Eight Treasures Trousseau

By Butterfly's Shadow Beneath the Moon

Chapter 87 poisoned

Chapter 87 poisoned

What is the capital of the largest recent anecdote that?

That is, when Crown Princess birth, evergreen next to the tombs by lightning, there was also a fire near the capital. When this miracle average person born can not this treatment, but there are no such signs might as well.

Some people come out and say, this is Yaoxing incarnate Huang Sun, the whole country will bring a disaster. Some also say that this is God's warning and Yan Jiazu cases, because this is simply not the Prince Huang Sun child, but the Crown Princess and Prince Sheng Tong / born of rape.

Negative gossip is always better than welcome praise someone else's words, spread the fastest speed, and soon news about the birth of Crown Princess Yaoxing adultery with others, spread throughout the country, even in remote places some of the rumors have become Crown Princess sexual immorality and wild men, inhuman birth to a humanoid monster brings disaster.

Human fantasy is said, though not entirely believe, but it is definitely holding awe, not to mention rumors of Huang Sun travels a nose with eyes, so that those who believe otherwise are not so dubious start up.

"So, outside of the rumors is that you Huangsun long three eyes and six arms, black skin, fangs dense?" Wan Wah evening sipping tea, waving fans Yanzui laughed, "This is what now What a mess. "

HY smiled and said: "No one has ever seen people outside Huang Sun, the more mass the more outrageous rumor, not a normal thing?"

Wan Hua Xi smiled, but turned around and think this thing is too coincidental, she looks forward to coming thunderstorm, Crown Princess will give birth, and which it is not mine hack, chop evergreen tombs, but also there was a fire in the house, although burned some property, but people did not hurt, as if someone know will trouble a house on fire, to rescue people like in advance.

"White summer, when the fire of those who in the house, who saved under?" She gently clutching his lower abdomen, today to menstruation, not only can not eat ice bowl, ice house can not even put this too hot and uncomfortable, really the whole body is not comfortable.

"I heard that Wei Wei Temple patrol happened to pass by, he gave the people rescued, but unfortunately the fire is too large, although people rescued, but the house was burned down some," Bai Hua Xia know Wan bitter summer evening, they called a hot towel to wipe her face to cool her, she handed screw down the veil of the hands of China Xi Wan, continued, "It so happened, this Wei Wei Hou Temple patrols used to be adult and management, adult and later went to the supreme court, he raised his deputy out to replace the vacancy. "

"Hou?" Mentioned this person, Hua Xi Wan first thought is an honest face and body upright, "I heard he suffered a lot of grievances in the supreme court, I do not know how the?"

"Some days preceding the impeachment Dali temple, was dismissed after Dali temple, there are adult and fill the vacancy, and now he is Dali temple," he said Wan Xi Bai Hua Xia took the handkerchief used, "people outside Zhang said that people are stupid is as stupid does, they have totally forgotten long ago people laughed at Queen stubborn man, not lifting it. "

"Most of the world that," rub under the neck and arm, Hua Xi Wan felt his body finally not so sticky it, they feel very good, "I see this Hou luck also quite good."

She looked up and glanced at the door, outside suddenly the wind comes up, seem to have to start the next heavy rain.

"Royal Highness back to the House yet?" She suddenly remembered Yan Qiu Jin seemed particularly busy lately, although still try to find time to stay with her every day, but at night from his sleep speed point of view, he recently spent several energy is absolutely usual times.

"Slaves do not know, or slaves go ask about it." White Summer glanced outside rickety wind blew loquat tree, next to the basin of the HY-handed, it is necessary to go out.

"It's going to rain, you do not go out," Hua Xi Wan went to the door, enjoying the wind forces of nature, and then pointed not far robes whipped Yan Jin Qiu, "That's not back yet ? "

White turned around and looked at the summer, see Royal Highness is with a few valet came over, he smiled and retreated to the side stood still.

"The wind was so big, standing in the doorway of what to do?" Yan Qiu Jin Hua Xi Wan touched the door fingertips, found her hands a thin layer of cold sweat, some concern and asked, "how so hot weather is cold sweats ,Physical discomfort?"

"Hot hair was standing in the doorway," Hua Xi Wan Minato whispered in his ear said something, to see him looking after became less comfortable before stroking the lower abdomen Road, "Now you know how the matter?"

Yan Jin Qiu dry cough was heard, glanced around the servant, whisking them after the retreat, the Hua Xi Wan threw on the bed, then reached out and gently rubbed her belly, "If you are not comfortable , sleep for a while, to the time with dinner, I invite you. "

Perhaps because the first time to do such a thing, Yan Jin Qiu's action is very strange and stiff, and not dare to use too much effort, rub a little long time, just creeping in place, prompting Hua Xi Wan dissatisfied complain He said: "you are still rubbing his stomach tickle it to me?"

Yan Jin Qiu strength increased the number, after rubbing a while, to see people in bed breathing becomes uniform, heavy sleep over, only to hand back gently, covered for her silk was cool.

Outside suddenly heard the sound of crackling, like from the sky suddenly poured down a lot of rain in general, he went to the window, watching the rickety storm was beaten banana tree, and I feel very good squint a blind eye.

Suddenly thunder sounded, he shoved go back to bed Wan Wah evening, seeing that she was not awakened by thunder, quickly went to the bed and sat down, hand gently patting the bulge of quilts, listening to the rain outside the window , gentle eyes almost can make people into a puddle of water.

Brush the rain, it brings not noisy, more like another quiet and serene.

Wan Hua Xi woke up, found himself sitting next to a

Personal, twisted turned to see Yan Jin Qiu leaning against the bed holding the book to see her over her mouth and yawned: "the room so dark, how to read this?"

"Nothing, quiet here," Qiu Jin Yan threw the book aside and got up and walked to the window after the window closed, only to once again sit next to Hua Xi Wan, "such as dinner just a moment, you go up and wash your face . "Then she clapped her hands, waiting outside the servants filed into the room.

"How do you close the window, and so hot." Wan Hua Xi out of bed, let maidservants who wait on hand dress."You're just up in bed, hot and cold susceptibility to disease, first put on his clothes again," Yan Jin Qiu helpless sigh, "At night I gave orders Shanfang, let them do all taste light cuisine . "

"Oh," I know the other is for their own good, not Bushihaodai Wan Hua Xi people, it can only obediently dressed, combed after makeup, people get to open the window.

She bent over the window pleasant wind blowing, Qiu Jin Yan also did not forget to also pull over together with his tummy: "How long under the rain outside?"

"You fell asleep shortly after the beginning of the next," Yan Jin Qiu hand drawn after the next to her cheek hair around the ear, and then said, "These days you stayed in the palace, will not be bored?" recently because of tense political situation, the house have reduced recreational activities, he worried Wan Xi stay in the house every day, he will be bored out sick.

He shook his head, smiling Hua Xi Wan said: "I purpose in this life is to eat all you want, drowsy sleep, can not think that nobody told me to go out the door to go out and more tired, always careful to speak it fills encounter position. but also to salute the high flattery, you say upset? "

"So exhausted the patience, I do not know how really brought out," Qiu Jin Yan chuckle out loud, "do not love to go out do not go out after one day, you will not bow to anyone."

Hua Xi Wan: Oh, even if one day he became emperor, he would not let her bow their heads in it there is a queen mother, she can not salute?

"Newspaper! Queen Mother was dying!"

Wan Hua Xi swear, curse the Queen Mother she absolutely no meaning!

"How is it?" Yan Qiu Jin Hua Xi Wan response beyond expectation calm, she did not speak came and looked at the door of Akebia, then suddenly awoke, it seems that every time something big happens, reported to Qiu Jin Yan almost all of Akebia.

Her eyes through the wood with Yan Jin Qiu on them slip of the lap, it seems very popular with Yan Jin Mu Tong Qiu trust?

"I heard that afternoon, the Queen Dowager Empress to send a pastry, shortly after the Queen Mother with, they feel unwell, results imperial doctor has not come yet, they spit blood, the imperial doctor came later discovered that the Queen Mother had been poisoned , a poison and Queen sent exactly the same cake. "

Queen's own pastry to go to the Queen Mother carrying poison? Queen she is not brain-dead, she would do such a stupid thing?

It seems that the Queen had been framed.

"Queen of it?" Hua Xi Wan began, "Queen imprisoned up yet?"

"The people have the supreme court Queen's charge into the prison by a heavily guarded," said Mu Tong stunned for a moment, "but now the case is yet to be determined, Her Majesty is still in a coma."

"Preparation of carriage, and I went to visit the imperial palace princess to her grandmother." Yan Jin Hua Xi Wan Chula the hand and said, "Come on."

Akebia prince was about to remind him of some wrinkled robes, or want to change one, but switched to another thought, maybe better not change.

Jail and Queen hair down sitting on the bed, although she is the Queen Mother of suspect poisoning, but after all, is the mother of a country, so it would have ventured to neglect, prison is not missing anything, the only can not do it just can not go out .

Crown Princess stood outside watching the Queen's prison, sneered: "Queen, you are okay,Daughter to see you. "

Queen coldly looked at her, she did not speak.

"Do you think efforts in midwife who will be able to parent the child stay?" Crown Princess sneer, "not so easy."

"Gave birth to a Yaoxing, have nothing to proud of," Queen quipped, "Do you think from birth saddled with such a reputation Huang Sun, you can ascend the throne?"

Crown Princess silent for a moment, suddenly said: "I did not let the children thought about when I go for the throne to marry the Prince of the sub-points, and never wanted to come this far, then you blame me, Prince cold. I, even in front of my face, flirting with other concubines, I have a word of complaint? "

"But even so, you still think I'm a bad everywhere," Crown Princess said that, suddenly grin, "you come to such an extent, that God has eyes all these years, in order to prevent other children are born concubines you do evil things there? "

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