Eight Treasures Trousseau

By Butterfly's Shadow Beneath the Moon

Chapter 85 love to hate

Chapter 85 love to hate

As the widow of Prince Edward, Prince Edward pregnant belly only child of Crown Princess was supposed to be the palace of the people holding flatter elegant, but because of those rumors have spread quickly, even under the Suzaku Palace can not help people in behind the gossip a few, and then secretly went to see Crown Princess unborn child with a skeptical eye.

Crown Princess behind those words I do not know why would those people say, but she is more clear is that this thing could not have given her reaction, because as long as she respond, in the eyes of the emperor, and that is a guilty conscience.

Two days later, Kai Lung Emperor Suzaku finally come to visit Crown Princess Palace, seeing that she was leaning out of windows do face soft baby wear small clothes, gentle eyes of what can not be compared. Kai Lung Emperor suspected heart quietly reduced by half, "how could you do this yourself, do not hurt the eyes."

"The emperor," Crown Princess met him, want to get up salute, Kai Lung Emperor was gently hold her shoulders, warm words: "do not need those virtual ceremony between us."

Lin looking slightly changed, then smile: "You did not think the emperor is also willing to come."

"I still have your child in this, how could I not come?" Kai Lung Emperor smiled and sat down beside the Lin, Lin picked up the half-done small clothes looked "outside those rumors to disregard you only need to feel at ease raising the body on the line. "

Lin reddish eyes and said: "I do not know how people make life difficult with undefined status, etc. actually heard that vicious words, this is a death sentence for undefined status Cai Ganxin to do?"

"I have in, what you fear," Kai Lung Emperor Lanzhu her shoulder gently, soothingly warm words, "rest assured that I will not be allowed to pass on the rumor."

"The emperor, your job status to be nice." Lin breaks through his tears, homeopathy into the arms of Kai Lung Emperor, his eyes did not smile a cent.

After one day, there are more than ten palace harem paternity because rap is stick to death, after news reached ectopic, let a lot of people shut up, even if the heart is very suspect, but did not say who do not have eyes out.

To hear the emperor Hou Lin stick to death a dozen palace paternity, sneer to Yanbo Yi said:. "This is really a deep feeling of it."

Yan Boyi sullen did not speak out because of rumors these days, he let DPRK suffered a great impact, I'm afraid the old emperor for his heart has been very dissatisfied.

Hou see the site look like him, hidden in the hearts of long time can not help but wonder asked out: "? You tell me, Crown Princess unborn child, Who is"

"You do not cranky," Yan Boyi some displeasure stood up, coldly, "a good rest, do not Chengri want something useless."

Hou see him leave without looking back, and my heart doubts increased rather than decreased, she remembered Crown Princess indifferent to her, as well as for those in government brow vague resemblance Crown Princess concubines, my heart is like blocking a large stone, almost let her breath.

No wonder he ran out of ways to make Prince unable to have children, but also to find ways to kill the Prince, turned to the woman. Originally she thought he was just days frigidity, the original people just Lin passion, and she is occupied by the poor position of being the wife of Bale.

He then wants the throne, the future is not to have a cynical Lin?

Jin Jinzuan tight hands Juanpa, after Hou thought for a long,Slowly, he wiped his eyes, looking calm extreme: "Come, go to the palace to send Baitie significant."

Wan Hua Xi received Baitie Hou, some surprise: "This time, even in the mood to go out Hou, forbear have to say she is a good woman."

"Thanh Princess also not very easy," Bai Hua Xia Xi Wan York for good hair, good for her finishing the hairpin, "Master you want to see it?"

"If seen, it is a bit too ruthless," Hua Xi Wan down Baitie, smiling, "I would also like to see a couple of them really want to do."

Yan Jin Qiu Xi Wan Wah to be heard after the reception Hou, say nothing, just let Akebia ordered down, so be careful servant wait.

He believed Wan means evening, just as Xi Wan believe him, never ask unnecessary questions in general.

The next day, Hou significantly to the palace after, Wan Hua Xi invited her to tea in the pavilion, Hou did not refuse.

Pavilion came once Hou, Hou imply that a significant willingness to help the king ascended the throne, the result was the fool Hua Xi Wan muddle of the past, now and then here, Hou felt she countless calculations for that man, even their own regardless of how the body are ridiculous.

Even if she was doing everything to Yanbo Yi, perhaps in his mind, it is not as Lim half a finger.

Wan Hua Xi Hou feel now more gloomy than ever, more deep, Hou she did not know she was looking for what, so just pulled some silly topic, but she did not think they even opening Hou declared his intentions.

"Sister, help me."

Hua Xi Wan tea hand micro Dayton, then smiles: "Tangsao What do you mean?"

"Sister is so smart, how could I not know what to say?" Hou Shining eyes looked at Hua Xi Wan, "I can not be reconciled."

Wan Hua Xi smile face micro-light, undaunted: "Tangsao you are very intelligent women, I do not know how many things I do not master it?"

Hou stared trance:. "Yes, ah, the world's men are the same, all the same," she thought Wan Xi Wang Duihua is significantly different, but they are now the royal people, had all how to escape the ruthless royal people ?

But in addition to people with the king, she can not find a deal Yanbo Yi, and she wanted to see him in this life can not be achieved thoughts, no longer have Lin!

Since her heart filled with the wrong pay, then they will not let the Yanbo Yi go well.

"As long as you are willing to help me, I can tell you Yan

Boyi private forces. "Hou cold tone," He really is and who to befriend, what private industry, which arranged for spies, or even have any plans, I can tell you. "

Wan Hua Xi looked thin Hou, unless the other party is the best actor in the world, or can not use this expression there is such a tone to say these words, but she still does not trust each other completely: "The sister-in-law joke , and cousin to arrange things and I can not matter, I know to what use? "

"Oh," Hou sneered, "if it is significant because the king was his only threat, do you think I'm willing to make a move?"

Hua Xi Wan heard laughing: "So,Sister Bijiang find yourself? "

"But some things have to force yourself," Hou eyes wide open, "I want to look at the way he hopes shattered!"

Sometimes love and hate seem just an idea, Wan Hua Xi Hou see this, could not help but think that perhaps the original Yan Jin Qiu people heard about it when the time is to let Yanbo Yi Hou to give up hope or heart hatred, and where the emperor is not the main purpose.

"Sister, how will you believe rumors out, then why should you make yourself irrelevant to the case," Hua Xi Wan sighed, "You're feeling very excited, and so calm down you would not say the case."

"I used to be too impulsive for a man to make it through those things, but is now very calm," Hou looking calm and drink a cup of tea, "I am willing to help you, and nothing else, just want to wait until significant when the king ascended the throne, to protect my family over the door Hou in peace. I know my own family, they are timid people who do not want to blend into the throne contention, if not because of me, they do not even side of these things are not contaminated, carefully speaking, in fact I hurt them. "

Hua Xi Wan did not speak, but then my heart Hou new understanding.

"As a woman, how do you even know you would like to have the pillow?" Hou laugh loudly, "His heart was not me, not other women who in the palace, before I want to get his heart, and now I no need."

Wan Hua Xi Hou personally to add good tea, different views and her Hou, Hou Yan Boyi perhaps not really mind, but to say how much he love of Crown Princess Lin, I am afraid that nothing may, in Yanbo Yi woman's eyes, probably with tools similar reasons for his pursuit of the throne of ambition, and not because the feelings of a woman.

"This is all my heart, three days later I will let you see my sincerity." Hou before leaving, said such a sentence, and then left the palace without looking obvious.

Wan Wah evening sitting in the pavilion, Hou remember when talking about his maiden look, gently sigh, drink some warm tea.

"What are you thinking?" Yan Jin Qiu took her hand drink from his cup, then sat down beside her, "Hou says something that makes you feel uncomfortable, then?"

Wan Hua Xi Hou said to repeat the words again, and then said: "? You believe it can."

Yan Jin Qiu raised an eyebrow, laid-back attitude and said:. "We waited for her to come out, I know I can trust." He reached out and touched her cheek, "Do not mind these little things, and Hou is true or false is not so important. "

Hua Xi Wan find it too pat his hand away, snatch away his cup and poured himself a full glass: "To own tea tossed away, do not always grab my cup."

Kiosk servant: every day to see Royal Highness Princess exhausted the means to show affection, life is really hard ah.

Three days later, Yan Jin received a mound books, which states Yanbo Yi breakdown of expenses, which are used to buy a large part of the people.

"It seems that Hou Yan Boyi with centrifugal really," said Mu Tong Yan Jin Qiu see a good mood, they cautiously began, "Royal Highness,Should we add a fire? "

"Too far," Yan Jin Qiu put the books aside, "first wait and see."


"Princess there for lunch almost ready." Qiu Jin Yan waved, "Rice used to say."

Akebia: always feel with the Princess Royal Highness together, getting a big change, it must be his illusion ......

Sheng Jun Wang Fuchu, his face does not look good Yanbo Yi said: "These days you have been to significantly palace, I did not know you when Princess with significant feelings so good."

"Some time ago not to make your concubine with significant Princess nearer it?" Hou face puzzled and said, "significant Princess is a lazy person, usually do not like to see foreign visitors, a rare the past few days she would see me, if I do not go, not a waste of such a good opportunity? "

Yanbo Yi frowned when he heard, but did not speak again.

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