Eight Treasures Trousseau

By Butterfly's Shadow Beneath the Moon

Chapter 75 controversy renewed

Chapter 75 controversy renewed

Yan Jin Qiu groggy wake up, I do not know sleep too long, or because of illness reasons, he felt somewhat vague eyes, heard next to the sound before they recovered.

"There is no better?"

More than just warm hand on his forehead, he blinked his eyes, to see Hua Xi Wan bent / body touched with lips on his forehead.

"Body temperature down," Hua Xi Wan sat up, "Are you asleep several hour, up to eat something."

Standing behind her maid handed him a wink great white blue and white bowl, Hua Xi Wan holding bowl with injured left hand, right hand picked up the spoon tasted, some hot, then scoop up a spoonful blew handed Yan in front of Jin Qiu: "come, taste, which is deliberately let the kitchen to boil your vegetables porridge Once you heal, let them give you good food, now can only be aggrieved about your stomach.."

Mu Tong Yan Jin Qiu leaning against the headboard sitting see Princess tone with coax a child to deal with princes, the princes glanced cautiously, but not see his face half points mad Italy, they bowed pushed aside.

Yan Jin Qiu glanced spoon of porridge, porridge vegetables is to say, it really is a simple vegetable soup, finely sliced ​​vegetables wrapped in a crystal grain of rice, exudes a faint fragrance. He just felt good appetite, mouth put the spoon porridge swallowed.

See Yan Jin Qiu eat, Hua Xi Wan side from the plate with chopsticks to pick a piece of finely chopped sour radish, Qiu Jin Yan handed smiling lips: "Come on, try this."

"What is this?" The things on the mound glanced chopsticks Yan Jin puzzled.

"It's pickled radish, less complex work, annual food most of the time, the people who will put them into homemade salt water soak is good, wait until the season less dishes, with rice on with this thing," Hua Xi Wan thought for a moment, then added, said, "when greasy things to eat more when this thing open appetite is very appropriate."

Heard a lot of people eat this, Yan Jin Qiu although doubts taste of this thing, but still put things into his mouth. Some sour taste, and some salty, it can not be good and not good, but because the salty, really good with rice.

Hua Xi Yan Wan did not tell Jin Qiu, he ate the pickles are after many procedures, and in pickle brine, add a variety of seasonings, that ordinary people get their own, can not so much stress.

"This kind of thing occasionally taste okay, if you eat no effect on the body?" Yan Jin Qiu on the finished pickles porridge, wiping her mouth after mouth and asked, "she goes on medical books, these marinades of beverages were easy to eat. "

"If you always eat this of course is not good," Hua Xi Wan-hand with a hot towel to towel him, "Most of the people who will try every means to make their life better, or the folk and how there were so many new the emergence of eating? "

"The real big intelligent person, often in the private sector," Yan Qiu Jin sighed, "but even so, they have to eat more fresh fruits and vegetables, the better." Aristocratic family who will never lack the eating but ordinary people has to rely on the weather, good weather okay, if in case of a disaster, the day will be very difficult.

"Then rest for a while," Wan Hua Xi according to his shoulder,Let him lay back yard, "today can no longer bathe, and so on before you can heal, you know?"

Yan Jin Qiu in bed exposed only a head, nodded obediently.

Very satisfied with him, Hua Xi Wan nodded, "Go to sleep, I stay with you next."

Yan Jin Qiu mouth hint of a smile, slowly close your eyes even really sleep in the past, perhaps because someone really willing to accompany him, perhaps because he was ill and infirm, in this sense he slept well, etc. when he awoke, already the next morning.

He sat up in bed, covered with a thick mat see on the next Ruanta, Hua Xi Wan was lying on top, a black hair pouring down, the hair has been drawn in, the room full of quiet good.

A coat, he walked over to the window, opened the window and found the outside still under the fog, hazy reminding us of scenes in Wonderland.

"Are you awake?" Hua Xi Wan rubbed his eyes to wake up and see the scenery out the window, "A big fog."

Outside outside waiting for the servant girl who heard movement coming from inside the house, greeting wash after holding things with the filed into the room, the two men for a good clean clothes after washing, see Yan Hua Xi Wan Jin Qiu returned to normal, full of energy look, yawned and said: "obviously you're sick, but rather is looking at how sick I like."

Palace yesterday afternoon that three people have sent a tonic to the palace, she thought that posture almost let Yan Jin Qiu is not a little cold, but a wasting illness.

See Yan Jin Qiu Xi Wan Wah also with a tired brow color, she did not know the rest to take care of their own good, sidewalk: "When eating at Zaoshan, then take a break now."

"Ah," Hua Xi Wan nodded, feeling very good idea.

Because Yan Jin Qiu has recovered from his Zaoshan finally become lean meat porridge, also with a few side dishes, just after dinner, I heard a shocking news, Hua Xi Wan wants to catch up on sleep plan also shattered.

"Royal Highness, Princess, Princess House today and ends early in the morning crying loudly, profited gone." Mu Tong Hua Xi Wan see his face a little surprised, sidewalk, "I heard that last night after two more not to."

Compared to the end and princess in the capital of publicity, and the consort of many low-end, usually the capital no matter what the size of things, who profited not love join in the fun. Because in the end and reared Princess Princess palace servant Kiyotoshi better, and some even laughed at behind the consort cuckold, but have not seen what the reaction profited, still laid-back live. Such a wide heart, are suddenly gone, who believe that out?

"In recent days really is not peaceful." Hua Xi Wan frowned, she and Yan Jin Qiu into marriage

, The capital out of a lot of things, like son from Zhang Jiagong murder, the capital where it often appears not peaceful things, even to the throne Prince are in this fight to play in the life gone, do not know how many people fall into the trap wins this battle.

Yan Jin Qiu hand gently pressed her hand: "Do not be afraid."

Wan Hua Xi smiled at him, then said:. "After you go, remember to bring along some guards, anyway, you are now the Prince, with more and more guards around, but also not bad rules"

"Good." Yan Jin Qiu smile should be the next, "Now the situation is unknown, I went to take a trip to Princess House,Your arm injuries, temporarily do not appear. "

Put on a show to do a full set, not to mention the injury on the eve of Wan Hua arm does not light, he can not bear to take her to the Princess House this trip.

Xi Wan Wah Yan Jin Qiu also understand the idea agreed down. Half an hour later, and so she just lay back in bed, heard the servants to report, he said that the supreme court Shaoqing Hou and punishment of Hu Shilang asked to see.

She had to get up from bed dressing on the makeup, take advantage of paclitaxel York to her hair, she was puzzled: "The Miss Cheung is not because it attracted the emperor was furious, how still supreme court Ren Shaoqing post?"

"Slaves do not know," paclitaxel frowned, "Slaves listen timber father said, it seems to be because a lot of people out praise Miss Cheung selfless, not afraid of power, the emperor saw his character, so I continued employment."

Kai Lung Emperor did not want to leave just a stupid fame, though praised Hou surface, do not know who hate the heart become what he looks like. Family in a lot of people know this emperor thought, this approach can only happens to those who do not understand politics scholar Bale.

Hou sat in the front hall side of the palace hall, took the servant goes to tea, tea by the action a little side hall furnishings observation, just felt a gentle air blowing, so that he would feel a this Fuchu owner Hoya matter.

"Miss Cheung Please wait, then went to the Princess." Dressed in a blue robe eunuchs tone is very polite, "Thank you for waiting."

"Where is the next Excuse me," Hou for the eunuch polite smile, although he did not know the eunuchs, but the body can be seen from the other side of the fabric, the eunuch in the palace at least was a steward position.

Come with him to the supreme court registrar carefully sit from time to time be careful glance toward the door, but my mind was secretly crying, some time recently hit the capital do not know what evil, every few days to be sudden, things, which makes them supreme court as well as the Board of Punishments who did not calm all day the day before.

Punishments of Hushi Lang is also responsible for the assassination of a significant Princess case, he was very clear that this case will have a final result, that is to find a scapegoat. In fact this assassination came out, we all know are clearly related to the fight for storage spaces, but no one can say that, did not dare to indiscriminate investigation, then it can only push a remarkable palace and other related people are satisfied with the scapegoat out.

But no matter how the results like the process to go or to go, which significantly hurt the Princess also has four fast five days, the visibility should be outside the off the bar.

"Gentlemen adults, to the princess." Before the blue robe and eunuchs came back soon after, after reporting this sentence, honestly bow standing next to.

Morohito here have been offering up a little while to see dressed in plain bamboo drag skirt was princess appeared, they busy hand and said:. "Xiaguan seen Princess"

"Let you adults waiting, quickly free gift," Hua Xi Wan leaning on hand purple shirt's first sit down, see these people still standing, sidewalk, "Sit down."

Supreme court registrar only heard significant Princess Allure beauty, but not seen, today saw the real capacity, was actually what adjective could not think, I just feel with the king to marry so stunning, really is Yan Fu is not shallow."I do not know you adults that come today, for what is going on?" Hua Xi Wan this servant to these people for a new tea, face with smiles, "can help, we must try to fit remarkable palace of you."

Hou see significant Princess pale, his left arm is not a natural bent, that she injuries healed, then he got up and hand over:. "Today disturb Princess resort, it is very helpless but to try to find the assassin was behind, Please also carefully Princess can talk complaint about what happened. "

"So," Hua Xi Wan suddenly exposed look of barely smiled and said, "Gentlemen, this thing adults to run around, I talk things through this party it should be."

While the princess see significant here Morohito smile face, but may be reminded of the date of thing, some with eyes still could not conceal his horror.

Hu Shilang sigh, the poor princess so obvious weak woman, actually so frightened by, and passed over several days, I think the day will be so, we can see how dangerous the situation was.

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