Eight Treasures Trousseau

By Butterfly's Shadow Beneath the Moon

Chapter 82 presents

Chapter 82 presents

"County Royal Highness ......" Hou stand decorated second door, looked at Yan Boyi facing a concubine smile, depressed sour heart, reluctantly let himself reveal a smile.

Yan Boyi around concubine seeing salute at her knees, head down, pushed aside, it is particularly well-behaved sensible, but then behaved sensible concubine, in Hou it seems, just grab dressed and well-behaved man with her skin women only. But Hou good at patience, there are more unwilling to heart, would not reveal his face half hours, she unhurried walk in front of Yan Boyi, gentle tone said, "disturb your Masaoki."

See Hou, Yan Boyi recover his face a smile, let concubine after step down and said:. "I see you look very good these days, the imperial doctor of medicine how to use the open has no effect."

"Disease go away on foot, how fast they recovered," Hou smiled, lifted his illness, totally do not care, "after a while is the Queen Goddess of future generations, this year sent what birthday presents palace concubine is really undecided, I do not know Prince What do you think? "

Queen mentioned, Yanbo Yi's face is not really good-looking, I think of his own plans, sidewalk:. "Thicker than usual dichotomy, but avoid things associated with pomegranate grapes, in order to avoid recalling the tragic Queen"

Pomegranate and grape moral descendants relevant, now Queen son gone, Crown Princess belly of the child and not the prince, and would not send these things to the Queen Tiandu? He would have guessed that the Crown Princess's stomach may be the emperor, empress will certainly have guessed, if able to Queens United, he is also a good thing. If not, at least, make Queen's somewhat favorable impression.

"Concubine see," Hou should be down, they finished these things, actually some care for nothing.

In the atmosphere gradually cool down, Yanbo Yi suddenly opening: "We hear that significantly princess does not love barrack, presumably they did not know what to send Chiaki gift to Queen's appropriate, if you have some free time, as with her small talk, presumably she also helped . "

"You mean ......" Hou face slightly changed, thought for a long road back, "although not significantly princess hi general affairs, but not stupid people, I'm afraid she will not believe what I say."

"She did not want to believe, you just try to convince her," Yan Boyi tone unconsciously with some contempt, "she a woman, Jin Yan has been guarding mound spoil, it can become what thing."

Yan Qiu Jin Hou hear the words intended irony, the eyes of some complexity, should be down softly.

Two days later, Hou copy is "moral", to see their personal maidservants approached, put aside the wrong hands, flatly said: "? How is the thing to do."

"Master Rest assured, today the purchase of substantially palace Bong pomegranate fairy statue of jade purchased Fuchu, I heard very satisfied with significant Princess of jade, it has been added to the list in the ceremony."

Hou nodded his head, sigh, Ling-hui Fahrenheit though, it may after all be spoiled with the king.

Significant palace in Hua Xi Wan playing with fairy Hou Feng pomegranate mouth jade, praise: "What a beautiful carving, even fairy body clothes decoration can see clearly, just do not know to the Queen's palace after, she will not be smashed, with a little pity. "

"If you like to stay,We again look for meaning like this instead of about the same, "Yan Jin Qiu smile," my private library there is a fairy falls to pieces jade, people sent you wait for the next play. "

"I am most will see a few of these things, playing what's even," Hua Xi Wan put down jade, hand holds the gills looked Yan Jin Qiu said, "since we have to make them believe on the hook, we to do a little dedication. "

Yan Boyi this trick is quite sinister, but he did not think that is in accordance with common sense to think that if a woman is not the son, grandson ready to be born, so his son would like to leave a woman's blood, is determined daily ask God this hope and pray grandchildren safely, perfectly healthy. They significantly palace sent gifts, there is a jade carving it in there, maybe make the Queen Tiandu, but enough to make the Empress believe that they do not know the Crown Princess unborn fetus is not a prince, but will not know the Queen Crown Princess wait to see her baby has chosen to be endured.

If the Queen's Crown Princess knows her unborn child is not a prince, why should she endure? Unless the baby's father can not afford to offend her.

A person under the Queen on people, but the people of the mother, or someone to give his son wearing a green hat she did not dare say anything?

These problems can not reflect, look at this remarkable Wang poetry and paintings of princes will know how she does this hi general affairs princess was even more impossible to know, then there is a gift blessing Crown Princess fetus meaning of jade, that It is perfectly normal.

Recruit people tired of hate than to recruit people to good.

Nearly a year to do even several royal funeral, though no elders to younger people mourning this another way, but this year the Queen of future generations is still a lot of low-key than in previous years, been Guards custody many days of party government all will finally be out Queen's Birthday Greetings to the government palace, but keep out of their mansion Guards did not spread, the government still stood side entrance.

Steady stream throughout the gift list sent Queen chambers, most of these single gift thinner than usual one or two percent, Queen heart sneer, somewhat thinner than usual these gift list put aside, then pick up several additional gift list and pored over.

When you see noticeable Palace gift list has a nine heaven called Bong jade Joy Luck pomegranate, her face suddenly sank down, took a few mouthfuls of good weather, and only then noticeable Palace gift list slammed on the table, sneered: "What a remarkable Palace, the Palace is laughing at it now had no son?"

Wait on her knees palace eunuchs was scared of years of Mother glanced around, hesitating opening: "Goddess, slaves that would not be so audacious given considerably Palace, jade statue symbolizes Kyrgyzstan

Cheung, maybe ...... maybe in Zhufu Huang Sun. "

"Huang Sun ......" Queen slightly stunned, eyes faint with anger, after a long while sigh: "this issue, the Palace of thing, which was a teenage girl princess, what it knows."

Mother echoed:. "This is significant Princess king was spoiled and I do not know the truck, and even do not know anything like the empress, it is audacious."

"It is enough, she was much older, this house like her so much time, had also naive." She had indeed have been simple,But circumstances make her understand that the palace is the most naive kind of thing can not tolerate. The good life to be happy, it is a woman of good fortune, if not, we must allow yourself to become vulnerable to the attack, or the last black and blue only hurt themselves.

Mother heard this, see the Queen reached out to pick up a gift list Jun Wang Fu Sheng, they no longer TIPS opening.

Thanh Princess and significantly palace, this year's ceremony than in previous years but also on a bit thick, prepared gifts are also very dedicated, but also specifically to bypass the Queen Goddess something taboo. No wonder Thanh Princess by reputation virtuous, things really very thoughtful than the obvious Princess. To she said, which was in addition origin Princess and Princess looks better than Thanh outside, somewhere else it is absolutely not and Thanh princess.

Unfortunately, all good men and sex under the sun, even a very stupid Allure beauty, but in the eyes of men, that is the supreme treasure. And like Thanh princess woman so virtuous Shukutoku housekeeper well-run, Sheng Jun Wang is still not satisfied that several concubines into the government do?

"Jun Wang Fu Sheng people are really good thought," Queen's hand firmly upon her gift list was white, the eyes with Senhan intention to kill, "this house is really underestimate them."

Gift list is gently placed on the desktop, and then inadvertently see the Queen's gift list, rubbing his forehead and said: "Help the Palace in the back room to rest, the Palace tired."

Mother do not quite understand why the Queen Goddess emotions wrong, but see her face bleached look, did not dare to ask, just carefully escorted the Queen walked into the chamber.

After the Queen's asleep, Mother softly exit the room, some hate some of the family ignore the queen, even superficial are not willing to do, to send Chiaki ceremony in previous years no intentions do not say, actually even number can not match ever .

The empress even without the prince, she was still the Queen palace, how dare these people do this? !

Queen Chiaki day, and the house of the provincial Ministry of Rites in previous years, mutatis mutandis, to reduce the standard three into a banquet at the house of the sun, a large table and chairs how to display, what kind of lamps with small to dinner, there are strict rules, the specifications or drop Specifications are sin.

Chiaki feast off when there is more than half an hour to start, can participate in the feast of the nobility they appeared three thousand three hundred twenty-two, are some of the first to plenty identity but did not have much status of the royal family or large family did not fall, the more seniors who the more appear later.

Hua Xi Wan and Yan Jin Qiu's time to really early, but not too late, and arrived almost ning a front and rear legs. Since the prince's death, he said the disease is no longer ning in court, but do not receive foreign visitors, appears to be very low-key, he said outside the Prince is dead because of excessive grief, hurt the body at all. But in China, Xi Wan appears that the exchange of the old man just hope the Japanese Houdeng Ji new emperor not hate him only, as dead as Prince and sad ......

Maybe he is the sad, holding up such a disappointing thing more than twenty years, the results of this disappointing thing altogether legs Yi Deng also drag harem comes to an end, it was like the next big copy, although dragging pig teammates, but whatever the outcome, the big strange worn dying, results in the most critical time, pig teammates down, you get a copy kicked out ......

Light so think about it, she felt her heart stopper for Ning,Really I do not know how the year is ning take things too hard, just made this pit father of Prince / party, was pulled from this point now.

"Recently the weather is changeable, please pay more uncle take care of themselves." Qiu Jin Yan Ning Wang Hangli to personable demeanor fifty-one than younger people to respect their elders.

"My fair niece polite," said Ning help a virtual hand, then hand into a fist over her mouth cough up: "Recently the body is not too good, so my fair niece worry about."

"As long as uncle good health, for nephew, it is a great happy event."

Wan Hua Xi nauseating listening to each other that the two handsome nephew, silently remove their own sight.

Both are winner-level characters.

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