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By Butterfly's Shadow Beneath the Moon

Chapter 88 phoenix death

Chapter 88 phoenix death

"Is not your hands contaminated through killings?" Queen casual smile, "Now you are fledgling, buy the people around me to poison the Queen Mother, which led me to get into jail, I'm as good as others I recognize a. but you do not need to put on a compassionate look, kettle black, you can not clean and better than I where to go. "

Lin smile slightly stiff surface, then said: "! You can only boast a tongue fast, I'll let you look at the whole Fang how to fall."

Queen's casual finally face became pale: "` What do you mean? "

"Boring," Lin listening to the sound of thunder outside, chuckled, "thunder out really sweet, Queen Goddess, you enjoy the last few days has queen of it in prison, perhaps In the near future, you Princess is sin, not the Queen. "

Queen of the handle through the prison fence, grabbed Lin's clothes: "You want to do what the other house?!"

Lin pull their Qunjiao, the Queen of the heel of the hand fiercely: "You did when I compare notes, in relation to think there will be retribution that day!"

"Ah!" Drilling bone pain for the Queen could not help but scream out loud, "Lin, you hope to die!"

"Has been living in hell who have nothing to fear death," Lin laughed, almost laughing, tears, "I just pity the innocent baby since he was born in vain was ruined reputation, become someone else the eyes of the world and bring disaster yaoxing. He Koo little children, you harm people when rumors spread out my children, but also ever thought about leaving a trace of room for my mother. "

Queen hesitated, looked at her stunned Lin: "? Do you think those things I did."

"You do not play so realistic," Lin sneer, "You ruined my child's life, you Fang I'm going to change over the door!"

Lin pushed to his feet, adjusted her Binbian silver hairpin. Although no powder on her face the slightest, but supple skin enough to make up numerous deficiencies.

She walked out of prison, looking out of the rain, I do not hesitate to stride forward into the rain curtain.

"Master, you are now insufficient to give birth in January, has been greatly go bad, how can rain, but in the future to be the root cause of falling." Maidservants behind her busy for her to hold up an umbrella to cover the sky rain, but the rain too, despite holding an umbrella, there are still a lot of rain blown Lin's face.

Lin nonchalant smile, great strides continue to move forward.

She is now standing in the center of this turmoil of power, so what's the future.

Empress palace, squeeze a bunch of imperial physician in a temple, standing outside Yan's family a lot of people, with the Queen Mother longer the coma, the crowd outside the temple of the royal family face even more ugly.

When they Yan's royal family turned out a poison Queen Dowager, and now think that it exists scandal is also not cover the cover, it is doomed to go down in the.

Think of this, Yan's royal family everyone's face even more ugly, I am afraid that after thousands of years, as long as someone mentioned Yan's dynasty, do not forget that it exists scandal.

Daughter kill her mother, which was filial, Empress Dowager poisoning, which was unfaithful. Wang Wei prove ungrateful people, but why this year the Queen is the emperor insisted canonized.

The presence of Kai Lung Emperor's face is the most ugly look,He played so many years of dutiful son, and now he's poisoned the Queen Dowager, not only to his previous efforts come to naught, but also let him in this life stained with indelible stain.

Queen Mother is not well known to his mother, even if he used up all kinds of reasons, I'm afraid these people would not believe him. I do not know the future will be how to assess student who matter, how will evaluate him?

Few emperors do not care about records of their history books, Kai Lung Emperor same. Think of future generations of people may misunderstand and therefore something of their own, Kai Lung Emperor would feel my heart can not extinguish a burning fire.

"The emperor, with the king and princess to the significant."

Kai Lung Emperor looking toward the door, and Qiu Jin Yan from Fahrenheit hurried, Yan Jin Qiu hem gown was drenched by the rain, but also with wrinkles on clothes. Fahrenheit while wearing uniforms, hair is a simple bun down, covered with beautiful embroidered shoes because sewage, and become dusty.

If two people usually look at this piece of face St., it will make people think it is the Imperial lost instrument. But now the Queen Mother in critical condition, while significantly raising the Queen Mother Wang is over, so the couple refused to change clothes then came the Royal Palace, is again demanding people, it will only be considered both a Santa Claus, let people moving.

In the capital who do not know the king was very personable and significant glamorous princess, who met when the two men so embarrassed, we can see how anxious the two along the way.

Yan and Qiu Jin Hua Xi Wan both knees in front of Kai Lung Emperor, Yan Jin Qiu no excuse, direct civil action and said:. "Hill and within the sub-imperial lost instrument, seeking to punish the emperor."

"My fair niece and Yin Zhixi please hurry on, you two mind I understand, the Queen Mother will presumably because of your filial piety and touching," Kai Lung Emperor reddish eyes, hands propped Yan Jin Qiu, voice choked "I now ...... I deserve ah." he then covered his face with his sleeve no image to cry.

Wan Hua Xi bowed silently, which Kai Lung Emperor to whiten their own, but also quite fight. Crying in front of so many people have used this tactic, just do not know in the eyes of others is really sad or deliberately acting up.

"Please emperor need not be so, Huang Ping grandmother minister daily to talk about your filial piety and caring for her elderly, occurs today than, is no one expected," Yan Jin Qiu a red eyes, the moment they broke down in tears crying, "Oh that Huang Chen Chen ...... grandmother physical well-being, peace, no longer ask for anything more."

See Yan Jin Qiu also cry ... the level of Oscar-winner, Wan Hua Xi sigh, I did not expect heavy work, she would also like to re-live the old operation, this is really a sad story


"Royal Highness, you do not do this," Hua Xi Wan holds a corner of a handkerchief no image rubbing his eyes, quickly cried breath, put a scared and afraid and worried that her husband interpretation of the head of the woman, "If Wong grandmother so you know not spare the body, to be healed imperial grandmother, would not have to feel bad for your body, you ...... you do not be sad. "Qiu Jin Yan mouth pressing, do not be sad, she cried extreme grief.

Yan Qiu Jin Hua Xi Wan grabbed, and despite the presence of other royal people, weep and said:. "Today, I would like to kneel here at Queen's grandmother bullied, Oh that Huang grandmother turned the corner, body Kangtai""Royal Highness, I should accompany you."

"Your body is weak, can not ......"

"Husband and wife are one, your heart is sad Wong grandmother worried about, I should do so it would have the heart to look at you?"

Many women of this scene is moved, and could not help but red eyes.

King was really a dutiful boy, which was also a virtuous Princess filial good wife, how did they feel significantly princess had plenty of beauty, not worth it with the king loved it. It is too biased, the princess is significantly more than a good woman ah.

The emperor looked rather Wangjing Pei Xian Wang also cried a couple than a sad, silent wiped my face, looked back at the outside Pide day moving to the thunder, and my heart felt faint as the acting trio impressed.

No, it should be two people, three men inside, I'm afraid the only significant Princess comes from the heart wept. Woman is always with men, and this king was sad, she naturally followed sad. Unfortunately, she probably did not know the men around not really sad, but put on a show.

"The emperor, Empress Dowager wake up!"

Everyone looked shocked to see the king was a couple, it really touched by this filial piety two days to allow a coma for several hour of the Queen Mother woke up?

Even ning were a little surprised, even the original world there is such a coincidence that matter?

Queen Mother woke up, does not mean that the Queen Mother on the right, the crowd into the sanctuary, to see the Queen Mother by sitting on the bed, his eyes lively as ever, and my heart thumped, this is ...... using borrowed?

But who is to say such a thing, but honestly knees, waiting for the Queen Mother speaker.

"You have come?" Empress gaze swept him from the crowd, and finally left in the Yan Jin Qiu, and she smiled towards Yan Jin Qiu beckoned, "Ziling to Huang grandmother here."

"Imperial grandmother," Yan Jin Qiu busy wiping his eyes with his sleeve, trying to make his voice becomes natural, "your body feel better?"

"No better for it," the Queen Mother looked at the front of the house, sighed, "Ai Jia lived for 25 years in this palace, and take a rest."

Yan Jin Qiu took her warm hands did not speak.

"You're a good boy, all in Ai Jia Huang Sun, only your most obedient, before leaving can now look at, Ai Jia can rest assured," Empress suddenly look to the emperor, "then your mother humble origins, the late emperor let you keep on my knees, Ai Jia did not consider themselves ill-treat you, but Ai Jia did not expect, it would be mourning in your hands the Queen. "

Kai Lung Emperor kneeling body slightly flash, he did not expect the Queen Mother even in the presence of so many people that he came from humble mother. He looked glanced at the corner being fired off letters of the historian, his face Shen Shen, bear down.

"It is enough, Ai Jia old, the earlier you can stop." Her Majesty the Emperor suddenly look behind, "late emperor coming?"

Kai Tai Lung behind a cold, he could not help but looked back behind him, behind the empty nothing.

Empress suddenly snapped: "The emperor!"

Her life to Yan's royal family, came before his death, was suddenly discovered that her late emperor was full of hate.

The last time her gaze swept Yan Jin Qiu, she killed the child's mother, drive a wedge between him and his father's feelings,Before his death would help him now.

"The emperor, Ai Jia's good to Ziling, he is a filial child."

She said the presence of so many people face this sentence, even if the emperor with suspicion after the date of the heart, also can not be this child's life.

If only ......

She flashed scenery year when the board phoenix seat, mouth emerges a smile, breathed his last.

Qiu Jin Yan suddenly felt the palm of the hand trembling a little, then there is no longer movement.

He lengleleng, between the index finger trembling breath out into the Queen Mother, gradually becomes sad sight: "! Wong grandmother."

Hua Xi Wan stared looked up at the woman in bed Feng, Yan family dynasty this most beautiful woman, so no?

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