Eight Treasures Trousseau

By Butterfly's Shadow Beneath the Moon

Chapter 77 commitments

Chapter 77 commitments

Because the capital in recent frequent trouble, so Jun Wang Fu Sheng inside an inconspicuous side of the Princess was sent to another hospital to recuperate, in the eyes of other people too is not worth a mention.

Jun Wang Fu Sheng emperor placed in spies to find out what did not, just know that day to the doctor to feel the pulse of the side of the Princess, the side that night Xu Fei was sent to another village, on the grounds that Thanh princess but weak, seriously ill Xu Fei side is unfit to live in the palace, in order to avoid too sick to Thanh gas princess.

Many people do this as a means to deal with Thanh Princess concubines, but after Hua Xi Wan heard, but feel a little suspicious. Hou is a very smart woman, always Yin name out, if she really wanted to deal with a concubine, how could such a poor use of means? To temper the Hou, in which case she will only let the doctor take good care of Xu Fei side, not the side Xu Fei thrust directly to another village.

Hou is not the idea, then the people under this decision can only be filled Dukes, Hou just give him a scapegoat only. Be what kind of things will make Yanbo Yi night the woman around to another village?

Hua Xi Wan thought, put the heart to tell the suspect Qiu Jin Yan:. "Hou's definitely not the person to do so."

"What do you think the most likely reason is that?" Qiu Jin Yan handed her a silver sign poked fruit, sat cross-legged Hua Xi Wan side, laid-back turned the page. Yes, both of them being in the nest Ruanta, nice and warm legs covered with a blanket, also arrayed in front of the bed stood a small wooden table fruit tray, life simply do not get too comfortable.

Wan Hua Xi Shenshouqujie too lazy, just put his head went over, took a hand Yan Jin Qiu took a bite, then frowned and said: "? Is this side Xu Fei did what taboo thing."

"If she really had so much courage, so Yan Boyi not send her to another hospital, but directly to let her die." Yan Qiu Jin Hua Xi Wan do not want to see out his hand, and had held up to let her finish, then give yourself a piece of stamp cracking wiping began to eat.

Standing in the corner of the wood through again and again in the hearts sigh, princes when did you become like this? Former princes, even privately, is also a very particular man, but now ......

People are saying doubts nothing, knows nothing, honest bully me ah.

Akebia wiped my face, let yourself go down to the corner back back, always feel that in this case, who have been made redundant and standing next to.

"What is that reason?" Hua Xi Wan Jun Wang Fu Sheng doubt there is Yan Jin Qiu An exhaust spies, but she had no big deal to manage this, there are some things she knows enough results.

"Have you ever thought because this side of the Princess was pregnant?"

"That's a good thing ...... was pregnant," Wan Hua Xi instantly react, if it is normal for a side of the Princess is pregnant is certainly a good thing, but now this moment, pregnant with a child is not so wonderful.

Thought of this, her heart suddenly burst of nausea, even the hands of the book could not stand, frowning: "虎毒不食子, if he did not want to let this affect his children, we can easily put people where sent, we can not let the child stillborn. "

"With his ambitions, will not tolerate the slightest accident, this is the only pregnant does not exist completely consistent with his choice,"Qiu Jin Yan Yan Boyi as the opponent, Yan Jin Qiu of course he will not know anything, so Yan Boyi is what kind of character, he still has a bit of understanding," and so he boarded the big place, what kind of women did not, and how children will be missing. "

Wan Hua Xi brow micro pick, do not want to continue with this topic, as Yan Boyi this person, in her mind even more annoying to the extreme, she yawned: "Tomorrow is the end of the funeral and burial consort days, required the altar was already all packed up, I just let the servant prepared two categories, one grand more, one is a shining consort grade rules, and set what kind suitable for tomorrow? "

"Consort end and inexplicably died suddenly, is inauspicious, shortly after the year, before the arrival of Spring, not too grand, outlaw put on the line," Yan Jin Qiu is all very tactful, but Hua Xi Wan was very clear that this things like family and the emperor can not avoid, so they do not fall foul of the emperor, play by the rules, without being too cold-blooded, do not provoke the emperor unhappy.

To end the second day of the burial day and consort, funeral really is pressing to consort grade, though not shabby, but there is no grace, the way the House put the altar also tends to be low-key, and even some people put very shabby , to see that only half-heartedly.

End holding young son and the princess souls, eyes red walking in front, gaze passed a perfunctory one altar, more red eyes, clenched his teeth but let the tears fall.

"Explicit palace to pay homage to the dead!"

Young children hear these words, stopped, eyes fell significantly compared to the other family palace worthy consort obvious identity of the altar, and the altar dressed in sackcloth wipe tears kneeling send the coffin cry spirit man, bowed to thank after only continue to move forward.

Behind human spirit is crying wailing cries, his dazed look ahead, to the love of his father, the huge Princess House actually make him feel cold, and who later held him to read the writing, and who told him a man the reason?

Paper money and incense danced, and finally a small child crying in the Spirit who cries, holding the tablets falling tears.

End and consort of funeral hurry, only three days at home Tingling down the funeral, the capital is high, see low step on people, so inevitably deal with aspects of the altar, but unfortunately they forget also the consort have a son, they did, I'm afraid this child will deeply remember.

The reason end and consort death Wuzuo check out, claiming that the blood on the Bay, sudden emergency, there really is an accident, so the big guys do not want more, more, then it should offend the emperor.

It's that expose the matter over, and the princess did not end consort, and his brother is dead, so near

Nor how come out of the government, only occasionally out of the government palace accompanied by the Queen, is not and will not go anywhere else in.

But several people died after another, Kai Lung spring of twenty-nine years Lantern Festival is also exceptionally quiet, very lively in previous years, the lantern will also appear depressed than usual, a little better Wang Sun Gongzi figure, but this does not affect ordinary people live Chapman lantern variety of snacks food, lively was not, from time to time there are children carrying lanterns of various animals running around, add a lot of fun atmosphere.

Each aristocratic family home although in this day put up some beautiful lanterns,But it seems low-key a lot, do not want to provoke the death of the son of the Emperor and Empress.

Fortunately, although the Emperor and Empress was so oppressed, but also remember to have a number of family nobility status reward lantern down on the surface or did monarch fun.

Palace also been significant reward two lanterns down, good shade spend made satin, painted flowers FIG rich auspicious above, although both fine, but the lack of a somewhat interesting. Hua Xi Wan looked at, most people close up and enjoy the above things down, although not at liberty to damage, but people always pick it up carefully collect correct.

Empress reward not only the stuff down, the Queen Mother elderly people scrape together a lively, people sent a lad, and hold fish lotus lamp lights down, this lamp is delicately made, meaning Ye Hao, just inside the meaning of Hua Xi Wan did not want to think.

She have to wait months to seventeen years of age, so early did not want to make life difficult for his body. Prenatal and postnatal care, is also responsible for a child of their own.

Fortunately, Yan Jin Qiu is not so anxious to have children, or she wants to achieve, but also costs a lot of thought.

"How lantern in a daze looking at?" Qiu Jin Yan into the house, sight see Wan Hua Xi has landed on the desk of the lad, and hold fish lotus lamp, that she wanted children, sidewalk, "you want to have children?"

Hua Xi Wan looked up at him, this is not some big misunderstanding?

"Do not so many pieces," because really want and Wan Wah evening over a lifetime, so Yan Jin Qiu young age, she could not bear to suffer, "You are still young, we can wait for you after the age of eighteen, then consider this thing. do not worry, there will only be noticeable palace our children, no others. "

This is Yan Jin Qiu she promised not to let another woman gave birth to a child?

Thought she misunderstood the meaning of their own, Yan Jin Qiu do next to her, took her in his arms, explained: "I do not like kids, but too early to worry about when you are pregnant can damage the body strength, you young and having been cold, Yang Yang of the body more than two years before, when I was assured, you understand me? "

Wan Hua Xi nodded: "I understand." She is not Bushihaodai people, Yan Jin Qiu for her willingness to make this point, is very rare indeed, and to know in order to Yan Jin Qiu ambitions, knee one more son for him to compete for that position is more favorable, but he happens willing to give up the chips, raising her body two years later, in prepared pregnant children.

In fact, today, a man can do this step, in fact, it has been very good. Even her previous life that's life, there are many men to let their wives give birth to a son, a variety of frustrating, not to mention today is valued heirs heritage, Yan Jin Qiu also willing to make this choice.

"Qiu Jin, thank you," Hua Xi Wan relieved smile, hand Lanzhu Yan Jin Qiu neck, words with a smile, "I agree with your idea, but my body is not actually that bad." She then to save Huachuca rain after falling into the pool, ailing, and her parents to let her keep a good body, the annual spring should send her to the Manor House to learn some effort to keep fit, so all these years she not only nothing wrong with the body, the opposite is also very good.

Yan Qiu Jin Hua Xi Wan thought was kick off rockery stone, coughed and said: "I know,But women have children, and that is a foot in at the gate, a foot in the gate of hell, I ...... do not worry. "

Hua Xi Wan heart tremble, his head leaning against the chest Yan Jin Qiu, silent.

They quietly hugged themselves in quiet, infinitely better.

Akebia out of the room, turned the door cover, but the hearts of extremely shocked, actually Royal Highness Princess to do the point is, it makes Henla princes accustomed to seeing one side of him is simply staggering.

Privately Royal Highness Princess and Royal Highness before, like two people, the former ruthless, the latter soft watery, yet both performance makes him a kind of strange sense of harmony.

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