Eight Treasures Trousseau

By Butterfly's Shadow Beneath the Moon

Chapter 93 layers of intrigue

Chapter 93 layers of intrigue

Hua Xi Wan Although well aware of small-minded consultations between the Emperor and the Crown Princess, the surface was exposed somewhat grief of color, reddish wiping his eyes with a handkerchief, a sense of loss: "That will have the Rauma father, Crown Princess now a go, people really miserable. "

"Please grief Princess, Crown Princess deceased knows if you are so sad, presumably also not reassuring," Ma Gonggong also the look of regret, but in the face of China Xi Wan sad to date, still to make a comforting state efforts.

"You're right," Hua Xi Wan barely smiled, "That's the time you will involved a lot."

"Slaves did not dare," Ma Gonggong surface is still respectful to date, it actually is secretly scared, he thought significant Princess loved since childhood by his father and brothers, and later married king was very very considerate, the mind set is a simple man, who knows words and deeds of the wrist but could not see the slightest wrong.

Sure enough, to sit tight significant Princess, the whole palace concubine without a woman, how would it really is not the slightest effort, but because outsiders after seeing her face, subconsciously judge a book by Bale.

Next to the corner of the end has been unannounced and cold princess looked Magong Gong Xi Wan Wah spoke with attitude, Wei Zhou brow. Cedian many women of the pro-China Xi Wan Princess also more than one person, why Ma Gonggong happens to be in front of her worship saw it?

Want more down-side and the princess became more and more ugly face, could not help but looked back at the other side of the corner sitting Minhui Princess, ask for a moment of pure white temples Binbian flowers, mind flashed several calculations .

Today, the Queen was deposed, the Queen Mother's death, a whole harem and did not call the shots of people, plenty of other concubines bit parts, but no childless woman, but also very spine can not afford to rely Associate Palaces. So the Crown Princess's death, the palace some of the brain's palace not long paternity they played a variety of thoughts, leaving harem rumors constantly, very unbearable, and some even dare to rumors Pahui Crown Princess and the emperor, prompting the emperor was furious, stick shoot many people.

Crown Princess have not buried here, over there on the rumors, and even folk are ignited, there was actually a bold person to another fictional biography of the Emperor and the Crown Princess, vigorous compile a "normally think of the song" Fu Zhang angered a lot of people said good.

Wei Wei Temple, people who want to seizure, but bad start, these unsolicited there's Pulp Fiction, let alone this biography written romance, as well as the circumstances of patriotic loyalty, they take what reason to prohibit the dissemination of biography, saying this book alluding to the royal family? Or a bad influence?

This is not confessed, admitting their guilt it?

Some rumors will pass the pass with no one seriously, and to be prohibited if, this will only make rumors have spread in private, he had not even make people trust the content of rumors convinced.

Poor Kai Lung Emperor's life good name, even in his later years still falling so reputation. Kai Lung Emperor also know they can not ban honest folk rumors, finally simply turn a blind eye, but turned around and married Scholars have always been a woman after Zhang offshoot of entropy.

Soon folk rumors, the emperor PW to Zhang, Zhang Suddenly see the woman, suddenly thought immortal concubine, scared to Heaven, even after the strike when Zhang woman to their parents.

As for the emperor went to Zhang will see how offshoot girl,How could an ordinary girl seen in the days of heavy guards Yan, private people are not concerned about, anyway, many people vowed, the Empress Dowager Zhang female look that is even noticeable than the Princess also not on.

When innocent people are used to reference the Hua Xi Wan hear outside those rumors, at some silent heart, this beautiful home is not beautiful women, how can side-tracked her head go?

Today, just over the first seven Crown Princess, she thought able to relax, the results after the old emperor to marry him, marry or two maiden aunts house offshoot people, this is really some meaning.

The palace was necessary after two months after the maiden name of the woman Zhang Qing Yan Hua Xi Wan never seen, but not before marriage, heard two aunts boast this woman looks good, else it is not clear .

Kai Lung Emperor now with age, should not the kind of beauty to see it walk road, but now civil happens four rumors on Zhang Qing Emperor Yan love at first sight, second sight, is it Bahui before Kai Lung Emperor wanted cleared stigma?

What most distinguished than the world of men even more curious about it Allure beauty of a love at first sight?

So whether the emperor is not really fond of him for their own fame, only to be tempted.

If the Emperor and Crown Princess Bahui really, how could he be so easy for others tempted to do it, so Bahui this matter must be rumors, it is people in the emperor and Crown Princess slander deceased.

Even the dead are left off, this is what the wicked ah, such a person should be cast aside.

People are herd, or is like gossip, truth to them, and not so important, it is important that the gossip was interesting, that is enough.

"Yan Boyi able emperor pushed this point, can be considered to have a skill," Qiu Jin Yan faint smile after reading various legends of his men come from the private collection of the data aside, suddenly scowled and said: "But this is what Chang Ching Yen, she liken with my princess? "

Akebia quietly head to droop.


Stack of information thrown at his feet, he Bayao down again and buried underground.

"Yan Boyi close watch on the point, if he hands, we'll help him." Yan Qiu Jin took a deep breath, stood up from the front desk case, "go there princess."

Hua Xi Wan do not know their own men as outside rumors narrow-minded, because she felt that even her own will not mind the little things, Yan Jin Qiu and will not mind. So until the two men run out of lunch, to be alone together after Yan Jin Qiu in words of Zhang female discontent everywhere, became aware of something wrong.

Is it because her parents had two aunts brother offended Yan Jin Qiu, Zhang family so he has a dislike, even with offshoot Chang Ching Yen also unable to enter his eyes?

"You know how this girl Zhang not very good, do you seen her?" Hua Xi Wan lazily leaning against his shoulder, with his eyes looking at him suspiciously, "or how do you know so much about her? "they Hua Zhang is at home with how they are related by marriage offshoot of the girl did not know.

"Where would you go?" Qiu Jin Yan helpless smile, "but this offshoot Chang very behind the times, but the palace when a decoration Queen,Do you actually have the nerve to take the raft, I really do not know when I explicitly palace their home that point of mind? "

Although there are several hundred years of Zhang Qing name, but until now only reluctantly main house there is a bit of strength of character ancestors, these acts do things it does not like offshoot of the human eye, if not because of the large emperor older, married and after a following, this place where the Queen of the wheel to get people to their home?

Not to mention the emperor and his family behind Zhang ......

Because the real family who do not know the main vein which point trick the emperor, who would be willing to put their own unblemished daughter to the palace do not at liberty to say things in a clay Buddha.

"What is mind?" Asked Wan Hua Xi puzzled.

Yan Jin Qiu sneer, patted her back, sighed and said: "Your aunt's maiden offshoot of two is not a peace of mind, do you think those rumors get you to do comparison come from?"

Hua Xi Wan suddenly come to realize: "I came to rally to take them home?"

Yan Qiu Jin sighed, regarded as a default, after a long while and said: "So do not tell you, because I fear that you think, now to this point, I do not say die."

Wan Hua Xi to see him gravely, then sat up, ready to listen Yan Jin Qiu Zhang said the secret behind it.

"Zhang family face although many scholars worship family, but you actually think about it, there really people rumored Zhang family is so clear you do?"

Hua Xi Wan think of their own that two aunts, and great deeds since the Zhang family dynasties do, suddenly found that, after Zhang's reputation in recent decades, as much for the royal Chang "speculation" is suspect.

"Zhang but not so much now quite famous literary family, the royal family as it is raised Zhang faithful dog, they face the madding crowd, but it is actually the emperor privately eyeliner, not only to draw the reader's world, but also to help the emperor mastered the secret of a lot of family, "Qiu Jin Yan sneer," if a hundred years ago Zhang, really worthy of admiration, but now ...... "

"No, if that is the case, then how will the emperor thought I really Maoruo no salt," Hua Xi Wan shook his head, "but I know that I look like two aunt's."

"Do you think that as long as the Zhang family can do things for the emperor?" Yan Qiu Jin sighed, "You and your aunt that two very friendly, anxious to pass out bad for you, then how can you justify specifically for back home, then I'm afraid those rumors, there is a credit to her account. "he said how good China Xi Wan to mind means China 2-aunt, Zhang assured her how to do these things need brains?

Zhang do not lovable, China is now the home of the woman, he gave father Yuemu Jia, leaving a bit of face it.

Hua Xi Wan suddenly speechless, does she should also thanked the selfless dedication of two aunts of it?

"Fortunately, she was not jealous of you have, or how can I marry you," Qiu Jin Yan laughed, "It seems that even God helping me, God tells us that we were made for."

Not so much an act of God, as it is accidentally, if I had two aunts can not afford to jealousy, the three aunt not to Houfu dissatisfied, but not because of hate and big cousin Princess implied Minhui, let Minhui Princess thought she was ugly If there is no salt,So she and Yan Jin Qiu would not have such a marriage.

Or her parents, her brother is not so maintained, for her strenuous effort, she and Yan Jin Qiu also able to get to this step.

Do the authors really have the so-called heaven of marriage?

She's a firm materialist encounter God through this kind of thing, really a kind of feeling on her face.

"No wonder after two aunt's brother is dead, the emperor also made a special trip to the closure of a knighthood Father Zhang, also a child from the adoptive offshoot, when I thought it was dead Zhangjia Gong son's relationship with the Prince a bit, did not think there so one reason, "Hua Xi Wan emotion," I said my son who is not so kind. "

Listen Wan Hua Xi mentioned Zhang Jiagong son, Yan Jin Qiu eyelid fretting, then he smiled and said: "Who Zhang have any plans, they then catch the line with the above, it is necessary to assume the necessary risks, Zhang Jiagong sub-Ying in early death, Zhang can only blame their lack of heart. "

Hua Xi Wan scratched his chin in my heart sigh, no wonder the royal family who died early, Yongnaoguodu easy to premature aging ah!

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