Eight Treasures Trousseau

By Butterfly's Shadow Beneath the Moon

Chapter 80 closeness

Chapter 80 closeness

Because of this good show green maid, a lot of law-abiding throughout the palace, and the later the Queen Mother and rare objects up and down a lot, and oral instructions in praise virtuous Princess Shu-hui, suddenly some time ago suggesting that children of those earlier princess not her thing to do in general.

Empress This is undoubtedly the evening Wan Wah a good show, and revealed a sense that she was not old king was forced concubinage meaning, which was a good princess, she was very satisfied, others do not make guesses.

The Queen Mother who is also trouble do not understand a complex of anti map exactly what it was suddenly remembered considerably King for a day to go through the Empress Palace, but on the inside to be a lot of time, it hits me, I'm afraid not want to see the Queen Mother, but with the king prayed to the Queen Mother.

This remarkable Wang, Beijing aroused in the woman's backyard Boudoir praise, even with that he had only a bit of the women also think he looks good together. Most of the world of normal women will especially appreciate this kind of love his own wife and daughter of a man, so we knew it, Yan Qiu Jin among many women went on to earn a good man of the title.

See more sacrifice his wife's joy, anger, Yu Xiao has always been a man, with the king to make people feel such a man is rare, and the women praised Yan Qiu Jin, but also as the women envy Hua Xi Wan, there are some male compatriots recent days seem to feel that they flies are not so carefree, they reason is somehow more than a reference.

Hua Sanye your family, Chu Yu Hua and Lin Jiagong son's wedding set at the end of autumn, although there six months, Fuchu also prepared her in a lot of dowry, but Yao still all day to spend time with all kinds of novelty told Human stuff, that posture can not wait to give all the best things Chu Yu Hua as a dowry.

Hua Sanye one in the capital, although not really anything special VIP dazzling, but behind them there Houfu backing, there are even a king by filling the obvious favorite princess, so even though Hua Sanye not much real power, but sent to of each purchase in the shop we have a great face.

This day Fuchu purchase value of a box of pearls, and even have to pay a deposit, the result was the end of Princess House and forcibly bought buy, buy Hua Sanye House no way, I had to go back empty-handed with Yao's cross.

Yao listening to the causes and consequences, bitterly curse: "a dead husband is dead brother's widow but also so rampant, to see how long she can be proud of."

"Mother," Chu Yu Hua Yao busy stopped Buddist, console said, "but some pearls only, and not a rare thing, there's nothing."

"Silly girl, I think it is for you to do something Zhenzhu Shan dowry, and the princess who knows the end could be so shameless, shining House grab things with us yet," Yao Although unwilling, but she also understands, end and Princess character has always been tough, she sees something that most people can only hand over. They buy homes these days can be so smooth, but also by more Houfu palace with significant potential, failing that, they are also home even if no amount of money can not buy so many good things.

Think of Hua Xi Wan, Yao somewhat unnatural asked: "?? You now have contacts with the palace who passed it a few days ago outside the Queen Mother on her dissatisfied, but true."

"Xian Wang a sister to be true,As long as the king was no other thoughts, Sanmei harmless. "Hua Chu Yu remembered yesterday heard the rumors, saying it was a remarkable palace servant king was determined to seduce the result was sent to the laundry room with the king, and brought the steward also ate hanging off the sidewalk," do not worry Sanmei, she now getting along very well in the palace. "

"Who cares about her," Yao uneasy coughed, "it is Miss Hou Fu Di, but also a princess, which need us a poor family of small farmers worry ah?"

Hua Chu Yu smiled, understanding her bark was worse character, then change the subject said: "I heard Uncle your family trouble some small contradictions, the last in the house grandmother, my sister looked haggard look, you do not want to think about we take her to your family spend a few days ...... "

She would not finish, he was interrupted by Yao. Yao sullen, "You prepare a married woman, and brought her to the palace to live, multi unlucky." Yao paused, worried that their own words too tough talk, sighed, "I did not speak love face, big girl temper just really do not like to bring me these days is becoming more weird deep character, I'm afraid one day she hurt you crazy. your brother's temper with the eldest son of a large room, normally I do not need to worry about only thinking of you this child, seemingly clever clever, but many are still feelings and told me how not to worry about? "

Chu Yu Hua silence, she had just casually said, did not think the mother actually say such a remark. In fact they are three sisters, she and Wan Hua Xi feelings more intimate, small sister she felt a little introverted personality sensitive, but why is still relatively stronger. And sister together, it is better and more interesting Sanmei together easily, she is not heavy feeling, just to see Sister so haggard, worried about what her problem only.

"Mother, you have just said ......" Chu Yu Hua hesitated, "Sister sensitive character although some, but not quite yet ...... extreme."

"You did what?" Yao chuckle loudly, "like a big girl like that, I've also seen. Not only me, even the other end of the ward tigress also not necessarily more like her. You have not seen these recently, when three girls back home to visit them, do not love the other end tigress called two girls to accompany the past three girls speak it? every time you invite to the Houfu, she said, is what reason? "

Hua Chu Yu then remember, these days Sanmei back Houfu, she Sanmei accompany this conversation several times, never seen Sister appear. At the moment she came to the understanding, it has been so great aunt called Sister do not like you, but last winter when Sanmei back Houfu, or good ah.

See her face puzzled, Yao had to understand some of the words were: "Although nothing other end tigress advantage, but not a narrow-minded people, they do not move her children, her other little things will open eyes closed eyes passed. But if she dare thinking about

Three children, she would dare desperately. "

Hua Chu Yu heard this, my heart silently think, like the mother in the mouth normally account for a large aunt cheap, not eating is a big quasi-aunt this character, right?

"Last winter, when three girls back to the government, have you ever pay attention to see remarkable young lady Uncle Wang three eyes?" Yao mysterious low voice, "that dead girl thought is not correct way to go."

Huachuca behind a cold rain,Forehead sweat out fine, do not even big sister to the king played a significant kind of thoughts? Wang is Sanmei can significantly husband, how can she can not play this some thought?

"If only that it fills at the end of three girls back to the government, you see it looks like a big girl to wear, tut tut, really I see still pity, you talk about, who came up with this pair looks to seduce it?" Yao disdain laugh loudly, "Zhang woman, saying scholarly family, can look at what she is, and like a daughter to teach them something. Not even his brother are thinking about, I smell of urine fast enough for her."

Yao While admission is not a virtuous Shukutoku generation, but also contemptuous Zhang askew from as lofty, but in fact the practice of sick people, at least she can not do a thing for the girl, glory, her daughter can not make more misses brother thing.

"She just knew by the way, have the nerve to seduce with the king, not to look in the mirror, look at her myself which is comparable to the three girls."

Yao Although these words a bit rough right, but also very reasonable, Chu Yu Hua nor antics of people, listening to these words, he made up his mind in the future from Huayi Liu farther, not for anything else, just to Huayi Liu should not be played from the mind.

Not to mention Sanmei the king was affectionate husband and wife, saying only that misery Sanmei helped Sister, Sister they should not have such thoughts. She was contemptuous of such people, different so-called road non-phase plan, that is the case.

Significant palace in Hua Xi Wan to the private library of some festive color bright emerald gem like to find out, let the white summer HY good sort, then pick a part from the inside out.

"These things let Uncle Mother House to go up, we should get married sister late fall, these things just right for her dowry, and then later this up on having enough time." When did Huayi Liu married, she was Tim makeup , so now Hua Chu Yu married, she can press the next plane Huayi Liu examples to give. But she is more intimate and Chu Yu Hua, private multi send something that is human nature.

Between people, there is this closeness of the points, closing not sleep a wink the edge, she is to be Huayi Liu cousin mutual affection, be it rain, Chu is a good sister of mutual affection.

"Princess Rest assured, something has been divided, and so will I will send one to the two girls and two Mother," Summer smiled and put a white box to be sent out into the ruby ​​that heap, then handed the gift list in front of Hua Xi Wan, "you look at what oversight?"

After Hua Xi Wan carefully read it again, he thought: "Some time ago Akebia not people sent a box of pearl it, I looked Condition is very good, also sent to the sister put too long. the color will look good, sister delicate skin, wear pearls are the most beautiful. "

Hongying went private Curry took a box full of pearls put away, Hua Xi Wan was finally satisfied.

Yan Jin Qiu into the house, see the table filled with all kinds of precious stones and pearls agate thing, the moment he smiled and said: "? That is what you are doing, ready to do a new jewelery," said a few days ago is still too much jewelry , Akira looked at the eyes, how to get all those things there is a mood today?

Hua Xi Wan took his side to sit down, after he gave reasons, pointing gift list and said: "? If two aunt know that will not trouble them."

"You did for her daughter misery,She can be told to say thank you word? "Integrated various reasons, Zhang Yan Jin Qiu no little bit of goodwill, the Hua Xi Zhang Wan to be alienated, he is loved. He had also worried because the relationship between the father and brothers of Huaer Ye Hua Xi Wan China will be two grandma is Zhang will be relatively close, it seems it is white worried.

"She playful no trouble, what is yours, to whom not to whom, that is your freedom," Qiu Jin Yan touches nor the slightest concern, "This is something you do not worry, things in order, I let Akebia send tomorrow in the past, to see who would dare to speak out of turn. "

Hua Xi Wan: ......

Then resourceful man in the house after the incident, is also the most brutally simple.

However, she liked that.

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