Eight Treasures Trousseau

By Butterfly's Shadow Beneath the Moon

The first 66 chapters of life and death

The first 66 chapters of life and death

"Still angry" Yan Jin Qiu put the steaming soup in front of Hua Xi Wan, gentle smiles:. "Your favorite pigeon soup, slow cook for a long time, taste, very fresh."

Hua Xi Wan glanced at him, silent soup, wiping his mouth after drinking eyebrow and said: "Royal Highness say is elegant scholar, I think obviously able-bodied Han Royal Highness," she rubbed his back He grunted.

"In front of other people, I naturally elegant gentleman, but in the face of Wan evening, I can only become ...... this gentleman," Qiu Jin Yan leaned over and whispered in her ear, "the color of the hungry ghosts."

"Your Royal Highness so sloppy, the capital of those women who love you know?" Hua Xi Wan put his handkerchief to throw in his hand, he stood up and said, "For the sake of princes grace, I was far away from your Royal Highness a little bar. "

Know that they add so much noise last night, this morning, too, so by its own beauty princess stare glances of Yan Qiu Jin is not angry, but smiling Coushang let Hua Xi Wan ridicule a few, to be Wan Hua Xi finally died down a bit after the gas, he Coushang ago: "do not get mad, do not get mad, you said a few days ago not to look at the state of Shu's face changing trick you, a few days ago I let the wood through the capital in the best state of Shu troupe invited Palace

, And so will I go with you to see the change of face? "

Hua Xi Wan glanced out the window floating snow, thought: "this issue, and so it stops snowing again, so that they bone up in the palace, which wind Leng, which was performing on stage in the child, also not be frozen out of a good and bad. "

"Xi Wan so good heart, really my good fortune."

Hua Xi Wan heard, mouth with a chuckle:. "Poor has nothing to do good, just do not like to let people suffer in vain trifle irrelevant because only insignificant or vulgar language channel, people do not make me, I do not prisoners, if we are attacked, let him not people."

"I said even that," Yan Jin Qiu face was a bit sincere smile, arms around her to, light laugh:. "I exercise in the evening Aster is born of a right, and no one can."

Hua Xi Wan laughed language, if a single theory on the nature of mind, she and Yan Jin Qiu really is not that good person, but she is often the enemy does not move, I'm not moving. And Yan Jin Qiu Genghen, belongs to the enemy does not move, he was forced to move other types of. But if

They are born of a, a bit funny, and two more people who love themselves, how can the love of others with impunity?

Pre-existence in her ups and downs in the entertainment, see more shifting alliances, beginning with those who love to love, to all Laoyanfenfei and outcome. Divorce, derailment, cheating, rule, nurturing a very common thing became a circle. These are just some well-known artists like this, not to mention now this man concubinage is lawful age.

"I know you would not necessarily believe me," Yan Jin Qiu warm breath against China Xi Wan's neck, "but that's okay, we still have a long time."

Wan Hua Xi eyes drooping, mouth hook the hook.

Linping Princess Palace after falling out with remarkable news soon spread throughout the capital, those who have been offended Linping Princess had had scruples forces palace can not have any significant movement, heard the news, there are some women of Shen did not live air, talking to gossip behind.

"Who does not know the Princess has always been superior,Look down on people, back in the past, said the princess is not always obvious, people can significantly princess said she had nothing. Alas, strange Princess significantly bad, such stalls sister sub. "

"What is this, this year it is not the clamor to get married, married in the past I heard that the family was not quite on the table, the Luo family relied on her potential, did a lot of wicked things in River City. And that bit assassination Jun Ma, two years ago in the River City flirting with a courtesan, courtesan who also write songs, if not trouble her up, Zhibuding Jun Ma courtesan would happen with it. "

"Actually I think she is poor, originally thought it was married to a good man, who knows Luo was actually that way, Luo Zhong Zheng is not a single-minded person, so she insisted a few years ago became the capital of the a joke. "

"Who is not it, which is both pitiful and hateful, pathetic wrong to pay her a heart, for she was a hateful man, regardless of whether anything."

In Beijing, a woman around, talking about things Linping princess, is a look of emotion, but in fact, nothing but life is too dull, and just have it Linping Princess as they talk of it.

Some people think Linping Princess horrible, not even their own pillow people dare to get involved, but more people are laughing at her because people all know Linping Linping Jun Ma Princess impossible to kill, but what is this with it, the emperor wanted to protect at Prince, then kill Zhong Zheng Luo people, the only Linping Princess.

But no matter how these people Linping Princess perception, the royal family in a lot of people feel Tusihubei, today is Linping Princess Prince scapegoat, until to Japan, who will become the Prince shield it?

Prince so absurd, but he is the crown prince of a country, of them towards Zhao's future in jeopardy ah.

Chodo, supreme court Shaoqing Hou again yelled the emperor discredited by a few, anyway, since the prince charge into the prison, officials supreme court almost every day will be singled out for the emperor scolded meal, gentlemen officials Chodo almost used to it.

"This is no longer meeting, Linping Princess incitement to killing Jun Ma, this is really vicious, heart may be implicated!" Kai Lung Emperor waved his hand, with regard to the case of Zheng Luo Chung became a foregone conclusion.

Manchao are quiet, timid officials all head buried deep down, and some human royal family, but some ugly face.

"The emperor, the case is questionable, yet not be so hasty ......"

"Shut up!" Hou Kai Lung Emperor interrupted, then sit and watch him and said, "Princess said Linping suspicious of you, now you also say shady, I transferred to the supreme court is to get you your check case not let you

Of mud. If not Linping Princess incitement to murder, you say who might be? "

Hou opened his mouth, watching the momentum is pressing on the Throne of the emperor, helpless shut, head to touch the ground, not much to say.

Several royal clan of people are looking to the king was left standing in the first row, he seemed to see what is the attitude.

"The emperor," Yan Jin Qiu step left foot reach, Zuo Yi said: "Wei Chen thought, sister of Jun Ma love very heavy, how willing to hurt him?"

"Xian Wang remark poor men, how many women the world love to hate because ordinary people to make some difficult to understand things out,"Jing Ping Bo heard retorted," well known Linping year in order to marry Princess Luo Jun Ma made staunch demeanor, so when he found her to be unfaithful to the Luo Jun Ma, played to kill is understandable of. "

The ministers heard suddenly silent, God, if this logic holds, the capital does not know how many men dead. After not say others, he said Jing Ping Bo, Zhang's family earlier offshoot from his first wife, the atmosphere is a gentle woman, but he happens to have married Chen sticky gooey, to be Zhang died, I could not wait let Chen from the original man and then he turned around and took Chen espoused at the house.

Although no of them towards Zhao is so particular about the former, but to act so as static primary level, it is also too indulgent.

"Zhang's earlier heard of Lord Peter silly one, on caring for the elderly, under the care of the youngest son," Qiu Jin Yan smiled and said, "This may be true?"

Jing Ping Bo is Yede red face, he himself did not know what kind of year, Qiu Jin Yan now say, where you can still come to refute.

"Peter Lord your good standing, indicating that love to hate because they have to take a human life this kind of thing is not common." Yan Jin Qiu Chaolong hand over the direction of the seat, "Please see the truth behind the emperor."

Some classroom chuckle out loud, but did not dare to laugh too obvious, so quiet Ping Bo do not know who is laughing, he had red in the face in the corner, and then did not dare open.

"I know my fair niece is honest virtue of patience, but the matter extraordinary trifling matter, Linping Princess make these evil things, I have to punish." Kai Lung Emperor also know this king was sorry for her family, then she said, "but in view of the Luo Zhong Zheng royal disrespectful, hateful act, so I would avoid the death penalty Linping Princess, the Princess of leather to her grade, down to the county primary, stick XV penalty silver five thousand two hundred, three stops pension in the future may not be arbitrarily step away from the capital. "

Yan Jin Qiu Shane slowly knelt down and said:. "Xie emperor grace"

This penalty does not heavy, but elegant everywhere in the capital, ordered the flogging had been a county master the emperor, and also wore a Butcher's guilt in the eyes of others, it is a face in the child's nothing left in this life Mabu Kai to death of this stain.

The presence of people know that, if not with the king to stand up, I'm afraid the Linping Princess fate even worse, perhaps even the county's main title can not hold, that time her son and daughter on the poor.

Think about the past few days rumors significantly Linping Princess row palace, Minister of you sigh in my heart, this king was anything good, is not a good Tandao relatives, even his fellow elder sister must pull him hind legs.

After the next North Korea, there are a few people around the royal clan in Yan Jin Qiu around, do not know where he tried to persuade the opening, because we all know are clear, Luo Zhong Zheng assassination of the issue, in fact, no relationship with the main county Linping, but the emperor to bring her to the Prince scapegoat, they actually no real power these seemingly noble lineage what else?

Xian Wang at this juncture would also like Linping main county head, is already very kind, county Linping main if not then insist on seeing Luo River City home, how will that was today.

Huang Ming Nanwei, day Mingnan Wei.

"Ziling,Today Chodo above the county Linping ...... main thing that you have done everything possible, not to mention the future, so angered Majesty, and it gets stuck to himself. "Xu Wang stroking his gray beard, he walked around the mound Jin Yan, smiling said," getting cold this winter, decrepit old, also on the sick suriko please rest at home. "

When saying this, Wang Xu ruddy, his eyes God, do not see the slightest bit sick look.

Yan Jin Qiu Zuo Yi said: "You are too serious, but the DPRK your humerus, if sick, the emperor would not be less of a competent assistant?"

"Old people, it's time to recognize the old," Xu Wang laughed, looked back at the golden throne room, "older people do not step on moving muddy water. Decrepit Allegiance How old are you crazy long, but a dull temper, let him tell you later move around more, learn your elegant demeanor, so how are the roots stay to see the wood. "

"Seiko prudent man, why would dull," Yan Jin Qiu mouth smile more obvious, "but let the two of us nothing more progress with each other."

"Ah, young man, is the multi-learn." Xu Wang nodded, feeling the beard off, that eighty look, that is not really weak.

Luo Zhong Zheng's case to an end, Kai Lung Emperor will be under pressure from the clan of the Prince jail and was released, but the government did not back the prince, but Suzaku is under house arrest in the palace, to show him the emperor and no favoritism intended.

But the move is nothing but to do it for others to read, and Suzaku Palace Tianlao environment that is as different as day, in which in addition to the Prince can not move freely, food and clothing expense is no different with the past, to hear that they finally have after the children, but also happy to eat a half-bowl too.

Do not know because he eat a half-bowl too came out from jail and that evening he felt unbearable pain, within half an hour Chugong several times, the palace were busy reporting to the queen there, and people go to the Queen declared the imperial doctor.

Suzaku Palace Although we can not let the Prince out, but did not say people can not go in, so the Queen very well see the prince, saw a fat

Circle of Prince Edward, the Queen had bitter tears choked back, and she just sat down, clutching his stomach and Prince go Chugong.

After back and forth twice, the imperial doctor finally arrived, with a few needles to prick the Prince after a large hole, finally, the diarrhea stopped.

"Your Highness, although Wei Chen is with a needle stopped tumble, but only temporary effect, but it is necessary to drink the medicine," the imperial doctor a good start list, I have to get up to go to fill a prescription Prince.

"Wait a minute," Queen imperial stopped, and looked after several changes Chen Sheng said, "careful with medication, to Prince rehabilitation as soon as possible."

"Yes." Imperial hearts of some doubt, such a sentence worthy of the Queen so difficult it?

But these people long accustomed to the temple complex mind, the imperial doctor could not even think about it, and turned it withdrew from the Suzaku Palace.

"His mother, how do you?" Prince sickly lying on the bed, aware of the Queen does not see their eyes, could not help but open asked, "What happened?"

"Nothing," Queen pulled the quilt for him, "Crown Princess is now pregnant, you alone here in this house do not worry, so be prepared to let Chen Liangdi Suzaku Palace wait on you, do you think?"

"Chen Liangdi dull boring, why should she come," Prince do not like Chen Liangdi stiff, frowning, "why not let Zhao Liangdi come, whatever the outcome, informed TIPS."

"After the Palace told her to take care of your body, not your stay fun," sighed the Queen, "now do not know how many people's eyes staring at you, you Renren for the time being, until this matter in the past, again I think these things right, if you do not want to let Chen Liangdi, let the eunuch serve it. "

Jail and difficult life so many honest Prince, so Queen say such things, that he did not noisy, but your nose default, although he does not like Chen Liangdi dull, but there is a better than nothing.

"Crown Princess where his mother bother you more, if a son just fine." Think that they have had, the prince feel very good road, "Fu Huang how to say?"

"You are pleased Fu Huang," the Queen away their sight, not to see the Prince, his tone flat road, "Prince palace have big guards handle, wait around female Guanjie is the palace of the people, you do not have to worry about."

Prince heart of a song: "It seems Fu Huang also attaches great importance to this child, that he did not have rejected me."

"Your body discomfort, early rest," the Queen stood up, "the Palace also go back."

Prince Queen felt a little strange, but did not ask, then turn over and fell asleep. In jail and spent some days, or palace of Tiancan Si is the most comfortable sleep.

Finally, the capital of farce Linping Linping County Sheriff become the main end, Luo Zhong Zheng assassination case, so put down. Luo arrived in the capital of the family though unwilling, but only died down. They in River City, but also the backing of Linping Princess potential to run rampant in the River City. Now Luo Zheng Zhong died, county Linping has become the main killer, what they say, what say?

The emperor said the penalty is too light, or that Luo Zhong Zheng innocent die?

Thunder and rain are all Junen

They Luo small home in the capital, not even a foothold, what courage who dare to offend Beijing in elegant it?

Finally, they get nothing but a jar of ashes, and not a bunch of light not heavy reward, and even the emperor's face did not see, he was sent to fight the capital. As Luo Zhong Zheng's son and daughter, they are afraid to, even if it is not Princess Yan Jin Ling, a county may also main, they dare him to return the child Luo family?

Luo Zheng Zhong died, then the child educated by the Mother, is perfectly justified, they say over what is Luo land?

"Linping County master?" Wan Hua Xi looked surprised Yan Qiu Jin, "Your Majesty ...... really count these things to her head?"

It is also doing a bit too obvious, I'm afraid in Beijing, half of them will not believe this result, Kai Lung Emperor move not have bitterly disappointed you?

The so-called Tusihubei, Kai Lung Emperor even play are not willing to do a full set, really do not looked down on other people.

"Lord can keep a county title, already I tried to intercede," said Yan Jin Qiu drank hot tea, slowly leisurely road, "she later again, the palace no longer received, our siblings, in addition to her for me outside resentment, not the rest of what has been. "

Hua Xi Yu Wan heard playing in the comb started, did not speak.A little while, heard Akebia to report, said that the Prince was seriously ill.

"Prince did not come out yesterday from jail and what, how seriously ill the night before?" Hua Xi Tong Wan strange looking wooden, do the living habits of the prison, suddenly returned gorgeous and comfortable house, become acclimatized up?

"Yesterday night Prince suddenly more than diarrhea, after the imperial doctor asked veins medication, is Da'an, who knows after this morning, a prince, he is suddenly vomit blood, body heat to initiate." Akebia words with worried Road, "Your Majesty has put used in their physician sent in the past, it is said the situation is very dangerous, for the Queen, Prince, has knelt to the temple to pray. "

This is how some of the symptoms of poisoning like?

But this usually do not like Prince Jifu people, praying really work? If in the future you really want such a big Zhao toward people when the emperor, might as well be ......

Feel that they want to get too far, Hua Xi Wan coughed, turned to see Yan Qiu Jin: "Qiu Jin, this thing ......"

"Prince but a country's crown prince, he was seriously ill, how can we sit, go to the palace to visit some of it." Qiu Jin Yan looked out of the sky, and then said, "the hour was early, we got changed to go too late. "

Words translated is, we go slowly, go too early is not good?

Have something bad to say, and people who really royal family's problems, this trend continues, she should be


Visiting sober colors but do not need to wear clothes Guadan, after all, people did not how, you wear a Guadan, this is not a premature death curse people do?

Chose a color fur skirt put Palace, slightly fill up a few jewelry after, Hua Xi Yan Jin Wan on the mound with the carriage. The carriage stood brazier, so despite the cold wind blew outside whirring, she did not feel cold.

"Always felt this cold wind whistling weather, more suitable for lying in bed," Hua Xi Wan glanced off the curtain, the biting cold wind was blowing incoming scared retracted his hand, "Mission in bed, sipping tea, watching the small talk of this, is the enjoyment. "

"A few days ago you sent people to talk to this small, you have not seen?" Yan Jin Qiu put her hand in his palm, "do not like it, I let you help you look for interesting . "

"There are a few still capable of eyes, anyway, is what used to pass the time, I do not pay attention," Hua Xi Wan pumping his hands, did not come out of, simply put his entire people against Yan Qiu Jin's body, then softly, "someone said to me, Crown Princess pregnant very suspicious, you see ......"

Yan Jin Qiu the other hand on her shoulder, flatly said: "? Prince simply can not have children, how can the heirs."

Hearing this, the Hua Xi Wan mind flashed the idea is really the case, she frowned: "? That this is in order to save Princess Prince pseudopregnancy"

"Pregnancy is really pregnant, but the child is not Prince," Qiu Jin Yan smiled: "This is something I'm afraid even the Queen were informed."

"Queen since we know ......" Hua Xi Wan looking mutation, as do the authors of this thing really as she could guess, "Is this child was ......"

It was slightly challenging her three view, she felt as if some unspeakable.

Yan Jin Qiu faint smile at her, laid-back Q: What "Yes?"

Hua Xi Wan raised an eyebrow: "Royal Highness like to go, I did not say anything."

"I have nothing to ask," Yan Jin Qiu put his forehead against the occasion of her forehead, and fell laugh out loud, "I know who, Xi Wan too."

"Tut." Hua Xi Wan wanted to say to him, do not self-assertion, but it did not say.

She was generous, let this man self-satisfied about it.

At this time, the palace of Suzaku ectopic kneeling over the ground of the imperial doctor, several of the older imperial knee because of the snow, turned into the trouser legs, unable to go cold, faint.

But they faint halo, and no one dared to help him up to them, so just let these old imperial lying in the snow, as they can not save their lives, to see their good luck.

When Hua Xi Wan and Yan Jin Qiu come together, to see three or four imperial down in the snow, kneeling beside several people, her feet micro Dayton, gently sigh.

Yan Jin Qiu migraine looked at her, take her hand and said:. "Let's go"

In the palace, the fate of others, they can not help the couple to call the shots.

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