Eight Treasures Trousseau

By Butterfly's Shadow Beneath the Moon

61 Chapter her family

61 Chapter her family

Hua Xi Wan Gang combed makeup, Yan Jin Qiu came on from the outside, because the upper soiled snow, wet a small piece. Wan Hua Xi seeing, let maidservants who come up with Yan Jin Qiu shoes to change, Duan Leyi hands warm cup of tea to Yan Jin Qiu, "today is not a big move, how come back so early?"

Yan Jin Qiu wait on the change from wood through a pair of shoes, waved to let other people step down after only drank hot tea and said:. "Today, because the emperor supreme court is reviewing the case, was angry fainted."

There is such a son, do not faint several times a year only unscientific.

Although my heart think so, China still faces Wan evening with a bit of Italian concern: "how physician say?"

"But also how to say, but it is Jinu hearts and minds," Qiu Jin Yan Hua Xi Wan see costumes look like, think of Hua Xi Wan today to return to visit Houfu mother-in-law, sidewalk, "Outside the snow a bit smaller, I'll show you a to visit two old, old lady today, though not the whole life, as grandchildren, should also go down Yoshihisa, not to mention I do not have many days under the Tarzan adults play chess. "

"Well," Hua Xi Wan smiling said, "Mother told me that a few days ago, since my father told you at chess, chess two brothers began to despise, and today you go, finally a solution can solve the father of chess addiction."

Royal Highness Princess travel, even things simple in the eyes of others, but also some of the parade, and good capital where people are already accustomed to put away the royal family, aristocratic status quo as much as dogs encountered appear in the snow in luxury rely on, but also behind some of the exchange of gossip they know it.

"I heard king was obvious to please the princess, who gave her a glowing pearl fist-sized, this is a rarity."

"What nonsense, my family had a distant relative when the difference in a royal Fuchu, I heard that significantly princess did not like the glowing pearl, so those gifts to the princess's obvious, is to avoid such a glowing pearl objects."

"This is something I have heard, what glowing pearl, so tacky stuff, peerless beauty princess as significant, you can see touched upon it?"

A group of street people fantasy royal lifestyle in mind, in their imagination, such as Royal Highness Princess characters, then it's different everywhere and ordinary people. What's more elegant Xian Wang already has the name, which was so fond of the princess can get him, it will not be given plenty of gaudy appearance of women.

Despite the large carriage stood charcoal, Hua Xi Wan still feel a little cold, opened the curtain would feel a little cold drilled straight carriage, her little nearer to Yan Qiu Jin, exhaled a cold, the body Lelong fox fur trim sleeved Gongzhuang, "this day is getting cold."

"I do not know how to harvest the next year," Yan Qiu Jin frowned, "It's cold, do not know how poor people of the winter."

"The capital of the winter weather year after year, but fortunately some of the family to the winter will Shimi Bu porridge, thick winter clothes or issued for a number of poor families, or some of the people had really bad day." Hua Xi Wan did not say that, emperor at the foot, people do not worry too much about freezing to death or starved to death by things happen, really bitter bitter cold of those remote places, the days of the emperor far away, every year the Ministry issued shall go cold not know how many fell in genuine need of hands.Hua Xi Wan did not say, does not mean that Yan Jin Qiu did not expect, but the identity of the two men are not considered suitable for this problem, and now the big Zhao's royal family, already faint with confusion trend.

Emperor old, also from the Wise King turned into a paranoid, self-willed monarch confused, difficult harem Zaixi, Prince Hunkui absurd, this trend continues, large Zhao toward chaos will no doubt, the most bitter that time, or innocent civilians.

Although the old lady home along Hua Hua youngest live, but this is still in Houfu birthday organized by the Chinese Dizi and Sheng, the masters, regardless of China three brothers inside feelings, but in the eyes of outsiders, they are broken bones, tendons attached brother, leaving ugly, just one more joke for others to see.

Fortunately, the three brothers still live in the surface, combined with China's ten days although born second wife, but in terms of literary attainments, there is a certain talent, but also a very unreasonable man, so he has a wife and two of between his brother, really nothing to say open big contradiction, as that something home after a few women trouble, a few men in their eyes it seems, is simply not worth mentioning the little things.

Although Houfu already implicit, because the whole life is not a woman, so not a big way, but a lot of people in Beijing face gave gifts to come, to the foot of the face Fahrenheit family.

Such as Zhang, Lu, Yao these laws, it touches all the old lady had to take their wares to China Life, China lady's mother's house Roche family is a small family, this opportunity to please the Chinese family, it is not easily missed, so early in the morning Luo mistress is the old lady's niece came Houfu, accompanied the old lady in front of China, jokes funny to sing, to flatter the old lady very happy.

However, Luo and also know their identity, plus the old lady just Laohou Ye relay lady, now China belongings but the first wife of the eldest son of the family, so she has not trusted in themselves that the identity of the old lady of her family, to make things rude , then inside and outside China, then everywhere compliment family of three brothers, who do not actually biased.

Hua old lady she is also satisfied that, fitters, smart, mouth, tight, so that the women of her family in recent years, she is still the most appear headed nephew wife.

"The old lady, with the king and to the significant Princess." Maidservants his face lighted up a little to report, "I heard that has come to the front door."

"So much snow, two children how to make money, not to say do not do it tho, chilled out how to do," the old lady mouth although the blame, then face smile is very clear, China Xi Wan calculation was not her pro-granddaughter, but also willing to take such a significant snow to come to her Yoshihisa a king, it can be considered to be face to foot.

"Aunt words can not say, who does not know the capital and down with the king and princess are obvious sincerity Shiko people who wore so much snow to give you Yoshihisa, that is their filial piety, how can you blame because of concern this was not hurt child's heart? "Luo and this point was very beautiful, not only the king and princess holding Jin became a dutiful son, the old lady again boast loving care for the elderly has become a younger generation.

Zhang offshoot from the next over and then followed by the young master holding a few words, but his identity a little embarrassed, and it should be after a few words, he no longer spoke freely,His wife is not good at rhetoric of people, so two people sitting in the hall, actually some people's taste transparent.

Mrs. Zhang Hua 2-on to the adoptive brother and sister and not too warm, in her view, the adoptive brother did not come into her eyes, if not because of her mother's face, she probably even the eyes We do not want to give to the couple.

Now the king heard the significant and noticeable to the princess, she was looking a little complicated, Hua Xi Wan saved her daughter, but her son yet scheduled road cut off, so let her gratitude Wan Wah evening, she is absolutely not.

Romer but regardless of these things, turned around and went to meet his two daughters with a daughter together, everyone here also followed to go out, there's significantly higher than the identity of who the king and significant Princess?

Went to two far they saw a bunch of maidservants Old Woman surrounded by a few people come in, lead the way Hua Long Bao and Chen Hua given two brothers.

"Mother," Hua Xi Wan saw Romer, at the foot of some of the faster, the result of some floor under the snow slippery, at the foot of a staggering, if not Qiu Jin Yan eye grassland clutch her, people would fall to the ground a.

"Be careful," Yan Qiu Jin compiled a hand to her skirt, "is under the snow, throws back will certainly be hurt for days."

Hua Xi Wan coughed, help a bit step shake Binbian: "I know."

Romer laugh watching the interaction between the daughter and son, two people stood still be approached before and said:. "How much people, and also to walk so recklessly."

'' Seen the mother adults, "Qiu Jin Yan respectful of a younger line ceremony, Romer virtual Fu said," it was snowing Xianxu need not be so polite, outside, we talk inside. "

Everyone is Jian Li is salute, finally returned to the main room, Yan Jin Qiu refused Romer attendance requirements, and Wan Wah evening sitting in the left-hand side of the first two positions.

Others see Yan Jin Qiu on Romer's very respectful, as if ordinary people like the mother-in-law to treat heart lamented, that raising a daughter competent, stronger than the guy with not a lot of worry, look at people with the king so identity people treat Yuezhang mother could be so serious, enough to see how much he valued Hua Wan this evening princess.

Zhang seeing this, could not help but glanced sitting beside shaped like a withered daughter, and my heart can not tell some resentment and some envy, the surface can not help out a bit, sit side by Hua Zhiming husband after staring at, only restrained their emotions.

It failed because her daughter's marriage, she and her husband have been living in a house divided, a pair of children too cold for her a lot. Daughter she did not understand nothing, but she tricks for his son everything, why in the end, even his son did not understand him?

Zhang did not understand, and can not be reconciled, after seeing Romer affectionate husband and wife, family harmony, filial sons and daughters, and my heart unwilling like a prairie fire enough, how can flutter immortal.

Zhang to adoptive son and his wife in the evening after China Wan appeared more cautious, and Mrs. Zhang nervous hands and feet do not even know where to put North Korea, in China, Xi Wan asked her, stammered: "No , Princess can not get us, all is well at home. "

"That's good, but rare Qing Zhang Duke elegant, old lady is virtuous generation,The old couple good health, is the best thing, "Wan Hua Xi Ms. Zhang saw the cramped, gentle tone say a few words, he gave the conversation turned to someone else.

To hear the adoptive child is Zhang's second son offshoot, it now appears, the couple decent family than the son of a family of his wife, that was a little more cautious, but appear to be two honest people, for two old Chang speaking, it is in a good thing, at least someone to take care of old age.

"Yes, I heard sister marriage settle down, do not know which so lucky, so lucky escape from her sister to marry two people?" Relations with China Hua Xi Wan Chu rain to get close to some of the so polite after the words finished, he asked about her family's homemade things.

Yao heard this, some contented said:. "Hou Lin is co-text eldest son, heard that a motivated child."

Hou Wen Lin family together?

It was not her parents-in-law of Queen mother home?

Her other family members bad impression, Queen's younger brother Fang Chengde is nothing more good things in her eyes, Lin she'd met a few times, seems to be a gentle temper, but privately there is no friendship, I do not know what is a people.

Co-text candidate seeking to marry the eldest son of Chu Yu Hua?

Hua Xi Wan face constant smile, but my mind was played doubt, hope not to think about her.

"Lin card upright German man," next to Hua Long Bao suddenly began, "I heard that after the spring next year, will also participate in the Spring Quarters, is indeed aware of motivated people."

Lin has a three-awaited title in the capital, while in the capital is not really a very prominent family, but does not consider the issue on the Chodo, second cousin married Lin, regarded as very good.

Hua Chu smiled when he heard rain, can not see the forest for the certificate German fiance how curious look, but change the subject said: "quipped sister how I came from, but not for some time, you actually getting the mischievous. "

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