Eight Treasures Trousseau

By Butterfly's Shadow Beneath the Moon

The first 89 chapters funeral

The first 89 chapters funeral

"Boom." "Boom."

Palace sounded the death knell, a full seven loud sound before it stopped.

Queen Tianlao slumped sit on the floor in a long while before laughing and crying and said:. "Over, all over."

She married the emperor and the hairpin, and later became the queen under a person above the people, and the success of the emperor gave birth to offspring, she is destined to be the fate of the original splendor I, but why would an instant became a prisoner?

If the Queen Mother is still alive and they still had a fighting chance Fang, now the Queen Mother did not, the whole world of people think that she was suffering from the Queen Mother, they are full ...... Fang

Empress before dying, did not forget to praise Wang Xiaoshun significant, then the pen historian, addition of a record of Yan Jin mound.

Pro before the Queen Mother had a saying: Ziling, too dutiful son, Ai Jia to the fearless, the only worry this child, hope their emperor good also.

Gao Su are hung throughout the capital, Dili Kai Lung order to show their filial piety, but regardless of their identity, for the Queen Mother Pimadaixiao, also vegetarian day, the Queen Mother often mention his past to be good, can not help but wail large cry.

Zhefan behavior Kai Lung Emperor, and finally restore some of his Rensiao name, although there are still a lot of people thought he was put on a show, but finally the surface is very tolerable.

Out of all kinds of rumors about poisoning the Queen Dowager had already spread beyond recognition, perhaps in nature that people will hold a respect for the dead, so these rumors, the Queen's mostly how vicious behavior, the Queen Mother a lonely old lady in harem how sad day.

There are people who deliberately spread the Queen Dowager eat ginseng gelatin bad things, very snub to the Queen Mother.

Queen's reputation plummeted, almost no different from women drug scourge the country, and even many of Mr. Queen's described as a storyteller to only know how to intrigue, no slightest kindness of monster, or how Prince will be so bad, certainly not the Queen Prince teach.

"The world always used to blame the poor child's mother is not a good education, the child if the breath is the father, like son," Wan Wah evening playing with the plain silver hairpin hands, slowly □□ own hair between, wipe all the powder on the face, "Queen though not a good person, but not so bad rumors, she just ......"

Hua Xi Wan suddenly stop Buddist, looking around wearing a plain linen robe Yan Jin Qiu, "outside those rumors ......"

"I have nothing," Qiu Jin Yan from the box to pick up a plain silver bracelet to wear to her hand, then glanced at her hair just to fix the hair of three plain silver hairpin, "the queen has fallen to the point that I was not worthwhile to go again effortless for her. "

Hua Xi Wan heard smiled, "I'm not asking this rumor, but those rumors about Huang Sun's."

"This is God's warning," Yan Jin Qiu Lile robe, linen robe very rough, but is wearing a silk tunic personal comfort, the idea is not uncomfortable, "just like the world to believe what they think, and I do not have much relationship. "

"Oh," Hua Xi Yan Jin Wan smiled and remove the mound to put it on the plain silver bracelet, "filial piety of heat, wear this to do."

Looking at the makeup of Hua Xi Wan, Yan Jin Qiu sigh: "I always do not have the heart to let you be the slightest grievance."

Wan Hua Xi smiled and squeezed his hand earlobe:. "Glib"

Wan Hua Xi backhand hold hands on her cheeks Yan Qiu Jin stole a kiss: "This is my truth."

"Did you hear it?"


Hua Xi Wan eat and laughed: "Trust a man and a mouth, it is better to believe that the day can go to hell."

"Nonsense," Qiu Jin Yan helpless smile, he did not think Hua Xi Wan even dare to say such a shock, then, take her hand into his arms, "That can not let other people hear."

"You are not someone else," Hua Xi Wan threw each other a flirtatious, after Yan Jin Qiu eyes seeing more and more hot, backhand pushed him away, got up Lile own clothes, "Royal Highness was ready to look at it the palace, this is a hot filial it. "

Helpless smile, Yan Jin Qiu said:. "I understand."

Both day to the palace for the Queen Mother cried the Spirit, because the weather is too hot, so after Astronomical see live, decided to let the Queen Mother Tingling fourteen days buried, this is the shortest period of time when the guitar.

Gold stood around the coffin of the Queen Mother countless pots of ice, ice, etc. of the half, we should put on the new ice, so as not to spoil the Queen Mother's corpse, but even so, when Wan Hua Xi into the hall, still feel mixed with sandalwood taste a variety of candles, made her very uncomfortable.

She was kneeling on the futon, listening to the mournful cry of the Spirit who cries, a picture of the paper money thrown into the bowl through the fire she looked at the Queen Mother's coffin, my heart kind of speechless feeling complicated. Queen Mother in this harem, can be considered the last laugh characters, who would have thought she would die from such means.

She did not believe in the matter but to the Queen, my heart is perhaps the emperor did not believe, but it is too conclusive evidence, if the emperor is willing to stand up and speak for the Queen, if the verdict is not successful, then in the eyes of the world , the emperor is to have thought of harboring Queen, deliberately delay.

Queen accompanied the emperor for many years, but now people are plotted against the danger I'm afraid she's not a man risking his own reputation destroyed, and speaks out for her.

A white shadow knelt beside her, she turned and looked at a person, slightly bowed:. "Crown Princess"

"Well significant Princess," Crown Princess few paper money thrown into the pot, with a handkerchief wiped his reddish eyes but no tears, "Princess looks clear cut some, but also to a lot of spare body."

"But in recent days did not sleep well is nothing," Hua Xi Road, Wan Dimeishunyan, "Huang Sun Princess has just given birth soon, how

What can come here? "If she did not count the days wrong, then, Crown Princess not a month, right?

"I just wanted to be buried in front of the Queen Mother, look at her old," Lin finished talking, he threw a stack of paper money, and he saw the fire growing pot, her deadpan, "coupled with the princess heard here, I wanted to see more of. "

Hua Xi Wan does not know the meaning of her words, she did not speak.

"We hear that Princess cousin and my brother set the wedding?" Lin Hua Xi Wan do not care do not open, straight road, "My brother was a reliable man, your family's Chinese girl to marry him, do not worry about wronged. "

Hua Xi Wan then burning paper, do not let the fire go out of the basin: "above the hall,I think is not suitable to talk about these issues. "

"You're right," Lin front of the Queen Mother's coffin heavy knock three ring head, the hands of all the paper money thrown into the flames, "This festive thing on here too outdated."

Hua Lin Xi Wan noticed something was amiss, frowned, hesitated for a moment opening: "Please Crown Princess also take care of the body, Huang Sun Highness also need you to do."

Lin smiled, laughed and now this is a very large hall on the road is not evil, but Hua Xi Wan happens to see the infinite sorrow and grief from this smile.

"I used to think, if I did not marry into the Royal, a woman like you given me very happy to close," Lin Hua Xi Wan gently shook hands, "Unfortunately, the world is not so much if or if, significant Princess, may you not like us. "

She said these words, stood up from the futon, a deep bow toward the Queen Mother's coffin, turned and strode away from the hall.

"Princess," Hua Xi Wan had the feeling that some things wrong, busy looked back, only to see Lin pull off but straight spine.

She froze for a god, see you later about to extinguish the fire pot, busy throwing back a few chapters paper money, not consciously brow wrinkled up.

Just then, another man knelt at her side, is Xuwang Shi Fei son, they both nodded to each other and each other the silent sit monotonous and boring things to come.

Half an hour later, the child Ningwang Shi Fei and Thanh Princess replace two of their position, they have to kneel before rubbing his numb legs slowly out of the hall, the hall of the house is also a lot of guarding the royal tribe, each of them a face pathos, as if the Queen Mother has a respected position as supreme in their hearts.

Yan Jin Qiu Xi Wan Wah to see out walking posture also something wrong, I knew she was kneeling too long knee uncomfortable, could not help but stepped forward to hold her to sit down on a wooden chair next to, but under a large crowd he was not do anything else, but to gently pinched her palm.

Xuwang Shi Fei child sat down on the other side, she and Wan Hua Xi as a right, nodded to each other again.

Xuwang Shi Fei son thought, if not here is the Queen Mother of the hall, probably with the king will certainly not help but rub Princess for significant knee bar. She originally thought to be significantly noticeable Wang Princess but hokey, but now they feel that if this is not the real feelings, less pronounced king was horrible, because a person would trick play to the point, I do not know myself there more ruthless ?

Shifts a day after Royal juniors finished kneel spirit, white lanterns hung on the carriage ride back to his mansion, then the next day and then the case.

Queen Mother was buried that day, the weather is sunny, the sky hung the morning sun is enough to put people roast.

Hua Xi Wan and Yan Jin Qiu sitting in the carriage forward, whenever the team to stop, they will have to lower carriage trekking kneeling ceremony until after the ritualists Speaking to move up the carriage.

After such a torment halfway, Hua Xi Wan felt after they were about to roast adults did, secretly drank a few mouthfuls of herbal tea in the carriage, just feel good about that.

The coffin was taken to the imperial tombs, and Empress Dowager Ci to the name of the late emperor buried, Mausoleum close the door, all the spirits who opt to send kneeling rows and three thanks to nine call gift, the emperor personally read an article written by myself after the prayer,Everyone was ordered to get up.

Before the carriage, Hua Xi Wan could not help but looked back behind the mausoleum, and my heart kind of speechless feeling bleak.

"Watch your step," Qiu Jin Yan gently hold her hand and softly said, "hot outside, get inside it."

Looked back at the man standing on their side, Wan Hua Xi smiled, stepping on a footstool into the carriage.

Yan Jin Qiu followed into the carriage, see Hua Xi Wan sweating like Inside, hidden in the sleeve out of brocade handkerchief, for she was careful to wipe sweat from his face, "go back and get a good sleep."

Wan Hua Xi backhand shook his hand, smiled and said:. "Good"

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