Eight Treasures Trousseau

By Butterfly's Shadow Beneath the Moon

The first 81 chapters of true and false

The first 81 chapters of true and false

Akebia next morning he gave something to the Hua Sanye your family, also received words of thanks and a pass embroidered one pair of hands to China two girls princess to do. The uppers are embroidered on a good brocade, embroidered with beautiful patterns above, Rao was seen many elegant wood-pass, but also had praise heard these shoes do very beautiful, very visible shoemaking person's intentions .

After the return to the palace, through the wood to Hua Sanye your family through lay it to say, and offer a embroidered shoes Chu Yu Hua Hua Xi Wan to do.

"What a beautiful shoes," Hua Xi Wan open casket, with a smile, "all this time, thinking about my sister went so far as to do a nice pair of shoes."

Yan Jin Qiu heard this he laughed: "? Listen to your words, I'm afraid this is not a two cousin give you a first pair of shoes."

"Embroidered sister live well, and I am not interested in embroidery since childhood like, so every time to spare before, sister will give me clothes and shoes or something, and now she is about to get married, went so far as thinking about me. "Wan Wah holding embroidered evening, when she remembered after the Chu Yu Hua rescued from the pool, Chu Yu Hua to be just like their own sister is no different from years past, Chu Yu Hua actually still the case.

Yan Jin Qiu nodded

He bad girls of the family home to China to pay more evaluation, but who really China Xi Wan or pretentious, he was credited in the heart: "She treated you so, but also live your heart to miss her."

Wan Hua Xi laugh, Yan Jin Qiu words somewhat biased, there is always meaning to speak on her side, but she understood that for Yan Jin Qiu, she was his princess, others good and bad, he naturally his point of view will be judged.

This is probably human nature, she fell not feel hypocritical Yan Jin Qiu on their own is not good enough like her family, her helpless smile: "sisterly love this maintenance is to use really, who wants a cavity really for a pretense, I told the sister many years of sisterhood, naturally can not help each other better on a bit. "

"I heard two cousin and co-text is waiting home of Prince ordered marriage?" Qiu Jin Yan suddenly seems to think of it like, casually, "co-text heir-designate in the capital, say what can be considered a gentleman, married he seems to be a good choice. "

Hua Xi Wan very skeptical to see Yan Jin Qiu, these words are sincere or pretentious, co-Wen Lin is waiting Crown Princess to her parents, she married Hua Chu Yu Lin, Yan Jin Qiu not worried?

Her eyes too straightforward, Yan Jin Qiu saw immediately that her thoughts, her index finger gently nodded his forehead:. "Lin Jiashi on behalf of people of integrity, be mindful of the people, by the people is respected German forest certificate is young, pure thoughts, nor greedy lust flower person, such a person with the idea that you can afford a home sister. "

Honest, people information.

Young, pure thoughts.

Hua Xi Wan thought of the past not wait to see the Queen on the Crown Princess, faintly guess is a possibility that some dissatisfaction with Lin family heart as Prince, so the married Crown Princess Royal, and Prince Edward Lin is still a series of very distant, so Queen's Crown Princess will have to be that kind of attitude.

She had worried that China Chu Yu Lin will be bad, but now think about it, Lin Jiashi on behalf of the Marquis, illegitimate heir Chu Yu engagement with China, has been regarded as a low-marry. Lin Chu Yu Hua seeking to marry,Chu Yu Hua in addition to value other than this man, and perhaps other factors.

For example, they feel that Yan Jin Qiu is not an ambitious man, so even affinity with the Chinese family have nothing. Another example is that they simply feel good family China, Chu Yu Hua more good, so I want to go back and ask to marry. Another comparison might have thought that ...... Lin and Yan Jin Qiu bundled together.

Grew more and more complex, Wan Hua Xi too lazy to think of going, then rubbed his forehead: "Since you say that this person is good, then I believe him being good, if after his sister dare bad, I relied on your potential to bring people home to fight. "

"Good." Yan Jin Qiu smile should be the next, and then let the servant pass meal, they wash their hands ready to use lunch.

But just serve food, they have not used two chopsticks, they heard a shocking news that the Queen's maiden Fang's family was surrounded Guards.

Since Prince was dead, low-key family party a lot, and now suddenly surrounded him Guards do not know committed a terrible crime? Guards equivalent of the emperor's bodyguard, Minister for General committed offenses, basically Wei Wei Temple to catch people, the Ministry of Personnel marble or ad litem, and now suddenly replaced Wei Wei Temple Guards work, how can people much thought.

Hua Xi Wan did not wonder long, quarter of an hour and a half later, the palace of the news will quietly pass out.

"Queen's Crown Princess attempted poisoning?" Hua Xi Wan shock at the messenger of Akebia, some staggering, the Queen is a very good plan forbear woman, how suddenly made things so impulsive?

Yan Jin Qiu also a bit surprised, he slightly hesitated and then asked: "? It exactly the message"

Mu Tong replied: "As far as our people say that the palace, the emperor on the matter very angry, after the intended waste, Empress had a big fight in the house, after the emperor then ordered the Guards to Fang surrounded him, the reason is suspect Fang and conspiracy to poison Queen's Crown Princess and Prince unborn child. "

"This is the emperor Fang threatened to take the queen?" Hua Xi Wan think of Crown Princess unborn child, as well as Prince and lost. No son, I hope the Queen is gone, past reason may be calm only one-third, more crazy. Guards surrounded the emperor let Fang, but let the Queen mouth shut, do not say is not to say say to them.

Think of this, Hua Xi Wan suddenly felt guilty mind nausea, she felt Prince had not a thing, but now it seems, the Emperor is the most dregs of people, but the prince inherited his style, and also slag enough place, so put themselves to the seek death.

Wan Hua Xi can think of Qiu Jin Yan also want to quickly clear the original

Commission, but he more than Wan Hua Xi think more: "Our people do not have action, look to say." Who knows this is true, or Empress were a play seduce the fish hook it?

Like Queens woman, she would rather leave the child to the mother, Crown Princess raising unborn child grow up and become a respected Queen Mother too, will not make things so impulsive. Not to mention the news but who inquired into the palace, ectopic many people do not know how it is, not to guess Queen's Crown Princess will kill the unborn child.

In the eyes of the world,Queen should be more than looking forward to the birth of the emperor, so people thought it was only Fang guilty of something, but did not think the queen, anyway, in the eyes of the people in Beijing, Fang is Fengyang domineering wife's family , stir let the emperor unhappy things to normal.

So you want to poison the Queen would have guessed that people Crown Princess, will only be three kinds of people, one is cherished ambition peep harem; the second is extremely difficult to know there are generations of people Prince, the second man is divided into two categories, one is a harem too understanding, and the other might be used to plot against the Prince, so that he can not have heirs of people; the third is to know her unborn child is not a Prince Crown Princess heirs, but the emperor heirs of people.

No matter what kind of bait three people, the emperor would not tolerate him live, because in this world, only the dead can resist the temptation of mouth.

See Yan Hua Xi Wan Jin Qiu looked a little wrong, guess what might expect more complex than their own, I suddenly felt a sleepy hit, so reluctantly drinking a bowl of soup after a few laps to go in the house, throw under face deep Yan Jin Qiu himself back into the house and went to sleep.

Life is not too complicated for her, she did not want Yongnaoguodu old fast, lunch or sleep beauty sleep now.

"Royal Highness, you mean the matter suspected fraud?" Akebia a little surprised, he had not thought of that.

"Regardless of the matter there is no fraud, and we actually have anything to do," Qiu Jin Yan faint smile, "I'm just a laid-back live idle princes of it."

Akebia suddenly suddenly, Zuo Yi said:. "Royal Highness wise."

Queen indifferent man sitting looking at his side, after a cup of tea to three percent faint opening: "? The emperor assured it so someone will come out."

"There is an ambitious man, and how willing to miss this show?" Kai Lung Emperor and Empress recently is increasingly nothing more to say, but see the Queen looked haggard, just a few months seemed like a good old teenage he also played a little guilt heart of Italy, "until after the child is born, to keep you in the face, Crown Princess went to the outskirts of Beijing in view of nuns to pray prince, the future nothing will not need Hui Gong."

"The emperor was actually willing?" Queen looked up at the emperor's eyes but not the slightest emotion.

"What homes are not willing, it is your grandson, reared in front of you, I also worry." Kai Tai Long Road calm tone, "if not the throne to his son, grandson or can be passed."

Queen looked fretting, holding a cup a silence: "concubine understand, but when women have children, that is tantamount to a break in the door of life and death, life and death is difficult to set it."

Upon hearing this, the Emperor looked complicated looked at the Queen, pause a moment later and said:. "Doomed from the days of the matter."

"As long as the emperor in the future do not feel bad and that was it." Queen put down the cup, and looked sickly said, "Please rest assured that the emperor, Princess concubine will certainly take care ...... Huangtai Sun until birth."

Kai Lung Emperor deeply looked at her, put down the cup up and said:. "That being the case, I will be relieved."

To see him go, line up a Hail the Queen ceremony: "The emperor walking."

Emperor just about ready to re-open mouth shut, he looked at the queen bowed head,He turned and walked out the door.

Queen looked up at his back, eyes without the slightest emotion, as if a man going out just a stranger, without any relationship with her.

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