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Chapter 70 Prince's demise

Chapter 70 Prince's demise

Although the state banquet has been canceled, but not the emperor's will, who dared not leave the house of the sun, had to sit talking in the hall, the name of each machine front, than to start acting crazy. At this time, Wan Hua Xi is not a man in combat, because the people around her are exposed face of the sky is falling sense of fear.

"How could this be, I hope God bless, His Royal Highness Prince Edward turned the corner, good luck."

"God bless, deep Prince Fukuzawa, given'll be fine."

Although these people put on a show more than sad, but Hua Xi Wan from the presence of people who feel a heavy, they are not distressed Prince, but Prince really worried to death, the court will cause unrest. She looked down at first, there sat a number of envoys dependent countries, these envoys were whispering to each other, it is clear this matter very shocked.

Prince is the heir to the throne of a country, the most sad thing is that Kai Lung Emperor have only one son, if Prince died, then the whole big Zhao will be faced with the situation of no heir, by that time, Kai Lung Emperor can only pick from a bunch of nephews in a come, this will be the face of chaos partisan fight.

At this time, the house has already been started thinking, if the Prince really gone, Crown Princess unborn fetus are not sons or can not grow up safe, they really support who is better?

Hou Sheng Hua and Ngee Ann Romer and listening to talk around, and my heart kind of faint unease, the couple could not help but look up toward the sitting across from Hua Xi Wan's first glance, only to see Hua Xi Wan looking dismayed , Yan Jin Qiu Dishou secure her appearance.

If not the prince, which was given the palace would be implicated in the dispute, the king was there no such ambition is not important, it is important king was doomed his identity not immune to the dispute.

"Ah, how this can be good, be sure not something ah Prince," Jing Ping Beuve people looking dismayed, she is really afraid, not produce it, after all, a static level of primary pulse has been gradually declining, all these years Prince managed to catch the boat, Prince actually result out of this sort of thing, this is much too back up.

"The emperor oral instructions, Prince Edward dying, gentlemen, your people shall temporarily palace, for the Prince pray."

When the second crossing encyclical came out, some smart people aware of the matter that something was amiss, the emperor seems to be trying to move all of them were shut in the house, do the authors is the prince suddenly dying situation, because someone behind what means it?

Since Prince poisoning, Suzaku Guards outside the palace was surrounded by tiers of it, in order to be brought before Prince Prince after eating with the imperial doctor who wore all through the layers of screening, things to eat and drink more where a person is food tasting, in which even the flies are flying not go in, but also the people behind it lay violent hands, only black hands of forces is too drastic, so no wonder the emperor fear.

If the prince died suddenly, then the benefit is that several of the capital's most most respected royal nephew, it is no wonder the emperor would make such a move.

This encyclical down after crossing the entire Zhaoyang temple in panic, some of the relatively small guts of the women even scared face downcast, even say bad. No guarantee, the emperor will not be lost because the only son and crazy big hair, they take these innocent people to vent.One former emperor after the lost son, beheaded a dozen clan, as Minister of paternity imperial palace and the like, more numerous, and the former also because of that event go downhill, only a few years later big Zhao dynasty instead.

They are not too timid, but there are examples of the former, they can not take their own lives joke.

House burning charcoal fire has been extinguished, there is no one to add new palace paternity charcoal, the hall will be getting cold again, Yan Jin Qiu Xi Wan Wah took the white cloak from summer to put on her hands, then her ear side and whispered: "I am against the cold, then the first, this time will not have ventured to come here."

Hua Xi Wan tightened the cloak of fox fur collar, silent towards Yan Jin Qiu by the by, although she is not particularly sensitive to politics, but everyone's face from the scene point of view, know that it is not simple, so there is no casual opening.

Talking about the loss of the original hall with a little bit of time, it gradually becomes quiet, when a group dressed in armor cold Guards have surrounded the entire hall, people do not have to put on a show turned pale and ugly.

Dianwai Suddenly, a burst of white light flash from the crowd Dianwai horror look, just listen to the sound of thunder shaking thought, thunder like a bomb in everyone's mind, many people began to shiver up.

"Winter thunder, real non bode well ah."

I do not know who suddenly said so loudly, all over the house quiet.

Winter season is little thunder, not to mention it was still snowing now, somehow loud thunder this, there really is a heaven evil omen.

Qiu Jin Hua Xi Yan Wan hold hands attached to her ear with a barely audible volume and said:. "Do not be afraid," he glanced at the house outside migraine Guards were expressionless, brow Wei Zhou, found Hua Xi Wan cold hands, just put himself down off the cloak, draped over China Xi Wan's body.

"You ......" Hua Jin Qiu Xi Yan Wan glanced at the body is not thick clothes, to reach out and get out on this dark cloak, but the results of Qiu Jin Yan stopped.

"Do not move, your childhood by the cold, no longer cold," Qiu Jin Yan Road sullen, "obedient."

Xi Wan Wah hand off the cloak of micro Dayton, then said: "The great cloak, we cover half a person." Then untie the rope tied around the cloak, then put two large cloak draped over the back.

Upon seeing other people, also followed suit, although some couples weekdays too close as the Philippines, this time not so particular about.

At this point, is a lightning bolt, then came that thunder.

"Boom" sound the death knell sounded, then rang again five sound.

Dibeng, sound the death knell nine; after the funeral, sound the death knell seven; crown prince die, six sound the death knell.

"Prince pass away."

Everyone on the hall Leng Leng kneel death knell, it seems that some did not react, a few days ago also came good sex fatuous Prince's name, so the inexplicable death of a prince.

After the death knell stop crying on the hall began to ring, although there are a lot of people in the field is the elder Prince, but Prince is the country's crown prince, had already gone beyond the generational status, the presence of people no matter who, must cry.

Even cry, but also Ganhao the voice said he was very sad mood.Hua Xi Wan rubbed his eyes with a handkerchief, and after a moment, then red-eyes cried out.

Previous life she cried on camera technology has always been very strong, around a bunch of people around can even say cry cry when filming, not to mention a bunch of people now in power than cry.

Less than half an hour, her handkerchief drenched, Yan Jin mound around her eyes and nose were also made with red, although unlike the others Ganhao, but who either saw his face, will feel that he is really in the sad, rather than a show.

When Kai Lung Emperor appeared, and Qiu Jin Yan Hua Xi Wan husband and wife are grieving, crying, in stark contrast to the several surrounding Ganhao royal tribe.

Appeared in front of Kai Lung emperor as if overnight between old good old, he was staggering as she went, sight eleven swept the crowd knelt in his feet, his eyes linger with Yan Jin Qiu Yanbo Yi on them, see Yan Qiu Jin Hua Xi Wan mutually dependent and appearance, ultimately eyes fell Yanbo Yi's body.

"I lost an only child, Zhongqing ...... Guian it." Kai Lung Emperor looked changes, intended to kill the eyes gradually hiding out.

This sentence one, people have a sigh of relief, finally able to safely get out of the gates of the palace tonight.

Because kneeling too long, Hua Xi Wan got up when we come to feel cold and numb knees, almost unconscious, if not Qiu Jin Yan eye grassland hold on to her waist, she will definitely awkward sitting on the ground.

After the hold Hua Xi Wan, Yan Jin Qiu also staggered a step, looked quite frail son of flavors, but fortunately we are immersed in their own emotions, not many people noticed this scene.

But Kai Lung Emperor confused couple move within sight, his eyes slightly lowered, shift our attention once again to Yanbo Yi body.

At this time Yan Boyi being silent standing, his hands behind his back, reddish eyes, but do not belong to his heroic fall.

Kai Lung Emperor did not leave anyone out of the sun temple of silence we see on the red hallway those red lanterns removed and replaced with plain white paper lanterns, eyes are somewhat at a loss.

Prince death of a prince, the future capital turn into what look like.

Quartzite on the road with a layer of snow has accumulated, because there is no paternity house cleaning, we go extra hard.

When Wan Hua Xi Hua Sheng and Romer and passed around, but the two looked very obscure one, did not say anything.

After the doors of the house, Yan Jin Qiu took the two men were cloak draped over China Xi Wan body, her gait is particularly awkward, gold pearl embroidered satin shoes stepped Palace in the snow, audible creak . Yan Jin Qiu hard to see her go, regardless of other people around, hand clutch her waist, she let go of some effort.

Minhui Princess leaning maid's hand, a foot deep kick of walking, just walking a few steps, they start panting, she looked at the front of almost half of the body are significantly noticeable king football into the arms of Princess, the pace of the foot stopped.

Today, Prince pass away, and the Queen will certainly heartbroken, how can there be things of the future energy control her, after she what should we do?

She appeared lost, only to see the cold Gong Wei, step by step, there are those who were moving out of the family clan.

"Princess?" Maid beside her to see her look wrong,Concern asked, "how do you?"

"Nothing," Minhui Princess sight back, "Let's go."

From sunrise temple to palace, Hua Xi Wan found that almost all representatives of festive things close up, and even the palace eunuchs who encountered on the way to see things who are not the slightest bit of festive meaning.

To the palace gate, the crowd also gave greetings, hurry to climb their own coach, left in a hurry.

Hua Xi Wan stepping on a footstool launched the car, looked back at the parents not far behind, after they nodded, then bowed into the carriage.

Hua Sheng and looked at the palace of the carriage significant drifting away, sighed slightly, on the side of the road Romer: "We go."

Romer nodded his head, the cool hand on Hua Sheng and palms.

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