Eight Treasures Trousseau

By Butterfly's Shadow Beneath the Moon

Chapter 76 true and false thoughts

Chapter 76 true and false thoughts

Wide Cedian placed on good silver charcoal heaters only heat no choking smoke, the servant girl Mother who stood all breath your breath, indulge, without a word, is filled with majestic palace.

Princess significantly slower rate of speech somewhat, but here Morohito who did not dare urged her, Hu Shilang carefully pulled the veil wiped his forehead of sweat from his sleeve, like at heart, this is a temple where the stove is not placed much that some people uncomfortable hot. Think of it, he looked up to see significant Princess pale, remember people are very inadequate blood chills the heart of Princess significant injury is the fact that almost one hundred percent convinced.

"Some time ago because Linping Linping County Sheriff ...... Lord rustic guest house, I have some views not in line with her, so had some altercation, after a few days he has been guilty anxiety that day I was bored mind, they can not help but attack two, let people wait all withdrew. "Wan Hua Xi holding a tea cup heavy strength a little," and later in front of me had always wait two maidservants boldly came to comfort me, and they both just the door less than a moment, there eunuch to report, said that the princes have something to give me, and I believed her, and they let him into the door. who knows ...... who came in just this eunuch, there followed a servant behind him, I noticed wrong side of the maidservants, meaning they played vigilance, even eye grassland is also a vase with hand towards the eunuch to hit. this time servant suddenly soared, lifting the knife will wounding life ...... "

Hua Xi Wan holding the cup trembling, she looked up toward the seat next few people smile: "behind the scene is too chaotic, I can not tell the details, I only remember two maid shouted assassins, if not two a loyal maid protect me, I can not sit here today are afraid of. "

"Let the princess frightened, and so the matter Xiaguan man - will get to the bottom," Hu Shilang can be considered a person handling the case for many years, so significant Princess time the move in his view only normal, some time ago with the main county Linping significant Princess quarrel he has also been heard, even pointing to the main heard county Linping noticeable nose called the Princess of troubles, so that the couple is very remarkable people called Wang, fortunately king was generous, is still Chodo on the main plea Linping County. Linping County encountered such a master Guzi, it is no wonder the obvious bad feeling princess.

"Take the trouble to you adults, the recent capital in numerous affairs, for I am also tired of things you adults around, it was so hard on me," Hua Xi Wan glanced out of the sky, although made in shock but still a Princess gracious lady maintains, "so where to begin to thank you for the adults."

"Not afraid, and so this is Xiaguan their own lies," no one likes polite and gentle man, Hu Shilang is no exception, he had worried to significantly princess beauty and status, will be very difficult to get along with a superior woman who knew so few brief conversation, he found himself horribly wrong guesses before, there is such a moderate face of a woman, has been significantly king love alone, it is only right and proper thing, "Xiaguan there is a presumptuous Please, please grant Princess. "

"Hu adults please say."

"I do not know whether Xiaguan, who can ask some short questions and your two princess maid." This is their case-handling rules,Although many cases non-existent among the nobility, but he or according to ask a few cases.

"Where you adults handling the responsibility, I'd meant no objection, but my two maids are not very see outside off girl, if adults do not mind having a few other words the presence of Mother, Mother, let me give you lead the way."

"Should be, should be," after Hu Shilang heard this, China Xi Wan impression better able to carefully take into account the reputation of the two maid princess, no wonder the ladies were able to get so loyal. These two ladies are unmarried daughter, weekdays'd still be met if the outside, this hastily to the rest of the family room, no one else is there, really very inappropriate.

Saw two injured maid, Hu Shilang to see these two maids surrounded by several small maidservants wait, the room furnishings are also very particular about, showing that this is not a low position in the two maid at the palace in humans.

Short asked a few questions, answered with explicit content Princess said almost, but because of the different angles, look at the issue of concern is also somewhat different, look down what they say is true.

After finishing things, a few people were polite to the palace servant outside, Zhang Hu Shilang kind: "Miss Cheung, I do not know what case you experience?" Recent accident again and again, and they Punishments supreme court almost every day on tenterhooks the live, so by contrast, no significant events of life at the palace, he received this case, we have been able to claim to be a breathe easier, better than this morning to check consort died suddenly end and good colleagues.

Royal, the so-called sudden death is someone else death is dead, you do not ask the meaning of cooks spoil the broth, so people who receive this errand, it was all meant to be unconscionable along the Royal, which also look forward to consort family had little enough courage, not discontent, if you encounter violent temper, anger to the decision of the person's head, that would be really bad luck.

Hou recover from the sight substantially above the stone lions in front of the palace, thought sidewalk:. "The case great difficulty, coupled with the assassination of people have Fuzhu, behind the instigation difficult to find out." He did not mention that servant dressed Assassin body with scars, there are seven nails this abruptly pulled out on ten fingers, five toes is crushed, indicating the person who has suffered punishment.

"It is not so," Huashi Lang sigh, "but unfortunately so noticeable Princess woman, was actually because Dairen by such a serious injury, it is hateful."

"Ah." Hou significantly princess remembered once sitting in the carriage way, micro-brow, "Fortunately, ......"

"Gentlemen Your honor, this is a fight where '?" A little bit tinny but it will not make people feel terrible voice sounded around them, see you later Hou Wang is significant side valet Akebia, then Jian Li said, "just your hospitality your government. "

Akebia slightly sideways to avoid this ritual, then also a gift, following the

And sigh and said: "Gentlemen, adults have to careful investigation, can not let go of Dairen given that behind the Princess of the past few days has been bad spiritual head, the imperial doctor said only over-frightened, opened rather God's prescription for child regardless with, but worry about the evil prince. "

"Sure, sure, please rest assured header wood," Hu Shilang should smile at, to see through the wood in this cold weather also run sweating, then words with concern Road,"Wood Explorer Why is it so walking hurriedly?"

"Princes ran some leg for nothing," Akebia to Hu Shilang polite smile, but the eyes did not smile.

Hu Shilang realized that these words have mishandled ask, do not know yet that he is to inquire about the whereabouts of the princes of it. So when even shut my mouth, no more words, through the arch of the hand toward the wood, find a reason to leave.

After Hu Shilang with the Board of Punishments had gone, Akebia smiling watching his back for a moment, turned around to see Hou: "? Adult and can have any important matter."

"We hear that Ganoderma lucidum, Bozi, jujube nerves are all good things, wood Explorer is better to try," Hou politely said, "the next to leave."

Zuo Yi Akebia light with a smile: "Da man walking."

Watched Hou left, Akebia scowled turned around and glanced behind eunuchs: "This is outside officials, regardless of small government officials, and to be polite with, do not let outsiders to add a conniving slave princes of fame . "

"Yes." The eunuch respectfully said yes.

"If it encounters no eyes, some methods to clean up the spot means of attack is the last, we just wait eunuch masters, than not wearing Guanpao of these great people."

The eunuch head buried even lower: "Thank you, master guide, knows the apprentice."

"Ah." Akebia nodded with satisfaction.

End and princess palace, Yan Qiu Jin and several other condolence to the royal family sat in a room, the room atmosphere was very dignified, although most people's minds are not so sad, but the atmosphere was made to be full of condensate.

Although very popular in Yanbo Yi officials, but Jin Zhi royal family is his attitude in general, but those who prefer a near shoring clan personable, extravagance pressing Yan Jin Qiu, in their hearts, more in line with Yan Jin Qiu the image of the royal children, Yan Boyi so, in their eyes somewhat prudish taste.

"Xian Wang, I do not know how significant the injury princess?" A royal Dukes Road, "the heist can check out?"

"Injuries any better, but this time she was crippled, afraid to keep some time to recover," Yan Qiu Jin sighed, "Behind dictates very careful, I'm afraid to find out more difficult."

"This man is too hateful." The Prince whispered curse, Qiu Jin Yan little to persuade the two, will no longer much, after all, end and consort just go, even though they know this side and the Princess bit consort necessarily how sincere, but their faces did not really show it.

Yan Boyi hear these words have meaning for himself, looking the slightest change, Duanzhaochabei drank slowly, quietly glanced Yan Jin Qiu, then lowered her eyes to see a little bit bitter cup of tea.

Because it is not consort funeral day, as peers, it has not been guarding, after the incense, then after another left the Princess House. Yan Boyi just returned to the palace, to see the valet Qinghe look somewhat complicated stepped forward and said:. "County princes, just Xiyuan servants to report, Xu Fei side has been more than a month pregnant."

Yanbo Yi suddenly frowned, this time to the child can be really unfortunately, although the time is pregnant with Prince before the death of a prince passed away, but now with the prince consort is gone, he immediately came Fuchu concubine something pregnant,This is really not a good thing.

After a long while, he sighed and said:. "Imperial doctor diagnosis wrong, Xu Fei just menstruation unstable side only."

Qinghe bowed his head and said: "Little is know."

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