Eight Treasures Trousseau

By Butterfly's Shadow Beneath the Moon

Following Chapter 100

Following Chapter 100

After three days, Kai Lung emperor to marry following the ceremony after the Yan Zhang Qing palace is, nationwide celebration.

On the third day after the new palace in the capital were more in the third grade Mingfu women should participate palace. Wan Hua Xi super product as a pro clan princess, came in the first column of the audience with the Queen ranks, along with her into the house as well as several other pro princess, but she's the youngest in a few people.

"Princess significant, careful steps," lead the way eunuchs careful gracious led the way, although the attitude of China Xi Wan do not see half points flattering, but gestures go is filled with respect.

"Thank you," Hua Xi Wan entered the doors of the house, see the hall had sat two Laoqin Princess, so I drove up to the two line up a junior Princess pro ceremony.

"Sit down quickly," Xu Princess look kindly smile schematic Wan Wah in the evening to sit down beside him, smiling through the action of tea in China Xi Wan Road, "Queen Goddess today and wanted to get up a little late. "

Wan Hua Xi hear it quite right, less than a quarter of an hour, all the pro-Princess has come to the hall, but the figure is still missing sheets. The presence of several pro-princess but do not see half points dissatisfaction, words are all usual demeanor.

Just send palace will do so, too inappropriate post-tensioned move up. Although the Queen Mother but a country, but the presence of super-products are all women were, in the circumstances, we should not have so many women were waiting after Zhang. Does she thought it was an ordinary family home house fighting, the other side will be able to wait a little longer as a blow?

Royal woman is no shortage of acting with courage, this means only let women were dissatisfied, not to mention what Viagra.

It took approximately a quarter of an hour later dressed in robes Feng Zhang finally appear under the eunuch ladies Qianhuhouyong, Wan Hua Xi and other pro-princess shouted up to Zhang underwent gift.

Zhang Qing Feng Yan sitting on the seat, he looked thin Yu-chieh of you were at the woman, and finally the eyes fell on a black hair, such as ink, snow race skin young woman of her. Because the other head down, she could not see a face, but only that graceful figure and exposed Xiupao hand, most people can not help but cherished.

It is rumored Allure beauty princess was it?

Gift women were to be super product line complete, stand on the side of busy female officer who propped up these elegant, Chang Ching Yan to give these people a seat, taking advantage of the opportunity to read a significant Princess. LiuYeMei, Feelings head, flowery lips, hook people do have a bit of capital. But this is what, she still honestly kneeling in front of their own.

"In order to take the trouble of you is so tired of this house, this house really sorry, I invite you to rest twelve with some refreshments," Chang Ching Yan lips slightly brought back, showing a smile just right, courtesy of Princess with several older parent talking to a few after she finally lead to the Buddist Hua Xi Wan body.

"Everybody looks Princess Allure spread significantly, the Palace has no chance to see, today finally got what they wanted, really is worth a thousand words, which was called the Empress Dowager Princess of beauty," Chang Ching Yen inviting mouth said, "even this house could not help but looked more like a bit. "

Several Laoqin Princess brow fretting, but after Zhang's age is sixteen or seventeen, but this point was too ......

In front of the royal family who face significant Princess Empress Dowager say, I really do not know or do not have the intention of praise. We are not stupid,Think out a few days ago about the princess even more significant than the color Zhang Hourong rumors, suddenly have come to understand, this is post-tensioned to compare it to take significant Princess.

On the face, although Zhang is indeed good, but not remarkable and Princess Smart. On the momentum, after a Zhang Zhang offshoot, nothing compared with the parent parent family family are all significant Princess aristocratic families. So significantly stronger than Zhang after the Princess, who is nothing but a piece of that phoenix gown only.

What's more, this advantage until later ......

Ning Princess coughed, smiled and said: "Princess is naturally obvious virtues Graces." This sentence, the emphasis is virtue, not a beauty.

Zhang Qing Yan Ning princess hear these words there are for Hua Xi Wan rescue mean, could not help but frown. Wang Chuan Ning is not outside relationship is not explicitly close it, how Ning princess will speak for obvious Princess?

Chang Ching Yen notice the change expressive, ning laugh loudly in my heart, is really a small door small family out, even these are not the mind, how to mix in the future after the palace.

Princess heart Xu also shook his head, this after Zhang too rash, and even now the situation towards the church becomes what is not clear, but also dare to rush action, praised her heart really do not know how big or Simpleton.

Ning privately frequently to show good action with the king, others do not know, she is clear. Now the situation seems calm, in fact, imminent. Prince died suddenly, Huang Sun and because when the ominous rumors of origin, and destined to the throne missed. And they obviously do not like the emperor Sheng Jun Wang, although it did to the king was, but now with the king to the people, the chance to win the big treasure may be too small.

When Ning had supported Prince, Jun Wang Sheng relationship between a vein and makes very stiff, now Prince did not, he could not support who support the governor Sheng, so now favor with the king it is normal thing.

Zhang after even that can not see through, but also in front of the royal women were exposed to the heart of the idea in the face, it is too impetuous.

Xi Wan Wah Chang Ching Yen seemed aware that for yourself, but not the slightest noticeable surface, got up and knees slightly Zhang Qing Yan, light laugh: "Queen Goddess Miuzan, but undefined status is salicylic posture, it can not afford such a reputation. "

"Princess do not have significant modest," Chang Ching Yen tightlipped, "It is well known capital of the whole thing."

Wan Hua Xi smile face constant: "undefined status of the capital have seen how many people, just to mention but a parrot looks a thing apart, the roots of bones, hundred years is but a loess nothing.."

"Princess significant'd better mind," Chang Ching Yan sneer loudly, "No wonder the king was so in love with the weight."

Hua Xi Wan

Zhang Qing Yan looked at, the tone does not light not heavy said: "This is the First Wife, loving phase from the undefined status of His Majesty and the princes marriage with slight, undefined status with grateful hearts of princes, how could I not love each other weight. "

See China in the evening, then throws the Emperor Wan, Zhang Qing Yan did not dare to open at random, and had Duanqichabei tone of indifference:. "Hour is late, they do not stay in this house of you, gentlemen walking"

Wan Hua Xi smile face, along with several other pro-princess underwent a ceremony to Zhang, he shouted back down.

Once a pedestrian Wan Hua Xi leave, Chang Ching Yen was stifling put the cup down heavily,Bite shouted: "frivolous gentile."

Hall of the palace eunuchs are not air the head down, quietly stood in their place the station, as if did not hear, Chang Ching Yan mouth curse words in general.

An hour later, Zhang Qing Yan in the hall of the words and deeds spread Kai Lung Emperor ears. Kai Lung Emperor palace were listening to the report, some dissatisfaction frowned, and realized it is not salty not pale and said:. "Small family background, do not be too reluctant."

These words seemed to have no blame, but yet after Zhang knocked in dust and mud. Zhang had also considered a big family, although not after Zhang Di veins, but also offshoot, the emperor may say, is tantamount to the birth of Zhang despise.

Offshoot offshoot is, how entropy compared with the pulse?

"Some days ago east of the small country is not what goes some fresh stuff, people send a copy to the remarkable palace," Kai Lung Emperor some impatience in the hands of the picture together, "Following today age is still light, Zhenbu bear to let her tired, imperial concubine palace affairs are still in charge. she was old palace, patience and gentle, will be able to run these chores. "he thought, then added," Feng Shu India also put together Fei that, acting Ye Hao convenient. "

Can not be in charge of a harem, not the Queen phoenix palm printed in this temple, this is how awkward position?

Kai Lung Shufei to the Emperor's will stunned for a while. And other edicts eunuch was gone, she find a man asked, did not know what had happened in the morning. Zhang even after women were in front, and inappropriate language?

This is a seek death or brain so bad?

After just a palace of the following, do not learn how gentle and generous, but swing shelf queen, royal true when someone else is not a decoration? How obvious affection between the king and the princess significantly husband and wife, she is a born not obvious Following the mentioning?

Even the waste's original treatment of the royal family were behind the woman, but also very particular kind, which, like post-tensioned so frivolous?

No wonder the emperor did not want to let Zhang came to power, let such a queen in charge of the harem, do not know what trouble it will be sudden.

"Significant Princess had been wronged, the Palace as their elders, did not happen when we can not," Shufei figured the key thing, people with something they own private library to find an excuse to significantly palace. Although not say how it is, but people who know things through clearly, the move is the emperor's imperial concubine meaning.

This also confirms speculation the crowd from the side, the emperor is the king of significant value.

Many people who watch the mind active, but the Yanbo Yi Jun Wang Fu Sheng has become increasingly sit still. Because Hou, a lot of family in power relationship between man and his somewhat estranged, coupled with the Emperor and looked for an excuse to suppress the power of his secretly arranged, he worried so go on, he did not have any chance of winning.

Looked at the direction of the palace, Yanbo Yi thought for a long, turned to humanity behind: "After the prince died, the emperor has been in a bad mood, perhaps soon after became too ill to get up, what do you think?"

Behind him silent for a moment, slowly opening:. "Your Majesty body already deficit, suddenly fell ill is normal."

Yanbo Yi nodded: "That Go with the flow."

He could not act like Yan Jin Qiu is so, but no good luck he encountered a great loyalty, but he is more courage than Yan Jin Qiu. Man to become a major event,Going hard enough.

Not cruel, can act, good luck near his wife's family of Shang Hao Yan Qiu Jin, this time just smashed a teacup.

"What the hell is that Zhang, Xi Wan, had dared to make things difficult?!"

Akebia silently towards step back, put back a few words swallowed.

Before he could tell the prince, princess and later gave the Queen a note of soft knife.

"Slaves white summer seen princes. Royal Highness, Princess invites you to the past." White Summer's voice rang out.

Yan Jin Qiu toward the other cup hands to stop, and then as usual calm tone: "You go back and tell the Princess, I'll be right there."

Footsteps white summer is disappearing, Akebia looked at his face still clouded princes, in the heart of a sigh.

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