Eight Treasures Trousseau

By Butterfly's Shadow Beneath the Moon

Chapter 84 fish in troubled waters

Chapter 84 fish in troubled waters

After the Queen visited Suzaku Palace, Crown Princess Fallen flowers, but fortunately imperial treatment in a timely manner, to keep the fetus, but the Crown Princess has to stay in bed for some time training to avoid the phenomenon of Fallen flowers again.

Queen of the capital rumors about this have been uproar, and now there regarding Crown Princess Fallen flowers, we suddenly have to discuss a more enthusiastic. The world can there be so much a matter of coincidence, the Queen just went where the Crown Princess, Crown Princess will be the Fallen flowers?

Who knew the Queen was not done something, attracted Crown Princess Fallen flowers?

Some people say, and the fetus but the only blood Prince Crown Princess unborn, is the Queen should be treated carefully, how could to make things difficult for Crown Princess?

His remark, many women out of their own experiences, this world-law relationship this is the biggest problem, as some pro-law and her daughter, some surface-law of harmony, but some-law is the situation with the fire, even look at them, are may play contradictory.

Queen of the Crown Princess and have been dissatisfied, nor is it something more than secret, many Mingfu have personally seen the Queen embarrassment to the Crown Princess, which shows the queen mother of this will be very harsh to the Crown Princess, which erupted in her son did not, just imagine unbalanced mind, take it out on Crown Princess.

People outside travels rhythmic, almost became the representative of the Queen evil mother, and the Crown Princess is putting □□ poor innocent little white lotus.

After Hua Xi Wan heard rumors of these versions, simply stunned, she finally understand what the Renyankewei. Although she is not very people to be see the Queen, but the Queen is absolutely impossible so did not mind, even if she is really worth the unborn fetus Crown Princess is not pleasing to the eye, to kill the fetus does not she just left it urgent to start Queen's mind was not so stupid.

But people are often good at the greatest malicious people to speculate creatures, only speaking ill of others, they will hold with great enthusiasm

, Good things others who get together to discuss thoughts?

Gossip are popular, because he satisfies human curiosity, scandals are often welcomed by the public than positive news. So no matter how the truth, the Queen of virtuous reputation for decades, was finally destroyed in the Zhongkoushuojin.

"Since things are so busy, as we stand no point firewood?" Qiu Jin Yan slowly, drinking tea, China Xi Wan Road, "The Crown Princess was a man." Intrauterine staring at the Crown Princess unborn baby human I do not know where a few, but so far she was still nursing the baby firmly Dangdang, with this she can not really like the rumors say so naive innocent kind.

"What do you want?" Jin Hua Xi Yan Wan stared at the mound with a suspicious gaze, always feel that if let things Yan Jin Qiu had to intervene to combat range will exponentially grow exponentially.

Two days later, we focus on the content of gossip has shifted, and that even then was the queen of evil mother, daughter think of exchanging views on this, but that does not even have to kill the grandson of the point, so why Crown Princess Queen still so rude?

Does the Crown Princess Crown Princess unborn fetus is not, so the Queen would do so?

Then someone said, not married before the Crown Princess,Jun Wang Sheng had heart, even as the Taoist Sheng Jun Wang to pray, but unfortunately God get people, which is a love of men and women took Hou woman, married to a prince today, it can be said to be right here waiting recall, but it was already casting haze of confusion ah.

What, Prince and Crown Princess Sheng had an affair, and almost as a pair?

Beginning we thought it was just a rumor, but more refined, more feel right, then it seems Sheng Wen Jun Wang's mother and co-waiting lady is very much better, but the two small handkerchief pay. After the death of the old Princess, also co-text-designate Mrs. sad sick a second time.

Then two privately booked a parent to the child are also possible, and who knows Sheng Wangfu women would go so early, but His Majesty was so fond of his nephew matchmaker to do?

Soon everyone in the mind the brain make a series of pains and sorrows, the joys and sorrows away, did not forget to come to a final conclusion Jie, Crown Princess unborn fetus may be filled Dukes, otherwise the Queen would not be so treat her.

As for why no one guesses are Yan Qiu Jin, the reason is very obvious that the world knows that the king was significantly princess world of band, which was hooked up with the king, how could the Crown Princess. But Sheng Jun Wang is different, emotion and Hou salt is not short of palace concubines have not seen a particular preference, why he was so cold, is it not because of lust?

Men have not lust, but my heart is with someone else fills the others is Crown Princess Hello.

Thereby proving how important the first impression, so the Crown Princess and Prince Sheng put a crazy man Maid hat.

It was poured out into the big pot of rumors that the idea of ​​Hua Xi Wan was evoked curiosity, and finally grabbed the sleeve Yan Jin Qiu asked: "? Sheng Crown Princess and Prince ...... really having an affair."

"Guess?" Yan Jin Qiu hook lip smile, hand Lanzhu her waist, her lips stole a kiss.

"Why do not you let you guess the last month sleep study or sleep in the main hospital?" Hua Xi Wan Yan Jin Qiu looked eyebrow, "Royal Highness so smart, will be able to step quasi, right?"

Yan Jin Qiu: "......"

"They were mother then brought the matter, but because the old princess's death, this matter will be put aside," said Yan Jin Qiu not hesitate to choose the main hospital to sleep, "As the two of them I do not have no affair sure, but I suspect there are heirs Prince difficult things, have the means to Crown Princess. "

"I thought ......" Hua Xi Wan Yan Jin Qiu went to see with his eyes, the meaning of which is self-evident.

"I start with people not just one former harem, Prince infertile people want two hands to count, Prince and insolent act wild,

Who knows what a bad time to start, "Yan Qiu Jin raised an eyebrow, but he pulled a hand to help the person behind it.

With that, the couple smiled at each other, behaved very.

"Do you mean to say that there may actually Crown Princess and Prince Sheng unclear?" Hua Xi Wan careful retrospect, where it did not expect the two men had common ground, but the attitude of the Crown Princess Hou is not always too close, she'd be aware of, but then she thought it was only two positions, but did not think children affair aspects.

"It is also clear that only they themselves, there is no affair for all I care,"Yan Jin Qiu not very concerned," we believe it or not is not important who is believe it or not. "

Wan Hua Xi deep that, Kai Lung Emperor is most concerned about the matter, in fact, even if the child is his, his heart in the end I'm afraid there will be a pimple.

Yan Jin Qiu this trick, with can be really cruel, and this ability to control public opinion, not ordinary people can match. If her previous life, such as Yan Qiu Jin, will be able to shine in the propaganda department.

Crown Princess gave thought that Hou glowing pearl objects, as well as the very beginning Hou see Crown Princess frigid glance, think again difficult to have a son and heir Prince's body. Hua Xi Wan had to figure out the place, now it seems to slowly series to a few weeks.

Crown Princess felt she had to send the ornaments Hou behavior of some weird, because in accordance with the usual character Crown Princess of view, she is a woman very looking forward to having children, and the character is also very gentle. Plus the Queen and the Prince treated her attitude, she would not hesitate on how to Hou at hand?

It's like a normally gentle man, suddenly on to a relationship is not nearly far killer of people, seemingly for the benefit of, the actual think about it, obviously that is full of loopholes.

But if Crown Princess like Yanbo Yi it? To her Yanbo Yi, to Prince under the difficult birth of drugs, she may be difficult to have children later, Hou may this time there is a person she loved children, Crown Princess at the edge of emotional collapse will follow the Queen meaning, he framed Hou children.

I do not know Yan Boyi after what happened this idea, conflict, sadness or anger

It seems everyone is the palace after the veteran actor, so the Queen Mother, the Queen so that even the Crown Princess is no exception.

Kai Lung Emperor gloomy face before looking pear rain crying young woman, until she cried almost out of breath, and looked only slightly milder and said: "You do not really follow Sheng Jun Wang affair?"

"The emperor, the year when Princess Sheng died, I was only twelve or thirteen, where children know what an affair, and soon afterwards gave me the gift of your marriage, and since then I've been prepared to stay in Fuchu marry, normally closed, the two do not step, how I can see this Sheng Jun Wang outside male? "

Kai Lung Emperor looked Crown Princess, sight read it several glances at her bulging belly, eventually musters a smile and said: "I know other people outside of rumors casually slander, you have a good child support in the house, do not worry too many."

Once Kai Lung Emperor left, Crown Princess gloomy face and said: "! Queen" in addition to the Queen, who spread such rumors, because the only way that people will say the Queen is not virtuous of attention to her and Sheng Dukes body, thereby Queens pick from rumor.

"Who is to look up this rumor coming out," Kai Lung Emperor returned to the palace after his face has never seen, after the completion of these orders, hesitated for a moment: "There are, to check out the Crown Princess and Prince Sheng if he had had an affair. "

He wanted to believe the Crown Princess, but some things, had only confirmed, he can be assured. There the matter, whether related to the Queen?

But whether this rumor is true or false, Yan Boyi this ambitious nephew, but it is not stay any longer,Otherwise Beecham troubles.

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