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Chapter 92 Wake

Chapter 92 Wake

Although Prince died when a reputation is not so nice, but due to the Crown Princess birth to a son for the royal family, so even though she was the Princess of dignities in name only, but the impact of her hanging brought to the capital, it is huge.

Nearly two years as the royal family was cursed general, one after another of the dead, some say because the prince is dead in the back of the hour is not good, is four grams of time, so after he died, the royal family will be attached to several people dead.

Yan Jin Qiu changed a plain cotton robes, and Wan Hua Xi and other royal family sat together will. Crown Princess Although they are just the same generation, they do not have the mourning, but whatever the outcome is the crown princess, the attention to detail can not have the slightest flaws.

It stands to reason, Crown Princess death of a prince passed away, they should immediately go to the royal funeral of human. It holds many lessons, but the situation is somewhat different, Crown Princess does not look good way to die, and because of those rumors a few days ago to discredit the Crown Princess. Cautious royal human who do not want to come to grief, why we are waiting for the emperor's will.

Anyway dead emperor's daughter, no matter whether they are really sad, anxious fake or whatever, do not need to grab what is the first at this time.

Crown Princess hanging the news did not spread to people, or the royal family would face discreditable. So after an hour, Crown Princess died of civil outgoing messages, and no one accident.

Suzaku palace, the emperor looked at the pure white of the hall, suddenly after long Shen Li staggered step, overflow mouth was actually a trace of blood.

"The emperor!" Ma Gonggong looking great changes, immediately stepped forward to carefully hold Kai Lung Emperor.

"Shut up!" The emperor implied wiped the corners of the mouth, and then ends up in the blood on the handkerchief sleeves middle: "Pass I will, make Beijing more than in the third grade for the Crown Princess Mingfu wake."

Ma Gonggong release leaning Kai Lung Emperor's hand, take a step back bowed and said: "the capital of the princess, County Princess etc. are also ......"

"Crown Princess but the future queen, and Position incomparable. Today Crown Princess Christina Hong consumption, they are also supposed to wake."

Ma Gonggong head buried even lower: "Slaves'll go edicts."

Emperor waved, turned slowly out of the Suzaku Palace, the walk more calm expression on his face, until he came to Zhang Cheng Gong, Gong Menqian he looked up at the dragon pillars, majestic dragon, gold Guangcan a long, very sharp Alondra, down a long while mocking smile belies lonely fundus.

When he exhausted the means to win the throne, eliminate dissidents, fame. To now it has become a real loner, he does not know is not exhausted when he was murdered brother's retribution.

Trance, he seemed to hear a child crying, my heart suddenly a Ji Ling, turned on the ladies behind the Road:. "Huangsun it, let the child colt to carry him to the house of Yang Guang"

Ladies slightly surprised a moment, trembling and said:. "The emperor, Magong Gong has brought the people out of the palace Xuanzhi"

Upon hearing this, the emperor remembered that he had just let the colt son eviction.

"That sent the Huangsun hold over, be careful, do not knock bumped." He breathed slowly, in any case, at least his knees still the child.

"What, even parents and Princess Fu Huang went to wake?" Sneered end and princess, "is nothing but a widowed Crown Princess, where so much face?"

Carter, she heard outside the servant came in and said, Zhang Gong Cheng Ma Gonggong to Xuanzhi the mains.

End and the princess's face suddenly become extremely ugly, but these days since being snubbed she learned how to size up the situation, it is between a few breathing, her face resentment and discontent will disappear, to go out in the room.

Palace decreed above the third grade Mingfu wake normal, but let pro Princess Princess also like to wake, it is quite inappropriate. Not to mention the death of a prince prince had already passed away, even if the prince is still alive, now dead Crown Princess also eligible to let all the women of the royal family to wake, but not the Queen Mother or Queen.

Not to mention those rumors before the death of Crown Princess travels unclear, Prince and notorious, such a state of being worthy to make and what the Crown Princess Princess Princess to wake, she can stand it?

Later decree down, some older royal anger almost did not catch her breath, and even some old toffee for "seriously ill" can not get up, so that the palace is home to a junior Crown Princess pray wake.

Kai Lung Emperor move attracted the royal family of human discontent in private, but Gunian Huang Emperor nearly a year is too bad, is dead son was dead mother, dead mother dead daughter, not his wife jointly own peace of mind, he gritted his teeth, it the tone of this bear down, do not pay too much attention anyway, living with a dead man.

Significant natural Palace Road also received this purpose, such as Ma Gonggong left, Hua Jin Qiu Xi Yan Wan see his face not quite right, that he was dissatisfied with some purpose on this road, sidewalk: "I have much dealings with the Crown Princess although no but the Lin family home but affinity with China, she and I also claim to be handed over deep in conversation, as she is more than a few sticks of incense should be. "

"My heart understand," Qiu Jin Yan smiled and adjusted her Binbian her silver hairpin, and so asked to take care of Hua Xia Bai Wan Xi, Xi Wan Wah and then drove a palace.

After the first couple before the Crown Princess Ling incense, to Cheng Zhang Gong to the audience with the emperor, but Yang Guang Dian when the value of the eunuch said the emperor ill but not after them, they do not insist, lay in the palace after the ceremony he had to leave a.

"Just come Who?" By sitting in some dark house, Kai Lung Emperor heard some movement outside, deadpan asked.

"Back to the emperor, is just remarkable king asked the couple to give you." Ma Gonggong know the emperor bad mood, even with talk of the volume is reduced a lot, "they heard your physical discomfort, lay off ceremony at the palace and left. "

"I remember Princess looked very noticeable change my life, how they are husband and wife feelings?" Kai Lung Emperor peered bow hanging on the wall, made a bow

Only black suit with bow clouds ornamentation, because the room is too dark, not quite that lucky cloud can Qiaoqing.

Ma Gonggong did not expect the emperor would ask this question, stunned for a moment before cautiously opening:. "Are spread out considerably Princess Xiuwaihuizhong, which was very fond of the king, even Fuchu concubine nor, presumably affectionate husband and wife."

"Affectionate husband and wife ......" Kai Lung Emperor tone of some sickly, when it comes to the words but also with a hint of sarcasm taste, back to Magong Gong stunned sweating.

How significant the king and the emperor suddenly asked the obvious Princess?

"I have heard in the past, I thought just outside rumors, now think about it,These rumors may have some truth, "Kai Lung Emperor slightly lowered eyelids," you say, he who is more suitable to do with Yanbo Yi Prince? "

This is really a bolt from the blue, Ma Gonggong scared when even knelt down, shivering and said:. "Your Majesty's pardon, Your Majesty indulgences."

See him so timid appearance, Kai Lung Emperor face was showing a little satisfaction with the color, after raising his hand to let him up and said:. "Out of it, Suzaku Palace you look over there, I was assured."

Ma Gonggong lowered eyelids, silent back down.

Very dignified atmosphere of the hall, after the women who burn incense, sat to rest at a temple. Crown Princess died suddenly because, even if there are thousands of hearts grateful to the women of doubt, in this case also did not dare to venture opening.

Today Crown Princess did not, and her son would come in the day of the fire the moment of birth, lightning tombs, this is a large fierce Dake's life. Coupled with rumors that Prince is not out of his paternity, this identity is not suitable to inherit a large system.

Huangsun can not inherit the throne, but the emperor has no children below the knee, then the future emperor candidates only in cases of a room. On from the blood, Sheng Jun Wang, Wang is the most significant honor and right, just a few days ago rumors Sheng Dukes affair with the Crown Princess, Prince Sheng also because of improper conduct of public affairs, was free of the DPRK's position.

Both a comparison ......

Everyone glanced sits next to her and Hou Wan Hua Xi, the two behave naturally, does not seem the slightest gap, is indeed tolerant.

Hou why would other women around I do not know how to think, she looked down sneer, glanced side head look sad Hua Xi Wan, "significant Princess seems clear cut some."

"Two days is about as hot days because the appetite is not open," Wan Hua Xi face with Youse, "Yesterday my nightmares, Crown Princess wanted to talk about was actually passed away." Having said that, her eyes red, " we say to China and the Lin family or in-laws house it. "

Everyone around heard this, it suddenly remembered cousin significant Princess Crown Princess long ago married into the family, so doing we are also really affinity.

But Thanh princess so close to significant initiative of Princess, also really is a bit surprising, is it even Thanh Princess also considered significant Wang Jicheng large system may be greater yet?

Then everyone goes to see his wife sitting in the corner of righteousness KPMG, KPMG Unfortunately, the righteous God in the old lady, even if someone inquire with her, she is not the slightest tone leak, people can not find the slightest wrong with .

While Romer impatient Mingfu who deal with these different thoughts, but heart to understand, since her daughter married with the king, do not open before fleeing the right to fight for change, the Chinese family they bothered to sell his daughter to get wealth and status, naturally can not bear to drag her daughter hind legs.

If you can choose, she would prefer to marry the daughter of an ordinary family, even with the king in the future to do the emperor, she did not feel married into the royal family is a good choice.

Think of this, Romer worries Zhaohua evening Wan looked at the direction, just Wan Hua Xi also moving here to see the mother and daughter rightly, as one after another, they recover their calm eyes.

A mother who could not bear her suffering. Our parents were, how willing parents and siblings because they get bogged down.

But because nothing could not bear each other.When Ma Gonggong came to a temple, the girls of the family are coming Mingfu, he quickly glanced over at the crowd, randomly walked in front of Hua Xi Wan bend the bow: "Meet the obvious Princess slaves from His Majesty, to take care of Crown Princess chores on the hall. "

Crown Princess funeral rituals although the responsibility of the Ministry of Rites, but if the emperor in order to show their value to someone, send someone to help, can be considered a decent standard.

Magong Gong Cheng Zhang Gong is manifold, which is the highest position of the entire court eunuchs, the emperor sent him start to take care of, can really claim to be doing everything humanly possible.

In the eyes of others, perhaps the emperor move generosity, because the Crown Princess die may be unclear, the body of the stigma has not cleared yet. But for informed and Hou Wan Hua Xi, the emperor Kai Lung This looks a little like a joke.

I really do not know what to Kai Lung Emperor mood to send Ma Gonggong come?

As a father or as a ...... a man?

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