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By Butterfly's Shadow Beneath the Moon

Chapter 91 hanging

Chapter 91 hanging

Hua Xi Yan Jin Qiu said Wan heard of afterwards, not even surprised, until finally she was even a kind of feeling that day. She is not the same to play a small and Huayi Liu loving personality, but if it is because of his father's di brothers, she is not love with this person's temper Huayi Liu excessive contact.

Today, Huayi Liu kept the heart of this resentment, she was not disappointed or angry, in the final analysis, perhaps, or because they depend on China Liu did not really spend.

Huayi Liu heart with her sister With jealous, but she did not really deal with too Huayi Liu, so they have come this far three cousins, who also can not complain.

This simply does not matter who is right, Huayi Liu Ye, she and Chu Yu Hua Ye Hao, not who I am sorry, but because of the way the different options, different direction to go, and finally the rest of his life with different only.

"Send her to live Taoist meditation for two years now," Wan Hua Xi know, Yan Jin Qiu this thing to deal with their own, and so was left Huayi Liu a life, if he let himself shot deal, according to Liu Hua hesitation in life?

"Princess," White Summer concern said, "big girl holding such a thought, if ......"

"There is nothing in case of?" Hua Xi Road, Wan raised an eyebrow, "Do I really want to make a grab for the man to kill their own sisters do for you?"

Bai Xia Yi Zheng, some confusion.

"Put your mind of man, you do not need all sorts of calculations," Hua Xi Wan looked at herself in the mirror, 'calculations to feelings, but elusive, but can not deceive others had lied to his heart. Really should be entrusted life of men, should not let their women with other women battle, but keep your own good that myself. "

"Yes slaves wanted to Debu thoughtful, Princess You do not mind," White summer evening with many years in China, Wan around, knowing her temper, she now knows to say, this thing will not change, she instead said, "slaves know what you mean, not the kind of prince is also scheduled to play fast and loose man. slaves concern is the young lady went to the Taoist temple, in case you are not conducive to making things how should I do?"

"She will not have a chance," pick out a silver hairpin hair is inserted between Hua Xi Wan sadly from the jewelry box, "as long as into the Taoist temple, she did not want to pre-transparent, can not see any foreign visitors. "

Her not to Huayi Liu's life, does not mean she really was leaving Notre Dame Huayi Liu whatever they want, a Taoist wait outside the off guard by the palace of the people again for Huayi Liu, however.

Three days later, Hua Shilang home in suburban entropy women to a female Taoist self-cultivation, with her into the Taoist close except for two maids, and no others.

Huaqing Mao horseback, watching the door Taoist temple in front of their own customs, and depressed mood and complex, looked back at the house waiting behind the printed Nghe An emblem of the family wagon, Min Zhaochun angle rode to the front of the carriage: " brother, sister had entered the concept. "

He is not clear what his sister did, even angered his father and mother would opt dissatisfaction, even with Uncle uncle has always been not to intervene in their family home also agree with this. Although he was young, but not the ignorance of the people, allowing the entire family to make this decision Fahrenheit, it can only prove that her sister must have done something taboo or even affect the entire Chinese family thing."Spring Quarters this year, more than one-year extension because the palace things, you now young, he began to stay at home warm book, while anticipating the next year, we have more of a Chinese family Jinshi out," Hua Long Bao opened the curtain, he was Houfu Seiko, is the eldest son of Fahrenheit entropy pulse, so the future prospects Huaqing Mao still quite got the idea, "big girl in a Taoist temple will not be wronged, and you worry."

Any aristocratic families do not rely on a man or a woman to hold up, so the Chinese home more of a younger generation capability, then home for China, it is a good thing. Huaqing Mao had only read of, if it is because his mother Liu Chang and Huayi sake of imperial influence next year, and that is not worth the candle.

"Thank you, brother reminded his brother wrote down." Huaqing Mao hearing this, my heart a song, since big cousin to say these words, so his sister in the Taoist certainly will not be wronged.

"Ah," Hua Long Bao saw he was a sensible, so the addition of a sentence to say, "We move is good for her, offend some elegant, is killed is also possible, lead a clean life in some Taoist the bar is also a good way. "

Huaqing Mao erect surprised, when Chinese look at long bao, the other party has not wish to speak, he thought of a turn, we know that it can not ask her further questions, write down quietly after, they determined the matter buried in the bottom of my heart, so as not to bring disaster to the Chinese family.

To see him so, Hua Long Bao heart more satisfied, no wonder my sister had a letter from him to pay more training this cousin, and now it seems, or sister put it right.

Think of Wan Hua Xi, Yi Tan Hua Long Bao in my heart, even if the king was to be my sister no matter how good, he was still not at ease, now surging undercurrent inside the royal family, and my sister is on the kind of status, does not want involved in, is simply nonsense .

"Royal Highness, Hua Hua home and hydrostatic view of the young lady home to the suburbs of Beijing's retreat, our people still move?" Akebia handed him the following report written by, glanced carefully before reading the book case of Yan Qiu Jin, "the Princess and the young lady seems the feelings are not close."

"Chinese people are very clever at home, our people do not have to get involved," Qiu Jin Yan looked up floating through a wood saw, "some things before the master did not speak, do not have too many ideas servant."

"Little of the moment, seeking princes indulgences," Akebia stunned in a cold sweat, plop kneeling in front of Yan Jin Qiu. Recently, because of the implementation of the plan too well, so he was a bit carried away, now being reminded princes, he was suddenly shocked to find that he had just then been more his own identity: "Little of the future will certainly cautious and not make the wrong today. "

"Get up," Yan Jin Qiu flatly said, "It Princess

Is the value of your competence, the king will give you another chance, if in the future to repeat this mistake, to me you should not have to stay. "

"Small wrote down." Akebia out of the study, was aware of his own back have gray layer of fine sweat, just think of princes, he unconsciously looked toward the direction of the main hospital, but fortunately their daily work to Princess when too dedicated, Princess got blue eyes, or else this thing today, I'm afraid not so easy to over-expose.

"Grandpa three clear bless," Mu Tong could not help but overturned thanks to a prayer, then do not light not heavy slap shot his cheek,He considered himself a long memory.

Nap, Hua Xi Wan hazy feel that they made a very strange dream, half awake, she saw a blue phoenix suddenly fell down from the plane trees, plane trees and high trunk Fengyun let her could not see the ground, she appeared lost, the wind suddenly big play, and then she was shares of the wind to take the branches.

Instant hand of her dismay found that his hands turned into a pair of golden wings of a bird, she looked around speechless watching foggy, she is turned into a bird person?

"Princess, Wake up."

"Princess, Crown Princess in the Suzaku Palace hanged himself to death!"

Hua Xi Wan instantly awakened from a dream, opened his eyes and looked at I do not know when to appear in his bed with white summer Hongying, head for a moment some of the reactions: "What?"

"It just wood Explorer, Crown Princess died from hanging."

Hanged himself to death?

Hua Xi Wan stared sat up, rubbed his temples: "I will arise, as people wait on me change clothes."

Watermark Gongzhuang put on a plain, some of absence Hua Xi Wan sat before the mirror, Lin is really hanging hanging or man-made illusion?

She suddenly remembered that day in the hall in front of the Queen Mother, Lin for those words said to myself, when she felt something was amiss, because in those words, with a faint taste of some of the last words.

Is Lin really commit suicide? Wait until today she is to wait until I'm married sister permit Germany to go back?

"That little Huangsun it?" Hua Xi Lin Wan remembered knee less than six months old child, the mother said to the strong, Lin actually hanging choose this route, there are other reasons given.

Was going to come to God, when I heard Hongying said her hair string together well, Hua Xi Wan Chai looked glasses in the prime of his own black hair, he got up and said: "? Princes in Fuchu no"

"Royal Highness today not out of the government," white summer small channel, "Wood Explorer came to say, if looking for Princess Royal Highness, at any time can go."

Hua Xi Wan not often go to the palace of the study, this study of a courtyard, she noticed crude servant servant here seemingly ordinary people, but in reality very alert, because at the moment she stepped into the door, these people He shouted to her bow, not the slightest slack.

Because too neat, will make China Xi Wan surprised the world people's reactions fast or slow, and these people doing different things, unless those people would know when she has not she want to come into the yard, or do not so perfect.

All the way forward, when she went to the library door, she glanced at the door for her to play through the curtain of wood, nodded slightly after went inside.

"Are you coming?" Come in to see her, Qiu Jin Yan laughed and got up, took her in a sit down with yourself, noticed her too elegant dress, he put a smile sort of convergence: "This is for you Crown Princess distressed? "

Hua Xi Wan lowered eyelids, to cover up their own regret fundus: "I just feel some pity, she is also a big deal for her years older than me ......"

"You do not like her, do not casually than," Yan Qiu Jin squeezed her earlobe, lest she compared with the unlucky people died young, "Lin hanging, is quite upset, if she was dead, I'm afraid even she the children also retain his job. "

"The death of the Queen Mother with her about?"Hua Xi Wan-soon figured out one of the joints," Huang Sun's spread out rumors about a sensation, and even people with Yan Boyi involved with her, if she was alive, only to kill the Queen Mother worried about things to be discovered As Lin into trouble, and even Huangsun future can only live a day can not afford to lift the head. So she to die to prove their innocence, if not completely clear his suspicion, leaving at least a staunch reputation? "

Yan Jin Qiu hugged her: "Now you know, do not matter too much influence mood because, I heard a woman is often not happy, it will not be pretty."

Hua Xi Wan squinted at him: "So you see is me this face?"

Yan Qiu Jin: ......

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