Eight Treasures Trousseau

By Butterfly's Shadow Beneath the Moon

Chapter 95 of unexplainable

Chapter 95 of unexplainable

Time is the most merciless destiny and embarrassing knife, the year when the three of them sisters married, even if there is jealousy among young daughter, but it was referred to this predicament is not the point. Both she and Liu Huayi, which was supposed to use the service each other's sisters, only to become awkward person's heart, diaphragm should be.

Wan Hua Xi car squinting against the wall repose, suddenly the carriage stopped, she frowned, but here the suburbs, no reason why the palace guard to stop the carriage?

After escorting Wan Hua Xi looked out the guards long middle age couple lying Guan Dao, the exposed surface of the color of vigilance, let his guard waved live carriage, an observation of the surrounding environment, Official Road on both sides of lush, if someone hidden inside, very difficult to be found.

"You go and see." Let a weekday service and secure guards approached, the guards long hand has been placed on the handle.

That of "old couple" to see the palace of the people lying on the ground not in dollars, soared suddenly came toward them and striking guards, guards who knows this well prepared, a Xiujian flying out to kill one of them on the spot .

"Array!" Bodyguard long to hear four weeks vegetation leaves rustled, great sense of mind is not good, to be shield soldiers approached, fruit see a dozen feather arrows coming towards us, he looked back at the motionless carriage, turned to jump on the wagon cowl, tightly hold the door, do not let any Dairen near the carriage door.

"Chieftains, which significantly palace Guards too brave, our offensive against them does not work!"

"Fire will, I do not believe such a big fuss, which was ordinary Women Current princess will not panic, as long as she was in disarray, which significantly palace guards worse then useless."

Princess pro-carriage ride but fine iron jade, stainless steel roofs and ordinary arrows simply can not penetrate the carriage, but if it is a Fire Attack, will be able to force people out of the carriage, do not wait until then to start late.

While the palace guards thought when Dairen Jiugong will retreat, the grass actually fly again who knows a few people, a blog Yongming, also throwing things onto the carriage, guards have been poured covered, I became aware of a smell wrong, this was the oil? !

"Be careful, these people want to fire!"

With Xi Wan Hua Xia out of the white and the HY looking slightly changed, bent out of a dagger hidden in the legs, and looked very dignified. Then noticed a white summer palace guards and the battle and retreat, away from the carriage door closer, brow Wei Zhou, the moment did not hesitate kicked open the guards, the guards caught off guard fall, actually fall out of two a Huozhe Zi.

Standing on the cowl bodyguard long face slightly changed, not enough action, this summer the white guards was a knife the throat, neat action allows long guards could not say a word.

"Be careful, if not confidant of the people, can not let them close to the princess." White Summer glanced a bodyguard, took out his handkerchief to wipe the blood on the knife, then returned to the original position.

I obediently mother, Princess around possessor is what maidservants, this means that heart and mind, but also a bit too spicy. Captain of the Guard, although the surface is calm and collected, and my heart really Zamo up.

Suddenly he heard a voice behind him opened the carriage door, busy looked back and saw wearing a pearl embroidered shoes feet stretched out, he froze for a moment, busy: "Princess, you ......"

"Assassin wanted to use fire attack forced me out,How can I not ring true to their meaning, "Wan Hua Xi Chuimao can seize the sword off his hand, jumped neat carriage, then said:" The guards who have come quickly took off his robe oil, a fire can not be hard fight, escape better. "

The presence of guards suddenly blushed, they are some yokel, with the presence of Princess maid prettily off the robe, that would be too embarrassed.

"The situation is urgent, formidable enemy, of you do not care about Suli," Hua Xi Wan drew his sword, the scabbard aside, sneer, a lot of capital gossip about her, true or otherwise difficult to distinguish, but these people the only I do not know is that all these years she learned swordsmanship outside the home country of Lu Jiazu pass, although not invincible, but formidable enemy to resist the enemy, or enough.

"Princess." Bai Hua Xia and retreated Hongying Xi Wan side, white summer cold with a straight face, "These people obviously was premeditated, I suspect that Miss Church relating to this matter."

Wan Hua Xi sigh, glanced around the guard, which was specially brought to escort her around this morning, each of them are carefully selected, is to prevent the emergence of such a thing.

Today, the forces in the capital to compete for the throne, has been surging undercurrent, no how could she prepared to go out, let alone to see Liu Huayi early rift with her, and that is back to her parents she would bring enough guard.

Now these people hiding in the dark, could not shot, she remembered leaving the Taoist temple, Huayi Liu said the phrase "careful on the road", and that not see straight face, and sighed.

Who would have thought the rumors were prettily Empress Dowager Princess even with a sword, when the first assassin fell under significant Princess sword, not only accidental assassin, even the palace guards also very amazing.

From the assassin surprised expression, these people do not know Xi Wan Wah will use the sword, according to Liu, if China really Henji her, why did not the evening Wan Wah will force the issue behind the scenes to tell the people?

Hua Xi Wan seems to think of something, sighed, glanced back direction Taoist, then clenched hands of the sword: "If they dare to come, nature will allow them to not return."

Taoist, the Huayi Liu sat in the shade, looking out of the sun, and lifted the fine hair help Binbian, and then behind the servant girl said: "? When the"

Maidservants looked worried her, a small channel: "the almost noon."

"Presumably she has returned to the palace now," according to Liu Hua got up and went to the front seated bronze mirror, carefully described himself as a good makeup, the amount of heart in his description of a beautiful peach, turned to ask after a closer look maidservants, "good-looking it?"

Maidservants stared nod.


According to Liu smile, put a plug in between Kingdee step shake hair, looking at herself in the mirror: "I never let this life be themselves too, finally determined to do one thing, the results everyone thought I was wrong, in the end even I myself feel guilty conscience. I think over the past Sanmei gentle graciousness, she was brought up by an uncle grow up spoiled, in addition to a face as I will be everywhere. to now I know she is stronger than I had too many good women are not living embroidery, gentle, pleasant is the winner, she was stronger than my Mind. "

Had been sent to the Taoist temple, she really can not wait Hua Xi Wan immediately die, but when someone really find her,She teamed up with the required calculations Wan Wah evening, she found herself actually do not want Hua Xi Wan really killed.

She can do what you want but can not do, she can get what they want nor dare, to live her own dream of happiness in this life even dare dream of the day also, she was jealous of China Xi Wan, with jealousy , but I also can not forget how the day she heard Wan Wah evening for her husband outside the gate locked when touched.

She even resentment in every possible way, but they forget the warm evening when Wan Wah had for her a helping hand, so at the last moment, she lied to those people, but said Wan Wah in Fuchu evening spoiled by his family very proud and not much special.

Not bad thoroughly, but Mind narrow, her in this life, from birth, perhaps a joke.


Suddenly the room door was open, and the glaring sun squeezed into the house, according to Liu Hua could not help but squint a blind eye, only to see who's standing outside.

Come flour jade crown, a purple brocade robe, standing behind some mighty guard, anger and prestige, not Yan Qiu Jin who is?

Huayi Liu shocked, a moment before suddenly smiled and said:. "Did not think, I actually can see you."

Yan Jin Qiu see Huayi Liu Xi Wan was actually imitating the look blankly at the door did not go toward the guard behind raising his hand lifted.

Two security guards went silent house, the two had each hand carrying a tray, but the tray where things look a little shocking.

Huayi Liu looked at the front end of his two trays, one tray and stood poisoned dagger, another which stood three feet of white silk and poison pills, she showed no fear of looked up to Jin Qiu Yan: "Nujia ordinary humble woman, actually launder dignified princes personally take this trip, this is really Nujia big face."

"You are the family Wan Xi sister, the king is willing to give you this decent points," Qiu Jin Yan blankly at the back of the hand behind him, he turned and do not want to see a Huayi Liu, "I was looking at the face of evening Wan the willingness to leave your life, but you should not have played from the mind, I will not leave you. "

"Should not play mind?!" Huayi Liu smile, "you Zhefan behavior is to do a good sister to give me that look, or unkind?"

Yan Jin Qiu light: "How do I mind, without telling you."

"Today you want me to die, I think," Huayi Liu picked up the bottle of poisoned wine trays are installed, suddenly almond eyes wide open, staring tightly Yan Qiu Jin: "If you make in the future I'm sorry my sister things that you have to livestock for generations, life after life and hope to die. "

She did not believe the man's sweet talk, but do not believe there will be a true man of the royal family, if the 1st Yan Jin Qiu really have to board the big treasure, does he still do it wholeheartedly?

"Presumptuous!" Akebia Huayi Liu did not think even cursed princes, suddenly angrily said, "What are you qualified to say this woman and other such things."

He really does not understand this woman creature, according to Liu Hua obviously this is very jealous of the princess, but to the death rhetoric but mostly maintenance of the princess, and so this is really thought people could not guess.

Custom made Road, the heart of woman unexplainable, but it seems some reason.

Huayi Liu laugh loudly,It seems that she called crushes Yan Qiu Jin, he is nothing but a bladder deceive it, she understand even the most basic of them did not have this, how about love?

But his reputation was that motivated the cavity girl's mind it, and now she saw things, it suddenly awoke, she is shallow vulgar, it is no wonder would come this far.

She scoffed, open the lid of the bottle, looking upward, then drink it, when the bottle has not touched his lips, a sudden rush of footsteps outside.

"and many more!"

No one would think of Wan Wah will appear in this evening, revealing a trace of chagrin Yan Jin Qiu face, panting slightly and then hand hold the Hua Xi Wan: "? How do you come back," he saw Hua Wan Chai Xi micro ring chaos, apparently came in a hurry.

"I attacked today, the immediate concern halfway palace guard came and killed all the assassins, have mercy on me panic back to the palace, you should not princes house, and I had to come to you," Xi Wan Wah are like did not see house movement, a pair of beautiful eyes stare slave Yan Qiu Jin, "I'll meet you in person, you can go back with me?"

Yan Jin Qiu amount of help helpless smile: "I was not, that you will immediately go back."

The presence grateful servant looked at each other, seeing two master turned around to go, they looked Huayi Liu look inside the house, sometimes I do not know how to do.

"Wood Explorer, you have to look at this lady dose of wine?" A eunuch asked cautiously, to which the Princess was, although did not say anything, but he always felt that if it is really let the house of a woman drinking under wine, I'm afraid they'll stalls event.

"What also serve wine," Akebia raised an eyebrow, "people who take good care of Miss Church retreat, I fear, is the Miss Princess of the Church in our house." Having these words, he did not see other people's face, stormed away.

Princess was personally take this, although there is no opening for the next plane Huayi Liu intercede, but the actual said and, since princes did not speak to this woman's life again, will represent her

Life can stay.

All things are seen XiangShengXiangKe g, calculating all the answers to the vertical is prince blooded killer Yet still there in the princess.

Other servant heard this, suddenly taken away very quickly what had just taken away, quickly disappeared in the Taoist temple, as if they simply did not come off like.

Huayi Liu stood in silence in the room, the smile soon, stared into her chair.

"Miss!" Scared livid maid rushed into the house, according to Liu Hua see nothing after a loose, limp body suddenly knelt down, "Fortunately, the three Ms to, but fortunately ......"

She suddenly meal, the three lady came, not with those who already know the next thing three Ms Miss do it? Think of it, she is busy watching the Huayi Liu, only to see Liu Huayi startled agitated cheek.

Three Ms ...... actually not pursue it?

Mu Tong, who out of the Taoist, see Royal Highness the Princess has been on the wagon, he went to Hua Xi Wan today escort of guards long side, whispered: "Listen today to rescue guard leaders said they arrived, assassin have all been killed, then what really happened? "

Bodyguard long hearing this, a rugged face suddenly became colorful, very beautiful.

Akebia puzzled frown,Nothing to keep the number of years following the prince of the guards long exposed this strange expression, it would not be hell, right?

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