Eight Treasures Trousseau

By Butterfly's Shadow Beneath the Moon

Chapter 71 assassin?

Chapter 71 assassin?

Back to the palace after, Hua Xi Wan wash a comfortable hot bath, then group into the warm bed, night palace servant Fuchu some of the furnishings too bright objects close up, put on all the darker uniforms .

Etc. The next morning wake up from Hua Xi Wan Yan Jin Qiu arms, you see the entire palace changed appearance, like unloading the beauty makeup, beauty remains the same, but a bit less glamorous weekdays.

Yan Jin Qiu see her put on a snow-color decorated with blue flowers Gongzhuang, even weekdays favorite coral ruby ​​ring jewelry hairpin a class have been replaced with silver pearl jade and other objects, sidewalk: "this month to wronged you. "

Prince demise hour of death is very bad, it is the turn of the old year and the New Year, but also no reason in snow since winter thunder, the word got around to the people, do not know what will cause people to panic.

Probably in the hearts of the people, this is a scourge Prince alive, even the dead will not find a good day, have to look for bad luck in this festive holiday, this did not mean everyone does not bode well for next year it?

Significantly the palace so peaceful, does not mean that other Fuchu is so frustrated, for example, a series of Prince of Ning, Jing Ping Bo, Minhui Princess, who, from the palace after returning home, almost the whole night, next day to go arrived at the palace for the Prince cried the spirit, simply double test of physical and psychological.

There suriko said Prince but the younger supervisors, his uncles should not give him crying spirit, the result was an angry emperor directly stick to death, and against all the officials and said: "Although the younger prince, but he was crown prince, Prince different from ordinary people of the world in addition to the Queen mother and his mother, both because he is mourning. "

Perhaps it is because a stick to death Supervisors, together with Prince do not live up to expectations, the emperor knee and only such a son, he let the mourning would keep it, anyway, to be folded blessing of Prince Edward, are not they.

From the palace in the capital have more than two products ministers Patent life have given Prince wake, funeral oration at full speed across the country also sent to the capital, just when everyone thought that the emperor will stop after the toss, Kai Lung Emperor sent out a shaking thunder.

Emperor bestowed to the Prince flat Xiao Di, immediately caused an uproar in the lower-ranking civil and military. Throughout the ages the son of the emperor bestowed on them as I've ever seen, but how I was alive, his son died for the emperor bestowed the truth?

This is related to ancestors country boat system, Manchao up and down all the opponents, many ministers in the palace can not afford to kneel, but only the emperor can rescind the order. And Kai Lung Emperor determined not to withdraw this decision a long time to start would be for the emperor and the courtiers on.

Fang's family as well as her parents, Prince pulse of a person's Queen To support this decision the emperor everywhere, as long as the Emperor was made a prince, so long as the Crown Princess unborn child is a boy, then a series of Prince Edward is not too successors .

Kai Lung Emperor's intention is also here, do not want to so he died, the throne fall into the hands of other people, so he need to do now is to pave the way for Crown Princess unborn child.

And support for the centrist faction Prince Shou Ling six days, Kai Lung Emperor would be a tug of war for six days with the opposition. Hua Xi Wan even heard promising dynasties veteran against it because, being killed at the East Gate, blood splashed everywhere, the scene is very bloody.Back to the palace after some hesitation she asked: "This veteran killed in a palace, not afraid of the emperor liquidate his descendants do?"

"He childless, in recent years has been obsessed repair book," Qiu Jin Yan faint smile said, "I heard the adults who praised excessive Dukes conduct in public."

Hua Xi Wan rubbed his chin and asks: "Do you mean to say, this thing is Jun Wang Sheng schematic?"

Yan Jin Qiu was leaning against her forehead and said: "What do you think?"

Index finger to his forehead open, Wan Hua Xi rubbing his neck, in the past few days Suzaku Palace wake, she did not take a break, "even if you do not say, I am too lazy to think."

"So lazy, after how to do," Qiu Jin Yan helpless smile, sat down next to her, "This can not please 100 days troupe can not ask Mr. storyteller, I have this servant to find you some interesting book for you to pass the time, you first grievance some time. "

"This is part of irresistible accident, not your reason, what grievances not wronged," Wan Hua Xi took a sip of tea warm stomach, "now out of trouble like this, which makes the capital panic, some low-key Better."

Since Prince offenders, always carrying the chin Man's end and princess are a lot of convergence, not to mention their seemingly beautiful, but in reality is jealous of the emperor royal family, not just her family implicated in these things, she satisfied.

"Do not worry, things will pass," Yan Jin Qiu know what she was worried about comfort:. "Father is a wise man, will not intervene in this matter let alone Fahrenheit is a family tradition for centuries prominent families, others too easily dare to offend, you put your heart do not worry too much. "

Hua Xi Wan barely smile: "I know you're right, but after all, is raise my ten years at home, I do not ask how prominent her family, just to loved ones in peace, disease-free without disaster to meet."

Yan Jin Qiu gently take her into his arms: "I know."

It may all bear the words have other meaning, but fortunately the two reached a consensus to eliminate the most basic concerns.

Because confusion Chodo, Yan Jin Qiu is idle even princes, had to busy, Wan Hua Xi altogether shut the door to the palace, declined all visits, after hearing the Chinese family was not involved in this thing, it is a sigh of relief.

They Hua home this is an ordinary family, the good name of the sort, but absolutely do not intend to pursue a century clear what name, as the admonition to die this kind of thing, China is absolutely not going to do family, they will choose more secure way to get the best results the most stable.

Next several days finally put the blood of sunny days,

Wan Wah evening curled up on the warm Ruanta see sunny outside, and finally decided to walk out in the palace courtyard.

Golden winter sun shines on the body, though not particularly warm, but there is always a bit of warmth, Wan Wah evening in the backyard in a circle, is preparing to return to the house, he heard the sound of noise coming from the direction of the study, she He frowned: "What noise in that study?"

If Yan Jin Qiu in Fuchu, she will not control this big deal, but now came the clamor study, as the princess she is not never mind this.

"Princess," caretaker bodyguard long study to see Wan Hua Xi with people over,Surface exposed somewhat difficult color, but such a big ring, he is wanted can not conceal it.

"Which is how is it?" Hua Xi Wan stood outside the moon, faintly see more than a dozen guards around two able-bodied people, she Liu Mei stood, lightly, "Get out."

Guards did not dare to intercept long, silent stepped back, Wan Hua Xi into the yard, to see inside the scene after frowned even tighter. The guards were around in the middle of a very humble young man looks, he was wearing the palace servant uniforms, but unfortunately dyed brown stains, looks very find any. He was holding a knife, the people are in the frame to be pulled in the hands of his neck.

It is treated as hostages of people who know Hua Xi Wan, Yan Jin Qiu is a eunuch around, but because there will be things of wood through reuse, the eunuch was not very Yan Jin Qiu.

"Princess, but this Dairen palace a few days ago to catch spies, who knows today has allowed him to dig out." Bodyguard went to Hua Xi Wan side, hand and said, "You look at this thing ......"

Before Xi Wan Wah did not ask where these people off, but with the eyes of the guards were being carefully looked around the middle of the hostages and spies, silent.

"Princess, a small but innocent, his Royal Highness kangaroo cell, repeatedly tortured for small, study the following people were also shut, there is a living purgatory beg your mercy, we put these innocent people Come out, "spies saw that he was captive, the princes love to see much heavier princess appears, simply 破罐子破摔, fight for this rift between the couple," your pillow is not what the gentleman, he is a bloodthirsty devil, you can not be cheated him ah! "

Hua Xi Wan Ceshou of the bodyguard said: After the hospital closed the door. "The courtyard shut up" and so on, followed behind her she looked back at the side of the maid who arrived together, slightly lowered eyelids, "except my personal foreign maid, all other first imprisoned, and other princes come back later decide what to do. "

Regardless of the spies, then sort of true and false, he said these words can not be spread out, or substantially the whole palace to be finished, so she had to make that choice.

Captain of the Guard heard in my heart relieved that he really fear is the princess simply spies, things next to it regardless of whether it was really remarkable palace is in trouble.

"How, you do not believe me," spies face crazy color, he looked around the crowd, "Why do not I talk to the Enchanting Princess, your pillow handsome princes who have done something. "

"This Princess Why should I listen to your nonsense," Hua Xi Wan sneer, "I want to know is, you and this is what your relationship is held hostage by the eunuch, otherwise how is it so coincidental let you escape, was also you as a hostage. "

Hua Xi Wan sharp eyes swept two shares unsteadily eunuchs, laugh loudly: "Although you appeared very scared, but yet always combined with the spies, he was held hostage for so long, not even the slightest bit of red marks on his neck did not , do the baddies of this world with the hostages are good friends. "

Having these words, Hua Xi Wan Long Road turned to the guards: "Things you figure,Mouth is a little tight. "

Summer came up with the HY-white open courtyard, with Xi Wan behind in China went out, and that several small maidservants, but was detained in the inside.

After a few steps out, Hua Xi Wan heard coming from the yard vague screams, Wan Hua Xi pick up the pace to rush back to the hospital, waving to break a few things treasure shelves, overthrow the table, upset the house furnishings items, ruthless heartless, not to draw a deep and shallow wounds on the back of the hand, stressing each syllable Road, "white summer, there are assassins."

The noise of the palace's just a lot of people have heard, the situation is so tense in the capital, which was also staring at the palace a lot of people, since up trouble, simply let things more chaotic.

"Come, ah, catch the assassin, Princess hurt it!" White heart of a ruthless summer, also drew a thigh own, suddenly bleeding profusely, then wipe the blood in his body and HY "catch assassin!"

Hongying hit his head against a corner of the table, then caught his messy hair and tunic, squatting on the ground guarding Hua Xi Wan, sharp sound but fear: "There are Assassins!"

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