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By Butterfly's Shadow Beneath the Moon

Chapter 86 warning

Chapter 86 warning

Chodo, impeach a Dali temple officials are impassioned, counting his dozens of counts, and set out a pile of evidence, not a great person does not win the case back posture.

Officials grateful expression of some subtle, everyone knows good and Sheng Jun Wang Dali temple relationship and very respected Sheng Jun Wang, now this person impeached Dali temple, no doubt, is filled with the Dukes against.

A little censor dare to do so, who is to give him courage? Or ...... the angel who is behind him?

The emperor really do not miss this opportunity, even when picked Dali temple of his post, and when the Church detention in jail, and then continue to pleasure later.

Almost everyone learned a signal that the emperor Sheng Jun Wang To start with! DPRK people divided into factions, one faction is firm royalists, the emperor say what is what; faction is the royal party insurance, they think the emperor childless, should be selected from a royal nephew adoptive called the crown prince, this school most of the people are very supportive Sheng Jun Wang; there is a neutral party school, they often choose to believe or to their advantage, rather than stick to what faction.

In centrist view, the emperor's decision is not necessarily right, and Sheng Jun Wang is not necessarily the best choice, they do not rush to complete the station, so offended at a true emperor. They would rather not have the power from the dragon, and do not become a thorn in the side next emperor.

Kai Lung Emperor's attitude is too strong, let Sheng Jun Wang a party who wants to plead no law opening, could only watch as the supreme court of State Guards towed away.

"This person is very good Zhenkan Hou, Dali temple post, let him come to act in place of it." In order to show the emperor himself justice, who deliberately chose to let his dissatisfaction with the supreme court Shaoqing served Hou Lai Dali temple post.

Men of officials a bit surprised, because before this Hou is not a case of Prince Charles, attracted the wrath of the emperor supreme court Shaoqing? How so generous emperor promoted him to come up, they thought the emperor because of the death of Prince of anger here people do.

Kai Lung Emperor Of course people are not much degree, he promoted Hou is just something to be looked it. He wants people to know the world, even Hou such a person he can be reused, so now is not the man he deposed him out of the affair, but because this person is really guilty of heinous crimes.

To say, it was to find himself a piece of fig leaf.

Yan Jin Qiu head down had nothing to do standing, like this in other people's eyes, it felt considerably Wang Wang is indeed remarkable, really clear sky. You know, if Sheng Dukes lose power, then succeeded to the throne may be significant even greater.

Unfortunately, this happens to be a powerful do not like, it is filled with waste that talent.

Everyone thought that the impeachment of supreme court of Qing emperor censor is arranged, even Yanbo Yi also think so. After scattered towards his cold glance at the censor, and turned to leave.

"Jun Wang Sheng," Ning smiling walked in front of him, words with emotion, "Now people can really audacious, you say?"

"Ning is not a recent illness, in that case better to mind your own business at home to rest," Sheng Jun Wang cold hand, "the first step,Leave. "

"Tut," Ning Mozhuoxiaba, watching Yanbo Yi walked quickly away, not far from leisurely walking migraine glanced at the Yan Jin Qiu, blinked, perhaps the time to make a decision.

The months that followed, more than a turmoil in North Korea, replaced several officials in high places, but most of these people have a common characteristic, that is filled with close ties to the governor, or the governor of a very Sheng respected people.

Ordinary people just think that because the emperor is dead son crazy, but do not know which is conducting the affairs of state dispute.

Layman watch, experts see Road, many former officials close relationship with Yan Boyi recently is treading on thin ice, and even cut off dealings with Sheng Jun Wang Fu, to show their position.

"Who vent secret?!" Yan Jin Qiu sullen look to the house a few advisers, these people are his henchmen, but now he has some doubts about some of them betrayed him.

Those officials were liquidated, some with faces he did not have any dealings, but even so, the emperor's pleasure them, indicating that they already knew the emperor had privately contacted.

But the emperor is how to know?

"County Royal Highness," Several counselors looked at each other, they did not expect that things will suddenly develop in this way, or even be suspicious of each other.

See them like this, Yanbo Yi did not say anything, just tired, rubbing his forehead Road; "You say how to do these things?"

"The emperor has already made up my mind to make life difficult for you to princes with the county, we might as well ......" One of the counselors, then did not speak, he was Yanbo Yi stare, no longer afraid to go on.

"I have to step down." Yan Boyi since it has been suspected that these counselors, naturally not really discuss important things with them, so the people are out of the study, only helpless sigh.

Originally everything is ready, only a strong wind, who knows what the situation actually worsened, he was cornered.

Now to this point, we can only be either hard or die.

He tightened his fist, got up and walked positive hospital.

Significant palace in Hua Xi Wan wiping his face with a handkerchief, waving fans and said: "? This May, the weather was so hot how much."

"The slaves also feel exceptionally hot year," Bai Xi Wan Hua Xia to the name of the fan, chuckle out of channels, "Do not get mad, I'll give your fans a not so hot."

"Some hot, probably going to rain," Wan Hua Xi heavy breath, "Give me a bowl of white fungus to borneol, hot heart to tears."

"Princess, you can not eat more cold food, and today early in the morning you have used the bowl," white summer for her waving fans, "Why do not your cup of herbal tea slaves to it."

Wan Hua Xi is not Bushihaodai who had also heard a sigh and said:. "OK, you can also go on drinking bowl," who pulled chiffon dress, weakly lying on the table, see Yan Qiu Jin did not come move a muscle.

"This is how?" Qiu Jin Yan dressed in robes, see Xi Wan Wah hot and flushed, the current sidewalk, "how the house did not use ice?"

"This began in May with ice until June and July how to do?" Hua Xi Wan weakly glanced at him, to see him wearing robes outside,Sidewalk, "how could you wear so thick?"

Yan Jin Qiu took off his robes outside, the moment they feel a lot easier: see you later Wan Hua Xi also tummy, then stepped forward and said:. "We went to sit in the pavilion, where ventilation is certainly a lot cooler."

Hua Xia Xi Wan took the white goes to drink with a mouthful of tea into the throat, really kind of speechless cool, let her spirit finally have a point:. "Let's go"

The lake has been playing the lotus bud, Hua Xi Wan lying on the stone table kiosk, lazy said: "You do not look very good today, a good thing happened?"

"Since you married, I have good things happening every day," Yan Qiu Jin gave her a glass of water, "Am I a bad mood before?"

"Do not say sweet," Hua Xi Wan looked up at him, then said: "? You have several times been happier."

Yan Jin Qiu heard fretting heart, then they broke into smiles:. "A wife so, who needs"

Hua Xi Wan bother to pay him any heed inexplicable feeling the onset of disease, took his delivery to the cup to drink a cup of tea, quiet and cool breeze blowing, feel irritable and even the meaning of heart are gone a lot.

The couple just did not cool the half quarter of an hour, the palace came the news that Crown Princess is soon gave birth.

"Soon gave birth?" Hua Xi Wan lengleleng, which seems to have been full-term?

Wood Channel: "the palace has reported the news that Crown Princess into the labor room, but almost one or two hour, the small Huang Sun has been no movement."

Hua Xi Wan and Yan Jin Qiu two men looked at each other, Yan Jin Qiu said: "So, we wait and see before, we are now in a hurry palace also inappropriate."

Crown Princess birth successfully Fortunately, the event did not go well, they are now the palace that does not become emperor Caesar pump?

Then, after an hour, the palace came the news is still small Huang Sun has not come out.

Then the couple with a meal lunch, sleep for a while to sleep together, the palace announced the news again, small Huangsun not yet born.

It was just thunderstorms approaching when I saw the sky with clouds, the wind comes up, seeing to the next rainstorm.

When the first sound of thunder sounded, finally pouring like rain pouring down, Wan Hua Xi looked at the yard was beaten rickety little flowers, hearts inexplicable kind of intuition, might be able to Crown Princess this child was born, just born later, faces may not be a blessing, but something else.

When night falls, the sudden burst of thunder sounded, a suburb of Beijing next to the tombs pine suddenly piduan mine, even with burned beside a tomb to keep the house, although the rain is great, but the whole house still burned completely.

"gave birth!"

"Congratulations to the emperor, empress congratulations, Crown Princess gave birth to a Huangsun."

"Newspaper, the emperor, the imperial tombs of cypress is piduan mine, keep house mausoleum people also live day burned out clean."

"Newspaper, the emperor, the suburbs of Beijing appeared days of fire, burning houses more than ten!"

The child cries constantly and thunder sounded, but the atmosphere is condensed to live.

Huang Sun was born in the head, suddenly so many strange things, even the imperial tombs of the trees are hit by lightning, what this could mean?

This represents a small Huang Sun's birth,Bring a bad omen ah.

Kai Lung Emperor looked at the infant child, long before fighting back anger at heart: "Prepare the altar, I pay his respects to the ancestors."

The world is there such a coincidence of things, even if he does not mind the child, but in other people's eyes, this child represents the only unknown.

Kai Lung Emperor been a long time did not appreciate being forced people taste, but today, believe it or not regardless of his so-called destiny, had ancestors civil action, or is the lack of filial piety.

Or, it's not man-made, really made their own ancestors expressed dissatisfaction with the dirty things?

Grew more and more feel terrible, he looked back labor room direction, had already prepared a final decree did not issue it.

He later headed a reputation not want to die down, wait it, then think about the future.

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