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Chapter 73 mentality

Chapter 73 mentality

Hua Xi Wan things assassinated in the capital will soon set off uproar / wave, Ngee Ann House candidates who sent several waves of people to send things, although significant Chinese family a clear mind palace lacked for nothing, but that does not resist Hua family sent the pace of things.

Even Hua Sanye home some forces are stingy Yao sent sent tonic, according to her words it is to see Hua Xi Wan dead girl do not pleasing to the eye, but also thought that somehow gave her life up to looking forward to pour a mold or she is not getting it's own daughter, but did not really dignitaries life, she is unwilling.

Hua family to send things to the palace, the royal family who also followed the other to send some other palace with significant pull on relations with China relations home near family, have followed a steady stream of remarkable palace to send something, whether these people have not a cent really, but at least they expressed regarding China Xi Wan deeply regret the assassination of meaning.

After this thing out of trouble, the capital of the tense atmosphere on a lot of these people are not afraid and he was assassinated, but they guess the more terrible the fact that someone wants to eradicate with the king.

As we all know, because the king was very significant Princess love heavy, usually nothing almost never wandering outside the palace, free time to love back to the House accompanied significant Princess, Princess significant assassinated that day, he was in front of the palace officials delaying the pace, significantly assassination King apparently did not anticipate the usual time back to the government of the day who is not even appear, and finally he simply wanted to start significant Princess, King significantly affect the good mood, let him irrational contention wins in the future.

Luckily there are significant Princess around two faithful maidservants primary care, which was also happens to be the palace guard patrol in the vicinity, but if you lack any of these conditions, as significant princess would die.

No one doubts that this matter is significant Princess self-directed and acted out, because I heard that the palace was a lot of people have heard coming from the direction of the main hospital clamor, screams, and even some people in the capital also placed eyeliner heard it. Not to mention significant for the Princess arm was injured, I heard very serious injury, to be in this life to leave a scar.

So a significant Princess Enchanting beauty, to own their own arm to draw a ugly scar? People say, significant and substantial Wang Princess franchise is not like the kind of thing that he played such a play chart what?

Too much blood the body of the chart, draw a hole flowing play?

More people tend to believe that when someone wants to take advantage of the emperor in a bad mood, relatively significant king shot, get rid of him this invisible competitor.

Matter involves wins respect, it is no simple matter. But think of the current mess, they could not help but sigh, the capital in the next period of time, I'm afraid will not have peace about increasingly.

Since Mafeisan effect in the past, Wan Hua Xi will come to understand the feeling of pain, she did not dare to even casual arm lift, also on eating them altogether to avoid certain food, for which she says is the most painful was a thing.

They accounted for most important in life eating and sleeping, as she is done well, can not stand to sleep at night, eat the whole eat some beneficial healing dishes, how to think how uncomfortable.

Yan Jin Qiu took leave of absence two days, almost always stay in Hua Xi Wan side, to her talk about some interesting stories,Or a funny event officials, just to divert the attention of Hua Xi Wan, lowering her attention to pain sensitivity.

This is the imperial doctor to the method, he said, this view although some nothingness, but see Hua Xi Wan fascinating listening to the capital where some officials interesting, that he does not love other people's care princes mess of things, the following people to make a special trip he found a lot more privacy and funny things, fight for Hua Xi Wan keep interest going.

"You say this quiet Ping Bo what to think?" Hua Xi Wan sighed, "He was born the son of the first wife grow too weak and incompetent, following the birth of his son by his room grow too arrogant and despotic, I heard that he was □□, It can be really seek death of. "

"He just got a gamble, it lost the bet," Yan Qiu Jin sighed, "but how else to make the first wife had just died, can not wait to remarry a second wife welcomed into the door."

"A lot of men are greedy little lust, Jing Ping Bo do such a thing, not the first, nor the last."

People can sturdy Han emperor to marry the Queen Mother had a baby satisfied extraordinary palace, the Queen Mother, and finally let his son become a born prince, the last son to inherit the throne, became well-known in the history of the Han Dynasty .

Jing Ping Bo Earl a little late and so on, to marry a woman and two married without children what count. Provided he is not carrying his first wife, following his wife struggling with this, there is no urgency to put new wife just died satisfied that the palace, otherwise he will not have the static level of a primary, not a cent favor.

"I am different from other men," Yan Qiu Jin leaned close to her ear, whispered in her ear:. "I Yan Jin Qiu just spotted a woman, then that is a lifetime thing."

I believe a man's love, then, would be tantamount to his own stupid of. But she will not be so foolish in front of the man's face, to expose his words of love, but as interesting listening to the words slowly, as believe it or not, it is her own business.

But Yan Jin Qiu seems to have just said to her, as she believe it or not, he is not forced, but worried glanced at her arms, scowled: "the palace this morning, Her Majesty the Queen has a reward down, you sidelined with injuries, so I did not call you up Jiezhi. "

In fact, they both have a clear mind, Hua Xi Wan was not seriously injured can not get up, but because I felt too comfortable warm bed, she does not want it.

The last two days because the injured, Yan Jin Qiu raised her even more lazy, and even ate things just mouths, waiting for someone else to eat into her mouth, the people most of the time Yan Jin Qiu.

"Queen reward thing down?" Wan Hua Xi somewhat surprised eyebrow, Prince

He died, the Queen so soon Huanguo Lai?

"Ah, it depends on the gift list, let me get you to come in?" Yan Jin Qiu good a whole orange peel, breaking the one handed to her.

She buried the slightly orange bite into his mouth, after eating shook his head and said:. "No, I'm too lazy to look."

This palace tour things down, to the pearl jade, down to the small stuff, have taken some of the auspicious name, what the Phoenix flying double flowers Kam, what son of a hundred fold skirt, or else is a blessing clouds jasper hairpin, these name swiftly look down,It is simply a test of vision and memory.

"Do not want to see do not see," Yan Jin Qiu put half only feed the orange, you did not let Xi Wan Wah eat. Put down the rest of the half, he reached out and touched her supple hair loose in the back, "I have something to go out today a trip, remember to take medicine."

"Well," Wan Hua Xi mind clear, Yan Jin Qiu accompany their stay in the palace two or three days, and what love is in the eyes of others, but stayed too long, not so appropriate.

"Then you have a good rest, do not make me worry."

After leaving Yan Jin Qiu, Hua Xi Wan lying in bed without any sleep, simply let the orange autumn she brought the book to see if it is to pass the time.

Yan Jin Qiu rode out of the palace did not take long to encounter the same horse walking toward the side Yanbo Yi. Both the first high horse riding, horseback each other upstream of a same generation ceremony.

"I do not know how the injury brothers and sisters?" Yanbo Yi out of the whip hanging at the waist, playing with the handle and said:. "Siblings weak flourishing, also lost so much sin, Dairen really hateful"

"That is not the case," Yan Jin Qiu faction natural smile, "Thank you, cousin care, I will take my brother managed palace, let this happen again."

Two men standing face to face, a human face expressionless, sounded a person smile, but the eyes without the slightest temperature.

Both horse for the groom almost shouted shaking a bit, buried his head even lower.

Back to the palace after, Yan Jin Qiu did not immediately enter the main hospital, but to the study, through the dark to hide the aisle, his foot on the ground year-round water, step on the official boots dirty floor on, coated with a layer of dirty water.

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