Eight Treasures Trousseau

By Butterfly's Shadow Beneath the Moon

62 Chapter Chu Yu

62 Chapter Chu Yu

Between Hua Xi Wan-hua Chu Yu's mother and two men, although not very deal, but the two entropy as a Washington woman, and from childhood a lot, not shallow feelings sisters, so Xi Wan Wah Wah Chu Yu soon found co-text seems to marry the heir-designate government look forward to it no more, she is not so much rational as it is with some resigned taste.

Here, though they are relatively close to home with the Chinese people, but many things are not fit under a large crowd say. Qiu Jin Yan, etc. as well as several male passengers were taken to the library to go after his father, Hua Xi Wan smile, "the government did not return for a long time, I do not know whether the two cousin willing to walk with me in the palace?"

Cold day, fine snow was falling, there is nothing to go?

Morohito here know that this is the two owners have something to say her family, very good grace not exposed, Romer smiled and said: "Some time ago the yard scouring for some new stuff, you can go and see the sisters just outside snowy, can not catch a cold. "

Wan Hua Xi should smile at, wait on line on a white fox fur cape summer, holding hands warm stove and Hua Chu rain out in the hall together.

The younger generation almost go clean, here are all children have a woman, he had turned the conversation turned to the parents in a short, but in view of Huayi Liu still, no matter who is going to raise their children educated, to avoid each other's wounds Sprinkle salt.

"Our family with two girls princess feeling all very well," Yao is a villain of some forces, but to see Wan Hua Xi to be close to her daughter's own effort, she smiled and said, "They loved the early years of their sisters in a scrape , now three girls became a princess, it also seems like a year. "

"What is not, year three girl to save the drowning of two girls in bed for a long period of time, all these years has been a fall chills problems, to finally heal the past two years. This friendship, most people are able to than it? "Romer has been the main reason not to Yao's face in the year that matter, their own old girl rescued three children, though she was distressed, but would not blame the children, but after three to do the old of those things, is simply good deed goes unpunished.

In the year backbiting among the eve of Wan must Yao, Zhang also even the middle out of a lot of force, the two wives do not know these things drawing something, they also have a daughter myself, could not Why Care?

If you do not consider a big girl and two girls as mothers, Romer is more optimistic about the two girls, the talented big girl though looks good, but not stable Mind, said hard not cruel, not enough good to say good wrist vision is not enough. As a woman, I can not face, not the most beautiful gesture, but it is essential mentality.

Two girls Tandao although some carry clear that Yao's mother, but Yao is to be two girls did not have to say, went with her third child with temper and personality, beauty and talent affordable, but also a transparent heart , it is a rare good girl.

If this world is like a daughter to the man as the official position, I do not know how much the world can Kill? Unfortunately, no matter how scared the world a woman mining change my life, only placing him in the house, the spiritual brilliance gradually ground into a family gossip, vinegar tea. If the married man is correct character of indomitable spirit who comes in may be a blessing,If so ...... like a big girl

Romer sighed, regardless of the relationship towards the church, only hope two girl do not like big girl like that encountered Yiguanqinshou.

"Just sit in front of it," Wan Hua Xi pointed front view of the Moon, she and Yu Hua Chu shoulder to shoulder, followed behind a long list of wait maidservants, jade ink umbrella strut bone in her head, let her I feel a little depressed.

They sat down in the booth next to the two people brazier good point, touch a hot tea, prepare snacks, they have to retreat Ting Wai.

"Snowing outside, you go inside the house dodging it, with only two people to serve in the booth will be enough," Hua Xi Wan feel that in order to put a show and toss thousand sub-servant did not need, so just let these people into the house alone, close wait a few maidservants are warming himself in the pavilion.

After maidservants who hear, and my heart is very happy, happily withdrew, leaving only white in summer and HY, as well as a close Chu Yu Hua servant girl to stay in the booth serve.

Red mud small stove to boil the tea, it exudes white gas in the cold air, also issued a water boiling sound.

Tea has been cooked too, but no one cares, holding hands warm furnace Wan Hua Xi said: "? My sister just does not seem very happy to see, he is the eldest son of the Lin family who do not appropriate."

Chu Yu Hua Hua Xi Wan looked rosy white cheeks, lightly shaking his head with a smile: "how can properly and wrong, but that's all, born of a woman, the final decision whether to own beautiful way only the husband and children, doomed to relying on others in order to have the fate of the other, how can so much wishful thinking. "

Wan Hua Xi Hua Chu looked startled agitated rain, suddenly thought of those words palace of Prince Fei Xu said, there are crazy to do to send the Thanh princess can not have children, my heart a little uncomfortable. Patriarchal era, whenever there is a slight woman does not meet the interests of their ideas, it will eventually fall "does not keep the Women 'guilt.

Men always called for "a woman's virtue", is not afraid of a woman to know more, let go of the idea of ​​vision, it will not serve them wholeheartedly, as if they did so as moralist, the woman made a lot of men in line interest requirements, and they can debauchery, Merry happy, as long as the wife of entropy respect two points, will be able to get a gentleman name of the first, but also generous, said the concubine is just a plaything, his wife is the right way.

Chu Yu Hua tell her this speech, that she is unwilling, but because they can not change and have to compromise. Wan Hua Xi sorry for these outstanding women, also own sigh.

The woman she knew in their own characteristics, and even the Queen Yan Jin Qiu does not deal with, and it is a very woman's wrist, and these excellent women, there are a few live out the self.

Even her mother forceful personality

Pro, nothing but words and deeds only slightly more generous, in fact, is nothing but guarding the home of a world only, but also because her character, father nor concubine, she roars got a nickname, but why laugh behind mother, also mostly women.

"Why sister think so?" Hua Xi Wan sighed, "No matter how troubled world injustice, but as long as I'm alive, always wanted to live his life better way to sell, people always give yourself some asking for too much."

"Said the king was out of couple Forever Yours,Get a full sister envy the women of the capital, do not have any place to regret it? "Hua Ting Wai Chu Yu looked at the snow flying," from childhood you are a special person, or that in my eyes, you and the other women are different. "

Snow harder and harder, fronds sound booth a moment of silence

, Cook the red mud small stove boiling water plump sound is particularly large.

"I actually was just a layman," Wan Hua Xi smiled, "I'm going to live his life better compromise something, I will do something they have not like something."

Chu Yu Hua Hua Xi Wan laugh watching, especially gentle expression: "If a compromise can make you live better, then the compromise is worth it, this is your special resilient, but I am not sure you can do it so. "

Hua Hua Chu Yu Xi Wan looked at such a laugh, a time did not know what to say, some questions did not answer, she did not Millennium rare case of a wise man.

See she did not speak, Hua Chu Yu continued: "co-text is waiting Crown Princess House home mother, Crown Princess heard but, following his wife's daughter, the eldest son of the first wife but out of the Lin family with a pulse is not very close to Prince , the Crown Princess Queen fishes are dissatisfied. "

After listening to these, Wan Hua Xi looked the same, she wanted to know why Yu Hua Chu said these on their own.

"When I married Lin, I will try to make the Lin family from a vein Prince farther," Chu Yu Hua put down the cup, holding the hand of Hua Xi Wan, "Wan evening, we three sisters, that there is always a live person liking some."

Wan Hua Xi hand tremble, she looked at Chu Yu Hua, suddenly thought eight years ago after she jumped into the water to save up Hua Chu Yu, Yu Hua Chu said a word to her.

"Sister, I drag you."

Did not think, once so many years, she tells himself said such a sentence.

What is this, what not?

"We are getting to the good," Hua Xi Wan Chu Yu Hua hold back the hand, will be looking at her eyes, "sister, you and remember, much as they want some life span of a few years, do not let yourself into this world in vain. "

Hua Chu Yu chuckle out loud, "this sentence sister, sister remember."

Huayi Liu umbrella watching the booth not far from the two men talk, unpredictable lowered eyelids look for maidservants behind:. "Go tell the two ladies, say about ready to open seats."

Once the servant girl walked toward the concept of the Moon, according to Liu Hua was deadpan recover their sight, their three sisters, Chu Yu Hua and Hua Xi Wan always go the last two, and she is two foil, looks over, but Hua Xi Wan, but talented than Chu Yu Hua, perhaps in the eyes of them both, but is himself a joke.

She turned to go, but to see His Royal Highness King insisted on a significant ink bone Intrigue umbrella came over, her feet meal, facing the king was neatly bowed.

King was just a touch of Enliaoyisheng, he walked in the direction of view of the Moon.

She looked back to see Hua Xi Wan walked down the stone steps from the booth, the first-order lower left, it was with the king hold his hand, which was in the hands of the king umbrella also shifted most towards her.

They were propped an umbrella, like a pleasing picture,Let looked over the side will feel very envious.

Huayi Liu felt his heart, what seems to have hid the fast.

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