Eight Treasures Trousseau

By Butterfly's Shadow Beneath the Moon

Chapter 67 born of a

Chapter 67 born of a

As the women, Hua Xi Wan entered the house after Suzaku, no visit to the window, they watched his face sallow Prince, angry as if a half away, and stood beside the bed with a woman Gongzhuang do women dress, though full face respectful, but slightly stiff, stiff work efficiency, no vitality.

Crown Princess sitting next silently weeping, but look just fine, surrounded by around three or four decent momentum Mother, keep alert around the Crown Princess.

Mother saw several strikes such a posture, a few women of the royal family who do not have eyes did not close the Crown Princess, have picked up a little far place to sit, and did not dare to speak easily.

Royal harem of you here in order to position the eve of China's most respected Wan, she drank a cup of tea, with embroidered handkerchief and wiped his lips no water damage, then got up and line up a Hail the Queen ceremony: "Queen Goddess, I do not know how the Prince himself. "

Queen watching these women hypocritical concern, cursed not wait, do not make this piece look hypocritical, she looked sick. But she did not, because she is a queen, can not and will not make such a gaffe things: "tired of you a special trip to take this trip, has been physician to Prince emetic too, as long as the carefully reared, nothing serious on the future. "

"That is wonderful." Hua Xi Wan cheeky joy of color, "deep Prince Fukuzawa, certainly saved the day, after blessing the infinite."

When "by a significant Princess Yoshikoto." Queen barely smiled, eyes fell upon the Crown Princess, much sort of dark meaning.

"Goddess, two imperial doctor fainted." Zhao gingerly knelt in front of the Queen, did not dare to lift head said, "You see ......"

"Since the cure prince, they keep what is the use," Queen deadpan Chen Sheng said, "Halo went to the them, if anything happens there, Prince, more than they, and even their families not even think about live well. "

Queen's words as a threat but also to vent, in the presence of the imperial doctor who is not without sympathy, but this time no one dared to head out of this, what they are mortal, so compassion is in order to save his own premise.

Zhao although I think there is something wrong move, but also the current situation does not allow him to persuade more than a lackey, a silent back down, glanced kneeling on the roof outside the imperial doctor who sighed. Suddenly, he found outside the palace guard of honor of His Majesty appeared in the corner, looked awe-inspiring want to go into the house to announce his Queen, was surprised to find eunuch before the emperor Ma Gonggong toward you came, he had stopped carrying the look of Xiaoying up.

"? Yo, Xiaodong child, what does this do," Ma Gonggong glanced has collapsed in the snow in the old imperial doctor, exclaimed: "Oh, that it is not too few hospitals Kathrine do, how to the case? "

Zhao heard this, my heart thumped, have not had time to speak, to see to the immediate Sheng Jia has been busy stepped back and knees.

Kai Lung Emperor glanced messy yard, Chen Sheng said:. "These make up the imperial doctor first, faint all the old imperial sent home, all the rest to stand under the eaves, waiting to summon"

Zhao disturbed mind more obvious, he seemed to hear a bit more from dissatisfaction with the emperor's words, but now it is dead or alive prince, a son of the emperor, Prince knees only,Presumably even if dissatisfied, they will not attack.

"Drive to the emperor!"

Everyone heard a voice inside the house this newspaper, stood up, took a step back, Yan Qiu Jin Hua Xi Wan walked around, stopped behind her own, and Hua Xi Huang Wan Chao-ming figure salute together.

"I have played it."

Hua Xi Wan took advantage of the time to get up, towards Yan Jin Qiu pick brow, as if the emperor's mood is not very good.

Yan Jin Qiu pinched her fingers to show her not to worry.

Emperor glanced over to the bed face sallow Prince, sigh, see you later Crown Princess reddish eyes, it would be for the Queen said: "fainted outside the imperial doctor I send people back, and now there are pregnant Crown Princess, you do not want for anything else, it is always the Jifu unborn child. "

Queen of words is to say, if it is privately say such things, does not seem too much, but the presence of many of the royal clan, the emperor such words out, you too not to face the Queen.

Queen's looking for a change, it seems that what the mood is about to explode, but when her eyes fell on the bed of the Prince body, that little bit of mood suddenly disappeared without a trace, just bowed and said: "concubine is too impulsive a. "

Emperor see her this way, did not continue to open, turned around to see standing next to the Crown Princess, warm channel: "You're pregnant, do not have to wait in front of the Prince day, the palace serve the people guarding the future prince, you had some go back and rest. "

Crown Princess looked at the queen, the emperor blessed Fook: "daughter retire."

Queen with smiles: "Fu Huang you're right, you are now double body of people, you can not be careless."

"Yes." Crown Princess has blessed Fook, only leaning Palace paternity hands to walk out.

Wan Hua Xi looked farther and farther corner of his eye the Crown Princess, also surrounded by a pile of carefully around the Palace of paternity, quietly look away.

Queen's Crown Princess cold look back, turned and walked over to the couch, Prince pressure of the pressure for a corner, soft tone: "The emperor, prince If anything should happen, this house can be how to do, and yet unborn Crown Princess children born how should we do, do not let him born to father? "

Queen this point was extremely bleak, but Hua Xi Wan but hear something amiss in these words, if her previous speculation is true, for the Queen, the Prince is the most important, if the Prince what happened, then the Crown Princess her baby ......

"Do not worry, the prince will be fine," Kai Lung Emperor over to the bed, looked at the bed of his son after long sigh, "Do not worry, Royal

Doctors not to say, as long as carefully reared, would not it something, you have to be careful of your body. "

"Having said that, but I think children just out of jail and it was such a big sin, concubine of my heart really uncomfortable," Queen wiping tears from his eyes, "the emperor You must not let the murderer go unpunished."

Kai Lung Emperor Shen complexion and said:. "Do not worry, son, how can I plot in vain by others of"

No matter how much he disappointed the Prince, but after all, his only son, Prince today to poison someone Suzaku Palace, then wait to Japan, would not dare somebody poisoned him?

Seeing the emperor and empress angry,The presence of other people even breathing are smaller, Prince poisoning such a thing, if it is too Hunkui Prince, almost can be described as shaken this country, fortunately, Prince has always been absurd, he even what had happened, nor Zhao is too large impact.

They vaguely aware of Empress men said this faint kind words to say to them mean, but they have to cheeky color ignorant because so many people would want to have a guilty conscience, so they do not have to listen understand.

Hua Zhao Xi Wan suddenly felt great towards the most distinguished of this means nothing good for the couple, then nothing dubious, but why not to teach a son, this is big Zhao toward the future crown prince, Prince they do not make good education, which led to not just be a few individuals, but the people of this country.

As for small-minded consultations behind what they have, what is the relationship with her, Kai Lung Emperor as Emperor, more opinionated, so Kai Lung Emperor really has a good emperor.

Recover their sight, Hua Xi Wan looked at the foot of the gleaming, floor tiles, I do not want to look up.

"You can withdraw it, Prince uneventfully, you do not have to worry."

Emperor speaker, the crowd filed out, and Qiu Jin Yan Hua Xi Wan went to the Queen Mother, where his chair, sit back to the government before the eviction of the carriage.

"How do you?" Yan Jin Hua Xi Wan Qiucha to feel some emotions right, hand clutch her waist and said, "body uncomfortable?"

Hua Xi Wan shook his head: "Nothing, just a little bored of it."

See her eyebrows with some tired color, Yan Jin Qiu simply to take her in my arms and let her get comfortable on some of them: "? Boring mind."

Wan Hua Xi skirt tugging at his hand paused, raised an eyebrow and said:. "My whole body up and down all stuffy."

"I'll give you rubbed her chest," Qiu Jin Yan Hua Xi smiled going to rub Wan chest, prompting Hua Xi Wan constant smile, can only smile last general weakness of Yan Jin Qiu lying on his chest: "No , no, out of breath. "

See Hua Xi Wan smiling pink cheeks look, Qiu Jin Yan could not help but beside her cheek kissed, softly: "Do not worry, I will not let you fall into that kind of embarrassing."

He knew what to say, my heart tremble Hua Xi Wan, Yan Jin looked up at the hill, after a long while lying on his shoulder and said: "You have to his word."

Yan Jin Qiu tight ring of her, somehow, to remember when the Lvzhu incident, her anger Tiduan sturdy appearance rockery stone, at that moment, he had thought she was so beautiful that he move not look away.

His mother was a gentle woman, he had seen a lot of gentle woman, but why in his eyes, this woman is like an old paintings on the idea, perhaps some charm, but touch will be broken .

Suddenly see Wan Wah evening when he was her stunning looks, confused by her smile Allure, but it is only just amazing. Really attracted him, but is angry that when the roots of anger, like that time she was the only black and white ink color, so that he suddenly heart.

The more intimate, the more they think this woman is just for their own side by side with the woman, she is not lazy dull, but beautiful and intelligent, affectionate feeling cold.

He does not need to have a dignified and sculptural like a lady, do not need a neatly royal harem.She might be a bit lazy, perhaps have their own thoughts, maybe some say what, but he wants start to finish, this is a fresh woman, not a puppet.

Sometimes a person's way too difficult to walk, he needs to find a suitable one to accompany him to go together.

Originally thought that this life is impossible to find a woman in keeping with his mind, but the love of God, he found each other, then he will find ways to get her heart.

In this world, you can find their own people too hard, how can he be willing to miss such a good opportunity?

He and she, in fact, this is a class of people, let them come to a God, that God is to explain the case.

They are born of a doomed not to be missed.

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