile asked, "I do not believe my pillow, my pillow away thinking person believe that a woman, what do you think I'm stupid?"

"You silly not stupid I do not know, but your husband effort deep but I understand," Yuan Shuyi bite, "and his brother, you really thought it was under the hand of the prince and his sister?"

"Ah, this is a very bold guess," Hua Xi Wan lazy rubbed his chin with the index finger, "not to mention these things is true, even if true, for me, it was no trivial matters nothing more. "

Yuan Shuyi looking slightly changed, she looked surprised Wan Wah evening, as a woman, found himself pillow was a cold-blooded murderer, do no not meet a cent of it?

"Why do not you let me talk," Xi Wan Hua Yuan Shuyi got up and walked over, smiled and said, "Since you know that he is as a person, why should my heart thinking about? Or, do you compile such a bizarre story is in order to drive a wedge between my feelings with Ziling, and then swoop? "

Yuanshu Yi Leng Heng said: "You do not believe will forget." She does have such thoughts a bit, but the attitude of China Xi Wan-half points and unbelieving, and she kind of sense can not start it.

See her in this attitude, Hua Xi Wan laugh loudly, "say say you, believe it or not in my nature can forget."

Wan Hua Xi looked like this, Yuan Shuyi inexplicably felt kind of want to slap her urge to smoke, but the situation is stronger than people, she can only bear down.

"Do you have anything to say? If not, then withdraw it." Wan Hua Xi gradually Lianqu his face a smile, "but I would say there is a saying in the front, into this king

House, would remember Mo Cheng pulls. "

Yuan Shuyi face some embarrassing moment, when she heard footsteps outside the door, and my heart suddenly a mad idea.

"Princess, slaves and did not mean it, beg you to spare me!"

Qiu Jin Yan entered the yard when he heard the side hall came a familiar and somewhat sharp sound, then the sound is knocked over tables and chairs.

His face was slightly heavy, glanced keep out of the servant, walked quickly forward, kicked open the door to the side of the hall, to see Yuan Shuyi supine on the corner of the table side, low forehead with blood, body wet, like It is being poured tea. The Hua Xi Wan leaning standing next to the maid's hand, his face cold look Yuanshu Yi."Cousin ......" Yuan Shuyi pressing his forehead to get up, stand strong effort behind the name, body limp and fell down, it seems extremely helpless and pathetic.

Four weeks a lot of servants, but the chaos around but no one cast a glance, but each breathless, as if heard nothing, saw nothing.

See the situation inside the house, Yan Jin Qiu face grew ugly, and finally Chen Sheng said: "! Come"

Yuanshu Yi eyes fell on the eve of Wan Hua body through the fingers, revealing a mocking smile.

"Take Jianbi drag!" Yan Jin Qiu cold track, "scared to Princess clean, not against himself Rao, flogging ten."

Yuan Shuyi pale look to Yan Jin Qiu, she did not think how Yan Jin Qiu actually will make such a choice. She turned to see the Hua Xi Wan side, surprised to find her smiling, as if Qiu Jin Yan had expected would make such a reaction like.

Soon there are eunuchs Yuan Shuyi cover your mouth and dragged her down, she was not even opening opportunities from start to finish did not.

Eunuch in a wide bench press is heavily hit ten board, Yuan Shuyi pain almost not stand up, she looked up and looked around and looked indifferent servant, almost fainted.

She touched his forehead, blood was stayed, I think you just hit the corner of the table move up the courage, the heart can not help but hate her tricks, such as China do not have a sort of pretty Wan Xi face?

The inner courtyard, the Hua Xi Wan laughed: "how today under so early towards the?"

"Today, to entertain guests, of course I will find a way back to the House earlier," Qiu Jin Yan who replaced Wang gown embroidered with dragons, put Jin Pao weekdays, "this hour, they are going to be afraid?"

"How can so quickly, you just down towards my grandfather and father not too?" Hua Xi Wan smiled, "I just thought you would be the poor cousin feel pity of it."

"You're a dignified princess, to toss her method more than that, where need it yourself?" Jin Yan Qiu words with sarcasm, "Yuan Shuyi really think of me as mindless man."

Hua Xi Wan chuckle without saying, in fact, Yan Jin Yuan Shuyi not look down upon the mound of effort, but she forgot one, desperate measure only useful to take pity on her target, the eyes of my heart for a man she did not, as long as It means any deliberate place, will become clear evidence.

Yuan Shuyi framed all coincidence, but did not count the people. Not to mention Yan Jin Qiu know he would not hurt a woman with such means, even if she was really that hurt Yuanshu Yi for Yan Jin Qiu, it is nothing but a trivial matter.

In the eyes of men who put her indifference, she did not.

Li Yan Qiu Jin hand for a little skirts, Yan Jin Qiu took her hand, she smiled.

White next summer to see this scene, somehow expect such a sentence.

Gentleman so unique, Mo people jade.

Hongying gently pull on her clothes, and then a small channel: "Let's go outside the hospital to meet his wife and the old lady now, at the moment they are also afraid to go to the."

Bai Xia nodded his head, the two men exit the inner courtyard softly, HY before: "Yuan Shuyi was sent to the torture chamber torture yet?"

White summer frown: "The Yuan Guniang effort deep,For he is cruel. "

Unfortunately, she met such a man Royal Highness, Princess such a woman.

"This woman can be really shameless," HY dissatisfaction, "I do not know how she would divide up the house of the province, those rumors too had enough fun yet?"

We know that the princes of the Yuan Shuyi some thoughts, but also the provincial house of the people assigned to the palace, it's not trying to find fault with the princess?

Too bully people.

"The house of the province are so many people who know they are how to think?" White Summer smiled and looked back at the main hospital direction, "as long as Princess heart gully, they all fear."

Really strong woman, but also how these small issues will be stumped?

"You're right, Princess so smart, Yuan Shuyi that means little, how can the Princess?"

White Summer smiled.

Yuan Shuyi just appears to be calculating princess fails, perhaps deliberately to lure Princess Yuan Shuyi take this step risky move it?

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