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By Butterfly's Shadow Beneath the Moon

Chapter 96 henpecked?

Chapter 96 henpecked?

As one guard captain Zhao Xinhong poor, but also be seen the blood of Tate's husband, but just think of the princess with her and a few prettily beauty, pleasant maidservants, not to offend women finally understand words of wisdom come from .

"Princess with her that a servant girl, this really is," Zhao Xinhong stretched toward the wood through a thumb, which was then Yaotouhuangnao said, "vain, really is in vain."

Royal Highness is so gentle person, in front of the Princess so powerful people, I'm afraid to let a bit, it was pretty high-strength martial arts and a woman, a man can generally unaffordable.

"This is our princes!" Zhao Xinhong than two thumbs up, face worship.

Mu Tong: "......"

Takeo Takeo is, is simply out of my mind!

After Yan Qiu Jin Hua Xi Wan accompanied back to the palace, turned around to face the anger burst into the palace.

Since the Crown Princess hanging, Kai Lung Emperor become increasingly irritable, easily people afraid to go to the palace in front of him. But even so, just a few months, Kai Lung Emperor on a lot of old.

When he heard significant suburban princess after the assassination, Youjingyounu long time before gasped and said:. "Declared king was in."

"The emperor," Qiu Jin Yan entered the sanctuary, yet only gave dog eat dog, he knelt in the center of the temple of words with choking, "The emperor, nephew of Princess Chen couples married and, deep feelings, because sometimes do not have to let the investigation Assassin broke her into the House, the minister nephew is already deeply regret it, who knows today's assassin actually attack in broad daylight. Fortunately, the guards desperate phase protection, failing that ...... "

Yan Jin Qiu almost could not go on, always gentle Toshihaya face appeared a trace of horror: "If the princess did not, just wait for them with her nephew Chen went well."

"Nonsense, how can you do such a dignified man of the state," Kai Lung Yan Jin Qiu want to rap, but to see him so driven to distraction, will not say what he had to console said: "I have heard the matter, your Princess be okay? "

"Fortunately my wife to follow her childhood home Waizu learn some self-defense of the surgery, when the assassin struck, barely able to resist the recipe, just did not fear for their lives, just frightened excessive, has not yet returned to the palace, he would have been sleeping in the past . "Yan Jin Qiu Shining eyes look to Kai Lung Emperor," Please call the shots for the emperor minister nephew. "

Kai Lung Emperor heart is very unhappy, of course, this discontent is not directed against Yan Jin Qiu, but for others. After this happened, he first objects of suspicion is Yanbo Yi.

Recently in Beijing because of the rumors about his intention to pass located in Yan Jin Qiu pass the more intense, ambitious Yan Boyi how you can sit tight? Beijing who do not know the king was very loved Princess of significant weight, if not a significant Princess, which was the king naturally in disarray, then make any absurd things also unknown.

"I know," Kai Lung Emperor nodded and said, "You go back home with you, Princess, immediately makes a thorough investigation of the matter."

This kind of thing, to find out the people behind the scenes is not easy, most of the time found nothing but a scapegoat. Yan and Qiu Jin Kai Lung Emperor know very well, but the two did not pick out.

Yan Jin Qiu just shows their grievances to the emperor, the emperor is but a few helpers Yanbo Yi cut through the matter only after all power to be cut off Yanbo Yi,That he close the net.

Once Yan Jin Qiu left, Kai Lung Emperor was smashed cup on the royal case, then sullen summoned Guards command, this matter involves royal people, why not take the opportunity to put his things to Dali trouble.

His throne is his biological blood can not pass, can not be in vain cheap Yanbo Yi.

Sheng Jun Wang Fuchu, Hou standing on the corridors, watching the direction of several Lanyi Ren Yan Boyi hurrying den, surface hint of mocking smile, until these people no longer see it turned back.

Report sullenly listening to men, Yan Boyi bite: "?! You sent so many people, not even a woman could get no less."

Lanyi Ren headed face with embarrassment and said:. ", Also did not expect significant under the palace guarded so strong, even the maid princess is around martial arts master"

"Well," Yan Boyi sneer, "You do not say how significant the princess is even martial arts master?"

Lanyi Ren strangely silent for a moment: "Princess remarkable martial arts really impressive."

Yan Boyi Biede breath is flattening out: "The king does not know how a woman went so far as Fahrenheit Wu?!"

Blue people opt for silence, they did not expect such a wonderful climate Nghe An, civil and military Pianpiangongzi two sons, daughters and even to learn the martial arts of the road, which is simply to make his daughter as a man, there are so educated daughter Mody?

To see some Lanyi Ren's face looked very strange, Yanbo Yi also know that there is no longer go deeper meaning, sidewalk: "wipe clean the follow-up thing, do not let the Emperor and Yan Jin Qiu Zhuadaobabing, otherwise no reason could be sudden, a few things come. "

"Under kicked," led by Lanyi Ren hesitated, went bravely said, "Royal Highness, Princess who considerably palace, skill is very good, the king was under suspicion with regard to the outside world is not satisfied that the concubine because of love heavy Princess rumors wrong. "

"Do you mean to say ...... king was henpecked?" Yanbo Yi has always been no extra face betrayed a look of a sophisticated look, he seems to think of himself how good cousin who will be henpecked man, "your statement What credentials? "

Lanyi Ren tangle: "The subordinate said, as long as the man to see significant Princess combative way, the momentum will be a bit short."

Yanbo Yi: "......"

He was unable waved, "You go on."

The world is too complex, he needs more than half a brain.

Was talk behind China at this time is very relaxed evening Wan iced watermelon eating, watching the printing of the most popular small talk

This, Ji listening to the piano playing, very comfortable, the heat came back covered with Yan Jin Qiu stimulus was robbed in her hand a bowl of iced watermelon slices.

"You want to eat a bowl not get another servant to call it?" Hua Xi Wan looked at him sweating, hurriedly watermelon recapture, "who is so hot iced watermelon eating, the stomach can stand it?" Having dialogue summer beckoned, "I'm just going to make you cool the tea to end."

White smile summer herbal tea to-hand Wan Hua Xi, Xi Wan Wah Yan Jin Qiu stuffed into the bowl hands: "And this, a break to eat watermelon."

Yan Jin Qiu obedient Helehaoji mouth, opening said: "I have just sent to Houfu messenger, so they do not worry about you."

"After I was ready to let go Houfu take a trip, do not think that you should grab the first, evidently a few years, I only recognize her parents-in-law, daughter does not know." Then: Hua Xi Wan raised an eyebrow , her first laugh, "Fortunately, very thoughtful of you, or I fear her family will be more than a while."

"Your own family is my maiden ......" Qiu Jin Yan stunned for a moment, I think these words something was amiss, immediately corrected himself and said, "Your parents are my parents, let them rest assured that I should not do it? "

Hua Xi Wan muzzled laughed a good long while, after Yan Jin Qiu body heat had subsided, etc., let him changed a loose robe, and then they pick up a cool room by sitting and watching light readings.

"Today my sister things, thank you."

Yan Jin Qiu Xi Wan Wah look back, to see her look as usual, but some reddish ear tips, sidewalk: "I was just not worth it for you to feel, to think of taking her life, but you value this sisterly love, I how willing to make you sad. "

Hua Xi Wan open book pages of hand to stop, then sighed, "I hope after this, good big sister can have a good day after."

She is not the person's return good for evil, but always think of those mutual affection, and the young generation of China's future dealings exchange, give one last chance Huayi Liu only.

Paul now under Huayi Liu, uncle and cousin Huaqing Mao would certainly have brought her this love, the future will be more dedicated to the support Huaqing Mao brother.

Family has become a family, because they know everything remain the first-line truth.

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