Eight Treasures Trousseau

By Butterfly's Shadow Beneath the Moon

79 Chapter favorite heart

79 Chapter favorite heart

Qiu Jin Yan to be left after the Queen Mother Mother beside tea cultivation was holding out and said: "? King was so pure and His Royal Highness, how can you achieve your goals for the empress'

"Pure and go, if the kind of person he is like Yanbo Yi cold feeling of cold, Ai Jia really can not holding him," Empress took tea Qingchuai, eyes with satisfaction, "the vulnerable people before better grasp. "

"You still Dowager Empress one's opponent early on tried to get significant Princess pretty well, tried their best to contribute significantly to this king and Princess significant Shenxianjuanlv, now two really deep inside, it really could not be better . "Mammy words with admiration and praise," You are really his crafty plan. "

"Although the government Nghe waiting statesman guarded, but not really poured into the water," the Queen Mother was Mother holding, could not help but say a few words, "a good girl, is not kept in the general government is to keep the Houfu make an appearance as a man can not see, but why let others discuss this Ngee Ann designate the government even kind people, and should not be so generous, so there must be a result of which, Ai Jia Guo Buchu expected, the Ngee Ann Di female House candidates not only salt-free women, but is looks Allure. Ai Jia few years ago secretly snoop around, and do not love Fahrenheit general affairs, and his very lazy, but why have human voice and vice hook looks, this woman is married Which will be the pliant steel. king was there such a princess, even if the future accession to the throne, will lose morale. there is such a emperor, for Ai Jia, is the most Good choice."

For the Queen Mother, whether it is or Prince Jun Wang Sheng Which a throne, not a good thing for her. Prince stupid, another mother, if successful accession to the throne, the palace where the Empress Dowager and her foothold. Jun Wang Sheng Henla means too, on their own ruthless, others Genghen, such an emperor, she could not expect him to honor himself.

Only the king was on her knees grew up on her feelings of reverence, and prefer poetry and painting, although knowing some calculations, but not Henla generation, but very heavy friendship, such a throne for her grandson It is the best choice.

See Mother Queen Mother deep in thought, quietly step aside, cautious never see on the king was just curious attitude.

After Wan Hua Xi slept together, we find the proper way around the shadows, to see that Yan Jin Qiu, she sat up in bed: "When did you come back?"

"Just come back," Yan Jin Qiu put down the book and remove from the shelf a tunic draped over her body, "two days wronged you, the future Queen Mother will not use this kind of thing difficult for you . "

Hua Xi Wan grabbed the hand of micro skirts Dayton, watching Yan Jin Qiu Pingjing cheek: "What did you say with the Queen Mother?"

"Nothing, you do not control these bad feelings," he rubbed his hand between her supple hair, revealing Jisi smile Yan Jin Qiu face: "I have called people Dining kitchen ready, you first get up to accompany I walk in the yard, go open the appetite to eat. "

"Good." Hua Xi Wan Yan Jin Qiu do not know what means to let the Queen Mother with close hand, but she did not want to bother to think about these things too, for a good simple Qunshan, wash finished slightly random string together a bun, she Yan Jin Qiu side by side and then out the door.

Some trees and plants in the yard has been closed, a small bud,Winter looks more than a lot of vitality, Wan Hua Xi breath of fresh air, glanced at the rise of blue sky, turned to Yan Jin Qiu said: "? Is not stand higher, see more views of the United States"

"If only one person to enjoy the scenery, beautiful scenery and then finally just lonely, but who cares if a companion, the scenery is not so pleasant, but also to enjoy life," Yan Qiu Jin Hua Xi Wan just hold hands, gentle tone Road, "the scenery was beautiful, but the scenery is to look at people's emotions it."

Hua Xi Wan heard a laugh, "but sometimes not who cares and beauty have both, life does not always have a place so perfect."

"There is no tried and know how impossible?" Yan Jin Qiu smile, "something only tried, will not regret."

Wan Hua Xi silent, this guy is filling in Chicken Soup for himself, right? And the bowl of chicken soup seems to have been previously filled him too, so he is not worried about their live at ease with him?

"You're right." Hua Xi Wan felt so patiently coax a man, it is not very easy.

Sure enough, after hearing these words Hua Xi Wan, Yan Jin Qiu smile face softened somewhat good, holding the hand of Wan Hua Xi also Duoliaoyifen strength.

The two slowly walked in the yard, just the atmosphere of the time, the corner suddenly heard the sound of smashed porcelain, Hua Xi Wan looked back and saw bluestone end of the road, a kneeling servant girl in green, as well as in front of her shattered tea cup, forming a curl of white smoke rising hot air, so that the servant girl kneeling on the ground seem delicate and charming.

Wan Hua Xi seeing, mouth sort of smile, lazy said: "? Where did you serve, and how so careless" If the other side wants small white lotus, she certainly done a good bossy princess can not other waste of a lot of thought.

"Princess indulgences, slaves are tea house servant, careless wrestling scared princess, find your indulgences." Do not wait for Hua Xi Wan say, the servant girl in green will be the first to touch the ground, respectfully row a gift bow, black braids hanging beside the neck to just make people feel Xue Fu black hair, unable to look good.

He glanced around blankly Yan Jin Qiu, Hua Xi Wan raised his chin slightly: "Lift your head."

Liu Meifeng eyes face fine, coupled with that of a snow skin, is indeed a rare purple. Provided that, standing in front of her was someone else, rather than Hua Xi Wan.

Sometimes beauty is more out, this beautiful maid again, and then color white, in front of China Xi Wan, also contrasted too bleak. Like another beautiful peacock in front of the Phoenix, only the humble bird.

"What a beautiful girl," Hua Xi Wan chuckle loudly, turned behind

HY, "I looked at her more than you can put down."

HY-and-white in summer because the last assassination loyal to defend their master, praised the Queen Mother had been in oral instructions, the two men became so after the injury first-class character of those under the palace, the other steward in front of them are polite guest gas, did not dare to offend.

Hua Xi Wan this joke shows her value to the HY, so should the HY smiled and said: "Princess is able to serve the greatest honor slaves in this life, you are such a good boss with the princess, what looks important of. "Then she stepped forward a few steps,Maid in green with the index finger raised chin, a closer look after the Road, "The slaves would think that this is just the general appearance, skin color can only pleasant to the eye it."

"You wait all day princess, used to seeing Princess looks naturally see anyone better than this," paclitaxel next corner muzzled laughed, "I'm afraid the whole of sunshine in the mirror, and even his face should find it too."

Wan Hua Xi wait a few personal maid all chuckle out loud, as if making fun of HY general, only kneeling on the ground in green maid pale, only to find himself face lining is gone, like a stripped clothes, fancy being made fun of. But when her step out that step, it is expected to have this possibility, the more domineering princess, in order to bring out more of her poor, she is also affected by this insult was.

Are women, HY and paclitaxel did not see how the Celtics will have other thoughts maid, they both exchanged a look, bent over the green jersey maid Hongying help them, and then said: "We are playing with a smile said, do not take it seriously, tea cup broken it is broken, be careful next time is. "

Paclitaxel beckoned, two third-class clever girl came up to pick various porcelain pieces, as well as people take a rag to wipe off small pieces of low mountains, blink of an eye things on the ground will be spick and span.

Celtics servant hearts Anhen, maidservants princess around good deep means, obviously had laughed at her, and still make a generous hearty look, this is not done to princes to see it?

"To see the king and the princess in the garden, I do not know to avoid, too I do not know the rules, how to teach the tea room steward's servant," when the young Qiu Yan Jin live in a palace, concubines means used to seeing in youth Palace and saw a lot of those concubine Yaochong appearance, so the green jersey handmaid thought he had a sharp eye, some tired taste, "tea room steward flogging five, shed steward duties, replaced by a deputy steward. As for you ...... "

Celtics maid a cold heart, she only thought of how annoyed Princess, how to make yourself noticed princes, but did not think what will end princes for their dissatisfaction.

Not to say that Her Majesty Princess dissatisfaction with it, not to say that because the princes of the Queen Mother and Princess have Shudan, concubinage even want to do? Why princes still so guarding Princess, Princess did not even open, he spoke for the princess?

"Royal Highness ......" green jersey maid plea if not enough time to exit, it was blocked two Old Woman mouth, she wanted to break apart the Old Woman's hand, but found that these Old Woman big strong as an ox, she did not even sound a little We are unable to pay.

"It was such a good mood to corrupt people do not know the rules," said Yan Jin Qiu mind Anhen, he managed to coax happy to own princess, who knows even would be interrupted by a Zaoxin maidservants, this is simply to he clogging up, he could well be strange mood, "Since I can not do such a thing to serve tea, on flogging XX, fasted for two days, when the poor go to the laundry room."

Celtics maid shook his head and shoved his head, and even see with the eyes of hope to the princess, I want her to plead for themselves. But she saw only the pale princess smile until she was towed Old Woman who have not seen the princess say a word.

"Palace If there is such a person, directly flogging twenty out of the house, the king looked upset," Qiu Jin Yan of wood next to the channel, "such a trivial matter not to dispose of the Princess,Your own good handed down. "

"Yes." Akebia humble, very respectful attitude.

Once the dust settles, China Xi Wan slowly opening: "The tea room that is starting a steward, and this is presumably some oversight before allowing servant loopholes to directly withdraw his post this punishment some heavy, let him be a deputy steward. "she adjusted Qingluan help Binbian containing beads hanging tassels, light laughs," laundry room just missing a deputy steward, let him do it to fill the vacancy. "

Own things, how to make people look into it? Since dare hand, it would be prepared to cut the hand.

Yan Jin Qiu heard this he laughed: "You put it, so be it." His family princess really still care about him, his mind suddenly unlimited fun.

Akebia quietly buried his head even lower, Princess, this mode can be really cruel. That steward because the maid lost steward duties, now transferred to the vice laundry room steward, was demoted to the laundry maid there would be no good fruit to eat?

Princess visible weekdays though mild cordial, but not offend, and this is the lesson Celtics maid.

To him, these move the mind the servant girl is really seek death, what people do not think about the Princess, who is what, on the appearance, on the nature, identity theory, they are comparable to what the same. Not to mention their own boss likes it when a woman princess, someone else can match it?

Anyway, in the eyes of Royal Highness, Princess Tiduan rockery, called heroic evil cool; Princess like to sleep late, and what is quiet; Princess hear gossip of the capital, called to pass the time; Princess love food, and what is to enjoy life. If someone else do these women, that is rude, lazy, nosy, lazy.

Princess even if there are many shortcomings, but let princes always loved, always guarding, everything in accordance with that ability.

Anyway, even Royal Highness Princess changed a lot and went lifestyle, others do not or should not be played from thinking about this. By the time I'm afraid to be angry is not the princess, but the prince.

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