Eight Treasures Trousseau

By Butterfly's Shadow Beneath the Moon

65 Chapter snowy night

65 Chapter snowy night

Yan Qiu Jin Hua Xi Wan had never seen such a harsh treatment of other women, in his recollection, she often are lazy, elegant, or is indifferent, but no matter what, she was always nice if the shortcomings of human nature that she has nothing to do with those.

But suddenly, when this woman in order to expose their own marketplace are like a woman sturdy side, and others sharp pinch frame, he was as much seed they have been guarding the front of the woman's feelings.

...... really a strange feeling.

People have closeness of the points, he is also true that as early as this year my sister again and again to a man significantly harm the interests of the palace, but he is the sister to passers-by. His princess and even a stranger can not match sister pinch frame, he is naturally helping his princess, that there is nothing to say?

"Outside people say Princess significant but the roots of troubles, I thought you would not be confused by the beauty, now it seems high but I saw you, you and those men are no different." Yan Jin Ling is gas Dehen, unspoken words are no more scruples, and she dare say such a thing, it just relied on her mother Yan Jin Qiu but with siblings only, in the past she has done so many things, Yan Jin Qiu able to tolerate her, now also will be.

"For such a plenty of sex, jealous not virtuous woman, you do not actually leave the slightest mutual affection, until the time of his mother memorial day, what you see her face?" Yan Jin Ling heart is resentment, then his mother was seriously ill, the palace side of the Princess somewhat spoiled, mother in order to keep his brother, his brother then went to ask the Queen mother palace in custody, but her daughter was thrown in the palace, the day looking at the favored side Princess arrogant and despotic.

Later, his mother died, his brother became a royal heir, the son she gave birth to a side room and his father was cold, but her brother was a good father good despite her happy, she wants to marry the son of a family, she rebelled, success , but yet some people say her father was mad.

Today, her husband was assassinated, no redress for her, but she was falsely accused murderer murdering her husband, sister and even be able to bully her head, but Fahrenheit is a family woman, she went so far as to bully the head of the royal family were female , is simply bullying!

Hua Xi Yan Wan Kim was criticized as Aya troubles, anger against laugh: "Your sister to a man, always framed his brother, and even his father was seriously ill, have insisted married, do not have the face to see what mother ? "

"Shut up, you bitch!" Yan Jin Hua Xi Wan Ling pointed nose cursed, "he then patronize a concubine, cold mother, this man, what qualifications worthy of my guilt!"

"This man does not deserve naturally, but do not you this brother is not worth it?" Hua Xi Yan Wan a link with gold damask wrist, "Even if you have the qualifications to pursue happiness, there is no obligation to sacrifice yourself what a brother but you should at least not for their own well-being to the detriment of their own brothers, do not let you say to your brother should not sacrifice, my brother is right and proper for you to sacrifice it? "

After a push Yan Aya's hand, looked at her staggered a few steps before a firm, Hua Xi Wan cold channel: "How can such a good thing in the world,When you need someone should sacrifice when others need, what you say, you think you are God's daughter, among all the world to make of you? ! "

She wanted to pinch frame, when she was in the entertainment business for so many years Baihun it?

"Shut up, shut up!" Jin Yan Hua Xi Wan Ling was asked speechless, shortness of breath under former shoved rushed, want to play Hua Xi Wan slap in the face.


Amberpack are quiet, corner of wood and white through the summer, and several other close people wait on and opt winced.

Some shook their own hand pain, Hua Xi Yan Wan looked blankly Aya: "Do not think I do not hit a woman after you go out today, I advocate bullying Hua Xi Wan Ye Hao, Ye Hao stone shed under. and even went to the trouble to complain to the palace is also OK, but I want you to remember one, here it is the remarkable palace, either you can not slapstick Linping Princess House! "

Yan Jin Ling was beaten slap some ignorant, did not react for a long while, until she react when I wanted to fight back, white summer has been stopped and the HY, into the House with her two maids want to go for help, the results Akebia is stopped smiling.

"Two girls, masters of the family, we do servant, is better or not to intervene, otherwise our family but difficult to do."

Two maids cheeky anxiety of color, looked through wood, was stopped and looked at the master, had to plop kneel down.

"Tut," Akebia glanced at the two little girl, croon soon. There is still a wink, at least have brains than the Princess. Today in Beijing a lot of people know Linping Princess already was a star of sacrifice, and today was the presence of the princes in Chodo Baiguan intercede for her, just the results back to the government soon, Linping Princess went to the palace to downtown, plus those things a few years ago Princess Linping do, and anyone will tell the princes kind, and Linping Princess aggressive.

Royal Highness was a man, of course not good with Linping Princess trouble, but fortunately there are sturdy Princess presence today than otherwise, will not have such a vent. Akebia glanced Princess Aggressive, heart Antan, is indeed the Miss everyone to be born outside Zujia Wu, everywhere sturdy.

"Hua Xi Wan, so I give you today, the shame, the end seems that day, you can go better than me," Yan Jin Ling was stopping, not close to Hua Xi Wan, angry blaspheming "either you face then the United States, there is always a day of aging, until then, do you think this man will tolerate your side as you do today so arrogant?"

Yan Jin Qiu looking sank, put down the cup in their hands, looked up to see Yan Jin Ling: "I am the sole property of two couples, also do not need to bother you, good evening Ivana, not just the looks of it, a visitor!"

"You do not have to send, I shall go," Yan Jin Ling cold

White smiled and opened the summer with HY, quips, "Fahrenheit, do you think the men around you really are what you see like this?" Finished sentence after the introduction of suspicion, then, Yan Jin Ling turned away.

Yan Qiu Jin Hua Xi Wan looked at did not speak.

Hua Xi Wan rubbing his hands, sat back in the chair and said: "? You're a pro with her siblings."

For the "salt the wound" behavior Hua Xi Wan, Yan Jin Qiu choice but responded with a wry smile, "Yes ah, the pro-siblings."

"okay,Do not you think, the world of big, full of wonders, what kind of person this world has, "Hua Xi Wan reached out and patted his shoulder," I sleep a while, wait for the next hot pot ready for later calls me. "Waved his hand, with his four beautiful maid out of the main hall, are homes to walk.

Main hall suddenly quiet, Yan Jin Qiu looked through from the outside coming in glory, sitting motionless in a chair.

"Royal Highness ......" Akebia looked worried person's attendance, gently called out.

"How?" Yan Jin Qiu mouth micro Yang to see the wood through, the mood seems to look quite good.

Akebia his head down low, and said:. "A few days ago tricks in Fuchu feeding the people have committed suicide in the dungeon, her roommate was left in the Princess are homes serve"

"Since it is the princess left the people, then no problem," Qiu Jin Yan stood up, walked to the door behind the back of the hand, "She is not no sense of proportion of people, dare to do so, naturally innocent life experience will certainly other under decision. "

"Small see," Akebia head buried lower, but fortunately kitchen things found early, did not disturb the princess, otherwise this thing would not be so easily exposed in the past. Although Royal Highness never said anything, but in his view, the princess in the hearts of princes, does not have component low.

"Princess Linping there in the future no longer tube," Yan Jin Qiu lowered eyelids, looking out the fine snow flying, "the king to be her friendship, is enough."

"Yes." Akebia should be softly down.

Are homes in Hua Xi Wan Shen Zhaoshou make orange autumn with HY ready for him undress, white and purple shirt summer finishing the bed, until everything is tidy, white summer wait on Hua Xi Wan lie: "Princess, Pro today Ping Princess trouble, so do not give her your face, be in the future ...... "

"I control what her future," Hua Xi Wan pulled the body of the quilt, yawned and said: "Like she is owed to fight owe curse, she called me Vamp, and I would like to do the virtuous to her. "what's more, although I think she Yan Jin Qiu upper and lower body are shortcomings, but how man despise their own is their own business, but also can not help her live up everywhere, when the world really are her mother?

See Hua Xi Wan closed his eyes, white summer did not dare to ask, after the gauze down with paclitaxel, they crept back out, she was more worried about the actual mountain is Royal Highness Princess to see Zhefan appearance, there would be masters despise intended.

All men love the gentle elegant woman, princess suddenly so deadly, she was afraid princes frightened.

White summer do not know, for Yan Qiu Jin, this is not a shock, but a pleasant surprise. He is not greedy lust flower person, see Wan Wah evening for him, even the family of the woman's image is not pity, actually feel even Hua Xi Wan rejection of people with hand movements are an indescribable charm.

This is probably what is the pot with a lid, and then deserted resourceful men also understand love, and then lazy woman also was rare.

Perhaps that two people improvise together, they can claim to be born of a right.

At night, the snow was beginning to get big up, Hua Xi Wan and Yan Jin Qiu two rinse dishes around the pot, then drink light wine, just do not be too happy.

See two close look,White summer finally put down the heart, anyway, as long as the masters have a wonderful time, she also relieved.

Because a drink, Wan Wah evening after washing with a little drunk leaning against the bed, sitting at a table reading a book towards Yan Jin Qiu hook the hook fingers, smiling Meiyanrusi: "Little beauty, come to my sister a pro . "

Is said to be little beauty was His Royal Highness King smiled and walked out of Hua Xi Wan side and then the real beauty of Hong cheeks a kiss, "Who is the beauty, ah?"

People say that snow winter night, when red is lingering, most get any cooler.

The next morning, Wan Wah evening lying on the bed and let Jin Yan mound for yourself by pressing the waist, either how to coax him, he is unwilling to get up.

"Above and then gently press a few times, yes, it mildly."

"Left little to the left."

"Up and eat."

"I do not want to move, backache."

"I had my bed with wooden tables carried over."

"Do not want to eat, backache."

"Really sour ......"


Akebia heard coming from inside the house again Xixisuosuo sound, silent servant with others retreated to the outside.

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