Eight Treasures Trousseau

By Butterfly's Shadow Beneath the Moon

Section 102 did not respond

Section 102 did not respond

Because Yuan Jia is now wearing a scapegoat, they were assigned to slavery throughout the Yuan family has not favored Which of. Kind of point to them as an ordinary servant beck and call, harsh to please the emperor, and even deliberately making things difficult, so within a month, there are a few weekdays by a thousand Yuan Jia younger pet suicide.

After Yuan Shuyi ever heard a good relationship with their cousin cast tie himself, scared hiding in the hut crying midnight, but the next day, still have to follow the palace steward learn the rules.

Significantly the palace is very strict rules, under human strife of mutual thing rarely happens, so the Yuan Shuyi into the House, it has not been any difficulties, in these eyes, she did not make any difference with other crude servant.

But also because of this there is no difference, so she kind of unspeakable embarrassment and embarrassment, she even guessed that these servants deadpan sarcasm under the skin deep, high above the Princess became sin of slavery than they might as well how irony, these people finally have the talk of gossip, no matter how good a thing?

"You have new people into the palace almost a month, although still clumsy, but barely able to handle, and now I put you assigned to each room, each room steward arrange your duty." Glanced in front of a steward more than a dozen men and women, there is in addition to the three special identity, after all other purchases after strict screening pick into the palace, a quick mind, mouth Yan quick, clean record, barely able to arrange to post important point.

As for Yuan Jia three girls ......

Steward think wood mains explain, then, without blinking an eye and said: "Read the names of those who own affairs office to report."

Yuan Shuyi was given to a special care of flowers palace steward men, this job is not so tired, people are also simple, but can not easily enter the backyard. He is eligible to send flowers into the two servants, basically the government into more than three years, such as Yuan Shuyi, even two threshold even touched.

After the flowers Court made nearly two months, Yuan Shuyi finally give up the idea of ​​sending flowers through significant near the king's face more and more hard working, hidden deep down desire, but all the more intense.

If after her into the house, was deliberately making things difficult, she can find an excuse to meet with forced cousin, but does it happen that anyone embarrassed her, people around Hua Xi Wan is also not seen the slightest shadow, as if their existence for Hua Xi Wan, a completely unimportant like.

She did not believe Hua Xi Wan her heart regarding the slightest cousin did not know, but seeing himself entered into the palace, but she did not have the slightest reaction, is Fahrenheit so tolerant?

When she is worried for the future of things, a top steward came to hand on the point of few of them.

"You guys go outside the yard a closer look, see if there are weeds, a few days to entertain the princess in the palace waiting Nghe House with General Lu crab feast with your family distinguished guest, can not have the slightest flaws," steward people glanced at his point, the back of the hand behind the Road, "the princess married into the palace quite a long time, this is her first time such a grand banquet guests, at which if not properly, prompting guests were unhappy, then you honestly to be punished. "

Although Yuan Shuyi head down, though secretly sneer,What distinguished guest, Lu Hua Xi Wan's Waizu home, China is home of her own family, but all of them her family, when the value of the whole house from top to bottom so seriously?

Although she was somewhat disagree, but deep down they had to admit to a value significantly Wangdui Hua Xi Wan, Wan Wah evening in the palace of her family status will grow.

Fall plump crab meat is very tasty, Hua Wan evening after her servant's honor, had only going to send some of her family in the past, but what happens Qiu Jin Yan said he did not had a good reception her maiden people, so would like to take Crab Feast name of the first, with her parents to take her close to close.

Hua Xi Wan did not refuse, though I do not know Yan Jin Qiu is really simple intimacy, or do not have the intention, she intends to make her family to talk to talk with Yan Jin Qiu and more. To the capital situation now, Chinese home with Lou even want to be spared, in the eyes of others, that is a significant faction king.

Now that things have gotten into such a white-hot stage, she does not seem to feel that, Lu Hua family and the tribe does not have any idea, so she simply let the two meet countryman see, as to the outcome, she will not intervene.

Yan Jin Qiu had said this, are busy up and down the palace, Hua Xi Wan is just slept a nap effort, Palace on many more colors chrysanthemum, colorful very beautiful.

Last generation destroyed flowers rankings nickname, the chrysanthemum ranked first, obviously is a symbol of noble beautiful, the results are distorted abruptly became less synonymous with crab.

"Princess, outside of chrysanthemum is truly beautiful, you want to go look?" Wan Hua Xi has always been lazy afternoon is like the nest do not want to move on Ruanta, so she always tried several close handmaid way to get her more Dodo, today finally found a name of the first flowers.

Hua Xi Wan looked at the sky Xichui sun, but also look at a few confidants maidservants look in the eyes, no choice but to nod, with a thousand maidservants Old Woman out of the far door.

Two door scenery naturally Needless to say, beautiful, three steps of a scene. Placed chrysanthemums are also carefully cultivated a very rare breed, very able to reflect the noble palace.

He walked two, the Hua Xi Wan did not intend to go out, just to see some familiar figure in a corner next to the door two years. She carefully looked at this man squinting eye, came out to hear the slight movement, can not help but look up to a distance, Yan Jin Qiu was carrying two long with the way towards two directions, both sides of the road have caused servant salute.

Yan Jin Qiu is a big step into the inner courtyard to go, see Hua Xi Wan stood at two busy pick up the pace, three-step and two steps walked up to Hua Xi Wan, a very natural hold her hand: "how in standing here? "

"This is just a few cajole girl

I enjoy what Daisy came out, I beg Jiabu Zhu their meal, they went out to see, to see the results of this unconsciously come to this, "Jin Yan Hua Xi Wan toward the mound smile," how back today so late, I let you boil the soup boil overdone. "

"Tom is more and more tasty stew for a while," Yan Jin Qiu smile, "in the past few days towards something more, to be retired and sit, I'll go with Zhuangzi bubbling hot." Then, he was holding Hua Xi Wan hand ready to go inside.

'Bang! "Flower pot landed voice.Yan Jin Qiu turned around and glanced at the flowerpots fall apart and smashed sludge daisy, indifferent tone: "The work is not dedicated, pension penalty in January."

Yuan Shuyi gray face defeat looked broken flower pots in front of him, just think of cousin to see a stranger with eyes to see themselves, can not help looking more ugly.

Four weeks cold eyes fell on her, no one to speak her words ironic, but this silent embarrassment, yet her self-esteem stepped on mud bottom.

Should not be like this, cousin genial man, and she is known as talented, even if the cousin did not like that thought to myself, you should also have at least one or two points pity. How he would like to see with their own eyes, like looking at a real servant, but she did not have the slightest stakeholders with him.

Kenshi unwilling to deep inside her heart, so she could not calm the face of all this.

Hua Xi Wan what is good, not that there is a more beautiful than the other woman's face?

And regardless of how the heart is not straightforward Yuanshu Yi, Hua Xi Wan and Yan Jin Qiu frankly we'd run out of dinner, then they comfortably listen to musician playing the song.

Melodious sound of the piano, Yan Jin Qiu smiling face looking at Hua Xi Wan: "Tomorrow grandfather and father-in-half-a government to come to us, you give me what they talk about taboo?"

"In the face princes, they can there be any taboo?" Wan Hua Xi hook the hook lips, "The only caveat, I probably Waizu family, all like meat or fish, do not understand the roundabout talk."

"Romer are full of good people, temper upright normal," Yan Jin Qiu laments, "if officials are under the sun so as Waizu an open-minded, and that is the people lucky."

Hua Xi Wan shook his head: "Royal Highness remark poor men, Waizu an outspoken temperament is advantages right, but if all officials are of this temper, then run from the public to not quite effortless."

For example, the Ministry of Rites Hanlin these places, if she is like every official act as Waizu home, I'm afraid every day contradictions, leaving the entire department is not peace.

Wan Hua Xi actually did not expect would say such things, Qiu Jin Yan helpless smile, "You're right, I think too simple."

Wan Hua Xi smiled, noncommittal. Yan Jin Qiu such a person, how could not think of this, but intends to raise the Waizu just in front of her home. But Yan Jin Qiu lift so that she did not want to let Qiu Jin Yan has been carrying.

They said some gossip about the capital but not a big deal, the Hua Xi Wan suddenly said: "? The afternoon you see Yuan Shuyi"

Yan Jin Hua Qiu casual to evening for a cup of hot tea Wan: "how she did not follow the rules of?"

"Fortunately," Hua Xi Wan looked away slightly, "I just think she is not easy."

Yan Jin Qiu hook the hook lips, it seemed mocking big meaning: "She could be assigned to our house, and how will people who can not hack it?"

After the emperor not wait to see the waste, even after with the waste go near the Yuan family hate, so how he is willing to let the Yuan Shuyi to his house, and this is simply not the emperor acting style.

So the only possibility is someone behind a push Yuan Shuyi, her smoothly into the remarkable palace.

Unfortunately, most people do not like him this calculation behind the others,Yuan Shuyi just to mention a close cousin and he does not, that is, his sisters, he also does not allow other calculations in the background.

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