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101 Chapter slaves of sin

101 Chapter slaves of sin

After Yan Jin Qiu went into the inner chamber, let the house irrelevant servant back out. I do not know what time habit, he found himself Xi Wan side in China, do not prepare too much, she seemed to here, have a chance to catch my breath.

Perhaps the other lazy habits infected him?

See him into the house, Wan Hua Xi too lazy to get up, but towards him beckoned, beckoned him to sit down at his side.

Aware of Hua Xi Wan looked different, Yan Jin Qiu asked: "? What happened"

"Minhui Princess Do you remember?" Hua Xi Wan Yan Jin Qiu looked straight into his eyes, waiting for his reaction.

Yan Jin Qiu Wei Zhou brow: "She find you trouble?"

Hua Xi Wan shook his head, then said:. "No, a few days ago when I went to the palace imperial concubine empress, imperial concubine empress listen inadvertently brought her, I originally did not seriously but I just did not expect a somewhat suspicious thing, Minhui Princess Princess and the man really end side of it? "

Wan Hua Xi did not expect even this idea, Yan Jin Qiu slightly stunned, then indifferent opening said: "She really does not matter which side people have now already the fall of the Prince a pulse, she will Fengyun pieces Wu did not land. the people are willing to leave behind her a life, not necessarily a multi-merciful, just do not want chaos in the capital just become more chaotic. "

Hear so fickle, then, Xi Wan Wah complex smile, she believes Minhui Princess of Yan Jin Qiu have some friendship, but this friendship is important not to make her change her stance. And Yan Jin Qiu this wise man, certainly know Minhui Princess on his mind that a bit, but this desire is not enough to let him move compassion.

Living in this environment, high above the royal family who are born, I do not know is fortunate or unfortunate?

She had began to suspect Minhui Princess, even faint kind of intuition, Prince poisoning her chances can not get away.

Prince Edward out from the prison during that time, Suzaku Palace, Wai takes a drum-like, wait around who is not even ancestor eight generations are checked very clear, whenever a little suspicious of people, not even think about nearly Prince body. But the last prince still died suddenly, and it can start, the system can only be a prince, and people trusted by the Queen.

At first she suspected the object is a crown princess, but Princess was pregnant and, before the queen and her mind this very thing with the emperor, how could not prepare her?

It is most likely to start by the end of the Queen and the Princess of trust and Minhui Princess. End is impossible to kill Prince and Princess, unless she wanted to become a generation of female emperor ascended the throne, the princess apparently only for luxury living and a first surface of interest, is not so much courage, so the prince ascended the throne, for her, definitely the first choice, the Church siblings how comparable pro-siblings.

Then there is a possibility that Minhui Princess, she is able and motivated.

Some think the more things down, the more you will feel that everyone around is deep does not leak master, Wan Hua Xi confess to being lazy, I do not want to intervene too much. She guessed what had told Yan Qiu Jin, as behind how he intends to deal with, is his thing.

Yan Jin Qiu naturally understand, according to Hua Xi Wan temper, extremely do not like to worry about these things. He personally poured a cup of tea and ended in front of her,Smiled and said:. "Mrs. so hard for the sake of the husband, the husband not think that report, only favors the"

"You have to promise me, do the authors also promise twice?" Hua Xi Wan Duanqichabei Qingchuai, carrying a slight chin said, "Before we say in your heart, you okay with me?"

On this sophistry, Qiu Jin Yan Hua Xi Wan does not consider herself opponent, simply explore before him, into the arms of the people embrace a kiss on her cheeks incense: "Since your wife say so, for the husband to set an example of repay you. "

Drapery hanging light, charming hide lived chambers.

Side chamber vestibule, with summer white embroidered HY sitting do live together. Hongying glanced out the window at the sky, a small channel: "The princes seem to go in a half hour."

White summer without looking up and said: "Wait Royal Highness Princess dignitaries wait time, natural and ultimately serve people, you speak what's new."

"I am not concerned about it," sighed Hongying, "the empress said a few days ago to listen to Shufei Minhui Princess seem seriously ill, Minhui Royal Highness Princess to the point of mind that your sister white summer also clear. I'm afraid princes her compassion for the poor like the moment, affect the feelings of the prince and princess. "

"The smart when not smart, that you are stupid, you are still not stupid happens," White summer Yadisangzi Road, "an imperial concubine empress little mention it, that is to remind our princess, our girl to do, just need to learn more and talk less on the line, these are things that you worry about it? "

Shufei into the palace that day, they encountered a pedestrian first outside Sheng Jun Wang, time to be leaving, but why imperial concubine empress also filed a thing of Minhui Princess bedridden.

Miyazato your people say, most can not come hear from the surface. Minhui Princess sick, have anything to do with the princess, why specifically mention that an imperial concubine? But be careful to remind Minhui Princess Princess, in case the other party will do little tricks.

"This is really the Minhui Princess, a Princess dignified thinking about why a married man, do want to commit themselves not to do Princess Palace side?" Dissatisfaction Hongying whispered loudly, not up and down a lower-ranking title of imperial clan woman married to Prince doing side room, that is terrible shame.

Although it is called a nice side of the Princess, Princess accounted for a word, in fact it is just a concubine. Unless there is great credit to the royal family, or even the genealogy is not advanced.

"What are you thinking," White Summer helpless sigh, "Minhui Princess now, although we do not get the upper hand, it is impossible to marry princes do side room unless her family committed offenses, was demoted to the sinner, assigned as a slave of sin palace servant to do. otherwise, even if she wallow concubine,

Other people will not agree. "

Etiquette does not allow, Yan's family will not tolerate, and even princes he would not consent.

White summer was just such an analysis with HY, who knows the phrase actually come true. In the seventh day following the Queen's palace, Yuan was found because Maiguan sold Jue, Zhang Shi killed people, illegal enclosure, Embezzlement and other items guilt, anger Kai Lung Emperor in front of baiguan spit foul .

Two days later demoted to the crime of people Yuanjiazao over the door, but look at the princess had died along the surface of the instrument, the Emperor forgave them tattooed punishment, but the exiled or banished, the exile of exile, the bondage of slavery,Deal with without mercy.

In the Emperor to himself, took the Princess of Yuan Jia Shun instrument that is in front of Queen's faction, former Queen's done so much pit his thing, he would have to Yuanjiazao dissatisfaction, and now has been found guilty of so many things, where mercy will face?

Overnight, and after the waste had a close relationship and the Fang family is almost a sense of insecurity, hiding in the home will not dare to go out, no one will even out a plea for Yuan Jia.

Yuan Shuyi originally by a thousand pet Minhui Princess, now have to take off damask silk skirt put on coarse clothes and, like other women Yuanjiazao

Arrange the house waiting for the province to meet future servant career.

She sat in the shabby house, watching his commoner is thick wear red skin, eyes angry and unwilling infinite remorse.

The emperor's will stated, Yuan Yuan of married women is not family, so regardless of the Yuan family-related guilt with them. If she married a year ago, how I would come to this end today?

If she is married, with her wrists and talent, he will be able to win her husband's heart to live, to become the envy of others lady, which, like today, was changed to the crime of household membership, but also to wait on people to do things?

Glanced behind him sleep soundly cousin, she touched the gold bracelet around his waist secretly hide, retinal projection out of light, like a drowning person, grabbed the last piece of driftwood.

Because the event occurred frequently last couple of years, the capital's population has become increasingly calm, a princess yet been convicted over the door of the Yuan family, compared with those things caused a storm of gossip before, hardly worth mentioning.

Anyhow, the number of many Yuan Jia also regarded as a prominent family, the entire harem Yuanjiazao is assigned to each clan house of the province's servant to do, basically face some of the royal clan were one or two points.

As a super product significantly palace Prince House, of course, also assigned three "fine", but unfortunately the palace through the wooden Explorer to see these three "boutique" Ren some brain ache.

Ensign mind is how to make the house of the province, how would Minhui Princess minutes over, this did not mean chaos it? He glanced Dimeishunyan Yuan Shuyi, a light opening: "The past few also the daughter of a lady, but different to today, into the palace shall keep the rules do not mention the palace of the former sensibilities offended if elegant. , our family but to heavy penalties. "

Although the capital has a mind to know Yuanshu Yi princes fewer people, but this is not what who do not know the secret. It seems that someone deliberately Yuan Shuyi diaphragm should get to the palace people. This means although cheesy, but if it is generally a woman, I'm afraid to really trouble the princes what things out.

But their home princess ...... she really is not an ordinary woman.

Think of it, Akebia looked Yuan Shuyi a pity:. "Line, then on this point, the three of you to follow Mother learn the rules, and so learn the rules, it does serve masters do it."

This thing is to keep up with the Royal Highness Princess pass a gas job. I hope this Minhui Princess TIPS some, otherwise I'm afraid that time has not hands-Princess, Royal Highness will not spare her.

"What do you say, really Minhui Princess to the palace?" HY eyes wide open, aware of his own voice too big, busy low voice channels on wood,"Wood father, how is this going?"

Akebia smile: "HY girl, which is also the next wonder, why they specifically come to consult princess, then I do not know how to arrange Yuan Guniang is appropriate."

"This is unfortunately the princes and princess at the moment is the house reading, withdrew before the princes let us say, do not go your hospitality is not something you see ......" After listening to the white matter of regret to see the look of summer wood through, eyes full of difficult.

"White Summer girl too serious, but just an ordinary sinner that Yuan Shuyi, where she is worth a special trip to disturb the clean prince and princess," Akebia smiled, "but there are other things in the next, so the matter will take the trouble to white summer girl for the next pass through the sound. "

"Wood polite father," White Summer back a gentle smile, "The slaves will certainly convey the matter, father wooden walking."

"Thank you." After a summer wood through dialogue hand, then turned and walked away, not a cent persist.

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