Eight Treasures Trousseau

By Butterfly's Shadow Beneath the Moon

Chapter 99 Who calculations?

Chapter 99 Who calculations?

Yanbo Yi looked beleaguered men pass up intelligence, and now he's prestige among the people poor, also offend some family, let alone pay good Hou Hou and the clan.

He had just delivered a message to the Fu Wai Hou doubt, so people temporarily put her under house arrest, but he did not think even drastic Hou, things sensation. With a man Hou forces in the palace, she simply can not do this step, then who is in secret collusion her?

Emperor Lao Er ...... Yanbo Yi people still think of Qiu Jin Yan, could not help but brow wrinkled, he had always Qiaobu Shang Yan Jin Qiu kind of surface gentle, sinister heart of man, but now also have to admire this bit, you can do the trick this step.


His sullen fold his data, strong pressing anger Road heart: "sent people to send gift to your home Hou home, I go to the palace to pick up the gun Princess back to the government."

See princes servant County ugly face, he did not dare to say, busy stand a good car escort county princes palace.

As an adult royal, imperial concubine Yan Boyi not go directly to the house, so I had to go to see the emperor, but especially Unfortunately he entered the rear, the house in addition to the emperor, as well as Wang Xu, Ning and Yan Jin Qiu in .

Several Royal Prince come see Yan Boyi, although the surface do not agree, a little color, but because of the sensibilities, seated before Yanbo Yi are no openings.

"If today you are present, I Ye ask exactly what you are thinking," Kai Lung Yan Boyi looked unhappy face, "You're right Hou dissatisfaction, or resentment on I?"

This is his gift of marriage, Hou Sheng Dukes treated as such, not that of his provocation it?

"Your Majesty, the minister nephew no such intention, I think that there must be any misunderstanding," Yan Boyi just had to sit down and ass up and move again, he went to the house of his knees, earnest tone and said: "Please give the minister a chance nephew, Robinson would surely be her nephew. "Yanbo Yi did not intend to explain too much, things are referred to this point, no one cares about the truth of the matter. For ordinary people, listen to their favorite stories is the story without her lover married and abandoned wife, and the royal family will also consider the impact of human bring the matter, as to who is right, it is not so important.

Yan Jin Qiu raised an eyebrow and looked at the house of the central upright intrinsic natural Yanbo Yi, micro-brow, a look of such people justice rigorous, sudden thing of abuse first wife is more interesting.

"I told you now say what these mean," Kai Lung Emperor stood blankly sons, with the tone Road turn iron into steel, "Thanh yesterday after Princess palace, just Shufei pleading, hope and you leave. said this time, the palace concubines have heard a lot, you let how I changed again for you? "

Yan Boyi looking slightly changed, Hou even say such a thing, but what happened yesterday, why no one reached his ears? Think of this, his mood became pale, this is someone deliberately stopped by the news.

He subconsciously looked up, turned to see the quietly sitting in the corner of Qiu Jin Yan, only to see the other side look calm and indifferent.

"I say your thing, you see Ziling for?" Kai Lung Emperor cold with a straight face, "things become like this, the whole capital of the people are waiting to see the results,Do you want to force the Thanh Princess escorted back to you? "

Yan Boyi knew this was a calculating, calculating his or around the woman, but this time promoting blood can only swallow teeth knocked out, he pressed wroth heart, knees knelt down in front of Kai Lung Emperor: "Your Majesty seek help Chen nephew. "

Kai Lung Emperor looked obediently kneeling in front of their own Yanbo Yi, eyes showing a trace of a satisfied air, thought for a long while and said: "I not intervene in this matter, you go to persuade Hou, results matter how, depends on her mind . "Having said that, his face suddenly changed," but no matter how the final thing, therefore you can not vent their anger Hou family. "

This marriage was he sent, and he did not think of the last family who blame even he went.

Yan Boyi index finger pinch a bit heavy palm before slowly opening:. "Nephew minister jotted down"

Sitting next to some extra baggage ning sudden vagueness of the opening: "If I had known today, why did my fair niece, that thing out of trouble, they have lost the royal family's face."

Yan Boyi silent.

Xu Ning Wang glanced adding insult to injury, he glanced king was silent, thought a moment and said:. "Your Majesty, this is after all the things between the couple, we are not good to intervene, or to retire first."

Wang Xu Ning stare, like, this old son of a bitch, this time did not forget to give him digging jump, Intuit wicked!

Yan Jin Qiu then he leisurely opening: "Your Majesty, the minister nephew that you give marriage the intention is good, but this marriage thing, you never know the result, perhaps the fate of the two men was not enough cause today's result. "

"You're right, you and your family princess is not it good," Kai Lung Emperor himself seemed to find an excuse, then they waved, "You all withdraw it, Zhenbu intend to intervene in this matter. You are young people's marriage, to decide for themselves. "

A pedestrian exit the main hall, Yan Jin Qiu smiling at looking like ink Yan Boyi: "cousin, as his brother accompany imperial concubine empress palace take a trip?"

Yan Boyi single person to Shufei palace inappropriate, but to go with the two of them, actually more than one person to properly.

"Dare not take the trouble cousin, Thank you very much," Jin Yan Yan Boyi indifferent saw a mound, "Things are still not by outsiders to intervene is better."

Yan Jin Qiu heard smiled, noncommittal.

Ning Xu and Wang were an ectopic go away, glanced Xu Ning Wang: "I wonder, your relationship with the king was actually quite close."

Xu Wang looking as usual: "We care about the younger generation but the elders of the wind, you have Xu Wang

He doubts? "

"Oh," meaning unknown ning Lengheng soon, and so both of them walked away after a while, "that you care about how much concern Sheng Dukes."

Xu Wang stopped and squinted at Ning: "? Do elders, some eccentric is not a normal thing."

Ning: "......"

Ha ha.

Yanbo Yi eventually to Meet on behalf of the elders went to the imperial concubine palace trip, but unfortunately Hou simply unwilling views him, but said heartbroken, no longer willing to meet with him.

"County princes, masters say, you pay more treasure, she did not want to return to Dukes House that sadly," looked blankly Yanbo Yi Hou personal maidservants gingerly around one,He continued, "Please county princes sake."

"Sake?" Yanbo Yi looked toward the sanctuary, eyes frost, "I hope she did not regret one day in the future."

Little maidservants head down, afraid to speak.

Yanbo Yi turned it out the door, there is no nostalgia of the state. Shufei just out of the palace gates, he saw a well dressed woman with a group of eunuchs maid coming towards us.

He slightly squinting, which is Fahrenheit? Aside half a step back, his head slightly twisted to one side to show to avoid arousing suspicion.

China also saw Yanbo Yi Wan Xi, the other a black brocade robe, looks dignified appearance, the face of it, who can guess he is a careerist.

Yanbo Yi Zuo Yi toward her, she returned to a Hail ceremony, although they appear to pass, in fact it across at least three steps away.

Far out five or six times when Yanbo Yi suddenly remembered the words of one Menke.

If the government is not waiting Ngee Ann Di Miss looks too ugly, County princes if you are seeking to marry her, for you, is an excellent choice.

Then how can he answer?

As if to say he need not wronged his life in exchange for one does not know what would happen to the loyalty.

Pace stops, Yan Boyi mysteriously looked back and saw the end of the road, the woman Gongzhuang students step by step lotus, like Zhongxinggongyue embarked on imperial concubine Gong Menqian level.

Suddenly his head back to the other side, did not seem to expect he returned to his head, he froze a moment later, then back to a pale polite smile, and then I walked into the imperial concubine palace door.

Hua Rong.

Yan Boyi micro dark eyes, slowly through the long Alley.

Hou Yan Boyi bent to calculating and accounting for the highest point of public opinion, Yan Boyi only thing I eat this dark loss, and from Hou agreed.

In order to save some face, and he returned to Hou all generous dowry, and also bonus something. Unfortunately, these acts, in the eyes of others, are nothing but cover up.

Hua Xi Wan shook his head, and if that's her past life, and I'm afraid not so easy calculation Hou's success. Since that time there is a call can say black white, the black into white navy, such as Yanbo Yi and Hou, would be able to battle three hundred rounds, not necessarily a winner.

Two days later, Kai Lung Emperor personally decreed, grant that with Yanbo Yi Hou and away, to the suburbs of Beijing Hou Taoist retreat to pray.

This thing appears to have ended, but in private there are still many people think, it must be filled with the Dukes Princess past dealings is unclear Hou know, so just to house arrest Hou Sheng Jun Wang, and Hou after the lucky escape, I would rather have into Taoist and Sheng Jun Wang and off.

So the question is, now raising himself emperor Huang Sun, the grandson of the emperor really do?

Large brain cave people, but not all of the people's mouth is very strict. All, low-key rumors, there are rumors of intensity belongs.

After the emperor know these rumors do not know, my heart how to think?

"Princess, two days before we met in the imperial concubine empress ectopic Sheng Jun Wang, he would never guess that you are supported by the county Hou and Princess ...... isolated?" Hongying heard outside the rumors, I think two days ago things that can not help a bit worried,Jun Wang Sheng case is unpopular with their own master how to do?

"Today we are already with Sheng Jun Wang Fu decorum, he knew or did not know is not important," Hua Xi Wan shook his head, "as we all know the last assassination of Prince Sheng related, but there is no evidence so even if the governor Sheng doubt the matter is wrong, and can only eat this dark loss. "

HY suddenly: "You mean, this thing ......"

Hua Xi Wan Hongying looked at, HY shut immediately, then smiled and said:. "Visible Heaven is a good reincarnation"

She said this matter how more and more convinced that something was amiss, the original really behind some strange, but I do not know Royal Highness Princess for a move to the outlet, or to suppress Sheng Dukes?

Maybe both?

Hongying ruddy smiling at Hua Xi Wan, anyway, those who calculating their own masters, like to roost.

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