Eight Treasures Trousseau

By Butterfly's Shadow Beneath the Moon

Chapter 63 embarrassed

Chapter 63 embarrassed

"Hand how so cold?" Qiu Jin Yan Hua Xi Wan touched the hand, frowned, large palms the Hua Xi Wan's hand tightly wrapped to live, "cold days, after what want to say, put the people called to the palace to accompany you to spend a few days. "

"Did not you say it is a must in the snow, how now so vulgar?" Hua Xi Wan started the other holding furnace, and let Jin Qiu Yan umbrella with one hand, one hand holding her.

"As long as you good health, vulgar point it does not matter," Qiu Jin Yan smiled, simply release the Hua Xi Wan hand, arm outstretched hand man in the ring shoulder and walked on.

Chu Yu Hua quietly behind the two: His Royal Highness King obvious that you show affection when, at any rate to take into account what someone else behind you?

Back to the main hall before, Yan Jin Qiu recover his arm, then Lile their skirts, umbrella and handed around Akebia, extravagance pressing with China Xi Wan side by side into the door.

Originally very lively main hall to see the couple come in, are quiet, polite after Jian Li, Chinese home crowd was introduced to several of the younger dining room seating.

Hua Qiu Jin Yan family repeatedly invited Xi Wan Wah and attendance, but the bottom in the Yan Jin Qiu refused, and Hua Sheng bowed toward him and said: "Tarzan adults warm nearby, Ziling was not to resign, but here there elders, anything sitting on the younger generation of management, also requested Tarzan adults fulfill Ziling piece of mind. "

Qiu Jin Yan and Hua Sheng to the foot of the face, and Hua Sheng heart naturally pleased, but why can only make color face difficulty with the old lady invited attendance, and then Romer either side next to the old lady sat down.

But Yan Jin Qiu though so the three elders sit in the front, Chinese home other people can not dare to sit in the couple's first, and so Qiu Jin Yan Hua Xi Sheng Wan turn and ends up sitting down in China, and no one said anything , but to praise the two Rensiao.

Although the old lady still healthy body, but also on how the older people, so pay attention to food on the table although Gods auspicious meaning, but mostly light, soft or sweet thing, after Hua Xi Wan eat a few mouthfuls, I feel that they mouthful of sweetness.

Because it is a private banquet, we pay attention to the fun, will not have to wait servant dish cloth, some of Xi Wan-hua taste of dishes, some far away from her, but fortunately there is a long hand in Yan Jin Qiu, she was not hungry or rude crisis.

"Sister, how can you not move, substandard appetite?" Huaqing Mao since before things consciously unworthy of Huayi Liu, Liu and so Huayi return after leaving the government, so we often care about her, see her suddenly not Dongkuaizi , he whispered, "still not feeling well?"

"Nothing," according to Liu Hua face with a sickly white, for Huaqing Mao smiled, bowed to continue to use the bowl is not well with their dishes. After twists and turns so many things, she had used to seeing human well-being, a small meal to substandard appetite, no less important.

She and assistant minister from the government alone in a yard, because the mother of her cold, wait a servant in the yard are also more slack, if not Huaqing Mao often take care of the younger brother, I'm afraid she is also the assistant minister in the government Miss Di It will be subject to ill-treatment servant


Resentment my mother's face, mouth cursed because of her first child is a daughter, as a mother when she received the number of grievances, according to Hua Liu began to feel sad and funny with her mother,The hearts of hatred also gradually, if originally gave birth to her, despise her daughter lost her face, so she listened to gossip, why not take advantage of what she did not know when a strangle her?

So these were not their own sins, not because she was the mother had a daughter who was gossip, is it happy?

"Princess and the king was really a remarkable husband and wife," the Luo and the volume was low at the same table, but to ensure that the next table but one can hear, "I tell the moment, then, just to see the prince and princess hand in hand came when if it were not seen past the Princess, I almost thought the two men in the picture is the Shenxianjuanlv. "

Huayi Liu sneer, who also worked behind Ms. Luo Xi Wan said China has so an appearance, if it were known, can cause fear calamity, said Hua Xi Wan lazy man, not Yi Shi IKEA woman, now turned around for a pair of colors, resilient people get really admire.

The following sub-stage after the end of the banquet, they went to sit in the House of, some of the actor began performing in the stands, Hua Xi Wan previous life played a role is the first star, drew a costume thick, the result of the lens does not have two minutes , because of the assassination of the male guards the knife stabbing.

In order to play this only a minute cameo, she also made a special trip to learn the whereabouts of theater friends learned singing and figure, now think about past lives, really a warp feeling.

"Bang!" The voice behind me broke the cup, Hua Xi Wan looked back and saw Mrs. Zhang look awkward sitting in a chair in front of her broken a tea cup, tea spilled on the ground also steaming.

"This is for even younger siblings, is it too hot tea yet?" Zhang carried chin slightly, looking somewhat disdainfully said, "Come, Mrs. Zhang exchange to tea."

See Wan Hua Zhang Xi so to make things difficult for adoptive younger brother's wife, Wei Zhou brow, but she as an outsider, but it is not a lot to pipe such a thing.

"You may burn yourself?" Zhang Shao few steps forward, carefully lifted his wife's hand, to see her on the back of a red, distressed suddenly said, "how too hot so powerful?"

"Brother, why make such a gesture children, come, please go to Ms. Zhang imperial doctor." He is tightlipped about Zhang looked at the halfway brother and sister come intimacy appearance, complexion does not look good, "Look are we to turn away guests. "

Zhang mind it a problem? Even if she really wait to see Zhang Shao and his wife, whatever the outcome, the two men seen to be more polite to her parents' faces, two old Zhang has now old, always to wait in front of someone, she Zhang Shao offended was so hard, what good is she?

Or she thought Zhang

Shao to her adoptive parents, can have a lot of family property and title, so the heart is displeased, Zhang Shao couple sorts dislike?

Hua Xi Wan did not know, because Zhang Huayi Liu things and the relationship with her husband and children made very stiff, Hua Zhiming but never again with her again, and she is now at home, actually was as a three family Hollow Man.

Was not happy, she has no place to vent, and now finally come to send home a couple of Zhang Shao, she could not help

They live in harsh, saying bluntly, but the point is that inexplicable sense of superiority supporting her do such a thing only."Elder sister remark too serious, we are husband and wife, this is the day had an extraordinary person, due to the grace of god I can wait two in his father's mother's knee, we naturally grateful. Ms. Hou Yeyu both Duke light is a generous person, how can we turn away. "Zhang Shao cold face towards Zhang Zuo Yi he said," a sub-body discomfort, please forgive us long sister disrespectful of the office. "

Then he turned to the civil action and Hua Sheng old lady there, ready to take people to leave.

Hua Sheng and Zhang Shao impression of quite good, so it does not make things difficult for him, but people went to the imperial doctor Zhang House please wait. Romer Could it be brought burn cream, let Mrs. Zhang painted cream, good pain relief.

In Romer's view, Mrs. Zhang does not everyone tolerance, but tolerance is called by everyone brought out gold and silver, Zhang boasts elegant look down on people, but food and clothing expense childhood is nothing better than the others. To really on the up, Romer to do those things, really I do not like the woman out of the family.

Hua Xi Wan saw the couple walked in front of his own resignation, her hand busy polite salute to his wife propped Zhang, softly: "Mrs. recently to taste less heavy objects, or leaving scars on the worst a. "

"Thank you, Princess mind one bit, write down the woman minister."

Zhang sit and watch Zhang Shao Hua home away couple of polite, grew more and more uncomfortable, now home in China, she is like an outsider like, be they family isolated.

Zhang is a lively birthday ended up this way, the old lady and my heart some unhappy, but there are other people present, she is not good attack, simply did not see anything when, just looked attentively on stage.

Hua Xi Wan and Yan Jin Qiu not stay long, and sat for a while, he got up to leave. Wan Wah to leave last evening, the hands of more than a parcel, the parcel is a beautiful fur coat cloak.

Stroking soft fox fur cloak Ni Hua, Wan Wah evening sitting around Yan Jin Qiu said: "Two years ago, my mother had wanted me to do a fox fur cloak, the mother should be down, but later because the emperor decreed grant marriage, the mother was busy preparing for my dowry, do cloak of things put aside. "

"Time in the past two years, still remember his mother had promised me something ......" Hua Xi Wan smiled, holding fox fur cloak said, "Parenting me more than ten years, the kindness, I'm afraid in this life are difficult repay. "

"They treated Hello, is that they love you, this is not for nothing in return, real feelings, can not be used to measure how much." Qiu Jin Yan looked at the hands of China Xi Wan cloak, coat color is very pure, actually Can not find a variegated wool, stitching is also very natural, look less than half a minute trace of suture enough to see the cloak of people do very carefully.

"You're right," Hua Xi Wan laughed a bent brow, "I want to get a fork."

Hand touched her Binbian, Yan Jin Qiu silent smile.

Zhang returned to the palace after it smashed a tea set, looking at the empty house, and outside the trembling servant, she stared and sat down.

I do not know how long, she heard the sound of Dageng rang out, the house already dark down, hanging from the corridor outside lanterns have been lit.

"Come, Zhangdeng."

She stood up,Touched hoarse voice, suddenly aware of their own because sitting for too long, and people do not come in the house no charcoal, cold hands and feet she almost lost consciousness.

Etc. Zhangdeng servant girl came in, she could not help but open asked: "? Master it."

"In the study, rest from the master."

"Master it?"

"Master still warm book, saying it was the spring of next year in order Quarters, so to learn meditation."

Zhang's heart a little happy, then asked, "I let the kitchen to boil the young master of self-cultivation drink soup every day he also co-appetite?"

Maidservants cut wick action micro Dayton, then said: "The slaves do not know." In fact, the people sent to Mrs. soup, Master of all people to close down.

But she can not say these words, his wife does not want to hear.

Zhang's looking slightly changed, then sigh:. "I know, you go on."

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