Eight Treasures Trousseau

By Butterfly's Shadow Beneath the Moon

Chapter 72 panic

Chapter 72 panic

Because Kai Lung Emperor Recently mood is very bad, so five days a large North Korea will only go through the motions, then was bestowed on Prince for the emperor the things quarrel, to the casual North Korea did not come to a result.

Yan Jin Qiu after the eviction, ready to back to the palace, and he and several other people were opposed to the royal prince bestowed camp surrounded ears and listen to those various rules ancestors regulations face with a smile, though people do not know his true thoughts, but listen to this piece looks like, it does not make people dislike him.

Some clan are depressed, they are idle imperial clan had no love affairs, and now is pulling these people, and they can not afford to go, do not go afraid to offend the emperor, this is simply unexpected calamities.

In the palace gate was blocked for nearly half an hour, just when we finally get out, dressed in a black cloud saber guards face with silver streaks of color ran panic, everyone secretly frown, this is Prince escort to wear uniforms, which is which, what happened?

"Intrinsic Royal Highness, the Princess in the palace's assassination, the assassin has Fuzhu."

Yan Jin Qiu face polite smile suddenly disappeared, he snapped: "? How about the princess'

"Because there are two maid desperate to protect, in addition to escort arrived just in time, Princess no danger, to lead the way eunuchs assassin assassin and all Fuzhu."

"Immediately back to the House." Jin Yan Qiu attend to side with men are polite, have a chance to say a word of goodbye, drove a hurry, let the driver go horse back.

But who does not mind his faux pas, who do not know the capital of Xian Wang Princess significant pain to the bones, if significant Princess really have happened, which was the king uncertain what would become distressed.

But this fine day, yet there are Dairen broke into the palace to assassinate, as well as eunuchs leading the way, this is too wild. If it were not with the king in the palace delayed half an hour, it is probably the king was assassinated?

It seems the main purpose of this assassin is significant not significant Princess King. However, Xian Wang has always been a gentle man, not love racing on weekdays nothing to succeed, who is so ruthless to kill the king was?

Are mixed officialdom people, just a short period of time for a little while, and everyone has to guess in my mind that several suspicious people, suspected in this list, Sheng Jun Wang is a champion, Queen's maiden Fang family is second place today ......

It is third overall.

Out of this thing, not the officials who haunt the royal clan, clan at home in case of sudden, some of these things, chances are they will be involved in.

Princess considerably less than half an hour on the issue of the assassination spread half of the capital, after Kai Lung Emperor heard more angry smashed favorite tea set, he is now very skeptical to start with the obvious palace person who poisoned the Prince It may be the accomplice, but suffer no evidence, even if there is suspicion that he can not start.

Every time this time, he was exceptionally late emperor's resentment, suspicion he fills even give back to the other two sons Dan Book iron roll, which is not equal to tell people of the world, he doubted himself emperor there might be brothers start it

Ma Gonggong looking at the floor of porcelain pieces, move also did not move, as if the next case there is no one like the dragon in anger.

Ectopic, Qiu Jin Yan Jingan slow rush back to the palace, came into the palace door, without even looking at the kneeling guard behind the door,Big step walked towards the main hospital. Into the main hospital, the main hospital to see the servant, although coming and going, but busy but not chaotic, he lifted the curtain went into the inner room, to see Hua Xi Wan lying in bed, Zhao big trauma for her pulse was Kathrine , house ornaments there is movement at the scene, there is a faint smell of blood.

Waved forgive asked the servant of the house, he sat three steps and two steps over to the bed, looking at the Hua Xi Wan bloodless face: "the imperial doctor, how about a princess?"

"Please be assured Royal Highness, Princess wounds, though deep, but fortunately no injury to the main meridians, but now the weather is cold, healing can be slow," the imperial doctor to recover the pulse of the hand, then began to start prescriptions, writing at the side road : "this Although without problems, but also very dangerous, if the wound and then offsets a half hours, I'm afraid Wei Chen has not arrived, the Princess will have to make death the blood Wei Chen opened the three prescription, a is the wounded. , the second is the blood, the three is the topical, hope a lot of princes asked your government servant, you will not have very sloppy. "

Purple shirt biting his lower lip, softly asked: "? Slaves crossed, ask the imperial doctor, Princess arm it will leave a scar."

"If you want the slightest trace nor is impossible," the imperial doctor know these ladies, the scar is not beautiful, but this wound is deep, is winter, "wound healing period, Eat spicy things, after recovery, combined with milk wash, pearl face with beauty cream massage, always somewhat useful. "

"Thank imperial doctor," paclitaxel grateful blessed blessing body, she remembered little girl who had been sent to the room for the doctor HY-and-white summer, in the heart relief, anyway, no big problem on all three it is good.

The imperial doctor left, Yan Jin made a small mound in the bed half an hour, see Hua Xi Wan not wake up, he asked: "? Princess how not wake up."

"Back Royal Highness, Princess wounds too deep, the imperial doctor gave her the anesthetic be wound closure, the imperial doctor said, princess to be at least two hour to wake up." Paclitaxel careful answer.

Yan Jin Qiu heard they will not raise another, he did not dare to touch the bird bandaged arm, had to carefully hold up China Xi Wan intact the other hand, they sat quietly for a moment, before we got up and said : "a good wait princess."

"Escort Royal Highness." Although the prince did not say anything, but felt princes paclitaxel upper and lower body are filled with an anger, which shares the silent anger, so that more and more of her gingerly.

Yan Jin Qiu sat down in the den, then looked kneeling in front of his captain of the guard, deadpan:. "Well, how did things the same thing."

Captain of the guard lay it said the cause of what had happened, events

, Princess appears, Princess of reaction, and the final result.

"Said the princess, the only way to make things perfect cover up, but also ...... also allows you to reduce the suspicion of the emperor." Captain of the guard did not think the princess and her two maids can do this step, when he took guard broke into the inner courtyard, the palace did not know if it is the assassin, then just look at the screen, he can not help but believe that there really is an assassin.

Not only is the palace guards, as well as at the main courtyard of the people also saw the princess sitting on the ground covered in blood, two maids also scarred, though in a state of extreme fear,But still he did not forget to protect the princess behind. Originally delicate beautiful main house also smashed mess, you can see how dangerous the situation was.

Then they quickly behind the rockery next to the main hospital "caught" doing well eunuch servant dressed assassin, so that the whole palace and down on the assassination of the princess thing convinced.

That spies had escaped very bad thing for them, but after the "assassination Princess", they came out from a passive state, the palace is significant because, like Prince of victims, rather than perpetrators.

Yan Jin Qiu sitting in a chair, silent a long time, Chen Sheng said: "After you go on, each person to pick up ten stick to their own government in the matter properly handle clean, the king to abandon the Princess."

"Yes." Captain of the guard secretly relieved, but fortunately Princess resolute, no sudden Palace of bad things, or he is in trouble.


,never mind? "Several guards kneeling outside study to see princes go, boss also followed came out, are cautiously asked," Royal Highness did not say anything. "

"Royal Highness Princess now worried about the injury, saying only that the penalty we pay ten stick, what else to say," captain of the guard frown, "Do not talk nonsense, to pick up the penalty it."

Guard were all calm down, but not a stick collar ten harsh penalty, this time let spies escape, let alone ten stick, they do not stick is twenty injustice.

"Princess and her two maidservants around, really one of the boys, is this," a security guard thumbs, "really worthy of a family of generals granddaughter, this courage that few people really comparable."

Captain of the guard glanced at him coldly, he closed his mouth busy, then remember, sturdy Princess again, that is the princess, not a little of his guards can be mentioned.

But ...... Princess looks really can not say good-looking, no wonder she was so good to be princes. If he can marry so stunning, not to mention concubinage, let him live ten years less willing.

Yan Jin Qiu turned the page, go out into the bed watching eyes, and then continue to turn a book, and so forth. In fact, he did not know what he looked into it, when he heard Wan Wah evening after the assassination of the palace, he is very clear, when the panic is not a show, but his true emotions.

He thought it was some sharp Wan Hua Xi also some tender and somewhat lazy, but because she did not think there is such a bold side. He knew she'd done it to him, in order to significantly palace.

This woman may not gentle, not full of poetry and literature, and even some love affairs are not lazy, but she was able to do this step for himself, he had nothing to dissatisfaction?

Maybe she did not own heart, but that does not mean she can deny these things to do for themselves.

With her, even more than those who tortured spies feel that he joy, he felt he was valued person, so for her a little better, a little better, what is wrong?

He knew the capital where some say he is good sex, some said he feared his wife, so what can? The real power of the people do not care what others do, he needs to understand what they want.

Bed this woman is his, from the body to the heart, it can only be his.

He reached down and gently kiss lips Hua Xi Wan,Face smile infinite tenderness.

Her lips, not even the enemy's blood alcohol.

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