Eight Treasures Trousseau

By Butterfly's Shadow Beneath the Moon

Chapter 68 looks with character

Chapter 68 looks with character

Heard coming within driving them princes and princess of laughter, sitting on the coachman bit of wood straightened through the sleeves, squinting looked at the front line to the carriage slowly, like Princess ceremonial?

A little while, stop in front of the carriage, one dressed salute Old mother approached and said:. "Laonu generations to Princess Royal Highness Princess Jian Li"

Hua Xi Wan and Yan Jin Qiu positive when it comes to the rise of the Department, aware of the former livery slow down, being curious, suddenly heard the sound coming from outside of the old woman, a slight frown, act so that Which Princess , as if to deliberately hit like.

"Royal Highness, Princess, Princess Minhui front is driving them." Akebia gently reminded on the outside.

"Minhui Princess?" Hua Xi Yan Jin Wan faint smile glanced Hill, who is not on their wedding night comes "bridal chamber" who is both virtuous Princess it? She held out her index finger to gently scrape a bit Yan Jin Qiu Adam's apple, "Royal Highness Princess with Minhui really fate."

Qiu Jin Yan smiled and grabbed her hand, looking down at her hand and kissed: "street old lady selling tea stall every morning at the corner, I go through every day of driving them from her, I not more affinity with her? "

"Glib" Hua Xi Wan nibble on his wrist one, then lifted a corner of Julian whispered, "Minhui Princess need not be so polite, are their own brothers and sisters, what need these virtual ceremony."

Old mother did not look up, neatly line ceremony, the Princess's honor guard retreated to the next, and so on-line after driving them significantly palace, was secretly relieved. Although significant Princess just smile face, but she had just noticed a strange dignity, this is probably the positions of the momentum it.

Once Old mother came back, Minhui Princess called her in the carriage, asked softly: "? Recently, numerous affairs, which was the king's color these days."

Old mother micro body stiff, then knelt in front of Minhui Princess said:. "Please Princess indulgences, when Laonu to Jian Li, and failed to see the obvious princes"

Minhui Princess scowled their side of Mother is a wet nurse, Wang Jian Li noticeable than they used to, which was the king has always been very polite, this time how could even face did not reveal.

Aware Minhui Princess go too far, Mother busy explained:. "Princess, Princess Laonu saw a noticeable, she said their own sisters, do not have much ceremony."

"Significant Princess?" Minhui Princess Antan heard, "I know." Significant Princess now has been able to replace the king was the speaker, the other visible significant position in the hearts of the king, she could have any wild desires?

Jun wife already, and she is destined to marry someone else, think is useless, so she is now, but my heart is broken that point can not read like it.

"Princess, you do not bother this thing up," Mother watched her grow, not any own children, the total can not help but think of some more for Minhui Princess, "the Queen Goddess, you can not forget ah. "

"Mother, I know," Minhui Princess barely smiled, thought to be significant affectionate with the king princess, I thought the mother was seriously ill, finally made up my mind.

When "cold," Hua Xi Wan to take the carriage, winced, but fortunately Jin Qiu Yan eye grassland to her was wearing a thick cloak, it made her feel a little better, "Thank you."

Yan Jin Qiu put aside her hand ray burst next to the cheek,The crowd of people laughing arms, big step into the palace gates. Wait four weeks have obsessed servant, hurried up.

For the aristocratic family for the winter, but snow is a big point, seasonal vegetables was lacking, not enough time to go out of it, but for a poor family in terms of people, it is much different. Fortunately, large Zhao toward the former emperors are not stupid, though now some of today's self-willed, but at the beginning of the decade reign is still very diligent and wise, so big Zhao toward the people in the winter, is not considered tough, even if some counties life very snow disaster, but also to timely treatment, groups of people will not freeze to death.

But north of Alex who is not so easy, and every this time, they will send envoys to North Korea by Zhao large grain, cattle and sheep and then to repay. But Zhao toward the big man is not quite to be see Alex, because Alex who had played with several big Zhao toward war, fortunately big Zhao Lord heroic, timely Tuidi, the Fox people afraid to fight, they will be old real honest to worship the capital for grain, rather than daylight robbery.

May be even so, there are some border Alex refugee family food away to attack the border town of Tai Kai Lung recent years to secure the border, so in the north set up a Bei'an Dohobu, have a good containment grams Sri Lanka displaced persons looting.

So, when we heard that the Fox people and audacity to fight big Zhao autumn, the capital of the teahouse Mr. storyteller became popular since then speak toward the big victory over Alex Zhao tribe glorious deeds, the storyteller to put spittle flying, tea passengers who hear have applauded, even more than usual gratuity half. Capital and people can be seen how patriotic ...... gossip.

Gossip is a right for all, so even if Wan Hua Xi in the inner court, they often find female storytellers to talk about her interesting marketplace, or say something civil Compare bizarre rumors, life can be considered free and unfettered comfortable.

So when people hear Alex teahouse in the capital and several people had an argument, she frowned: "That a few people, then how about?"

"Wei Wei Temple is taken away, reportedly suffered a five person board, but everyone to come out when the color is just fine." Storyteller see significant Princess looking to ease a lot, suddenly come to understand, I'm afraid the princess was distressed that several people in the capital, could not help feeling, said significant Princess Allure appearance, asked her to say, this is not only good looks, and even the heart is also good, this family lady, not the people looked down can be a lot.

"Okay okay, Wei Wei Temple, people seem very light and heavy," Hua Xi Wan sighed shaking his head, "This is the deepest winter, wound too good to be slow, too heavy if the injury is not beautiful."

She did not talk about it right or wrong, but it is outside, then inside, then Zhao maintains a large person, so when storytellers go back soon, Princess remarkable reputation of good heart will gradually pass out. Since then two days later, someone saw the drug delivery into the palace servant of the people injured in the door. Suddenly it was soon obvious to say this is the high king of the heart Shande generation, Princess is so obvious that the two men either from the appearance or behavior, are perfect for each pair, they really mean is the Shenxianjuanlv not too.

After hearing rumors outside, white summer some concern reported Hua Xi Wan,She knew the princess was not lazy love affairs temper, otherwise why should so many years against the sick were the first not the government. Now a lot of people out there like Princess good heart, in such a crisis, it would not stir up trouble for the princess.

Who knows when she reported later, Hua Xi Wan actually not the slightest accident, she was holding Shou Lu Yi Chuang laughed: "What I count this reputation, there are people outside not to say Thanh Princess virtuous generosity, Sheng Jun Wang impartial ? "she could not have Thanh Princess Yin name, but must not only looks outstanding reputation, which is not a good thing for her.

Zhao toward the large woman can not tolerate the slightest reputation is not a place, but rather a virtuous woman is very respected, someone's girl is a big talented woman, girl Cong Huixian De someone is a good reputation, to the age of marriage, the family might threshold matchmaker will be trampled.

At this point, she was somewhat fortunate, but fortunately she was on to a big history did not exist towards Zhao, rather than the history of the Qing Dynasty, or a woman's life even more could not before.

When White heard this summer, after slightly surprised, why would react to the move of the princess, before the county Linping main palace to make trouble, has said the princess is the roots of troubles, even though princes do not care, but Zhongkoushuojin , yet if so pass on by someone else, it really is not a good thing.

Now the big concern Princess Zhao people, it was rumored that the good reputation of the heart, to say that the export of the roots of troubles, be sure to scrutinize a good look, otherwise it is nonsense to Princess splashed water.

Think of it, a kind of dissatisfaction white summer faint heart, really ignorant people, when rumors of the Princess Maoruo salt-free, these people often ridiculed opening, when the Princess actually looks Allure know, these people said Princess is the roots of troubles. In fact how a person's face what is wrong, your body is affected by the parents, how to become a sin?

Even the emperor could not see the country, but also blame the woman, as if the whole country to put a woman in charge of the city like. Think of it, always calm white summer could not resist: "These rap generation really nasty."

"Damn the world a lot of people behind me say a lot of people, if you want these angry, I probably do not do anything else in this life, light angry enough to use," Hua Xi Wan shallow laughed, "My good white summer, come help me look at this set of sets Gongzhuang fit to attend New Year's Eve feast palace? "

"Princess said that" white princess summer know the character, not say any more, come to Hua Xi Wan behind him, watching carefully read the maidservants who Gongzhuang colored hands holding: "The plain is not suitable for this occasion, Princess your skin soft white, wearing what color Gongzhuang are nice. "

"Even if the princess wearing a rag, but also good-looking than other people," Hongying carrying ginseng tea came, "Look at that piece slaves Cardinal red fox fur around the neck Gongzhuang on the good side, you can color the princess lining even more beautiful. "

Hua Xi Wan shook his head: "Royal Highness Prince not today, Prince poisoning case is not yet ascertained, the color is not suitable."

She looked at, pointing to a red light red lace inserts Gongzhuang said: "Just this style, make the following change to change good, not falling into the palace of honor, but not too extravagant."

The more important occasions, the more we should pay attention to dress,If you want to pay attention to what is fresh and simple, play in their own homes on the line, an important occasion to dare to do so, it is not only lost their own people, but also people should feel diaphragm. It's like everyone else is wearing evening dress for the cocktail party, you would a human-shirt and jeans, then it's no personality, called disrespectful.

If in the past, she would choose that piece red Gongzhuang, but the Prince poisoning, two of the palace mood is not good, there are already more than a dozen palace paternity is stick to death, this time she did not want to pull himself hatred.

The so-called do not seek death will not die, she was a peach powder less than eighteen years of age, do not want to put his inexplicable play into it.

As for Prince poisoning is how it is, what is the relationship with her?

Anyway ...... The prince position is not so safe.

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