Eight Treasures Trousseau

By Butterfly's Shadow Beneath the Moon

Chapter 64 pinch frame

Chapter 64 pinch frame

Because the capital several major cases occurred recently, many officials feel insecure, are likely to be related to Prince Edward waste rumors intensified, even Sheng Jun Wang faction of people continue to follow the little tricks.

But the palace has always been a significant matter concerns an armchair attitude, so Prince Jun Wang Sheng and two fought again powerful pulse, Hua Xi Wan this princess also be less busy, regardless of owner please the West family invited all to himself discomfort refused.

Since two days ago to the old lady Yoshihisa, Yan Jin Qiu to develop a new hobby, and that is nothing to Hua Xi Wan cook a pot of tea, and then they sit by the window, over tea snow, table but also put on a few delicate and delicious pastries, several interesting talk creeps pass this mountain, occasionally summoned to Chuiladanchang create the atmosphere of the palace reared musician musicians leisurely easy life is not immortal change.

So, when a couple songs to see the snow, after hearing the servant to report Linping asked to see Princess, looked at each other, we found each other's eyes a little regret.

Although not want to move back, but the other is Yan Qiu Jin's sister, regardless of the feelings, reasoning that she could not see, so she had to dress up a little, and Yan Jin Qiu went to the main hall to see the guests.

Since the assassination of Linping Jun Ma, China Xi Wan rarely seen Linping Princess, so when she saw the main room that looked haggard woman, just can not believe my eyes.

Linping Qiu Jin Yan Princess, though, compared to two years older, but because of excellent care, it still looks like an over-two-decade China is not the young woman, but now she feels as suddenly ten years older, but obviously more than twenty years of age, it seems like the vicissitudes of life as much as three years old.

They come out to see the couple, Linping Princess sat on the chair backs can not help but stiff stiff, then carried his chin slightly and said:. "Now you want to see a younger brother, it is harder and harder '

Yan Jin Qiu see her Zhefan appearance, do not argue with her, holding the hand Wan Hua Xi sat down, lightly: "? Nothing goes to the temple, why do you have to"

"How, my brother, sister, brothers and sisters not to look at it?" Jin Ling Yan sneer, playing with their own nails painted Danko, "Is my brother had not heard of the capital where those rumors?"

Yan Jin Qiu Duanzhaochabei without a word, is obviously not want to control things Linping Princess, Hua Fu Fu Xi Wan Chai Binbian phoenix, as if she played the moment.

"I do not know which refers sister thing?" Hua Xi Wan gentle smile, took a sip of tea, just to eat a few snacks, and now some thirsty mouth.

"The world says significant Princess looks outstanding, cautious, such as dust, I think there are false rumors, because you have these two advantages in addition, there are nonsensical can do," Yan Jin Ling put the cup aside, "the capital in rumors, there are a few that I take this trip worth it? "

As if I could beg you take a trip like this, Wan Hua Xi micro-brow, "Oh."

Yan Jin Qiu Duanzhaochabei hands meal, he remembered Hua Xi Wan had to say: Behind every Oh, is that what you mean I'm too lazy to Dali.

"Ziling, had a sister wrong, but the love of your nephew and niece, and you help a sister." Yan Jin Ling face some ugly, she can say these words to Yan Jin Qiu,It has been no retreat of the earth.

Hua Xi Wan glanced blankly Yan Qiu Jin, quietly dropped his eyelids.

She knows how to find Linping Princess Yan Jin Qiu, because now the entire capital of the Yan Jin Qiu, but has no one can they save her. On the death of Linping Jun Ma, the supreme court has two guess, is a prince killed Jun Ma, another is under Linping Sheriff own hands. Empress for two, the whole thing pushed to Linping Princess head is the best choice, for his son's peaceful use someone else's daughter, how to think how cost-effective.

If not for the Prince had had beautiful thing of beauty is not resolved, I'm afraid things have Linping Jun Ma pushed to Linping Princess head to go, but unfortunately Prince pit father too many things, so no way to erase the Empress want things Therefore Linping Princess now there is a glimmer of hope.

But the final outcome of this case only two choices, either her or the Prince, who would be willing for her to offend the emperor? If it is serious, and even can be framed or something to do with the rebel Prince.

"The supreme court officials honest and strict, the truth of how they will be able to get to the bottom plug, I'm only a short Royal Highness, I'm afraid not do anything." Qiu Jin Yan rubbed the rim of the cup, "my sister said this, I was very fear. "

"Yanzi Ling!" Ling Meng Yan Jin stood up, staring fiercely Yan Jin Qiu, he sat back in the chair slumped after a long while, "exactly what you will be willing to help me?"

Yan Jin Qiu Jin Ling Yan looked faint smile: "Sister, I've said, supreme court officials honest and strict, you do not have to worry about these things."

Yan Jin Ling biting the lower lip, reddish eyes watching the ruthless man, but obviously with a smile: "? Do you really not the slightest idea what mutual affection."

"Oh," Qiu Jin Yan chuckle out loud, "Sister joke can be really interesting, original remark when you get married, do with the death of Linping Jun Ma, also followed forgotten?"

Yan Jin Ling looking for a white, stared at Yan Jin Qiu speechless.

In this dignified atmosphere, Wan Hua Xi leisurely drink a cup of tea, slowly:. "Recent days getting colder and colder."

Heard remark, Yan Jin Qiu hand touched the back of her hand, confirmed her hands with warm, it said: "At night to eat hot pot, you just remembered a few days ago, I have people ready colored wild game, cooked the taste must be good. "

"Ah," Hua Xi Wan yawned, "It's spring and autumn lack sleepy lazy winter, a few days of the year was actually not want to move in."

"Patience exhausted people, at all times feel trapped," Yan

Jin Qiu smile, "looked at you all day over a leisurely day, even I have some envy."

"This is your envy does not come, I have a tolerant me, love me, possessor of my husband, you have it?" Hua Xi Wan raised an eyebrow, a pull hate expression.

No man does not like such a thing, because sounding provocative, but in reality is her husband's praise, Yan Jin Qiu no exception, he was Wan Hua Xi words flatter smile: "You're right, you have so well husband, really should such a day. "

He looked next to philandering Yan Jin Ling felt anger rises higher,I would almost lose my cool. The two men What does it mean when she does not exist or ridicule after she had married the day?

"You is not willing to help me, why should I have to laugh at?!" Yan Jin Ling stood up, his eyes tear. "You want a death sentence for me?"

"Forcing the start to finish you want is your own!" Hua Xi Wan cold channel, "when first saw my sister, I'm always polite, always courteous, but you have everywhere to embarrass me, that is what I do to force your ?"

"Later in the capital, whenever you have there, when you gave my face, whether I care about with you too?" Hua Xi Wan looked at her, "then you throwing his little brother, and insisted on marrying a man , the capital of educated people say that your mother not a good boy, heartless lack of filial piety, even with Jin Qiu also been criticized, is this is someone force you to it? "

"You are always with Prince Jun Ma's lead, Qiu Jin and jealousy can, and often do not respect the words of the mouth, you do this to console her sister may have to stop? You do not, your choice is to always obey your husband, even to he and his younger brother deliberately make things difficult, so the capital behind the joke Qiu Jin even his own sister not wait to see him, if he has talent, there is the wrist, another Queen Mother favorite, this capital does not know how many look he jokes people, all you thought about it? "

"You do not, you think only of your man, your little family, what is your brother, that you need to bring is time to step on people's feet only," Wan Hua Xi a slap shot on the table, snapped "you do not just want someone to help you, why not think about why people do not help you?"

"I pursue what I wanted what's wrong?" Yan Jin Ling screamed, "You're an outsider, why find fault?"

"I'm not an outsider, I was considerably palace upright unique princess, as you that never looked down on his brother's sister, it really is an outsider," Wan Hua Xi laugh loudly, "You should be glad I never hand hit the woman, or today I just want to call you, but you want to make. "

"You're such a grossly woman, how to do with Princess?" Was speechless Yede Hua Xi Yan Wan, then gold damask, pointing to China after a long while shaking evening Wan, "You bitch!"

"I am cheap, then how, and who told me that not long eye friend is like me," Hua Xi Wan Gee shake their heads, "how you bite me ah."

Hollow Man installed next to the wood through just to be Princess Zhefan eloquence stunned, vicious words, the provocative tone, the arrogance, the clay figurines which have to be jumped was angry, not to mention high-minded princess, he felt he did not dare to see the face of the Princess.

"Good, good, good," Jin Ling Yan even said three Fortunately, she was clutching his chest, leaning on the arm of the chair barely stand himself, he turned to see Yan Jin Qiu said: "You just let your princess I say that? "

Yan Jin Qiu coughed, looked faint smile Duanqichabei Hua Xi Wan one: "No way, Who do the king blind."

Yan Jin Ling surprised a moment, do not react Yan Jin Qiu What do you mean, after a long while, it looked stunned Yan Qiu Jin, as if not believing his brother actually say such words.Hua Xi Wan inviting mouth smile, seemed satisfied with the performance of Yan Jin Qiu, then charming smile: "The princes concubine to be nice."

"Vamp, troubles!" Yan Jin Ling suddenly, "it's you behind the mischief, just let Ziling do not want to help me?!"

Hua Xi Wan pretending to be flirtatious smile: "Sister, how can you be so wronged me, his brilliant princes, because how could a weak woman, then concubine, and the impact their ideas?"

This piece looks, plus pretending that charming attitude, simply virtuous women's negative image: vixen.

Akebia quietly knelt in the corner: Princess, do not seek to play, if Linping Princess fainted gas is how to do?

"Xi Wan was right, the king How can it be that kind of person?" Yan Qiu Jin says, but the hands Moxiang Hua Xi Wan's hand.

Royal Highness, you make up a small knife artists?

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