Eight Treasures Trousseau

By Butterfly's Shadow Beneath the Moon

Chapter 97 we want a child

Chapter 97 we want a child

Xi Wan Wah Wah family heard that a post-assassination, Romer scared almost out of breath, and other notable palace people princess without incident, Romer come only gradually caught her breath.

Find out about the circumstances surrounding the matter, even when Romer broken piece of porcelain, and turned with a few strong maidservants Old Woman, hurried to the Huashi Lang House.

"That girl is really lucky, you can go back a full head of this whole tail." Zhang listen servants to report significant Princess finished after the attack, quite a bit sorry complaints heard, then found several valet's face not quite right, she suddenly woke up, though she Xi Wan China more than a dissatisfaction, but really servants face that Chuzhe Deng, then it is not appropriate, if spread to the ears master, it unfavorable.

"My life is good girl, this is some people envy envy does not come," Zhang was shoved the door kick open from the outside, scared the daylights out of the Zhang, looked up only to see come a sister, think of those words had just said to myself, got a little guilty, but see Romer so kick her door, her face and make life difficult, but to ass said: "? What does this mean your sister."

"What do you mean?" Romer Lengheng soon, no regard for kinship, with Zhang servant put through a smashed house, whether it be gold or silver, porcelain, all smashed some say.

Zhang windy air, can not wait Romer came up with the tussle, but see Romer so aggressive and scared, she had heard of the Romer family out of the men and women are very sturdy, but over the years, although Romer bad bully , but it is not exposed so rude and aggressive side, Zhefan action now, Zhang is really the scare.

To be able to drop everything smashed, regardless of Romer also surrounded by a sneaky peek toward the side of the servant, straight and said:. "Zhang, and you remember, we do not owe you anything ward if in the future you home girl or you dare calculating my daughter, and I do not vapid own this life, you will not be spared. "

Eavesdropping around Ms. Hou servant heard this, my mind suddenly turn several laps, listen to this meaning, which was the assassination of the princess with his wife and eldest seem relevant?

"What do you mean sister three assassination girl to do my aunt is also very worried, how to change your mouth to taste it, you can eat rice, words can not just say," Zhang was secretly surprised , the surface does not reveal anything, "our two-bedroom, although not Xijue, but you can not be such a bully."

Romer laugh loudly, cold look to Zhang: "Do you think that means you do in private mother and I do not know, I do not say that does not mean I can not take you."

Romer heard these words, Zhang's face went white white, her ulterior, and fear the hands of Zhang really have evidence, reluctantly said: "sister, how these words can say ......"

"This is a warning, there is no next time," Romer kicked the feet of various porcelain pieces face with a sarcastic meaning, "You look out for themselves."

Zhang staggered a step, but it does not say much, only dry look at Romer go out from his room.

Sooner had the door, Romer to see Hua Zhiming came from the door of the court, Romer stopped, looked blankly Hua Zhiming.

Hua Zhiming glanced Romer mess behind the house,Romer to neatly bowed: "good sister."

"Uncle polite," Romer to Hua Zhiming is faint, although this is own brother Xiang Gong compatriots, but in her view, Zhang and Liu Huayi can make so many things in private, it is impossible with China does not rule out the slightest relationship.

Is Huayi Liu had to marry so a husband, not a Hua Zhiming default? Zhang past that excessive behavior, Hua Zhiming not thought to discourage January 2?

Who moved her children, who is her enemy, no matter who she was, what her relationship with her, even if this person but she Dear husband's brother, at the moment in her mind, is nothing but a hypocrite nothing.

Hua Zhiming see Romer ugly face, you see Zhang's eyes dodge, think of Hua Xi Wan assassination issue, my heart suddenly jump, have not had time to speak, was the first to Romer said.

"Regulating the family to Qi, di-t you think?" Romer towards Hua Zhiming nodded slightly, and regardless of Hua Zhiming is react, with people left the Huashi Lang House.

Hua Sheng heard Romer and bring people to drop it when your family's two younger siblings, sigh, do not just let the servant pass crazy on the outside, but no more else to say. He and Romer couple years, Romer know where the bottom line, but as a father, he is also distressed daughter, although they can not come forward as a man, but at the moment it is a kind of feeling faint export of gas.

"Prank, let outsiders know into what looks like," Hua Sheng and do not light not heavy presence of servants face said something, turned around and let the housekeeper rather God's government in the blood of children will fall Yajing good medicine sorted out, people go to the palace significantly.

Palace is now a variety of significant tonic almost overflowing coffers, Akebia order to cope with the House sent the butler, it was hot sweating, even under the face of those who have affairs, but also busy without touching the ground , two hands to wait for them to grow.

Do not blame the capital of the family are so warm, and now everyone knows wins hotspots are significant and Sheng Wang Jun Wang, although the king was on the throne does not seem particularly keen look, but Clothes make the man, who knows the king ' What is the heart wants it, let alone see the meaning of the emperor, it does not seem to be see Sheng Jun Wang. So whether significant future king ascended the throne can not, they can not offend, anyway, is the gift of a thick point, what values ​​when it?

Do not say others, and even the end of Princess House also sent a steward to speak a lot of polite than usual, prepared under the very generous gift, if uninformed, really thought significant Princess and Princess and how deep end friendship like.

Hua Xi Tong Wan watching wood goes to gift list, with a handkerchief over her mouth and yawned: "list manager made it clear, hard wood Explorer."

"This is a matter within the parts of subordinates, not hard," Akebia busy humble reply, "but these are seemingly rare thing fills in the end not as good as Houfu sent intimate."

Listen Akebia mentioned her parents, Hua Xi Wan remembered today early in the morning with a variety of tonic brother who brought it, and suddenly the amount of help helpless smiles: "Let the games they suffered so much shock, this is not my they even made so many things to come, but let me discredited see some people. "

"Parents always want their children better then better, they brought things,You pick them peace of mind, if not decline, that is the wounding of heart, "Qiu Jin Yan came in from the outside, shaking the hands of a folding fan, he looks handsome, if the outside again, I do not have to hook how many young women Huner go.

To see him come in, Hua Xi Wan down list, squinting smile:. "No matter how parents and let them worry about me, that I was not". "You would say," think of the good of her family, she reluctantly smiled and said,

"That's my bad," Yan Jin Qiu went to sit down beside her, gently holding her hand, "If I could take after you, and how you will encounter these things."

"I do not care if someday throws, do you have to blame, blame the people you do not repair the road?" Hua Xi Wan sighed, "this accident occurred, who also do not want."

Qiu Jin Yan smiled, conceal emotions live fundus, gently stroking her hands and said: "I heard the mother to Huashi Lang Fuchu adults today a trouble, she was a guilty conscience, and can not play, so this what people outside do not know. "

"This is my mother's patience," Wan Hua Xi touched my mind to an "extremely early age she guarding our brothers and sisters, if someone dared to touch us, she was not given the Qingrao."

"Mother once said that children are the weakest weakness woman, also a woman's most powerful weapon, move a woman's children, and so was her life," she chuckled, eyes infinite warmth.

Yan Jin Qiu thought of his mother, sick as serious, but also efforts to help him find a better escape route. Princess Palace side who is so aggressive, she can not go beyond.

His father's death, he did not let the two men buried. Mother have lived hard enough during his lifetime, so why bother the man also let her clean after death?

As for the side of the Princess, even into Yan's family tomb is not qualified, as she said her father had promised after the death of buried in the side of the tomb, who can prove it?

He said no, that nature is not.

"Mother right," Yan Jin Qiu face gentle smile, "Mother is indeed the world's most powerful people."

Akebia few people see two tender, put the tea fruit dessert after softly back out. A positive hospital, Akebia see one of his henchmen came to look hurried, scheduled knew what had happened, he whispered: "what is happening?"

"Wood Explorer, Jun Wang Fu Sheng occurred a major event!"

"what's up?"

"Thanh princess ragged escape from Dukes House, and constantly motions on others, now people had entered the house, took refuge in the palace of the imperial concubine."

Shufei is now in charge of the Phoenix Indian harem of concubines, although the knee as a child, but because of family background, father and brother but also towards some of the prestige of people, although the best person in the harem is not pre-loaded, but can be considered temporarily palm phoenix India .

Akebia frown, this Sheng Jun Wang Fu is what the play?

"You're outside, and so I put the matter reported to the princes, the princes summoned if you put things through lay it clear."

Hua Xi Wan and Yan Jin Qiu is the tenderness and affection of the time, heard the Sheng Jun Wang Fu sudden event came out, suddenly have a spirit of gossip, put the messenger who called in.Hou motions on others escaped from the Dukes House

This scene so much like how heartless husband imputed Wife classic scene?

Wan Hua Xi brow can not help but jump jump, if true, it really is Prince Sheng slag; if acting Hou, Hou This means that indeed cruel.

"Men and women in the world than this, at first eachother, life and death; in the end, they always think the other side is wrong, can not wait to never in contact with each other to do." Wan Hua Xi sigh, "If the feelings are okay to pay, there are people who pay a cavity really, to finally end up against each other, in retrospect really do not know how the taste. "

"They trouble like this, at least there is something else you can rejoice that Hou had no children," Hua Xi Wan these things feel a bit tasteless, he got up and said, "If there was a child, perhaps she would not see this step by step today. "


"We want a child."

Yan Jin Qiu said.

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