Eight Treasures Trousseau

By Butterfly's Shadow Beneath the Moon

Chapter 98 position

Chapter 98 position

Shufei some dignified atmosphere of the palace, the seat of the imperial concubine in addition to Hou, there are a few pro Princess Defei, Fragrant Concubine royal presence there.

Dukes County princess abuse, such a thing is out of trouble royal scandal. Kai Lung Tai Sheng Dukes of everywhere although dissatisfaction, but for Hou This is still very unhappy, in his view, to marry into the royal Hou, Hou that is over the door of honor, and now this sudden dare thing, it is not too looked down on the royal family.

There Yanbo Yi Intuit useless, even their women have to see live, so she is well known throughout the city to make things so much noise, even putting his heart dissatisfied, they can only take care of people Hou, do not let her be the slightest wronged, or more people called to the royal family.

Royal dissatisfaction, family, and my heart is not so comfortable, Hou though not the most famous family in, but also a large family, education and hard about his daughter married into the royal family, the children did not keep the results do not say, her husband and other women also came not clear white rumors, and now is compare notes to her husband so embarrassed look, this too is not looked down on the family.

Family although she whispered, but the surface was calm, but waiting for the reaction of the royal family, as the first wife of Sheng Dukes abuse, family and fame in the hearts of the people, but it is plummeted.

Hou broke down in tears watching the look, imperial concubine mind very difficult, she is female family background, deep down naturally biased towards Hou, but she also clearly dissatisfied with the emperor on the matter, therefore this thing is how a disposal method, she sometimes half will be really hard decision.

Saying words rather temple demolition of ten do not destroy a marriage, but the face of Hou skinny, body awkward appearance, how imperial concubine can not open the mouth. But she did not dare let these two people away, but the two did the emperor gave marriage, she said that if the two inappropriate, would not say that the emperor did not look?

But said the marriage of two good achievement, such as Yanbo Yi Hou and so, really is a sin. Hou married just came in, what is a beauty moist. Today, a few years before the project, actually Enchanting life and life to a woman toss into a lifeless dead wood, which I do not know how they suffered hardships.

Morohito here are women, although someone to watch to see a joke, but more are sorry, we are all women, and I do not know how a woman's pain?

Seeing Hou haggard, Lianku Kubu Chu appearance, imperial concubine sighed and said:. "You and Relax, Royal will give you a fair."

Hou palace, the ragged, scattered hair on the temples, although it after some grooming, but that gorgeous Qunshan set in the body, much as kind of feeling empty, for no reason people feel distressed.

Hou scattered dull dull eyes for a moment, got up to salute Shufei:. "Multi Xie Shufei Goddess"

"Sit down, need not be so polite." Shufei could not help but sigh in my heart again, past more than a clever man, is now actually Daileng poor to the point.

Defei the Fragrant Concubine two exchanged a line of sight, then shook his head helplessly each other, they like Shufei, in which the palace is plenty birthright no favorite concubines, because childless, doomed to die of old age in the harem of in, so I do not want to provoke too much wrong.

Jun Wang Sheng now many supporters,If he really become the future emperor, if they offend him in this matter, how should you spend the rest of his life?

Several thematic palace concubines not dare to open, and Xu Ning Princess Princess naturally, will not rush to comment, so here a few people you see me, I look at you, then all eyes fell Shufei body.

Shufei secretly crying in their hearts, face not exposed anything, she looked mild looked Hou: "You stay here for the time being in my palace, no small matter, as the royal family above county grade princess' wives were invited palace, discuss together how to solve? "

"Thank you, Goddess," Hou rose and went to the house of the Central knees, "but undefined status again this life for nothing, just to rest tranquility, date and meet the Prince no longer hold."

Shufei brow Wei Zhou, then resumed mild color: "You speak ......"

"Undefined status and Sheng Jun Wang can just leave and, concubines for the emperor is willing to Taoist and Yan's family blessing, not a concept." Hou toward Shufei a heavy knock, seemed determined great determination. " undefined status heart is dead, seeking to fulfill the empress. "

"This house is a non not want to finish the work, but ......" Shufei realized his words wrong, busy corrected himself and said, "This is no small matter, this house needs to announce his Majesty."

"Thank Goddess." Hou is a heavy knock, see Shufei feel pain for her, but Hou askew deadpan expression, as if swollen forehead were not her own, but other people in general.

At that moment, his officers report, which was asked to see the princess.

Hou Shufei people to lift up to sit on a chair next to it and see significant Princess declared.

Hua Xi Wan entered the palace of the imperial concubine, he realized inside the atmosphere is not unusual, she looked straight ahead into the main hall, neatly to the presence of people have seen the ceremony, she sat in a chair near the Hou under.

"Sister be okay?" Hua Xi Hou Wan patted the back of the hand, gently ask the ask the above green black scars, and sighed.

"Fortunately," Hou Wan looked up and glanced at the eve of China, as well as fast recover their sight, as if no love in general, "tired sister came to take this trip for me."

Others surprised the two men stared at, listen to the tone, as if the two men's friendship is not bad?

It stands to reason to hold the governor and the king was now in the position, which was Princess and Princess Thanh friendship is not how good the fishes.

"I hear sister affected by this difficult, how can I sit still," Wan Hua Xi Hou index finger in the edge of the table to see the unconscious drew a circle, contracted somewhat angry tone and dignified, "Sister what plans?"

Significant Princess, you remember your own identity?


Some people think this strange scene, as the leader of the imperial concubine had spoke again:. "Significant emotional and Thanh Princess Princess very well."

"Undefined status rude," Hua Xi Wan got up Shufei knees for a ceremony, then said, "We hear so many channels sister was difficult, undefined status anger it hard heart, the empress please forgive me."

Shufei heard heart suddenly come to understand, it seems obvious Hou princess is standing on this side, and I wonder if this is significant or significant meaning king princess own meaning?

Hua Xi Wan can no matter how Shufei intention, she now stand up and speak to help Hou, Hou also be considered to help leave a way out, because the governor Sheng doomed not on the board of the place that The King of Yesterday and Tomorrow,If now and Hou Sheng Jun Wang and away, breaking touch on the future can understand, it does not implicated Sheng Dukes.

Yan Jin Qiu think because of disputes between Hou and Yanbo Yi had the idea to have children, she will feel a little headache. Too young to have children, the mother and the fetus is not very good, how could she scientific valid argument to this serious issue with objects?

"You have deep feelings, but should care for each other, and to understand the palace," Shufei look to Hou, the meaning of words has changed a lot, "Your decision is just really do?"

Hou nodded: "concubine Italy has decided."

Shufei sighed: "This palace understand, and so will the Palace went to ask to see His Majesty, and not just as a cost house but can not guarantee, only the best of it."

Last minute, she chose with the king in this vein. Jun Wang Sheng men that even his wife can be made under the ruthless hand, if he ascended the throne, the first emperor of them elderly, what distinguished at all, not as good as earlier surrender with the king, at least to ensure stable through the rest of his life.

Defei the Fragrant Concubine seeing, but also comfort the opening Hou few, by the way said they are willing to plead to the emperor Hou.

"Thank you Several empress," said Wan Hua Xi pun got up three concubines salute, watched the imperial concubine palace to palace Shi Fu Hou apse to rest up and said only, "the hour is late, undefined status inconvenient bother, undefined status retire. "

Shufei retain heard about it, see Hua Xi Wan must go, they sent around most face of Mother sent her a palace, to show that they value her.

"Princess significant walking," the Mother Wan Hua Xi entrance to the palace, the king actually see significant standing in the carriage side, was secretly amazed by it, I did not think the king was so dear to significant Princess, so she turned back to the government in a palace gate.

Watched the two on a carriage, Mother Shufei before returning to the palace, to just lay it after reporting findings, said: "Goddess, slaves expect, if in the future ...... and significant Princess befriend, to very good for us. "

"This house will not understand how," Shufei drink a cup of tea, and then after a few Nisshin palace, seemingly decent scenery. In fact His Majesty advanced age, I'm afraid a lot of things beyond their grasp, but Zhang's palace before those rumors of a pretext.

As for whether under the Crown Princess and Her Majesty really small-minded consultations things ......

Shufei sneer, which is the world's most prosperous Royal, dirtiest nothing but royal. She palace ten years, what people have not seen, I did not experience anything. Zhang's family now so unassuming, even dare cross any significant stepping stone to do the Princess, raising her reputation, to have her future natural bitterness eat.

"This is a good wait as people Hou," Shufei put down the cup "Today's it, I'm afraid there is much to."

Carriage, the Yan and Qiu Jin Hua Xi Wan sit side by side, Yan Jin Qiu careful expression glanced Hua Xi Wan's face, and then said, "I told you before that matter, how do you want?"

Hua Xi Wan brow of a challenge, slowly said:. "Of course I want to be lying down slowly."

Yan Jin Qiu silent for a moment: "I'm just a little ...... just not practical."

Because the car forward slightly shaking, Hua Xi Wan set off a corner of the curtain, looking away from the carriage outside the car respectful man in the street,Put down the curtain and said:. "I think now you should be at ease a lot."

Yan Jin Qiu looked at her puzzled.

Xi Wan Wah Yan Jin Qiu against migraine smile: "? I know your ambition, you know my temper, the world there are more appropriate than we do to each other."

Yan Jin Qiu stupidly long while, then laughed: "You're right, I think too much."

Hua Xi Wan shook his head: "If you want too exhausting, is not good for the body."

Yan Jin Qiu amount of help: "I was not."

Wan Hua Xi hook lip smile, Yan Jin Qiu see such a look, lifted the curtain again and saw the corner of a pile of old couple walking slowly being helped each other, lips could not help but smile more and more obvious, "Rest assured, we the children will have the. "

Parents expect the child to be born, can have the world's most perfect love.

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