Eight Treasures Trousseau

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The first 90 female Zhang Hua home

The first 90 female Zhang Hua home

After the Queen Mother was buried twenty-one days Kai Lung Emperor barely come out from grief, his face in front of ministers once again bestowed Mercy Corps Mercy Corps and benevolence, and the queen is the queen, the Queen Mother talked about his past to be good, can not help shed a tear.

"I am the mother died young, and fortunately tending to his mother, his mother's life thrifty love, do not like luxury, educated Prince Huang Sun dedication and effort, and now this the comfortable old age, but ......" Having said that, Kai Lung Emperor choked unspeakable, play the wave, let the eunuch behind for his award aims.

"I am married and with Fang nearly three decades, I Fang to be hands-on, I think that's virtuous side, after the place to be. Not in possession of material inside its evil, vicious man, kill the Queen Mother, I very sad very painful ......"

An imperial edict written many eloquent words, people finally listen to understand the meaning of these edicts, that I was innocent, I have been cheated by the Queen, and now I was very sorry, but after all, has many years of marital love and Fang points, so we decided to Queen relegated to the common people, and sent with the difference when Huanyi Board. And he was willing to share the sin Fang, the future Queen Mother copy for the daily chanting the book, I hope the Queen Mother afterlife longevity co-existence. Queen also helped to do bad things Fang, the beheading beheading, the exiled hair with the exile of exile, was sold to an official change of official prostitutes prostitutes, you do not require love it.

This is an emperor imperial decree, not only washed him, also erected a talk old friends but not indecisive imperial image. No matter how many people move to the royal family with, or at least some of the people were cheated out of critical focus all concentrated in the party's body.

Empress Dowager of this poison is major shaking, so Kai Lung Emperor's edict came out, they told the world, let the world people have seen his determination and difficult.

Lok Ma Fang, Prince did not, and was demoted to the common people to Queen Huan Yi Bureau made a low palace women, the past no one dared to end its edge and princess suddenly become very low profile in the capital, those beautiful princess House servant also dismissed, said the disease is not goodbye outside off.

But though she now learns a low-key, for those who had been oppressed her, the princess is their heart and end a thorn, and now no one moved her, she just did not want to get a reputation just adding insult to injury. After the heat until things disappear, the family of nobles will still have so much virtue, that is, who do not know a thing.

End and princess Archduchess identity, being no one to move her, but Minhui Princess is now in an awkward position, capital Everyone knows she is the Queen of relying on end and princess, the first fall of the Queen, and Princess also end Princess House does not come out hiding, she became the daughter of some family object of ridicule.

A disgraced Princess, Princess no background support, but it is the face of scenery. She sometimes appeared in various poetry feast, the women of those who have suffered side and the Princess will make things difficult for the polite surface, but in reality everywhere in the inner things difficult, but she can only be endured. And because the identity of some of the women, if she wanted to refuse to attend, will give others an excuse to attack.

Awkward status so she recently more careful, but also secretly glad that recently due to the mourning for the Queen Mother, can not wantonly Bai Yan, she did not often appear on various occasions.

Days after the heat of filial piety,The capital of binding the hands of the family of nobles finally started low-key fun, though not too much noise, but elegant tea party activities like poetry, or activities like weddings and marriage, but also can be continued.

Past praised talented people Minhui Princess no longer the limelight, made poetry is mediocre, try not to Quduo people limelight, but nevertheless, will make life difficult for someone with her.

The end of a awkward poetry, Minhui Princess drove back to the House, half way to her driving them suddenly stopped, and then heard the coachman servant said to be in front of the Prince of driving them through, her traveling needs is retracted.

She kicked off Julian, saw as a top with apricot, embroidered and six, driving them through the four-claw dragon Obscure, when she saw hanging in the words of jade tablets on the carriage, he looked a little startled agitated.

The original palace was significantly carriage.

At this moment, people across the carriage suddenly opened the curtains to reveal a powder but it can not be applied attracted many men haggard face, her hands upon her curtain slightly tight, Hua Xi Wan?

Hua Xi Wan did not expect this case to be able to, she nodded politely and Yuan Shuyi, toward each other to reveal a pale smile.

"See what?" Yan Jin Qiu close to her, looked toward the outside, see the opposite is someone the women's carriage, suddenly rested mind watching, sight back said, "I'm just in the yard of Houfu, careless encounter Huashi Lang to the girl home. "

Hua Xi Wan stunned for a moment to react, he said Qiu Jin Yan is his big cousin Huayi Liu. Aware that he looked something was amiss, she frowned, "how was she?" Her big cousin temperament or not, so the relationship to alienate some very recent and because intercourse with her, so I do not know really big cousin to do What makes Yan Jin Qiu unhappy things.

"If Huashi Lang reluctant daughter, had a good upbringing with," Yan Qiu Jin Hua Xi Wan because of the sensibilities, the words were too bad, "after all, and turn from women, the government quietly stay in their own heart it is good."

Today He is accompanied by Wan Wah evening back home to visit, Xi Wan alone in order to allow more than talk with his family, he deliberately offered to visit the yard Shangju, who knows China could even met up big girl home, the person said some unclear if.

Think of their own princess for this woman came to play bad cop Zhou, the woman turned around and the result will be thinking about the princess's own men, Yan Jin Qiu will be some guilty of nausea. What kind of woman he has not seen, what kind of things never heard of, Huayi Liu's mind, and he more or less understand.

He was not worth Hua Xi Wan, but yet do not want to put this thing to tell her, lest her dirty ears.

Although Yan Jin Qiu put it mildly, but to Hua Xi Wan's transparent, she only

Need a little think about it, you can come to understand his cue.

Put down the curtain, like Hua Xi Wan's brow contracted little bit helpless, she did not think Huayi Liu would play such thoughts. Migraine glanced at the men around, Jian Mei Star eyes, face, such as Guan Yu, personable, easy to provoke indeed a woman's troubles.

Think of it, she sighed, Chu Yu Hua had two cousin marriage will be a good time, but because these things out of the Royal, Chu Yu Hua and Lin hurt Germany's marriage certificate dragged on,Set in the last days of the month.

Do only hope this month the Royal identity of people dead, otherwise the marriage had to be tabled.

It seems they are Chinese girl home marriage twists and turns, but only sister's marriage but sometime, eventually people get bent, the first white separated.

Watched the remarkable palace carriage lopsided, Minhui Princess Lost curtain down, and realized it said:. "Let's go"

Chu Yu Hua married the same day, cloudless blue sky, Wan Hua Xi hand for her to plug dragon and phoenix wishful hairpin, and then took the happy Mother delivery to the hijab, for her cover slowly: "Today, although married sister to the Lin family, but you will always be her Chinese family, and will always be my sister. Do not be afraid, we are standing behind you. "

Hijab shaking slightly, Chu Yu Hua Hua Xi Wan firmly grasp the hand, and realized he said:. "Sister, do not worry."

Hua Xi Wan heart of a dynamic, anti shook Chu Yu Hua's hand, then the door to the sound of firecrackers sounded, she looked back at the positive Ma Lei Yao, Hua Chu Yu patted the back of the hand: "take care of themselves . "

"Good." Chu Yu Hua voice choked, outside voices getting closer, she slowly loosen the grip the Hua Xi Wan's hand, until the sound of firecrackers sounded outside the room, she assumed a dignified sitting.

As a Chinese woman home, even if married, is also the home of China with grace and tolerance, she was not just her, but also on behalf of the entire Chinese family. The Hua family is behind her home, all her what is fear?

At that moment the door opened, Hua Xi Wan see the forest certificate German face, long body Yuli, a groom red robe Chende he Chunhongchibai, but features very tough, giving a sense of correct and reliable.

Chu Yu Hua's brother Cong Hua Pu Hua Chu Yu on her own stoop, in bursts of firecrackers sound in, put her into the sedan.

Lin Zhaohua German certificate grateful to the family elders walk through the ceremony, before turning launched, beaming with a sedan chair to leave.

Looking sedan grew farther away, fighting back tears, could not Yanmianerqi Yao, Hua Xi Wan comfort a few, turned around and see Huayi Liu looked blankly Chu Yu Hua sedan leave direction, do not know what to think.

Seems to have realized Hua Xi Wan look at her, according to Liu Hua shoved back, and looked strange Hua Xi Wan looked at, turned into the door.

Wan Wah standing behind white summer evening and noticed the HY-Hua Chu Yu this look, opt for a wrinkled brow, big girl What does this mean?

"Miss ......" Chu Yu Hua behind the maid carefully looked at her gloomy face, "Princess just ......"

Chu Yu Hua footsteps meal, turned glared maidservants, eyes are gloomy anger: "Shut up, princess so what, do not want to wait on me like a maid like her?"

Little maidservants stunned, this is how Miss, Princess just obviously no other meaning, miss this point was really too far.

"Of course I can marry than Hua Chu Yu Houfu future wife of Prince Hou do," according to Liu Hua sneer, "Ms. Wang Feiyu people Hou is a trail, I have married this woman and yet extraordinary from the , is anything? "

"My dear lady, this is Sanye your family," the maid heard these words muddy, scared face downcast, busy turned glanced around, "you do not say."

Huayi Liu inviting mouth smiled, looked at the yard covered with bright red, slowly lowered eyelids, resumed normally Guadan appearance.

"Royal Highness?" Akebia bent over the back, carefully said, "Princess is still waiting for you in front of it."

"I know," Yan Jin Qiu casual glances Huayi Liu back, floating on the opening Akebia, "go back to the matter told the princess, you do not have to hide it."

To deal with Huayi Liu for him, it is a simple thing to do. But he did not want to play with Hua Xi Wan unnecessary misunderstanding, let such a thing is clear evening Wan himself to handle better.

For if such a person is not important, they cause marital discord, it would be too uneconomical.

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