Eight Treasures Trousseau

By Butterfly's Shadow Beneath the Moon

74 Akio Gang of appetite

74 Akio Gang of appetite

Being held in the dungeons of the few people to see the emergence of Yan Jin Qiu, eyes are showing fear of color, as if not a Pianpiangongzi come, but claim the soul messenger from hell.

A servant in the use of torture appear to see Yan Jin Qiu, busy hands bleeding throw away the whip, approached ardent salute.

Servant behind with Yan Jin Qiu quickly setting up tables and chairs, offer refreshments, then looked straight ahead and stand behind Qiu Jin Yan, as if they did not smell a dungeon full of the smell of blood and musty.

"What was the trick?" Qiu Jin Yan lifted the cup, leisurely steam blowing cup noodles, sipping the Road, "the last time you actually make people escaped, even tired injured princess, the king is now very the unhappy. "

Guard dungeon servant looking great changes, ignoring the ground with sewage, straight knees, but did not look up to say a word for mercy.

Suddenly themselves in all static, Yan Jin Qiu calm eyes swept several servant, with tea cap blowing the water, pointed to two servant kneeling in the corner after a long while to reach out, "drag out."

Two servant was about to open for mercy, they blocked the mouth of man, he dragged out.

"Do not play in front of the king," Yan Jin Qiu put down the cup, eyes suddenly became sharp, "since too impatient to live, do not mind the king sent him a ride."

If it is the last thing Wan Xi clever, I do not know how many would stir up trouble. He did not know how much is understood Wan Wah evening, but these days she has not asked for his study of the following is not a secret curiosity, as if she really was the assassin attacked, but did not hear any secrets about him.

He thought of Hua Xi Wan various reactions, such as anger, or curiosity, or aversion to him again, but his guess all come to nothing, which makes him a bit surprised, but also some joy. The world a woman is so great that only her so special in their own eyes.

"Since these people do not want to confess, that there was no need to speak again, his tongue still keep Zuoshen," Qiu Jin Yan sneered, "These people bully me significant potential weak palace, the king will naturally be a good job entertaining entertain."

Soon came the screams in prison, sit and watch him, to be servant to cut out his tongue ended in front of him, he glanced tray lightly bloody tongue: "Since it is people like them something that fell from him, they returned to their custody, the king hope to come back next time, these people have a pen to confess, or else do not stay the hand. "

Tongues amputated a few people rolling on the ground in pain, after he heard these words, gradually dare trouble, but shivering in the corner. When their tongues were to be thrown in front of them, horror in their eyes almost reached a peak, sobbed with her head afraid to look.

Out of the dungeon, Yan Jin Qiu after bath before my hair to go to the main hospital, he walked into the room Wan Hua Xi, female doctors are to change Wan Hua Xi vulnerary, to see him come in, the house people have Jian Li.

"Do not polite." Yan Jin Qiu went to China with a moisture Xi Wan side, careful to hold her arm, before he saw when Wan Hua Xi imperial arms had been bandaged, but now I see what wound how deep hurt.

Although it has been raised two or three days, but the wound is still some swelling, and it lasts four five-inch-long wound on clear flawless arm,It is particularly ugly. Sutured wounds. Lines are dyed bloody red to black, already I do not see color, so just looking at the immense pain they feel.

Arm holding the hand slightly shocked, Yan Jin Qiu heart dull badly: "? Hurts."

No wonder the two days she was always sleeping at night, so the wound pain, how can sleep?

"Fortunately," Hua Xi Wan touched his right hand was not injured with wet hair, "the first month, he is cold, wet hair wrapped in how you came over, quick wipe with something."

Akebia very wink handed him a clean cotton towel, Yan Jin Qiu wave would not let him wait that he reached for cotton towels wipe up slowly: "Just who stick some plaster, I worry about stains your wounds on it after bath was over, some swelling how this wound? "

"Please do not worry Royal Highness, Princess deep wound, the beginning of time there may be some swelling, but fine as long meditation support, dressing next time, just does not come so frightening." Medical woman answered cautiously He said, "Please be careful of your Royal Highness, Princess dressing Wei Chen ready to give up."

Qiu Jin Yan glanced at the hands of female doctors bowl was filled with dark green slurry of medicine, the taste is not very difficult to hear, he laid down his cotton towels. Hold hands carefully Wan Hua Xi left arm, told said:. "A little more careful, do not touch the pain Princess"

Apply to be good medicine, bandages wrapped well in the future, female doctors see the king was still frowning, thought he was acting dissatisfaction with the hospital too, in turn, explains: "Although the wound closure looked scary, but useful Princess wound healing, stayed the imperial doctor a few days to remove sutures to be Princess, please do not have to mind the princes. "

"The king understand that the hospital you adults too hard," Qiu Jin Yan Hua Xi Wan worry though injury, but still not the heart to vent a little bored status of female doctors who called the servant sent female doctors after going out, he sighed China Xi Wan said, "you need not so."

"Since the decision to do, we should do things prettier, or more harm than good," Hua Xi Wan thought loyal and clever white summer with HY, sidewalk, "White summer and there HY dedicated people looking after. Although they due to limited capacity can not please the imperial doctor to give them wounded, but too vulnerary hospital brought people can give them back the past, doctors also have the ability to find the capital. "

"Your maid I've had two proper placement, Akebia also arranged several small maidservants take care of them, you do not have to worry about these things," Qiu Jin Yan gently took her hand, "This is to let you wronged a. "

"Husband and wife are one, if you have something, I will be able to do it spared?" Wan Hua Xi hand

Touched his semi-dry hair, "and then wipe the hair, if sick on the bad."

Yan Jin Qiu on the back of the hand gently kiss her, "If sick, they just do not have those things to deal with North Korea."

Sure enough, the next day, which was to spread the palace with the king fell ill news. It is said that the king of the obvious significant Princess really silly one, day care princess with clothing puzzled, and finally fell ill. Others say the king is significant because the family encountered such evil, is angry and sad, was ill.

But no matter how the outside guess, to go with the king to feel the pulse of the imperial doctor can determine that the king was really sick,And not to confuse the outside world and pretend to be sick.

Princess looked significantly dragged injured arm was sitting on the bed talking side, while talking with another bird did not forget did not significantly injured hand to press the king quilt, the imperial doctor emotion cry in my heart, then they bow carefully written prescription.

"Princess, Royal Highness because of fatigue, so that the evil wind into the body, most hair two days should not not catch cold, drink a medicine made several sweat, will not be affected much."

"There are workers," Wan Hua Xi on the imperial doctor polite nod, let Akebia personally sent to the government, turned around and stared eye honestly lying in bed Yan Qiu Jin: "Early said, tell you to dry hair, you chosen listen to me, to know that under the sick uncomfortable. "

Yan Qiu Jin is staring at its own princess Xiong Baba, honest quilt pulled up to cover his chin, blinked said he was innocent.

"Do not be cute, blush takes something, what lovely," Hua Xi Wan snappily hot hand touched his forehead, called the servant called wine, with no injury to his right hand rubbing the body, and finally wipe his ass time, could not help but reach out and patted, uttered Cui Xiang.

Yan Jin Qiu: "......"

He felt pride as her husband's running out.

Unpleasant taste some wine wiping body, he sniffled, would like to speak only to see Hua Xi Wan chilly eyes.

Finally, he is still just silent pull the quilt, to cover themselves, for that cold air can not penetrate into the quilt.

The servant called Yan Jin Qiu far from two windows open, these people are sick, windows and doors also cover tightly, which is keep the virus in the house should do?

Quietly watching the evening Wan Wah told Human neat, seeing his own house windows were open two, the nearest brazier had also been taken away, Yan Jin Qiu felt inexplicable mood was better, probably this is his latest odd sick of this life experience.

Childhood illness, people around him could there holding cajole, and later he inherited the palace, rarely become ill after Dukes, sick people also wait around unsteadily Jingjing, even the atmosphere is not out.

This time ...... is patted to remove the buttocks, the other came good experience.

"Brazier not put enough away from people too, for good voice," See you later, Wan Hua Xi nose he had begun to sweat, sidewalk, "a cover to cover, out of the sweat will be a lot easier."

Although Yan Jin Qiu who feel uncomfortable sticky, but look to see Xi Wan Wah concerned, it obediently lies still, and gradually give birth to an sleepy.

"You sleep for a while, and other drugs Aohao I'll wake you up."

Struggling sleepy, Yan Jin Qiu said:. "You went back to the room to rest, do not let me give you gas too sick."

"Patients do not have to worry about this kind of thing, fast asleep," Wan Hua Xi sweat with a handkerchief and wiped his forehead between Yan Qiu Jin's nose, he could not see sleepy sleep in the past, he sat for a moment before standing up and walked outside, in the purple shirt persuaded to drink a bowl of ginger, then said:. "Ruanta someone to take me to move to the back room, lighter action."

People sick, most need someone to accompany her to marry into the royal significantly, no matter how much Yan Qiu Jin the truth to her, but at least she did not turn away a cent. So sake he was sick, andShe felt that she was barely able to spend more time with him.

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