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Chapter 78 of the Queen Mother thought

Chapter 78 of the Queen Mother thought

After the Spring Festival, the capital of the crowd gradually come out from the shadows and the prince consort end and death for ordinary people, who are not born Shuisi important to them, it is important not to be a peaceful day break.

The emperor wanted bestowed on Prince's will ultimately failed to issued as private morality is too corrupt prince during his lifetime, without it no virtue, it can not be an exception Kai Lung Emperor bestowed the father, unless future unborn Huangtai Sun the ability to debate the ministers, the ridiculous Prince probably also could be bestowed on the emperor.

Tingling in Prince Suzaku temple full thirty days, there have been major Taoist priests to practice to the Prince, and finally to the title Prince Cheng burial, although everyone honest word to the Prince some waste, but people are already dead, the emperor has been concessions, they also do not want to quarrel with the emperor a title every day.

Shortly after, the emperor began to be interested in it after Prince Edward harem burial, and even the idea of ​​inviting selected female palace, but only slightly mention a few, the next day they rested this thought, let DPRK Some homes have Minister sigh of relief in her daughter's heart.

While the emperor was curious about how to change his mind overnight, but the pot is not what people do not tender spot, the emperor Since they do not mention, they are also all pretended not to hear.

Crown Princess quietly sat by the window, she glanced behind several of Mother looked solemn, with some rooms look tired: "You have to go back, I want a man quietly."

"Please Crown Princess indulgences, slaves, etc. ordered to protect your personal, please understand," the lead Mammy attitude careful, respectful tone, but it does not stand still step back.

"The emperor let you protect the palace, did not say that let you monitor the Palace," Crown Princess just feel my heart starting undetermined origin, cultivation Huixiu soup before he gave push to the ground and saw the white porcelain cup were smashed, she was raised one kind of pleasure, "you go away!"

Mother see her mind a few swings, worried about her angry hurt her unborn child, she had to pick up the busy divvying up various porcelain pieces, then hurried exit door.

Such as a room full of people finally all back out, Crown Princess burst into a silent cry. She reminds me of the time Prince has just married, think of indulging in sex like Prince, Prince remembered a few days ago came out from the prison, the ecstasy that when she was pregnant look.

Prince knows his body better sex because of some weakness, so that pregnant women a little more difficult, so after learning that she was pregnant, will be so happy.

But only her mind clear, her unborn child, with the prince do not have any relationship. Hand gently stroking the already bulging belly, she can not forget how, when Prince sent for burial, the Queen to see her eyes.

She understands that the queen must be aware of her unborn fetus is not Prince, but she had already involuntarily, Prince Ye Hao, Ye Hao Queen, she could do was endure in silence, waiting for the moment a child is born.

But her fate how will become like this, if you had not married into the royal family, why should she encounter such embarrassing things, why should a young age to become a young widow?

Maybe she do not want anyone Fuchu child is a girl, the only way to ensure that the child can grow up peacefully.Because there are too many double watched her unborn fetus, and more may make her afraid.

Crown Princess grew more and more feel scared, even his palm was bleeding to pinch unconscious are not aware of.

"Crown Princess." Crown Princess rang the door close maid's voice, she sat up, wiped his face tears, "recently."

After the maid walked close to, aware of the Crown Princess's face that something was amiss, but she did not ask, but pretend like nothing noticed:. "Slaves heard a message"

"What?" Although the Crown Princess did not like calculating, but she now stood in this position, only select pre-emptive.

"A few days ago to chat with several Mingfu Queen Mother, Princess significant words in talking about, it seems that she married a year has not the slightest news some dissatisfaction," personal maid low voice, "even to the tonic yesterday thanks to some self-cultivation significant Princess, which is implied in her earlier children. "

Although the position is different, but the Crown Princess China Xi Wan quite enjoy, together with her parents and her Chinese family a pro, she does not want things to get too stiff. But now the Queen Mother begging for Hua Xi Wan children, I'm afraid is to raise the stakes considerably king wins, but why Hua Xi Wan's stomach does not live up to expectations, the Queen Mother will be out of a radical is not a wise approach.

Not to mention Hua Xi Wan now age is still small, he said Hua Xi Wan Wah is now double nine, the Queen Mother did not so obvious, let others see how Royal? People couple very deep feelings, which the Queen Mother as a grandmother, but only anxious to make life a child, is really effort, but also a little ugly attitude a bit.

"Empress move, does it mean that significant Princess had been wronged?" Crown Princess eyebrow slightly, how significant the king to significantly princess, she is personally saw before, the Queen Mother will certainly attracted significant move unhappy princess, the king of this remarkable clip in the middle of the Queen Mother and Princess significant, more or less with the Queen Mother from the gap, which for her, it's not a bad thing.

"Empress her mother was concerned about the younger generation should be, we do not need to say over." Crown Princess lightly, "Thanh Princess where we want to keep an eye on these people." Her biggest enemy is not with the king, but who seemingly correct selfless Sheng Jun Wang.

Significant palace servant since yesterday, they become particularly cautious, because they heard that the Queen Mother, Princess of their home seem to have dissatisfied Royal Highness Princess weekdays suffered favor, if the matter because of bad mood, or they do not suffer these do servant?

Some pretty servant girl secretly happy in my heart, the elderly Queen Mother, Princess of dissatisfaction, also represents the princes possible because of the sensibilities of the Queen Mother decided concubinage, they would not have a chance?

Wan Hua Xi Queen Mother turned the reward

Down the gift list, what are angelica ginseng gelatin and other nourishing yin blood of the drug, she took a sip of tea, ginseng cultivation, on the side of orange autumn: "The Queen Mother elderly so kind to me, these drugs are fine, money also rare. "

Orange autumn sometimes I did not know how to answer, although she is close princess maid, but she was not a princess from Houfu brought, not as the other three sisters starting in front of the Princess, so wait when the more cautious, Princess discontent provoked fear.

Dowager Empress suddenly such a move, it is not a good thing for the princess,In case that satisfied side of the Princess came in like Sheng Jun Wang, this palace that I do not know how many Zaoxin things to happen.

Hua Xi Wan see orange autumn look carefully, waved and said: "The things close up." Although autumn orange earth and steady, but she still prefer to use white in summer and the others, three men probably better how the wind blows.

Queen Mother's palace, Yan Jin Qiu kneeling in front of the Queen Mother said:. "Grandma, please withdraw Yizhi, Fahrenheit has no child, not her problem, but now the grandchildren do not want children."

"You would so love to Princess significant deep-rooted species?" Empress did not expect to raise children has indeed become a lovestruck seed, the eve of her dissatisfaction with China and there is nothing, but do not allow Yan Jin Qiu really become a lovestruck seed, "Besides, you now have twenty years old, knees Yinanbannv are not, like what if?"

"Now the political situation unstable, grandson can not take a child to take risks," Jin Yan Qiu words with grief, 'grandchildren also want to have children, but now is not the best time to have children. "

Empress suddenly come to realize, now towards the intense partisan struggle, is the belly of the Crown Princess, guarding the emperor, they can not guarantee safety of birth, not to mention a palace in the fetus.

"Grandma, you remember it was six years old grandson?" Qiu Jin Yan Queen Mother looked up, eyes with some reverence and nostalgia.

Queen Mother hesitated and began to think about the year.

"In the past I do not know anyone in the back talkin ', said the pro-grandson is not your grandson, your diaphragm should be raising grandchildren only to the Queen Goddess, grandson furious attack that several servants. Because grandchildren know, even if your grandson is not a pro-grandson, but your mind has to be worth a pro-grandchildren grandson. "Yan Jin Qiu reddish eyes," that night grandson was thinking, father your son was just fine, as also no one will say that gossip behind far-fetched. "

"Fahrenheit married and the couple with grandchildren but I want her grandchildren, she wanted to have their own children and grandchildren, they do not like my mother did, because those concubines and depression and eventually died." Yan Jin Qiu kneeling walked a few steps his head gently against his knees before the Queen Mother, "Wong grandfather and father were made these women make their own sins, his grandson did not want to let a woman try. grandson incompetence, only to Fahrenheit to make up mind sorry. "Speaking here, Qiu Jin Yan has not choked idiom.

Empress startled agitated for a long time, Qiu Jin Yan hand touched the top of the hair, a slight trembling voice said:. "I did not know you Ai Jia Ai Jia Santa Claus so much as the late emperor not love heavy, knee missed a child, you can tending to grow, Unfortunately, Ai Jia also considered to fulfill the mind, you can understand the grievances Ai Jia year with your mother, then your mother is pretty worthwhile exhausted the means to protect the back of you. "Queen mother recalled the year, to begin with the little things in the past, hearts feeling these years without raising Yan Jin Qiu white child.

Yan Jin Qiu shoulders trembled, tried to make some of your own voice sounds normal: "Yes grandchildren incompetent, can not let you live arbitrary."

"There's always a chance." Empress extremely gentle pat on the head Qiu Jin Yan, a little tired of rubbing his forehead, "you actually also a good family that, since you do not want to concubinage, Ai Jia not force your children Do do it temporarily,As long as you know the answer on the line. "

See the Queen Mother looking tired, Yan Jin Qiu TIPS salute retire, so out of the palace after palace carriage sat back, feeling his reverence face disappeared.

This year the Queen Mother in order to ensure his grandson to her filial enough, with a lot of means, even his mother died young, but also the hands and feet behind the Queen Mother. Thought no mother, father and favorite concubine, he would have her grandmother especially this close to reverence?

He would like to take the Queen Mother as well as significant forces hijack the emperor's palace, the Queen Mother to assure her distinguished it. Today, the Queen Mother wanted, too Empress Dowager really respected by the emperor.

He wants the throne, but he did not intend wronged the only woman around to take a shortcut does not know the results.

Some things, not sacrifice a woman can get.

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