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By Butterfly's Shadow Beneath the Moon

Chapter 83 means

Chapter 83 means

Qiu Jin Yan Ning and after a few polite to each other, on the front and rear foot into the house of the sun, more and more people's mind, seeing this, could not help but whispered in my heart, this is not trying to push ning the king was the host, right? But look considerably king that way, does not seem to want to bear ning situation?

Nosy specially to see Sheng Dukes of expression, see this as usual, still carrying a serious face, I got a little bored. In particular, are often older family members brought the younger generation compared with Yan Boyi, they see Yanbo Yi goes serious face, I felt my heart block fast enough.

There are a few young people like elders in the mouth "other people's children" to them in that time, this Yanbo Yi is a hypocrite, prudish. Dear Di wife say, Dukes palace concubine also seen less, I do not know how the nerve to accept such praise of others.

Everyone seated, and soon there are eunuchs came to clear the way clap, everyone got up again, to greet the arrival of the Empress.

Queen dressed in a skirt Bainiaozhaofeng walk around the emperor, ministers from around meandering through, Wan Wah evening to see her go step by step very stable, Phoenix Gold step between regular hair shake a slight shaking, but almost every rock arc are basically the same.


After the Empress to be seated, all the talent to follow up, Wan Wah evening listening to Rites officials read out an article written by the emperor specifically for ages message from the Queen, the effect is good Queen, Queen wonderful, virtuous Queen was croaking.

Message from finished, Empress after three glasses of wine festival world, after drinking a cup, the crowd drank a toast to the Queen, after shining rules toss, we can sit in comfortable position on a little wine tasting to see the dance, but also from time to time pay attention my manners.

Wan Hua Xi with a handkerchief over her mouth, ears small channel in Yan Qiu Jin: "Empress did not show up today, how?"

Yan Jin Qiu looking calm sent her a bad Benn: "Empress body discomfort, so rest in the palace."

Hua Xi Wan heard silence, in previous years, the Queen and the future, even if the body does not apply to the Queen Mother, but also to reveal a face and then go back, did not think this actually is not even face exposed, before the Queen Mother have not heard the message body discomfort, this ... ...

The move is tantamount to deliberately Queen Mother Queen's people called, the emperor to let a few days ago Guards surrounded Fang, now gave instant message from the Queen to write, but also in front of so many people read it, it really is not loving the show was subtle of.

But really there are so loving Empress two or deliberately made such a scene for others to see?

Chiaki did not eat a feast AIDS did not taste, do not bother to look at Empress Wan Hua Xi acting duo, relying on Yan Jin Qiu cover, but also save a lot of verbal gymnastics, going to be the end of the banquet, but there is some trouble .

Although originally a feast with a bit of fake lively mean, but at least on the surface is nice, but if there is a eunuch suddenly fainted dead, it is not a good thing at the banquet.

Although the eunuch's body was quickly lifted out of people, but in their eyes, such a thing, not a good omen appeared on the Queen Chiaki feast, but how can people no disease no disaster suddenly died, whether it was God's warning?

Hua Xi Wan last generation have heard of this case, the doctor said this thing cardiovascular problems, but now people do not know, so to make things easier to blame the ghost road.Most feel that this is probably the queen of bad luck, though do not see what the mood in the face of China Xi Wan queen, but as a woman, she can be sure that the queen must now suffocated badly.

End and Princess sullenly out of the temple of the sun, because just when it is dead eunuch to serve at her side, suddenly fell dead, any who stand sits such things are difficult to calm. In several servants huddled with his head and looked behind her dodge, fear of the princess to get them angry.

"You say this is not strange strange, why is wait and Princess eunuch died suddenly end up?"

"This will not be the retribution it, you have not heard of that rumor?"


"It is a dead end and consort unclear, there may be side and Princess ......"

End of the banquet the next day, there are rumors came out, the effect is to end and consort died unclear, now looking back end and princess revenge.

After Hua Xi Wan heard these rumors, some silent heart, I will not speak consort end and what is not being killed princess, even if true princess was killed, he came back to take revenge should be the end of the object and the princess, kill a small eunuch what's the use?

No two days later, rumors has changed again, to the effect that this early warning thing but God, Queen of Heaven are not satisfied, so it Chiaki feast on her, things that appear bad luck.

Then there are official memorial, said the Queen's maiden all kinds of evil, there are warning God, Queen mother of the country there is no virtue, unbearable after.

Just a few days, had a very simple little thing, but the results after the waste issue involves the relationship, Xi Wan Wah If you do not think this thing behind, how could develop to this point?

Not just her, even Qiu Jin Yan did not think things would turn out this way, after consultation with his own disciple, although they have not come to a result, but chose to do anything.

For him, a Queen than a childless future does not know will not have children and want to be pampered Queen well. If the party was abolished after the emperor will certainly separate new, this is not a good thing.

He spent the evening with the evening meal and Hua Wan, when they sat comfortably in bed chatting, Hua Xi Wan said: "? I heard there are many officials memorialized request up waste, is it true"

Yan Jin Qiu nodded.

"This will not be the emperor want to waste it?" Hua Xi Wan frowned, "If the emperor did not mean it, when the first official opening of the pressure put things down, how will let developments?"

Yan Jin Qiu chuckle loudly: "Who knows, maybe."

Suzaku palace, the Crown Princess and Queen sat face to face, because the older the longer pregnant, bloated belly Crown Princess also the older the more obvious. Just in the past in front of Queen's Crown Princess carefully, it has become random.

"I do not know anything for his mother to find Er Chen?" The hands of the Crown Princess holds a small clothes, smiled and asked the Queen, "Do you see how this dress."

Queen sneer: "? You actually use what means"

"Queen of what you say, what means?" Crown Princess smiled, index finger gently stroking the fabric on the clothes, "what you say, Er Chen do not quite understand."

"Ming do not understand your own mind clear,"Queen sneered," You want me to fight, also inexperienced! "

"Oh," Crown Princess over her mouth kept laughing, laughing straight face Queen's expression of impatience stopped down, "which is really strange, you want to stay mother son, do I can not resist it? "

In the eyes of others, but the most wonderful thing Empress distinguished couples, but in her eyes, the two men is the most disgusting men and women. A drunk took advantage of her while she was innocent, a clay figurine rub her as she really is even clay figurines, also a third of temper.

She did not live enough, she want to die.

"Good, good," the Queen heard this, Chen Sheng said, "I will have to see, what is your means!" After these words, the Queen turned around to go.

Crown Princess clutching his stomach, suddenly Tonghu out loud, "Come, come!"

To deal with the Queen, she did not need a clever means.

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